How to enable auto-replacement on Samsung

  • Go to Home Replace or press CTRLH.
  • In the Find field type the word or phrase you are looking for.
  • Type a new text in the Replace field.
  • Keep pressing the Find button until you get to the word you want to change.
  • Press the Replace button.

Autocorrect searches for common typing and spelling errors in your document and automatically corrects them as soon as they appear For example, you can specify your full name and address as an AutoText item and paste it into your document with just a few keys.

How to turn on the t9 mode on your Android Samsung Galaxy

The first step is to open the Android settings (usually the blue gear icon) on your favorite Samsung Galaxy phone and go to “Language and Input”.

In the second step, select the default keyboard on your smartphone/tablet.

If you haven’t downloaded another one additionally, it will be the “Samsung keyboard”.

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Now, in front of the T9 line, move the slider to the right, so it turns from gray to bright blue (became active).

That’s all. Now, when typing text, over the keyboard will appear on the choice of words that match your text.

How to turn on the T9 mode in the Samsung Galaxy a50 phone

All T9 settings are stored in the settings of the keyboard itself. There you can change the auto word editing functions.

Here’s how to enable T9, auto-replacement and default checking on your Samsung a50.

On your phone call the keyboard any way. Then click on the icon: “Settings” and go to “Intelligence dialing”

Now just move the slider to the right next to the T9 line turning gray to blue. In the same place (below) you’ll find replacement and auto-check.

How to do T9 on your Samsung a51

T9 text messaging, also known as smart messaging, is a fast and efficient way to send messages without having to type in the full words you want to use.

Nevertheless, some users don’t like T9 and would prefer to turn it off, others, on the contrary, would like to enable it.

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How to Turn ON/OFF Auto Correct on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Predictive text can be incredibly useful when correcting typos or working out what you want to say next.

This is one of the many great features of the Samsung a51, only sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to go to adjust, so here I’ll explain how to do smart dialing, in other words, put t9.

  • Open the AutoCorrect tab.
  • Select the sign in the lower-left corner of the dialog box and enter a word or phrase that you often misspell in the Replace column.
  • In the Together with column, enter the correct spelling of the word.
  • Press Enter key.
  • Open “Settings” and find “Advanced Settings”.
  • Go to the “Language and input” menu
  • perform input settings;
  • Set up voice search
  • Select the keyboard layouts
  • Perform subtle “Settings”
  • Set the “Themes” of the keyboard.
  • Open “Settings” and go to “Language and input.
  • Select “Android Keyboard (AOSP)”.
  • Select “Text Correction”.
  • Disable or enable all items responsible for fixing: Block obscene words; Auto-correct; Fix options;

Click here if your device has Android 11, 10, 9, 8 Select “On-screen keyboard” (on some versions the item may not be available or may be called “Virtual keyboard”). Select “Samsung Keyboard”. Select Smart typing. Activate “T9 Mode”.

How to enable or disable text correction on your Android

Android smartphone and tablet keyboards have a smart typing feature to make typing easier. Users accustomed to the “T9” feature on pushbutton devices continue to call the modern word mode the same on Android. Both features have a similar purpose, so the following article will talk about how to enable/disable the text correction mode on modern devices.

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Language and input.
  • Select “Android Keyboard (AOSP)”.
  • Select “Text Correction.
  • Disable or enable all items responsible for fixing: Block foul words; Auto Fix; Fix Options;
  • Tap Settings. Language and Input. Google Keyboard.
  • Then click on Text Correction. Auto Correction.
  • In the window that opens, select moderate mode to set the autocorrect settings to a more gentle mode on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Find the “Language and Input” section and go to it.
  • Click the settings button next to the name of the keyboard for which you want to turn off autocorrect.
  • Find the item that has the name “Autocorrect”, “Autocorrect”, or something similar.

Using predictive typing

Press “Keyboard Settings” and turn on the option “Predictive dialing”. Or go to Settings. Basic. Keyboard and enable or disable the Predictive Typing option.