How to enable Apple pay on iPhone x

Instruction. How to set up and use Apple Pay in Russia

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We can’t reveal details or show screenshots. But we will help you to prepare for the launch of the service. It’s coming tomorrow.

We’ll tell you how to enable Apple Pay, how to set it up in Russia, and how to use it in stores. Let’s go!

How to quickly use Apple Pay from a locked screen

Today the Apple Pay payment service works with the largest banks in Russia, so the number of its potential users has immediately increased by tens, if not hundreds, of times. However, if the configuration of the service is still more or less understandable, the process of use. Not really, but it is not necessary to stand, understand and delay other customers in the store, too.

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To make it easier for iPhone owners to interact with Apple Pay, iOS has made it possible to prepare payment cards for use on the lock screen when you double-tap the Home button. Quickly double-click on the button and you will immediately see that your smartphone is ready to use the payment terminal and below you can choose from the attached cards. But what if nothing happens when you double tap?

In this case, you need to allow access to Apple Pay from a locked screen. Open “Settings,” then Wallet and Apple Pay, where you activate the “Double-tap Home” toggle switch.

We’re all set! Now you’ll know for sure before you pay that Apple Pay is ready to go. You can also choose right away which card you want to pay with that is linked to Apple Pay.

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If you only have one card set up for purchases with Apple Pay, just hold your smartphone up to the terminal and swipe your fingerprint to confirm your purchase, in which case you don’t need to click anything. You can also select the default card for Apple Pay by dragging and dropping it in Wallet, putting it in front of credit and debit cards.

Setting up on the Apple Watch

How to use Apple Pay

So you’ve activated Apple Pay on your smartphone, and now you know how to enable support for your card. Now let’s try to pay. In the application of the smartphone or Apple Watch choose a card with which the payment will be made, and bring the device to the terminal. For major purchases you may need to enter a pin code. For online payments on compatible services, tap the special button with the Apple Pay icon and confirm the payment with Touch ID or Face ID.

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It’s not difficult to figure out how to install Apple Pay and set up card payments in iPhone. In the reviews of active users of this technology they note the convenience, absence of problems during payment and good security of payments. Plus, there are discounts for customers who use Apple Pay on a number of sites. So there are a lot of advantages of this technology.

How to configure the iPhone 5/5c/5s?

First, connect the Apple Watch to your iPhone. Then go to the Watch app and select Wallet and Apple Pay. Add a card in the same way.

Simply bring your iPhone or Apple Watch to the payment terminal when the latter is ready to accept payment. You do not need to unlock the device, but you will need to press the Home button twice. You’ll need to scan your fingerprint when you pay. To pay with Apple Watch, first press the side button twice.

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To use the Apple Pay to Ride Transit and pay at stores in Japan, you need an iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus or later, or apple watch series 3 or later. Or you can use the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus or Apple Watch Series 2, which was purchased in Japan. Find out how to tell if your device was purchased in Japan. 2. If you’ve added your student ID to your wallet, use your iPhone or Apple watch, which you can pay with your physical student ID. 3. Apple cash is only available in the U.S. Apple money cards are issued by Green Dot Bank, a member of the FDIC. You can use your Apple bank card, where it is customary to pay Apple and open cards. If you’re a merchant, learn more about open debit contactless cards here. 4. Business chat is currently in beta. In some countries or regions, Business Chat will become available to businesses on a rolling schedule. 5. In mainland China, you can use Apple pay online in Safari only on compatible iPhone and iPad models using iOS 11.2 or later. 6. In Italy, you can use your iPhone and Apple Watch to pay for Apple purchases in stores using your Maestro card. Maestro cards cannot be used in applications or online. In Japan, Visa cards can be used in apps and online.

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Issuing banks and stores that support Apple Pay in Russia

In Russia this payment system is supported by significant banking organizations are Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Otkritie, Avangard, Ak Bars and others. If you don’t know if your bank supports Apple Pay, check with the site or consultants.

Dozens of retail outlets, in particular, large retail chains: Auchan, Eldorado, M.Video”, “Magnet”. Gradually, the number of banks and stores working together with Apple Pay is increasing.

Instructions for activating Apple Pay for Mir cards in Russia

Log in to iCloud.Com/find is the official website of Apple’s Locator service. Sign in with your Apple ID username and password.

Locator card will open. At the top, click on the Devices button. In the dropdown list, find and select your iPhone.

Put your iPhone into Lost Mode by clicking on the appropriate button. Do not write further contact number and message, we do not need it. Simply press Next.

Your iPhone will be locked in about 5-10 seconds. Do not worry, he will be fine.

Unlock iPhone and enter your Apple ID password. You may further need to confirm the password two-step authentication. Enter everything you need.

Iphone will return to normal operation. Everything. You’ll receive notifications that your cards are “ready for Apple Pay.

It means Apple Pay is activated. Including for Mir cards.

Не срабатывает Apple Pay (карта добавляется, а платеж не проходит)

Is Apple Pay secure on iPhone X

Those who have been using Apple products for a long time have already seen the reliability of their technology, including the payment system: bank card data is not stored on the company’s servers and in the memory of the smartphone itself, so all your details are safely hidden from the eyes of fraudsters.

Payment with Touch ID allows you to minimize the risk of hacking: even if your phone is stolen or lost, it will be impossible to pay with it, because it is impossible to forge a fingerprint. The same goes for the Face ID technology used on the iPhone X. It identifies the owner through facial recognition.

The level of reliability and accuracy of the system is so high that it will recognize the owner of the phone even if they change their appearance (for example, wearing glasses or a wig), but will not confuse them with another person, even if their facial features are similar.

Setting up Apple Pay on your iPhone

Significant advantage of shopping with your own payment system on the iPhone X. Convenience and security of online payments. When paying for goods and services online you don’t need to enter your card details or create a payer account. Just activate the feature and look at your phone screen, and don’t worry about someone intercepting your bank details.