How to Edit Contacts in Samsung J4

In this article we will look how to add a photo to a contact on a Samsung Galaxy. Before setting a photo on a contact in Samsung Galaxy, you need to know that the contact must be saved in the phone’s memory, you can’t attach a photo to the contacts that are stored on SIM cards. Transfer the desired contact to the memory of Samsung Galaxy.

How to Edit Contacts in Samsung J4

If the contact to which you want to attach a photo is in the phone’s memory, then to add a photo to it you need to open the contacts and select the desired contact. Next, select “Edit” or edit, look at the attached picture, there I marked in red how this button might look.

Next, we get into the contact editor, but we need set photo to contact To do this, select the place where the photo attached to the contact should be displayed. See the screenshot below, in it I marked with a red rectangle the place where you need to click to add a picture to the contact.

Now we see a submenu where you can choose where to get photos for contact. If you choose “Picture” then the photo can be found on the phone, that is, we ourselves choose the right one from the right place. If you choose “To take a photo” then you can take a picture from the camera and put it on contact. Here you decide how to put a photo on contact, set a photo that you have prepared in advance or take a photo during installation.

As you noticed, there’s nothing complicated, basically these kinds of problems arise for those who first use Samsung phones.

It’s good that there is the Internet, where there are a lot of useful tips, otherwise you would have to go to the salons where you bought a phone and ask what and how, although they can’t always help in solving the problem.