How to Duplicate Iphone Screen On TV

Those who use the set-top box for Apple TV do not ask the question “how to connect the iPhone to the TV.” Because image output from iPhone to TV is done through AirPlay in just two steps and does not require any additional programs. But owners of TV Samsung, LG, Sony or Philips to output photos ors from an iPhone to a TV, you will have to install an additional application. For example, to watch a movie or to duplicate a screen.

Connect iPhone to TV via WiFi

Guests come to me very often. And to show your friends some photos from recent trips, it’s much more convenient to use a big TV than a small iPhone display. To do this, you can use the iPhone screen repeat function. In addition, if you connect it to a TV, you can also play music through its speakers or even watch movies, including directly from YouTube.

So, to output a or photo from an iPhone to a TV, you need the following:

  • The TV should be able to connect to your home router. It does not matter how you do it. by cable, or by wifi, or via a TV set-top box on Android. The main thing is that he be on the same local network with an iPhone. I have already talked about all the ways to connect a TV to the Internet.
  • The TV must have DLNA or Miracast support. We will use them to broadcast the. In modern Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG or any other with Smart TV, it is already built into the shell. If you have an outdated model, then you can easily connect an Android prefix to it, where all modern technologies also work by default. Or the simplest miracast adapter.

To connect the iPhone to the TV, you can use two technologies. MiraCast and DLNA.

  • Miracast (AirPlay on iPhone). serves to duplicate the screen on a large monitor. Everything that you see on your phone will be accurately displayed on the TV.
  • DLNA is the ability to output only, photo or music from an iPhone to a TV screen.

How to duplicate iPhone screen image on TV?

The easiest way to display the iPhone screen image on TV is to duplicate the screen. The branded set-top box Apple TV is organically connected to smartphones of the same company using AirPlay. But if you don’t have it, then you can connect the Miracast adapter to the TV. With it, you can display a picture from absolutely any device. via Intel WiDi from a computer or laptop on Windows, from a Macbook on MacOS or an Android smartphone.

There are a lot of models of such adapters. I use Rombica SmartCast, which is universal and works with all of the above technologies. That is, it can either simply output or photos to a TV, or duplicate a screen.

To do this, just connect the TV and phone to the same wifi network. Pull the lower curtain in the iPhone and select “Screen Repeat”

And choose your Apple TV as the receiver

After that, the iPhone screen is duplicated on TV

How to Duplicate Iphone Screen On TV

How to output photos ands from iPhone to TV to watch movies?

What if your TV or set-top box does not have built-in AirPlay support? We will work through DLNA. To connect your iPhone to a Samsung, Sony or LG TV, you need to install a separate program. You can find a large number of them on the AppStore, but I personally use TV Assist.

  • Turn on your TV or start the console and connect to the wifi network of the router.
  • Also connect iPhone to a wireless signal
  • Launch the TV Assist application and click on the monitor icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Choose your TV or set-top box from the list of available devices for playback
  • Next, go to the “Video” section of the application and open the folder on the iPhone where the movie is placed, which we want to watch on the big screen.
  • And select the desired
  • The file will open in the application and begin to convert to a format that is supported by the TV. Then click on the “Play” button

Then this will start playing on the TV directly from the iPhone.

In the same way, you can display photos or music that is on the iphone.

How to stream YouTube from iPhone from iPhone to TV?

YouTube is still easier. The most standard application already has AirPlay support. We go to our channel and select the desired. At the top we see a similar icon in the form of a combined screen and the wifi icon. click on it

Next, go to the menu “AirPlay and Bluetooth Devices”

And choose your TV

All. the image of this should appear on the TV screen

In this article, I showed three ways to broadcast from an iPhone to a TV screen via wifi. They are the simplest and personally verified by me. If you know any more, then share in the comments!