How To Download Videos From Instagram

How To Downloads From Instagram

If you use the official Instagram app, you probably know that you cannot directly save photos ors from there. But with photographs, everything is simple: you can just take a screenshot of the screen, and then crop the excess, but downloading the is more difficult. We will share with you the simplest ways how you can downloads from Instagram to your computer and how to saves from Instagram to your phone.

How to download to computer

Is it possible to download from Instagram without using any additional software or services? Yes, the can be downloaded simply using the page code.
Step 1. Log in to in any browser (we will show using Google Chrome as an example)

Step 2 Open the page with the desired, right-click on the and select “View Code”

Step 3 On the code page, press ctrl f, type “video” in the search bar, and then find the line in the code that starts with “https” and ends with “jpg”. Highlight this line and paste it into the search bar on another browser tab.

Step 4 Here’s what you should get:

Step 5 Right-click on the and select “Save As.”, in the dialog that appears, select in which format you want to save the to your computer. Done!

You can also download to your computer from Instagram. using special services, Here are just a few of them:
The principle of their work is approximately the same: you simply copy the link to the required, paste it into the field on one of the sites, and then you are offered to download the to your computer. Let’s consider the process step by step on the example of the site

Step 1. Go to, select the Instagram tab as shown below.

Step 2 Paste the link to the you want to download into the search bar and click the “DreDown!” Button

Step 3 Click on the Download as Mp4 button, downloading of from Instagram to the computer will begin. Done!

How to download on iPhone or Android

There are many applications that allow you to saves from Instagram to your phone. InstaSave, InstaDown, InstaSaver, etc.

There are both paid and shareware. in order to save the you will need the so-called “coins” that you can earn, for example, by watching ads in the application.

We will show how to download from Instagram to a phone using the example of InstaSave, a program that can be installed on both iPhone and Android.

Step 1. To get started, show how to copy a link to a from Instagram

Step 2 Paste the link in the application and click the “Preview” button

Step 3 In the new window, click the “Save” button and the will be automatically saved in your photos. Done!

Now you know how to save from Instagram from an android, from an iPhone or to a computer!