How To Download Video On Iphone

If you do not know yet how to upload to iPhone or iPad, then this manual should come in handy. Syncing these devices is similar, to download a movie or clip you need to perform a couple of simple steps, for which we need iTunes. Tuna will help to upload to iPhone, and the standard phone application., will play the.

looks great on the iPhone or iPad due to the clarity of the screen and rich colors. Well, if the is also high-quality, some Full HD played on the Retina-display (iPhone 4, 4S), then in general it’s a beauty.

Before you start downloading and transferring to iPhone, familiarize yourself with the formats supported by the device, then download iTunes and install it on your computer, iTunes is free and supports the Russian language. The instructions below will help you adds to iTunes and sync with your iPhone. As a result, you can watch movies ands on your phone.

How to Download on iPhone

1. Launch iTunes and open the “Movies” section
2. Open the pre-prepared folder with the and transfer the files to iTunes with the mouse cursor. You can add content to the library in another way. File. Add a file to the library

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3. After completing paragraph number 2 in the section “Films”. “Home“, an uploaded will appear, if is not uploaded to iTunes, install QuickTime and perform steps 1 and 2 again

4. Connect the iPhone (or iPad) to the computer and click on the phone that appears at the top of the iTunes program, in the “Browse” tab, set the “Process music and manually” marker

5. In the “Movies” tab, select the “Sync movies” marker, mark the downloaded and click the “Finish” button. “Apply.”

If you are synchronizing your iPhone with new iTunes, then at the time the “Sync Movies” checkbox is checked, a warning will appear to delete the information downloaded by the previous one in iTunes:

“Are you sure you want to delete existing music, movies, TV shows, books and sounds from this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?

Music, movies, TV shows, books, and sounds synced to iPhone from other iTunes libraries will be deleted, and synchronization will be done with objects from this iTunes library. ”

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After performing these steps, in no case turn off the phone, wait for the synchronization to complete. After the has been downloaded to the iPhone, it will appear in the standard application (on old iPods).

If, at the time of the synchronization, iTunes reported that the file was not copied to the iPhone and could not be played on the iPhone, then read the article on how to convert to iPhone or try downloading from YouTube.

Having downloaded the to the Apple iPhone, you can familiarize yourself with other useful articles and learn how to download music to the iPhone, the procedure is similar to downloading the. Also on our pages you can read other, no less useful instructions that detail how to use the iPhone.