How to download video on iPhone

How to upload videos to your iPhone or iPad?

If you still do not know how to download video on your iPhone or iPad, this instruction should come in handy. Synchronization of these devices is similar, to download a movie or clip you need to perform a couple of simple steps, to do which we need the program iTunes. Tuna will help you throw a video into your iPhone, and the standard phone app, Video, will play the video.

Before you start downloading and transferring video to your iPhone, familiarize yourself with video formats supported by the device, then download iTunes and install it on your computer, iTunes is free and supports Russian language. The following instructions will help you add videos to iTunes and sync with your iPhone. You will then be able to watch movies and videos on your phone.

Launch iTunes and open “Movies” 2. Open the pre-prepared video folder and drag the files into iTunes with the mouse cursor. There is another way to add video content to the media library. File. Add File to Media Library

After you complete the step, the added video will appear in “Movies” section “Home Videos”, if the video is not added to iTunes, install QuickTime and run step and 2 again

Connect your iPhone (or iPad) to your computer and click on the phone that appears at the top of iTunes, in the “Browse” tab check the “Manually process music and video

In the “Movies” tab, check the “Synchronize Movies” box, check the video you want to upload, and click “Done. “Apply.”.

If you are syncing your iPhone with the new iTunes, when you check “Synchronize Movies,” you will be warned that the information you previously uploaded to iTunes has been deleted:

“You really want to delete the existing music, movies, TV shows, books, and sounds from this iPhone and sync with this iTunes media library?

Music, movies, TV shows, books, and sounds synced to your iPhone from other iTunes media libraries will be deleted and synced with items from this iTunes media library.”

After performing these steps, do not disconnect the phone in any case, wait until the synchronization is complete. Once the video has been downloaded to your iPhone, it will appear in the standard Video app (on older iPods).

If iTunes reports that the video file has not been copied to your iPhone and cannot be played on your iPhone when you sync the video, read this article about how to convert video for iPhone or try downloading video from YouTube.

After you’ve uploaded a video to Apple iPhone you can read other useful articles and learn how to download music to your iPhone, the procedure is similar to downloading video. Also on our pages you can read other, not less useful instructions on how to use iPhone.

Transferring videos through iTools

iTools is functionally identical to the iTunes application, only it is much simpler and uses 2-3 buttons to transfer files. A program with similar capabilities is able to transfer video quickly and safely. All files will be saved:

  • First, you need to run the downloaded application on your PC.
  • After that, we need to find the “Video” section. There are a number of sections in this block. we need the “Import” section. It will import the video we need.
    download, video, iphone
  • Clicking on “Import” will open an explorer menu, where you need to select the video you want to transfer. The application will ask you to confirm the import.
  • After a successful video transfer in the standard iPhone application, the “My Videos” tab will display the video file that the user has imported with the program.

How to Download ANY Videos on iPhone/iPad from Internet? (UPDATED 2021)

Download video to iPhone from

To begin with, let’s see how to download any video from a popular Russian social network. There are a lot of ways to do this, but we will show you one of the easiest:

  • Initially, let’s download an application that will help us download any clip from VK. It is called “Aloha Browser” and is available for free in Apple’s AppStore. When the app is downloaded, launch it and in the address bar enter the URL of our social network. Go to the page with the video you want to download.
  • Next, we need to run the video playback. Once the content is playing, in the upper right corner of the window, there will be an arrow that will help us download our video from VK. Click on it.
  • The download itself will not be in the standard photofilm iOS, but in its own folder. You can track the progress of the download by clicking on the arrow that we have highlighted in the screenshot below.

This method allows you to download any video from the social network At the moment, there are no superior options. This is due to the closed operating system iOS.

Use the USB flash drive for your iPhone

The easiest way to download video to your iPhone is to use a special USB flash drive with Lightning connector. You know how to copy files to a normal flash drive? So here is the same principle.

If you often watch movies on your iPhone or iPad, or view documents in PDF, XLS, DOC, etc.п. The format of this miracle device just needs to be at your fingertips.

Such a stick has a Lightning connector at one end and a familiar USB-A connector at the other. After copying a video file from your computer to a flash drive, you can either view it on your iPhone immediately, or copy it to iPhone memory for later viewing.

It plays most video and music formats (AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, FLV, VOB, 3GP, MP3, WAV, etc.) and there is no need to convert anything there.

There is a separate article on the site, where I described in detail what a flash drive for iPhone is, how to work with it and where you can buy it (link to article). But if you want to get a little bit more complicated, there are other ways of copying video to the iPhone.

How to download video on iPhone

One of the easiest ways to download video files is to use the computer program iTunes, specially designed for Apple devices.

Despite the fact that for many users it is an inconvenient tool for working with the iPhone, but downloading videos through it is easy:

  • First, you need to download the installation file from the official website of the company, then install it, following the instructions. The corresponding shortcut will appear on the desktop and you need to select it.
  • After launching the program main window will open, you should choose “File” tab, then “Add file to Media Library.
  • Explorer will open, where you need to select the file, which must be in MP4 format, otherwise the video will not play.
  • The next step is to connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop via USB cable, then select the icon with the phone.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Movies” on the left, where the selected videos are displayed. It is necessary to tick the box “Synchronize films” and video files, which you want to download. After successful completion, press “Apply”, then “Done”.

The best way to watch offline

One of the latest updates to the YouTube app for iOS brought an unexpected surprise. Now there is a Save button in the YouTube application, which allows you to download videos from YouTube without exiting the application.

On the other hand, this is an inconsistent move by Google, but okay. The main thing is that we are now comfortable and there is no need to dance with tambourine. In the picture below, everything is clear.

The main thing to remember, that videos will be stored in the phone memory, provided that your iPhone will not lose connection to the internet for more than three days.

It may not make sense to read any further, but still

The approach I use is to download a bunch of YouTube videos to my iPhone and then watch them one by one as I have time (in transit, in line, on the way to the garage) and then delete them.

I try to save precious minutes of my life I have to do everything! And time, as you know, is an irretrievable resource!

Here are a few ways to download YouTube videos to your iPhone. The first way with iOS app. The second way with computer and then copying video on iPhone.

YouTube has recently changed the terms of their site, according to which it is FORBIDDEN to download video content using offline viewing apps. There is a condition, but experience shows that not all developers heed it.

YouTube video download apps do make their way to the App Store, but eventually drop out in the same way. They are replaced by similar applications and almost always from the same developers.

Such a turnover turns out to be. So enter “download video” into the App Store search box and install the first couple of apps from the list. Get the best results based on description and rating.

At the moment, the App Store gives out quite a few apps for “download video”. I would focus my attention on the first two, t.к. They are usually the most popular, and therefore the most useful.

I don’t cite the names of the applications on purpose, because.к. The search results keep changing. Apps don’t stay at the top for very long, because.к. Apple drops them from the App Store, but they are replaced by new ones with a different name.

In fact, all of these programs are browsers that allow you to download video from any website (not only from YouTube).

Downloading with a file manager and working with archives

You can download files to your iOS device without cloud services, but to do this you will need to install one of the file managers from the App Store. We will use the free File Manager app for our purposes.

Open your browser and go to the page which has the link to your file, then click it.

In the panel at the top, select “Open in. “and then select “Copy to File Manager.

If you have downloaded the archive you can unzip it and view its contents directly on your device.

Open File Manager and select the archive you’ve downloaded.

Confirm your wish to unzip the archive with the Unzip button.

A folder with the same name will be created next to the archive and will contain the unpacked files. You can view them and export them to the desired application for further work.

In addition to downloading and working with archives, file managers allow you to transfer downloaded files to your PC via iTunes.

Open iTunes and click the device icon in the top navigation bar.

Go to “Programs” and scroll down to “Common Files.

Select File Manager from the list of programs on the left, and then select the desired file from the list of saved documents on the right.

Click “Save to” and specify the folder on your PC where the file will be saved.

How to copy video from computer to iPhone

The iPhone, like any other smartphone, can be used to watch movies and other video clips. But downloading videos from your computer to your iPhone is a tricky process and can be quite messy for first-time users. This is particularly difficult for users who are new to Apple devices.

In this article we’ll describe two ways on how to download video from computer to iPhone in detail. These methods can be used with any model of iPhone, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s and 7.

How to save video on iPhone using iTunes

Many users use the built-in services of the device to download videos. Often iTunes is such a tool, which quite effectively copes with the task. Of course, this service is not very convenient to perform many operations on your iPhone, but it is easy enough to download a video with it. What steps will need to be taken:

  • Download and install iTunes service.
  • Go to your desktop and open the program.
  • Use the files tab in the main window and click on add.
  • By default, the system will prompt you to download the video in MP4 format, and you will need to agree to do it. iPhones are not able to play clips of other formats in the standard player.
  • If the content was downloaded in another format, you can use a special converter.

After downloading the file, you must connect your iPhone to your computer via the original USB cable. The iTunes main window will pop up a label with a picture of your phone, which you need to click on. After that it is necessary to enter the section of films, choose the necessary file and press the button of synchronization, so as to download the downloaded material to the iPhone. When the procedure is finished, press “Done”. If the task is completed successfully, you can view the downloaded videos.