How to download to a memory card on your tablet

Saving files instead of internal memory to an SD card

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How To Set The Default Download Location To An SD Card Android Phone/Tablet

The operating system takes up a significant part of the internal memory of the smartphone. Not much time passes since you bought your phone, memory fills up, and the issue of deleting extraneous files becomes a concern. Even after installing the SD card in the phone, the problem is not always solved. Users do not know how to change the location of saving files. This is the problem we are going to solve.

If the application is not installed on the SD card

Open the item “Applications” in the “Settings”. In the list of applications, choose the one that you would like to transfer to your removable card. Click on the application icon and a menu will open. See if it has the “Transfer” option. If it is, click on the option button and select the memory card. This procedure does not require any additional software installation, you can do it yourself.

For any gadget is important such parameter as the amount of memory. The bigger it is, the more information can be stored, the faster will work. Built-in capacity is not always enough, then there is a question. What better to buy and how to properly connect the memory card to your phone Samsung? It is not a difficult procedure, but it has its own nuances.

How to make the tablet store everything on the memory card

Hello dear visitor! Many novice users have a question about how to make the Android-based to save all installed applications on the memory card, so I decided to write a detailed and step-by-step instructions on how to make a tablet to save everything on the memory card.

And so that we at your phone or Android tablet to make so that all the programs and applications were stored on the installed flash drive, you will need on your tablet or phone to do the following steps: Go to your tablet’s menu and click on the “Settings” button.

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When you click on the “Settings” button, your phone or tablet will open a settings section where you will need to find and go to “Memory”.

When you go to the item “Memory” on your tablet, then your tablet will open a special page, which will display additional functions, and in these settings and will be a function to switch the saving on the flash drive or the internal memory of your tablet. And so to install all the applications and programs on our tablet to the memory card, you only need to tick the box next to “SD card”. When you check the box “SD card”, all the programs you install will be installed on the flash card.

That’s all I have, bye, good luck! See you on computerhom.Ru.

download, memory, card, your, tablet

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I have a checkmark, save to SD card, but I still can not install anything, they say that not enough internal memory

Replacing internal storage with external one

With this method you can “cheat” Android so that the system perceives the card as the system memory. To do this, you just need a file manager from the store of built-in purchases Google Play, where each user can choose the most suitable option for himself, having previously studied the reviews and ratings.

Please note that this procedure can cause operating system malfunction, so using a third-party file manager, you run the risk of having to reflash the device to restore it after such an experiment.

download, memory, card, your, tablet

Now briefly on the points about “replacing” the internal storage with the external one:

  • With the file manager open the folder “etc” in the root of the phone.
  • In it you need to select the file “vold.Fstab” and open it with any text editor.
  • We need 2 lines with “dev_mount” in the beginning. These should be followed by “sdcard /mnt/sdcard” and “extsd /mnt/extsd”.
  • Swap the last words to get the following: “sdcard/mnt/extsd” and “extsd/mnt/sdcard”.

The description may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone and Android OS version.

Nevertheless the algorithm of actions will be intuitively clear. And don’t forget to save your changes, then you need to restart your device.

Frequently asked questions about how to move apps to SD card on Samsung

Why I can’t move apps to the SD card on my Samsung?

There are several reasons why users can’t move apps, which may be related to developer selection, widget support and syncing, service, or account interface. The developer may have disabled it. Support for widgets can prevent you from running applications on the SD card. Finally, the app won’t fully function while it’s mounted.

Unfortunately, yes. SD card really helps expand internal memory. However, we can’t deny that the internal memory of a phone like Samsung is faster than the memory card.

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  • Move files between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
  • Import files from iOS to iOS or from Android to Android.
  • Move files from iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android to your computer.
  • Save files from computer to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.

To end it all, now you know how to move applications to an SD card on your Samsung when you want to free up space in the internal memory. Among these methods, you have the freedom to choose any method you want to use. And we guarantee you that they all work and are some of the best ways.

The in-house tools

In addition to all of the above, try to carry out the transfer with the built-in means of the operating system. This option is available only for devices with Android version 2.2 and above. In this case, you need to do the following:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: How to transfer data from internal storage to micro SD card?

Go to “Settings”, select “Applications” or “App Manager”.

By clicking on the corresponding application, you can see if the “Transfer to SD card” button is active.

After clicking on it the transfer process begins. If the button is not active, it means that this function is not available for the app.

But what to do if the Android version is lower than 2.2 or the developer has not provided a way to move? In such cases, the third-party software we mentioned above can help.

Using the instructions in this article you can easily move applications to and from the memory card. And with ROOT rights you have even more possibilities.

How to download files to the memory card after changing settings?

After installing the above-mentioned settings, the process of recording information on the Android phone will look like this:

  • Downloading and installing applications via Google Play will be automatic. No need to select a location. The principle of action itself will not change. As before, you just need to find the required application in Play Market and press Install. Keep in mind that only newly downloaded applications will be immediately written to the SD card. If they were installed in the phone memory earlier, to make changes you will need to transfer applications (with updates) to the SD-card manually or remove the software and record it again.
  • Downloading any files through the browser will be accompanied by a question where exactly to write the files. There will be two options. Internal and external memory (SD-card). Accordingly, it is necessary to choose the second option (unless otherwise is caused by some considerations of the user). Naturally, when downloading, it is necessary to use the browser, in which the appropriate settings were set. Otherwise, the option to select the location of downloaded files may be missing.

Note that some phones may not support the above settings, so saving files to the memory card on Android by default will not be possible. In this situation it is worth using an alternative solution. Install from Play Market any download manager with excellent reviews (for example, AppMgr III) and use it to transfer files to your SD card. The main thing. Initially read the description of the selected manager download and make sure that the program is suitable for the specific phone model. Then you only need to download and install the software, and then use it as intended.