How to download photos from your laptop to your iPhone

Different ways to transfer photos to iPhone from Windows PC or Mac easily

“How to transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone 6?” There are a lot of people asking these questions online. And you might have the same problem and try to find an easy way to import photos into your iPhone X / 8 // 7/6/5 or iPad from Windows10 / 8/7 or Mac OS X. Here you can find many ways to copy your photos from your computer to your iOS devices, just check now!

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Import videos from iPhone to PC with Windows AutoPlay

Connect your iPhone 6 / 6s to your Windows 7 computer and the autorun window will automatically open. Tap “Import Pictures and Videos with Windows” “Import” to start transferring videos and photos from your iPhone to your computer.

Connect your iPhone 7 / 7s to your Windows 8 computer and type “PC”. Right-click on your iPhone device to select “Import photos and videos,” select “Import all new items now” and click “Next” to import iPhone videos into Windows 8.

For Windows 10 users, the Photos app is available for easy iPhone video transfer to a Windows 10 computer. Connect your iPhone to Windows 10 and run the Photos app on your computer. Click the “Import” button in the upper right corner of the interface and follow the instructions. It will automatically select new photos and videos that you have not yet imported to your computer.

Using cloud storage to download photos to your Apple device

You can move photos to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch using many cloud storage services, such as Cloud, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk”, iCloud and many others. Each service has its own applications for the operating system iOS, which are aimed at simplifying the work with photos and videos, which are in the cloud storage.

How To Transfer Photos & Videos From iPhone To PC. Windows 10 (2021)

Uploading photos with iCloud

To use iCloud you need to install the application for computer which can be downloaded from Apple official site. Then you need to follow the instructions:

  • Launch the application. Sign in with your Apple account.
  • Go to Photos and check the photos or videos you want. Your content will be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage.
  • Open the “Photos” app to access images from your mobile device.

Selected photos will be automatically available on your mobile device

The cloud storage settings should enable the service of auto-synchronization of photos from iCloud.

This method is more practical than using iTunes, because there is no need to use cords and you can access images from any device and anywhere.

Moving photos with the use of “Yandex.Disk”

To work with this cloud storage you need:

  • Create an account on “Yandex” official site.
  • Open the Yandex in your Web browser.Disk” or download a special program to your PC or laptop.
  • Copy or move all necessary images to the cloud.

In order to upload files to the cloud storage of “Yandex” you should press the “Upload files” button

To get the photo on your Apple device, download the “Yandex” mobile app on it.Disk” and sign in to the app under your account.

Open the folder with the pictures that are stored in the cloud.

Photos in the cloud storage are available from any device, including iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

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After opening the desired photo, click on the arrow icon. In the opened list select “Save to gallery. After that the picture can be viewed at any time using the “Photos” application.

How to Transfer Pictures from PC to iOS

To save the opened photo on the mobile device, press the icon with an arrow

The advantage of this method is that you can view photos even without access to the Internet. You can also download them both ways. To your mobile device and from it to your laptop or computer.

Importing photos to your Apple device with Dropbox

In order to use this method, you should first synchronize the necessary files on your computer with the help of a special program, and install the Dropbox mobile app on your iOS device.

Before you start, you need to synchronize your device with Dropbox

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After performing the actions described above you can start viewing photos from your device by selecting the necessary folder in the application.

After synchronization, you can view photos from Dropbox

This method requires an internet connection, but does not use the device’s internal memory. You can also save folders of photos or individual images to your device for later viewing without an Internet connection.

How to download photos to your iPhone and iPad (easiest way)

Select the Photos app.

Click the photo upload button in the upper right-hand corner.

Choose the images you want to download to your iPhone or iPad.

Wait until upload is complete. You can track its progress in the status bar that appears at the bottom.

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Done! This is how easy it is to upload images, whether they are home screen wallpapers or photos, to your iPhone or iPad. Please note that the media files will only arrive on your mobile device after you open the Photos app.

How to transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes

Open iTunes. If the utility is not installed, download the latest version from the official Apple website.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable.

Select the device that appears in the top panel.

Select the “Photos” menu.

Click on the checkbox next to “Synchronize photos from”.

To the right of this is a button labeled “Images”. Tap on it and select “Select folder”

Specify the folder with the photos you want to see on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap “Apply” in the lower right corner and wait until synchronization is complete.

How to transfer video from PC to iPhone using FoneTrans for iOS

There is a powerful and professional tool called FoneTrans for iOS that you can use to transfer files from iPhone to computer or vice versa. In fact, using this alternative program, you can freely transfer your data such as messages, contacts, photos, videos, and more. Not only that, you can selectively move this data between computers, iOS devices, and the iTunes media library. In addition, even before or after the transfer process, the data will not be deleted. So there is nothing risky when using this tool. You don’t need iTunes or Finder here. Now you have the answer to “how to transfer video from PC to iPhone without iTunes?”You can follow the detailed guide below to use this program.

Steps to transfer videos from PC to iPhone using FoneTrans for iOS:

With FoneTrans for iOS, you can freely transfer your data from iPhone to PC. Not only can you transfer iPhone text messages to your computer, but you can also easily transfer photos, videos and contacts to your PC.

  • Transfer photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data with ease.
  • Preview data before transfer.
  • Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Step 1 First, go to the official FoneTrans for iOS website to download and install it on your computer. When the installation process finishes, it will open automatically.

Step 2 After that, connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cord. And you will be able to see the details of your iPhone.

Step 3 Then, click Video on the left pane of the main interface. Then click the Add button. Then select Add Files) from the dropdown menu. And select the video you want to add or transfer from PC to iPhone.

Step 4 When you are finished selecting videos, click Open to add videos finally. After the transfer process, you will see a notification that you have successfully transferred and added the video. And that’s it!

Here’s how you can transfer videos from PC to iPhone using FoneTrans for iOS. Whenever you need to transfer, you can use this tool.

Transferring files from PC to iPad with Dropbox

For those who use Dropbox to transfer files, the following should be a close look. Assume that you already have an account, and if you do not have one, you must create it. You’re limited to 2GB of space here.

Install Dropbox on your computer or laptop

If you want to transfer your files, just drag and drop them into your Dropbox

The next thing you have to do is install the Dropbox app on your iPad. When you are done uploading, log in to your account.

Open the file you want to use.

Copying Photos via the Cloud

But the question of how to transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone using cloud technology does not involve using a cable at all. So, in fact, you can do without connecting the device to a PC. But for completeness, let’s consider this method as well.

First of all, update the software to the current version, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Next, you need to log in to iCloud with the same ID on both the PC itself and your smartphone. On the iPhone, in the personal section of the settings you must select the cloud, and already in it to open the item Photos and turn on the media library.

In Windows you need to install the application for iCloud and activate the media library in the settings.

Open the folder with the photos in Explorer and use the option “iCloud photos” in the Favorites section to upload photos to the cloud. After that, the pictures will be available on your iPhone, if it has an Internet connection.

On Mac, you need to activate the media library in the system preferences (iCloud, then photo settings).

download, photos, your, laptop, iphone

Important! The method is not compatible with iTunes. Use only one of them.

An alternative way to upload photos from computer to iPhone via iCloud involves opening access to photos in the cloud. You can do it through the sharing functions in the Photos application. Then you can show your pictures to any contact you invite.