How to Download Music to Apple Music Immediately

So, you bought an Apple gadget, downloaded Angry Birds and a couple of other games and applications, but what to do next? That’s right, fill the smartphone or tablet with content. Let’s start with the music, because phones (and iPhone in particular) are often used as a player.

How to download music

There are several ways to download your favorite songs to your device. Let’s start with the simplest and most affordable. For all the methods we will need a special program, so it is better to immediately download iTunes on the official website. The instructions use iTunes version 12.1.1, the latest available to date.

Method 1: Sync with iTunes Library

  1. We connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod to the computer using the wire and run the previously installed iTunes program. The device must be defined and accessible from the application.
  1. Add your favorite songs you want to download to your iPhone in your iTunes library. You can add both one song and entire folders. iTunes will analyze all the tracks and distribute them among albums, artists and genres. In the end, everything will look something like this:

ITunes will download the covers itself if you log in using your Apple ID. By the way, you can download songs to iTunes not only from your folders on your computer, but also from CDs.

  1. Two options are possible. First about the simplest. We go to the device page and select the Music item on the left. Here we note that we want to synchronize: the entire media library or only selected songs, albums or playlists.

You can choose which albums, tracks, songs of individual artists or playlists you want to synchronize.

  1. Confirm all changes and click the Sync button. Attention! If there is already music on your iPhone, it will be deleted. iPhone, iPad or iPod can only be synced with one library. Therefore, select initially on which computer you will carry out all these actions. However, if this is your first synchronization, then nothing will be deleted.

After the library is synchronized, you can disconnect the device from the computer and enjoy listening to music. This method is convenient if you will always synchronize with the same computer. Then you can simply add the necessary tracks to the library and when you connect the iPhone simply press one button and all the music will be recorded. In addition, in iTunes, you can check the box so that with each connection, synchronization takes place automatically.

Well, if you are too lazy to connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad with a cable, you can configure it to synchronize via Wi-Fi. Thus, when your iPhone is on the same network as the computer, all music will be downloaded to it.

Method 2. Manually via iTunes

This method is slightly different from the previous one. It is needed if you do not want to synchronize each time, but want to manually download the necessary songs yourself.

  1. We connect the device to the computer and go to iTunes. Now go to the settings of the gadget and put at the bottom of the checkbox Process music and manually.
How to Download Music to Apple Music Immediately

  1. Now go to the Media Library and just start pulling any song or album. A panel with devices appears on the left. Drag and drop what we selected on the desired gadget in the list and the songs will be loaded into it.

As you can see, this method is much simpler, however, if you have many tracks from different albums, then it will take a lot of time. And automatic music synchronization will not work. In general, each method has its pros and cons.

Method 3: iCloud and iTunes Match

  1. We go on the iPhone, iPod or iPad in Settings. Music and turn on the switch Show all music.

But what to do if you do not buy music, and you already have a large number of songs stored on your computer. For such cases, Apple made a special service iTunes Match. For 799 rubles a year you will be allowed to store your songs in the cloud. To be more precise, first Apple will compare your media library with its own and, if there are any matches, then you will simply be allowed to listen to these songs and download them from the servers of the corporation (but the songs will not be marked as purchased). If some tracks are not found, then they will be uploaded to iCloud. In total, you can store up to 25,000 songs in excess of those found in the Apple library. A rather convenient service if you have an extensive set of various musical compositions and you want them to be accessible from any devices. You can download them in the same way as purchased songs and albums.

Well, we learned how to download music, it’s time to move on to thes.

How to download movies. Method 1. And again iTunes

Suppose you already have iTunes installed after downloading music. But the is not so simple. The first thing you need to do is prepare thes for download. Unfortunately, by default, Apple gadgets can only play files in MP4 format, packed in an M4V container (file resolution.m4v). Therefore, if you have a different source file format, then you should use any converter that is convenient for you to reformat the to MP4. For example, Free MP4 Converter or even an online service. At the output, you should get a file with a resolution of m4v or mp4, any one will do.

  1. We create a separate folder on the computer and move there ready-made films in MP4 format (.m4v or mp4).