How to download a photo to instagram from a tablet

How to upload photos to Instagram: from your phone and computer

Instagram was originally designed for mobile devices, so how to add photos to Instagram on the phone is much easier. And here from the computer it seems initially unclear how to be, but for this case there are a variety of ways, of which you can always give preference to the most appropriate in each case. Thus, users have many options to share their photos. You can share your images from your smartphone instantly, from the moment you take them. But from a computer you can upload high-quality files acquired, for example, with an SLR camera and processed with powerful editors installed on your PC.

There are two ways to do it: either directly from Insta or from the image gallery of the device. Before you upload pictures to the feed, make sure you have an internet connection. Otherwise everything is saved with all settings, but the publication will be possible only when the phone comes into a network.

How to add 2 photos to Instagram

The BlueStacks app plays the Android structure on your computer, allowing you to work with photos in mobile compatibility mode.

After downloading the software from the developer’s portal, go to installation, then:

From the phone

So, to upload 2 or more photos from your cellular device, follow the instructions:

No cropping

An application from Play Market called “No cropping” speaks for itself, i.E.Е. Allows you to post pictures without cropping. It comes with an open source list of new collages. Among the functionality of the software are these features:

Full size

Software products that allow you to post full-size pictures are available. Here are some examples of relevant applications:

How to add multiple photos

Instagram gives you the ability to add multiple photos. This method is called “Carousel” among users. The software will let you post from 1 to 10 PHOTOGRAPHS. By swiping sideways, you will be able to look at all the pictures. Use any of the methods described above, with slight modifications.

Click on the button with two squares before selecting the photos you want. You now have a choice of several items.

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Select the photos in the order in which you want to publish them in the post. You can only move photos sideways if a particular photo is currently selected.

After selecting, click on the checkbox, select filters, check people or place if necessary, write text. You can add multiple photos from both your phone and computer.

How to add a photo from the gallery to Instagram

  • From your profile, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
  • Touch the “Gallery” tab in the lower left corner.
  • Choose a photo and publish.

Alternative way: open the photo in the gallery, tap the “Share” icon. Choose “Instagram” (specify where: Direct. Messages, Feed. Publication, Stories. History).

Why does Instagram not upload photos from the gallery?

Sometimes the application “does not see” the photos in the gallery. Or an error appears when trying to upload a photo.

Unfortunately, this bug occasionally appears, the only way to solve the problem is to update Instagram to the latest version.

If the gallery still doesn’t open (although the app is updated), uninstall and reinstall Instagram.

Also try moving the photo to another folder using your file manager.

How to save a photo from Instagram to the gallery?

To do this, you need to copy the link to the photo or video, go to http://instasave.Ru, paste the link and upload the photo to your phone.

  • Open the section “News” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “Your story” on top.
  • Tap on the gallery in the bottom left corner.
  • Upload a photo and post a storis.

How to add the actual from the gallery to Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can not. First of all, you need to publish the story, and then add it to the actual.

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How to crop a photo and add to Instagram

If you are not going to post the whole picture, but pre-crop it, then let’s see how to do it. There are several ways to get rid of unnecessary fragments in the picture again.

The first (in the built-in editor of the device):

  • Now launch your social networking program and choose the appropriate photo in the gallery with the plus.
  • Expand the screen with two fingers to select the area of the picture to be saved. Anything not selected is cropped.
  • Click “Next” and share the post.

Interesting. If you do not want people to share what you have written, at the point where you are adding text and hashtags, go to “advanced settings” and check the “Turn off Комментарии и мнения владельцев” box.

  • Download and install PicsArt through Google Market.
  • Skip the authorization and premium filter ads stage. This won’t come in handy yet.
  • Click on the “plus” on the bottom menu.
  • Click on “All photos” and choose the appropriate one from the gallery.
  • Tap on the “Tools”-“Crop” option.
  • Highlight the area to crop.
  • Save your changes with the arrow.
  • Select “Share toPost to Instagram.”.
  • Add a watermark, if you want.
  • Post to.

How to upload a photo to instagram in full size

You do not need to use any third-party products to publish posts of this type. To implement this intention, first open the publish mode by clicking on the plus sign:

download, photo, instagram
  • Click on the picture of the appropriate format.
  • Click on the icon of angle brackets drawn at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the vertical axis (this step allows you to resize the post).
  • Tap the word “Next”.
  • If you wish, filter the photo and write the title and detailed information about the masterpiece of photographic art.
  • To attract the potential audience, specify hashtags (the lattice symbol without a space preceding the word) in accordance with the subject of a particular picture.

How to Download All of Your Photos From Instagram

Now there should be no questions about how to upload a full photo to Instagram. But in principle, it doesn’t matter whether the captured fragment is a full-length figure of a person or part of his arm. The system accepts any content for publishing. Therefore, it is important to understand the procedure for placing files of vertical orientation and full-size pictures.

How to upload a photo to instagram from the gallery from the phone?

The operation of moving photos and editing content is easy to perform. The social network is clear, but sometimes you need to know the preparatory procedures.

It is important to know how the standard interface is arranged. If you plan to create a profile on the social network and attract subscribers with interesting content, you need to act according to the instructions, depending on the built-in OS.

First of all, you need to have the social networking application itself. It is required to go to the corresponding app store, find insta, download by the link and install it.

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How to post photos to the Instagram feed

Photos are automatically uploaded to the main profile when uploaded. Sometimes it happens that the feed is not lit. In that case it is enough to set the permission to publish in the feed when uploading. You need to click one checkbox. Required once, then the action occurs automatically.

We come to one of the main issues of this article. What to do when software automatically crops you or someone close to you up to the waist when downloading? Not nice, but fixable. If the quality of the upload is not much different from the permitted, you can adjust the correct size when adding. You only need to move the picture with two fingers and it will become smaller. White bars will appear around the edges. But the photo will be much safer, and will be published in full size.