How to distinguish Mi Band 3 from a fake

A couple of years ago, Xiaomi was an unknown manufacturer of equipment, but in a few years it managed to make a stunning leap in development, becoming one of the world market leaders. With all the advantages of this status, one cannot do without some disadvantages. In particular, a lot of fake mobile devices appeared under the Xiaomi logo, which are made by clandestine manufacturers. Of course, such a phone has nothing to do with the original and by its very existence thoroughly spoils Xiaomi’s reputation.

How to distinguish Mi Band 3 from a fake

The quality of fake smartphones always leaves much to be desired. And to say the least. Organizations that fake Xiaomi phones try to set the price for it even lower than in the original. Indeed, only in this case it will be possible to win the attention of the buyer. But to do this is by no means easy, since even a real Xiaomi gadget is characterized by a minimum price in comparison with competitors. Because the “go” the authors of fake gadgets have to use frankly low-quality components. As a result, the smartphone crashes in the first weeks of operation.

As ordinary consumers, it’s extremely important for us to know how to determine where is the fake and where is the real smartphone from a well-known manufacturer. In general, is it possible to find out for sure whether you are buying a genuine phone? Of course, no one will give absolute guarantees here, but you can identify some of the most important signs, focusing on which, you will understand how to distinguish the original Xiaomi from a fake. And in this article we will familiarize you with them in detail.


The box in which genuine Xiaomi gadgets are delivered is made of the most durable cardboard that can provide reliable protection for the mobile device during its transportation. Also on the surface of the box must have a bar code to help verify the authenticity of the phone. Fake boxes, in contrast, do not contain a barcode and are made of very fragile material.

External signs

The back panel is always made either from durable plastic, pleasant to the touch, or from metal. The fake back panel looks like a very cheap gloss. The main camera of a real Xiaomi smartphone has a matte opaque film, while for fakes it either shines through or is completely absent.

On most genuine models, the back cover is non-removable, and the SIM card slot is located on the side, matching the color of the case. He does not stand for the side face. If you notice that your phone does not match any of these parameters, then it is better to refuse to purchase it.


For compliance, it is worth checking separately taken smartphone parts. Very often, fraudsters replace the display, putting it base and very cheap fake. Therefore, when planning to purchase a gadget, take a screenshot of its screen. When viewing the image, check what its resolution is and whether it matches the one declared on the smartphone.

To verify the relevance of technical specifications, use one of the benchmarks. The most popular of these is AnTuTu. Download the program to your phone, and then run and see what indicators are found during the study of the gadget. Xiaomi fake will always produce numbers significantly lower than those indicated in the settings. So do not be lazy and compare the indicators to be calm about the authenticity of your smartphone.

Software shell

Another way to distinguish Xiaomi fake from the original is to check the operating system. A real MIUI shell is always installed on a real phone. If your mobile device has any other OS, then this is a clear sign that you have purchased one of the fake devices.

Check on the official website

Following in the footsteps of Apple, Xiaomi offers to verify the authenticity of its products on the official website. This will require a special IMEI code. It is on the barcode on the box of the smartphone. If for some reason you don’t have a box at hand, you can dial the combination # 06 #, and the code will immediately appear on the screen. The same data is available in the settings in the category “About Phone. “General information”.