How To Distinguish Iphone 3gs From Iphone 3gs

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Manufacturers of mobile phones, smartphones and communicators have taught us that the new is almost always very different from the old. The new device should have a number of very serious differences. It’s best to be visible from afar. New design, new features, new services, accessories, everything new. When we are waiting for an announcement from a company, we are waiting for a breakthrough and are upset when it does not happen. If this is a new flagship, then give us a unique design. Give us a new form factor. We are bored, we want new and new. Naturally, at the time when the announcement related to iPhone 3Gs began, everyone already understood everything, but did not fully believe that the company would dare to present all the same, only with a different speed of work. Well, what is it, is it possible to see it, is it possible to brag about it, is it really the “beads” we are used to? Is this a familiar subject for discussion on forums and with friends? No, not at all. It was unusual when someone doesn’t do like everyone else and doesn’t “roll out” the line of three different devices, for a different audience, but does something completely different. With what? Well, for example, by bringing to mind the existing operating system used on both phones and players. Updating iPhone OS 3.0 has brought so much for Apple’s devices that another manufacturer would have turned it into a huge black marketing noise. Another company for the new “firmware” would present a whole line. But Apple has a different approach. every user of even the very first iPhone, even the first Touch can get many new features for free or for money. Shake-controlled playback, working with wireless stereo headsets, great search, flawless copypaste, work in modem mode without additional software with both Apple computers, Windows-based computers, and so on. System development is ongoing, hourly and nightly. And Apple is not in a hurry to rivet a whole gamut of motley devices, apparently, they understand a simple thing. One has only to disperse strength, start fussing with different segments. that’s all, the house has disappeared. Going for fans and geeks requiring QWERTY, OLED displays, 64 gigabytes of memory is also a road to the bright realm called “nowhere”, not a mass market.

As a result, iPhone 3Gs, if we talk about our country, was far from a favorite. Officially, the model is not for sale with us, it is very expensive on the gray market, and there is no understanding what to pay for. In addition, through the efforts of people who stubbornly instilled a love of the first generation iPhone in various forums, this device turned into a vulgar item for either a blonde or a certain character of a fashionable chronicle. A number of acquaintances do not even know what else to do with this thing, in addition to making calls, listening to music. There are many stereotypes that no one can break. Often I hear extremely funny remarks about the device, obviously from people who have never used the device. For some reason, some believe that in our country the use of the Apple brand affects the change in sexual orientation, Windows Mobile users especially like to talk about it. I don’t even know what to do to me, a married man with a child, an owner of an iPhone, two MacBooks, an Apple TV and an iPod Classic. I can’t say that I look at the representatives of my gender or dream about rhinestones, tight clothes, and so on. Apparently, this is an attempt to humiliate the minority gadget in response to the frequent attempts of this minority to aggressively instill their tastes and views on technology. Yes, and it happens. When a fifteen-year-old teenager becomes the owner of an iPod Shuffle, he immediately recognizes his own significance and distinctiveness, which translates into a huge number of meaningless discussions, disputes, wars, and so on.

How To Distinguish Iphone 3gs From Iphone 3gs

In addition, as I said earlier, with the advent of the official iPhone 3G, many lost interest in the mysterious overseas toy. No need to engage in unlocking, installing special software, take and use, programs are available in the AppStore, they are cheap, you can pay using a debit card. happiness. As soon as what I call “Dungeon Children Syndrome” has disappeared, disputes subsided, discussions subsided, many sites entirely devoted to iPhone disappeared. The second wave with the arrival of iPhone 3Gs, which we have not yet officially sold, did not happen just for the reasons mentioned above. IPhone 3G users do not understand what’s happening here, for which they have to pay about thirty thousand rubles or more. The interest subsided, the fashion passed, so now you can more or less calmly communicate with representatives of other camps or with seasoned users of the iPhone 2G, a “true iPhone” for all time. As for fashion. indeed, many avoid buying this device precisely because it is too common. I don’t even remember how many times I ended up in a party where every second one had such an apparatus, you involuntarily think about it, but would I make any exotic something basic?

Therefore, I would not want this material to be a kind of subject for debate or war. already, I believe, a community of users of Apple’s technology has developed, many people choose the company’s products not only for design and differences, but also for features, some of which are not found in other devices. For example, if we talk about the iPhone, then these are the following points, I will list them:

  • Design is a subjective matter. But we must understand that we managed to create a recognizable and clear image, moreover, the device is convenient in everyday use. Despite the size of the display and the associated dimensions, the iPhone is convenient to carry in your jeans pocket.
  • At the moment, only the iPhone is a really convenient phone with a touch screen. Plus, Multitouch technology, which is involved in a number of applications, greatly simplifies life.
  • So far, not a single company has managed to do something similar to the browser on the iPhone. Scalability, speed and a number of other things very often eliminate the need to go to a laptop to see new things on the network. Users are hoping for an exorbitant fee for traffic, but here I will answer this way: if it’s expensive, why do you need to buy an apparatus for twenty thousand? In addition, it is possible to use Wi-Fi.