How To Distinguish An Original Samsung Phone From A Fake

Samsung INR18650-25R. How to spot a fake

How to distinguish an original Samsung INR18650-25R battery from a fake? In this article, a comparison will be made with the most common type of counterfeit. The comparison is carried out primarily on the basis of external features. But it should be remembered that there are other varieties of non-original Samsung INR18650-25R batteries.

Fake Samsung INR18650-25R battery

How To Distinguish An Original Samsung Phone From A Fake

The first thing that catches your eye. Battery capacity is higher than declared by the manufacturer, more than 2600 mAh! The voltage drop is much greater than that of the original battery. If this battery can still withstand 5 and 10 Amperes, albeit with very large voltage drops, then already at a current of 15 Amperes, the battery clearly feels bad. At the beginning of the discharge, when the battery has not yet had time to warm up, the discharge curve “jumps”, which should not be. Then the battery starts to get very hot. With a given capacity of about 2300 mAh, testing had to be stopped, because the battery has warmed up to 94 degrees. It was simply dangerous to continue testing further. Of course, such a battery simply cannot withstand a current of 20 amperes.

The graphs below for comparison show the discharge curves of the original battery and the fake at currents of 5, 10 and 15 Amperes, so that the difference in voltage drop can be seen. Green color. Original, red. Fake.

The red curve is cut off for the following reason. The counterfeit battery, as a result of a discharge with a current of 15 Amperes, warmed up to a temperature of 94 degrees. Testing had to be stopped.

Also note that the counterfeit battery, despite the seemingly large capacity in mAh, gives less energy in all modes compared to the original Samsung INR18650-25R battery in Wh. This is a consequence of a strong voltage drop in a fake battery.

Testing original Samsung INR18650-25R and counterfeits

The batteries were tested in constant current mode (CC-mode) at currents of 5, 10, 15 and 20 A. Let me remind you that the maximum long-term current for this battery is 20 Amperes. The fake battery got out of the way already at a current of 15 amperes, but more on that below.

Original battery Samsung INR18650-25R

As can be seen from the graphs, the parameters of the capacitance value at different currents correspond to those declared by the manufacturer. The shape of the discharge curves is also typical for all Samsung batteries. Rather flat over a larger area with a sharp decline at the end. The heating temperature of the batteries at the end of the test is low. Only at a current of 20 Amps, the battery warmed up to 83 degrees, but this is the maximum current for this battery.

Positive and negative contacts

The contact shape for both batteries is similar. Both contacts are “three-lobe”. But there is still a difference. The original Samsung has narrower contact “petals” than a fake. The metal surface of the batteries is very similar, no differences are noticed.

Under the positive contact of the original Samsung INR18650-25R there is an inscription “C2” with letters about 1 mm high, the inscription is stamped. This inscription can only be seen by removing the heat shrinkage and the white insulating ring. It is not always possible to see this stamping without removing the heat shrinkage. Also, under the positive contact of the Samsung INR18650-25R, you can see a protective membrane. It was not possible to see it on the fake battery (it may be there, but it is not visible).

In the lower part of the metal case there is an inscription “H17”, the height of the letters is also about 1 mm, made by stamping. What these inscriptions mean and whether they are always the same, we do not yet know. On a fake battery, these inscriptions are expectedly absent.

The white insulating ring on the fake turned out to be glued to the metal case. In the case of the original battery, the ring does not stick and is held in place only by heat shrinkage.

Internal resistance of batteries

The internal resistance of the original Samsung INR18650-25R was 12.9 mΩ, have a fake battery. 70.5 mΩ. Such a large value of the internal resistance of a non-original battery indicates that it is not high-current and is not capable of operating at high currents, and also that the voltage drop will be much greater in comparison with the original Samsung battery. Actually, further tests confirm this.

Original codes for Samsung smartphones

Samsung phones recognize a number of codes that you can use to check the hardware on your device. Most of these codes are available on all genuine machines. If your phone does not have these codes, then your gadget may be a fake.

To check the codes provided, go to your phone dialer and enter the codes that we provide below. The device will go into secret diagnostic mode and display information related to the gadget.

# 0 #Samsung General Test Mode.
# 32489 #Encryption information.
# 232331 #Bluetooth test mode.
# 197328640 #Service Mode.
# 12580369 #Device and software information.
# 1234 #View software version of PDA, CSC, MODEM.
# 0228 #Reading ADC.
# 7353 #Service menu.

How to distinguish an original from a fake Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile phone market. Phones of this company for many years have been distinguished by high quality, stability, durability of their work. But the installation of Android OS on gadgets makes counterfeiting phones not only possible, but also incredibly profitable. The domestic market is flooded with fakes of this manufacturer’s devices. How can you tell the original Samsung Galaxy smartphone from a fake? And what ways are there for this? We will tell in our material.

  • Why is fake gadgets from Samsung beneficial?
  • How to distinguish the original Samsung by IMEI phone
  • Original codes for Samsung smartphones
  • New or Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Phone
  • A way to determine the authenticity of the gadget screen
  • Fake Samsung system interface
  • What the Samsung logo can tell you
  • Differences between phone control keys
  • What should be the camera in the original smartphone
  • Performance in Samsung Galaxy Testing Apps
  • When NFC cannot be used
  • Is it possible to distinguish the original from a fake battery
  • Authenticity Samsung Galaxy S7
  • What can give out a fake Samsung Galaxy S6
  • The difference between the fake Samsung Galaxy S5 and the real one
  • Conclusion
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Fake Samsung system interface

Pay attention to icon captions and system interface. If the translation is of poor quality, there are absurd phrases or hieroglyphs in the inscriptions. This is a fake.

Performance in Samsung Galaxy Testing Apps

Use “Antutu” benchmarks to determine the exact performance of your gadget in tests, and compare with the declared performance of the original phone. A significant bias towards the weakness of the device speaks of its fake.

What the Samsung logo can tell you

The logo on the fake phone can be felt with your finger and can be easily removed from the cover.

What can give out a fake Samsung Galaxy S6

In the case of this model, pay attention to the IMEI number. If the original has it in the form of a sticker on the back of the phone box, then the fake does not have it.

Also pay attention to the camera. The lens of the original is well fitted, and in the case of a fake it is just a black eye.

The overall quality of plastic and glass on the original device is excellent. On a fake, low quality is felt immediately. The counterfeit also has a memory and screen resolution that does not match the original.

The difference between the fake Samsung Galaxy S5 and the real one

The difference between the original and the fake is here in the logo. In a fake, it differs from the standards of the Samsung brand.

What can give out a fake Samsung Galaxy S6

In the case of this model, pay attention to the IMEI number. If the original has it in the form of a sticker on the back of the phone box, then the fake does not have it.

Also pay attention to the camera. The lens of the original is well fitted, and in the case of a fake it is just a black eye.

The overall quality of plastic and glass on the original device is excellent. On a fake, low quality is felt immediately. The counterfeit also has a memory and screen resolution that does not match the original.

Is it possible to distinguish the original from a fake battery

If the specification of the battery does not match the one stated for this phone, then this is a fake An indirect sign may be the rapid discharge of your gadget during operation.

How to distinguish the original Samsung by IMEI phone

Every Samsung phone has its own unique IMEI number. This means that two or more telephones cannot have the same number. Sometimes the IMEI number is located on the back of the phone box or written on the back of the gadget.

You can find the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy phone by dialing # 06 # on your phone.

Use to check if your phone’s IMEI is correct.

Differences between phone control keys

Volume and Home keys in fake phones have unusual gaps unlike original Samsung phones.

The Home button may not be located where it is usually located on standard devices of the Korean manufacturer, it does not sit perfectly.

Authenticity Samsung Galaxy S7

Usually, fakes Samsung Galaxy S7 are made of low-quality plastic, and the internal components of the gadget (use the “AIDA64” program for tests) differ significantly from those stated in the original. The fake has only 512 megabytes of memory instead of 4 GB, a weak 5 megapixel camera and a battery of only 2000 mAh.

How to tell a fake Galaxy S9 from the original

The release of the new flagship from Samsung made a lot of noise among users. They were happy to check out all its new features. But not everyone succeeded in doing this to the fullest. And only the owners of the original Galaxy S9. Many chips were not available to copy owners. After all, scammers create the appearance of the phone as a carbon copy, and its inner world becomes anyhow.

Although lately, fake manufacturers are starting to correct themselves. Their models are both externally and internally close to the originals. Even special applications to authenticate the device claim to be original, when in reality the opposite is true.

But a copy is a copy. No matter how hard the fake manufacturers try, they will still miss a performance error somewhere. Which, of course, plays into the hands of us, ordinary customers.

How to distinguish the original Galaxy S9

  1. Look at the box. The counterfeit box may be slightly larger than the original. Some of the characteristics of the phone may be incorrectly indicated. For example, 4GB of RAM, although in fact there are 6.
  2. Device body. The fake back cover can be made of plastic. The company logo may be curved or absent altogether. Either it can show off on the front side or it is executed with errors.

You can try to test the phone by typing combinations of characters.

# 7353 # and call. A menu with items by which the device can be tested will appear.

# 0 # call. Another menu will appear for testing.

Check for originality with the AnTuTu app.

Just pay attention: if it is already in the gadget, it is better to reinstall it again. You never know, suddenly it was pre-configured by scammers for the desired result. During the launch of the program, we will receive an authenticity message.

Although the latest versions of the copies pass this test. Then it is recommended to check the serial number of the device on the official website of the company.

We can only hope for our own attentiveness and meticulousness. Before parting with your money, study your smartphone inside and out:

  • Check out the pictures taken with the camera;
  • Check the responsiveness of the menu buttons, the phone should not slow down;

To be sure of your purchase, it is better to buy it in trusted places, and not from random people. Then you can check out all the flagship chips properly.

How to distinguish a Samsung smartphone from a fake

The Korean corporation Samsung has been confidently holding the first place in the rating of manufacturers in terms of popularity for 3 years. It manages to sell about 300 million devices annually worldwide. The company’s popularity is often used by Chinese companies that make cheap cellular devices, the appearance of which copies the design of Korean gadgets. Unfair sellers may pass off such devices as genuine Samsung products. Our material will help protect yourself from such unscrupulous businessmen.

Distinguishing an original Samsung smartphone from a craft is actually not that difficult. There are several criteria by which you can quickly (and not very much) determine whether the original is in front of you, or a copy. Read about them below.

Case and assembly

Original Samsung smartphones are notable for the high build quality of the body elements. Backlash, obvious clearances and other defects are not acceptable. In addition, Korean-made devices have never had the antennas for TV or radio, which may be present in cheap copies.

Menu translation

For all countries in which there is a representative office of Samsung, and smartphones are sold officially, the company’s programmers develop high-quality localization. For translation, specialists who are native speakers are involved. If the signatures of menu items are made poorly and incorrectly from the point of view of the Russian language, it is highly likely that this is a fake, and not the original.

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Clumsy interface in a fake Samsung

Service code in the menu

Samsung engineers, in order to protect against counterfeiting, have provided a special service code that differs from the standard one in Android. If you dial # 7353 # on the input keyboard, the original smartphone will open the engineering menu (DeviceKeystring), in which you can test the functionality. For Chinese counterfeits, this combination does not lead to any action.

This menu will look like this:

Test Applications

A reliable way to combat counterfeiting is to use special test applications. These include AnTuTu, AIDA64, CPU-Z and the like. Such programs allow you to display on the screen all the information about the characteristics of the smartphone. If this is not the original Samsung. The program will let you know about it from the first steps. For example, Koreans never install MediaTek processors like the MT6580, MT6572, or MT6735 in their devices. Originals can be powered by Samsung Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

Cheap models (like the Galaxy J2) can be equipped with Spreadtrum processors, but such CPUs are never used in serious models. Namely, models of the middle and upper price ranges become victims of counterfeits. If AnTuTu shows a MediaTek or Spreadtrum chip in a smartphone that is issued as a Galaxy S7, then “it smells like kerosene.” Obviously, it is better not to take such a device, since this is a craft.

Another “wake-up call”. Pre-installed AnTuTu in Chinese. Sly dealers from the Middle Kingdom got the hang of putting on handicrafts of phones. Forgeries of the benchmark program. Such software gives out unrealistic characteristics and ratings that do not correspond to reality and give the copy as the original. If the Chinese AnTuTu is installed on the Samsung smartphone out of the box, it is better not to mess with the device.


Samsung uses their own AMOLED displays in most smartphone models. An exception is cheap tubes (which no one fakes), where a liquid crystal screen can be installed. AMOLED matrices are characterized by a high level of brightness, close to the ideal black color, which TFT screens cannot show. If, when opening a black image, the device shows a picture with pronounced blue, gray or brown tones, this is not AMOLED. If in the description of the original it is the organic LED matrix that is declared, this is not it, in front of you is a fake.

For the most meticulous users, we recommend using a magnifying glass. The fact is that Samsung AMOLED displays have a PenTile effect. It lies in the fact that the sizes of the subpixels of the matrix are different. Blues and reds are larger but smaller, while greens are less intense but more common. If all the pixel points (red, green and blue) under the magnifying glass appear to be identical, then this is not the original AMOLED, but a cheaper TFT. The feature is not 100% a sign of a fake, but if AMOLED is declared on the official website, the PenTile effect must be present in the original.

How to distinguish a fake Samsung Galaxy s7 edge from the original

The Chinese love to make counterfeit phones from well-known manufacturers. One of them is the s7 edge smartphone, which can be confused with the original in most cases, only at first glance.

At first glance, the phone looks like a real flagship of the Koreans. Of course, this is just an illusion, because it is made of plastic and additionally equipped with contrived components.

The clone has four MediaTek processor cores, 8 times less RAM memory (512 MB instead of 4 GB), a webcam of only 5 megapixels and a weak 2000 mAh battery.

If you come across such a smartphone s7 edge, then remember that this is just a fake. The manufacturer didn’t even try to change the name.

These types of phones can be purchased for pennies in China, but they have nothing to do with the original products other than the name.

How to recognize an original Samsung Galaxy S6 from a fake

Currently, the youngest model of the Samsung Galaxy s6 family impresses with its performance, attractive appearance and makes it one of the most attractive smartphones.

Let’s start with the box. The counterfeit is very similar to the original, but there is a detail that should catch your attention, this is the IMEI number. In the case of the original phone, it will always be located on a sticker on the back of the box, and in most fakes it is absent.

To support yourself, do not buy a product at a price significantly lower than the factory price or outside the official distribution channels.

The vast majority of fakes of Chinese origin are the fake Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

This is nothing new. Over the years, people have been falling for very low cost offers, which in practice turn out to be much less powerful than the advertised ones.

You should always exercise restraint when making a purchase. The cheap is not the result of the seller’s kindness.

If the seller wants to hide his identity from you or even contact information, then there is a signal that something is wrong.

You should also pay attention to quality. The original Samsung Galaxy S6 is made of high quality materials, the back is finished with glass, and the knockoffs are usually made of plastic. Even inexperienced consumers should feel the difference.

Another detail you should be looking at is the screen. This is the most expensive part of a smartphone and in fakes its quality often leaves much to be desired.

Another element that will allow you to distinguish the original from fakes is the camera lens. The original Galaxy S6 has a masterful fit that even the untrained eye will notice.

In the case of a fake, it is a simple black eye. In addition, the LED lamps in the fake are more yellow than in the original smartphone.

The biggest difference between the real thing and the fake is in the specification of the device. The original Samsung has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, an Exynos 7420 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

A fake one usually fails to match even half of these properties.

Such a large expense, which involves the purchase of a new smartphone, must be approached with extreme caution. It is worth checking the reliability of the source from which you intend to purchase the product.

How to authenticate Samsung Galaxy phones

Chinese companies make phones Samsung Galaxy s7 edge, s6, s5 (c7, c6, c5), s4, a5, a3 and others are getting better and better and their smartphones work smoothly for a long time.

Unfortunately, this is how Asians become the best at making fake brand names.

Therefore, it is more and more difficult to distinguish their counterfeit from the original. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from this. At first glance, it’s sooooo hard to tell the difference between the original version and the prototype.

Of course, they differ in specification. The clone always has a lower resolution screen, no more than a 4-core processor and about 1 GB of RAM, but not every user is an expert and will feel the difference.

It is often enough to take a clear look at the product photos, as its thickness, slot location or flash color usually does not match the actual.

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The main element that you should be looking at is the screen. This is the most expensive element of a smartphone and the quality of fakes often leaves much to be desired.

Of course, there are examples that are so well made that it is difficult to see any difference in relation to the original.

An excellent option for devices with android, AnTuTu application. It analyzes the smartphone at its root and says whether we are dealing with an original product, or a very good fake.

After installing the specified “trap” on your smartphone, after a while, you should receive confirmation (or not) for the originality of the device.

Now let’s look at how to distinguish the most popular fake Samsung Galaxy phones from the original.

Samsung Galaxy S5. How to distinguish an original or a fake

Not too long ago, the premiere of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 took place and our friends from the east did not disappoint us in creating fakes this time either. The first is the Goophone S5, which looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The first and main difference is the logo, we can see that Goophone has developed an excellent clone. The second most noticeable difference is the price.

How to distinguish an original Samsung Galaxy from a fake. Useful tips

I will give you some tips on how to distinguish the copy from the original. What we can see at first glance is the appearance of the phone.

Physical button “Home”. You should pay attention to its implementation. Inaccuracies can be seen in fakes.

Sometimes it deviates slightly or is too low / high in relation to the display.

Display. Always noticeably weaker quality, low color saturation, low resolution and poor viewing angles.

The original Full HD uses a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and Super AMOLED, while the fakes have a lower grade. Most TFT LCDs have 500 × 480, 960 × 540 or 1280 × 720.

You will notice a lot less performance. Fingerprint scanner. In the original, placed in the smartphone’s “Home” button, but it may not be in a fake.

There is no Smart Care sticker in the original box and most people think that this mark is indicative of the original.

Film Factory instead of FullHD is not a certificate of originality, but of a fake. The original Samsung Galaxy’s charger is on top, while counterfeit ones are often placed on the front. They can also be resized in proportion to the logo or even blurred.

The serial number is often missing or incorrect in counterfeits (. Np.0000000000, 1234.)

Errors in translation and description. Instead of contacts, fakes often mix characters with the Chinese alphabet.

With this information, I hope you won’t let anyone fool you. Be especially careful at auctions, where you can find tons of fake phones. Success.

As it was before?

A few years ago, a fake gadget could be identified even by a person who was not particularly versed in such devices, because ridiculous, and sometimes even funny functions were added to these smartphones.

For example, antennas were installed for watching TV programs. In devices where there should be one SIM-card, for some reason there were two of them. Russification caused a smile (or wild anger. Nothing is clear!), And the build quality left much to be desired.

Quickly recognize a copy of Galaxy S9

Before you transfer money to the seller and become the happy owner of a brand new gadget, use the benchmark. For these purposes, we recommend using the AnTuTu utility.

Here is a step-by-step verification instruction:

  1. Download and install AnTuTu from the Play Market, and then launch the program;
  2. We find the menu item “Device check”.
  3. Click on it and see the result.

In our case, the Galaxy S9 turned out to be genuine. And thanks for that 🙂

What’s now or signs of a fake Galaxy S9

Modern manufacturers of fake flagships no longer make such mistakes, although. Some points are still worth paying attention to. So, the fake nine has the following shortcomings:

  1. In the earliest copies, the fingerprint sensor was located not under the camera, but next to it (as in the Galaxy S8).
  2. Samsung lettering on the back of the case is often irregular or misspelled.
  3. Sometimes the same inscription is present on the front of the smartphone (.).
  4. When turned off, the screen is almost the same as the original. But if you turn it on, then at the top and bottom of the display you can see large black stripes. Of course, they shouldn’t be.
  5. The Bixby button calls not Samsung’s proprietary voice assistant, but “Okay Google.” This is at its best.
  6. Lettering on the back cover. The original has Samsung and other technical information. In addition, the fake has a smartphone model. Galaxy S9 or S9. Updated! On youtube, there ares in which this inscription is present even on the original smartphone model. Our assumption is that these are either pre-sale engineering samples (given to bloggers and companies for review), or. There are no more ideas (if you have any thoughts, be sure to write in the comments!). Only one thing can be said for 100%. Official Rostest Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus do not have this inscription.
  7. Technical characteristics are much worse and this can be noticed even without any special skills. The screen is dim, everything is slow, and there is often not enough memory.
  8. The copy has one speaker. Try playing music. The sound will only come from the bottom of the case.

In general, at the moment, it is often enough just to take such a device in hand and everything becomes clear. However, manufacturers are constantly improving their product and it is possible that in the near future it will be very difficult to distinguish a copy visually. What to do? There are proven ways to detect a fake.

Want to tell a real Galaxy S9 from a fake one? Find out how!

Recently, Chinese counterfeits have literally flooded the global market. This also applies to smartphones of such world-famous companies as Samsung. over, with the Galaxy S9 there was a completely paradoxical situation.

Manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom began to release a copy of the Samsung flagship even before the official release. The smartphone has not yet been presented, and copies are already being sold with might and main. Eh, Chinese, Chinese. 🙂

And what started after the start of sales! The Galaxy S9 sells only the lazy one. And not all of these sellers are honest. There are a lot of fakes.

And here the most important thing is to understand. The original smartphone or not? How easy is it to spot a fake? Let’s figure it out!

Checking the gadget using the service code

Another simple way to check for originality of any smartphone from the Galaxy line. To do this, you need to go to a special menu that opens with special codes. So let’s go:

  1. Dial # 7353 # (like a regular phone number).
  2. A real Galaxy S9 will display a special menu on the display, which will display the corresponding functionality with various options for testing the device.

To consolidate the result, you can try another code. # 0 #. It won’t work with a fake, and the original Galaxy S9 will open another menu for testing device functions.