How to distinguish a Samsung s10 original from a fake

Original battery Samsung INR18650-25R

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As can be seen from the graphs, the parameters of the capacitance value at different currents correspond to those declared by the manufacturer. The shape of the discharge curves is also typical for all Samsung batteries. rather flat over a larger area with a sharp decline at the end. The heating temperature of the batteries at the end of the test is low. Only at a current of 20 Amps, the battery warmed up to 83 degrees, but this is the maximum current for this battery.

Counterfeit Samsung INR18650-25R battery

The first thing that catches your eye. battery capacity is higher than declared by the manufacturer, more than 2600 mAh! The voltage drop is much greater than that of the original battery. If this battery can still withstand 5 and 10 Amperes, albeit with very large voltage drops, then already at a current of 15 Amperes, the battery clearly does not feel well. At the beginning of the discharge, when the battery has not yet had time to warm up, the discharge curve “jumps”, which should not be. Then the battery starts to get very hot. With a given capacity of about 2300 mAh, testing had to be stopped, because the battery has warmed up to 94 degrees. It was simply dangerous to continue testing further. Of course, such a battery simply cannot withstand a current of 20 amperes.

The graphs below show for comparison the discharge curves of the original battery and the fake at currents of 5, 10 and 15 Amperes, so that the difference in voltage drop can be seen. Green color. original, red. counterfeit.

The red curve is cut off for the following reason. The counterfeit battery, as a result of a discharge with a current of 15 Amperes, heated up to a temperature of 94 degrees. Testing had to be stopped.

Also note that the counterfeit battery, despite the seemingly large capacity in mAh, gives less energy in all modes compared to the original Samsung INR18650-25R battery in Wh. This is a consequence of a strong voltage drop in a fake battery.

Internal resistance of batteries

The internal resistance of the original Samsung INR18650-25R was 12.9 mOhm for the counterfeit battery. 70.5 mΩ. Such a large value of the internal resistance of a non-original battery indicates that it is not high-current and is not capable of operating at high currents, and also that the voltage drop will be much greater in comparison with the original Samsung battery. Actually, further tests confirm this.

Positive and negative contacts

The contact shape for both batteries is similar. both contacts are “three-lobed”. But there is still a difference. the original Samsung has narrower contact “petals” than the counterfeit. The metal surface of the batteries is very similar, no differences are noticed.

Under the positive contact of the original Samsung INR18650-25R there is an inscription “C2” with letters about 1 mm high, the inscription is stamped. This inscription can only be seen by removing the heat shrinkage and the white insulating ring. It is not always possible to see this stamping without removing the heat shrinkage. Also, under the positive contact of the Samsung INR18650-25R, you can see a protective membrane. It was not possible to see it on the fake battery (it may be there, but it is not visible).

In the lower part of the metal case there is an inscription “H17”, the height of the letters is also about 1 mm, made by stamping. We do not yet know what these inscriptions mean and whether they are always the same. On a fake battery, these inscriptions are expected to be absent.

The white insulating ring on the fake turned out to be glued to the metal case. In the case of the original battery, the ring does not stick and is held in place only by heat shrinking.

Samsung INR18650-25R. how to distinguish a fake

How to distinguish an original Samsung INR18650-25R battery from a fake? In this article, a comparison will be made with the most common type of counterfeit. The comparison is carried out primarily on the basis of external features. But it should be remembered that there are other varieties of non-original Samsung INR18650-25R batteries.

Testing the original Samsung INR18650-25R and counterfeits

The batteries were tested in constant current mode (CC-mode) at currents of 5, 10, 15 and 20 A. Let me remind you that the maximum long-term current for this battery is 20 Amperes. The fake battery got out of the way already at a current of 15 amperes, but more on that below.

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Marking on the metal battery case

On the metal case of a real Samsung INR18650-25R battery, there are several inscriptions with markings. These inscriptions show through the heat shrink quite well. There are no inscriptions on the metal case of our fake.

But with the markings on the metal case, not everything is as simple as it seems. Quite often, under the heat shrink with the inscription Samsung INR18650-25R, there really is a Sumsung hiding, but not the INR18650-25R model, but another cheaper model with more modest characteristics. In this case, the inscriptions on the metal case will be present. The original INR18650-25R will always have the second character in the first line of marking on the case “5”. this is the 25R model code on the pipeline. If the second character is different, then most likely you are holding Samsung, but not the INR18650-25R model. For example, an accumulator, which has the second character of the first line “2”. it is most likely actually Samsung ICR18650-22P (capacity 2200mAh and maximum current only 10 Amperes).

How to Check if Samsung Phone is Original or Not. Secret Code to Check if Samsung Phone is Fake

The second and third characters of the third line of the heat shrink markings must be the same as the third and fourth characters of the first line of the markings on the metal case. this is the year and month of the battery production. If these parts of the markings do not match. under the heat shrink, there may be a very old battery or even not Samsung at all.

Heat shrink marking

The general view of the marking of both batteries is similar. But if you look closely, you can find many differences. First of all, the font of the inscriptions is different, many letters and numbers differ. The location and number of points in many symbols is different. In addition, the marking points of the original Samsung INR18650-25R are much more accurate and clear. The photographs show the main differences by which you can navigate.

The heat shrinkage of a non-original battery has numerous buLGes and irregularities. The heat shrinkage of the original Samsung INR18650-25R sits very neatly without any defects.

Other device features

For starters, it’s wireless charging. over, with a reverse function. Put your Galaxy Smart-watch on the back cover and it is recharged from your smartphone. You can also charge other devices.

The variety of available colors pleases: white mother-of-pearl, black onyx, citrine and aquamarine. Relevant for those who do not like gradients and classic black. Yes, and there shouldn’t be any problems with Android. After all, this is a Korean company, so Google services will be updated regularly.

These are all several distinguishing features of the unit. In conclusion, we can also mention that when choosing a seller, you should give preference to the official representatives of Samsung, who have all the necessary quality control licenses.

How to distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy s10e

Samsung Galaxy s10e, what kind of animal are you? In this article, we will analyze ten distinctive features of a newfangled unit that will help you identify unscrupulous sellers offering Chinese fakes. We will also tell you about the advantages of a smartphone. Critical minuses, as it turned out, he simply does not have.

Case features

  • Slim and compact body with small bezels around the display can be safely attributed to the distinguishing features of the phone. One-handed operation is really comfortable. Unlocking, accessibility of shortcuts with a finger anywhere on the screen without connecting a second hand is not a problem. This device is very pleasant to hold in your hands. Does not slip and does not seem huge.

The cost

The first thing that can not but rejoice is the price. Already in the fall of this year, according to forecasts of experts, they will ask for 700 for the handset, while at the start the smartphone costs 900. This is exactly the dynamics of price reduction in the ninth series last year.



A sufficient number of main cameras. At least they shoot great. One is 16 megapixels, the other is 12 megapixels. The appearance of a wide-angle lens is a pleasure. The output picture is of sufficient quality and juicy.

The front camera is integrated into the display. This does not interfere with either playing games or watching videos, but it really enlarges the screen. And for all other operations, the selected wallpaper decides a lot: a good theme and you visually have a screen that occupies the entire front side.

Privacy Overview

Unpacking and packaging

After unpacking the package, it is recommended to check the package contents. The original has all the elements neatly laid out. Counterfeiting is often characterized by incomplete packaging and poor packaging. For example, a fake charger can be casually wrapped in plastic.

The packaging elements should not stick to the smartphone. This is often the sin of fakes. So, for example, in the area of ​​the power button, sealing foam rubber can stick.

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During external examination, attention must be paid to the cameras. At a fake, they look budgetary. The fake flash is represented by an ordinary LED from a cheap Chinese gadget.

Fake smartphones often have a QR code that is impossible or difficult to read. For example, a fake code might appear on a black background. If it can be recognized, then it will lead to a third-party page.


The original smartphone has a durable body that should not disintegrate in the hands. This quality cannot be boasted of a fake Samsung Galaxy S10. This is especially true of supported devices.


The display of the original Samsung S10 has a dynamic blue filter. Therefore, in a smartphone, the color temperature of the screen adjusts to the ambient light. The display takes up almost the entire front surface. The counterfeit screen is dimmer and has color calibration errors.


The original Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone uses a dual front camera. You can’t find it in fakes. Some fakes paint a camera on the screen. Galaxy S10e and S10 smartphones have a single front camera.

The quality of the photos is also different. The main camera of Samsung S10 has increased sensitivity to light, allowing you to take rich pictures in low light conditions.

The original has three cameras on the back of the smartphone. The fake has one camera and two dummies. Therefore, it is impossible to get a wide-angle shot from a fake.

The replica has a crooked camera. Traces of glue and sealant stick out from under it. Some fake cameras may wobble slightly.


The original Samsung S10 has a security seal. It is impossible to get the smartphone out without damaging it. For fakes, the seal is missing or peels off easily.

Antutu Benchmark test

Samsung S10 is a top performance smartphone. It performs excellently in the Antutu Benchmark test. The counterfeit is at the level of the most budgetary Chinese phones.

How to distinguish a Samsung smartphone from a fake

The Korean corporation Samsung has been confidently holding the first place in the rating of manufacturers in terms of popularity for 3 years. Every year she manages to sell about 300 million devices around the world. The popularity of the company is often enjoyed by Chinese companies that make cheap cellular devices, the appearance of which copies the design of Korean gadgets. Unfair sellers may pass off such devices as genuine Samsung products. Our material will help protect yourself from such unscrupulous businessmen.

Distinguishing an original Samsung smartphone from a craft is actually not that difficult. There are several criteria by which you can quickly (and not very much) determine whether the original is in front of you, or a copy. Read about them below.

Service code in the menu

Samsung engineers, in order to protect against counterfeiting, have provided a special service code that differs from the standard one in Android. If you dial # on the input keyboard, the original smartphone will open the engineering menu (DeviceKeystring), in which you can test the functionality. In Chinese fakes, this combination does not lead to any action.

This menu will look like this:

Translation of the menu

For all countries in which there is a representative office of Samsung, and smartphones are sold officially, the company’s programmers are developing high-quality localization. For translation, specialists who are native speakers are involved. If the signatures of the menu items are made poorly and incorrectly from the point of view of the Russian language, it is highly likely that this is a fake, and not the original.

Fake Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus V Genuine Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus

Test Applications

A reliable way to combat counterfeiting is to use special test applications. These include AnTuTu, AIDA64, CPU-Z and the like. Such programs allow you to display all the information about the characteristics of the smartphone on the screen. If this is not the original Samsung. the program will let you know about it from the first steps. For example, Koreans never install MediaTek processors like the MT6580, MT6572, or MT6735 in their devices. Originals can be powered by Samsung Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

Cheap models (like the Galaxy J2) can be equipped with Spreadtrum processors, but in serious models such CPUs are never used. Namely, models of the middle and upper price ranges become victims of counterfeits. If AnTuTu shows a MediaTek or Spreadtrum chip in a smartphone that is issued as a Galaxy S7, then “it smells like kerosene.” Obviously, it is better not to take such a device, since this is a craft.

Another “wake-up call”. preinstalled AnTuTu in Chinese. Sly businessmen from the Middle Kingdom got the hang of putting on handicrafts of phones. forgeries of the benchmark program. Such software gives out unrealistic characteristics and ratings that do not correspond to reality and give the copy as the original. If the Chinese AnTuTu is installed on the Samsung smartphone out of the box, it is better not to mess with the device.

Case and assembly

Original Samsung smartphones are notable for the high build quality of the body elements. Backlash, obvious gaps and other defects are not acceptable. In addition, Korean-made devices have never had antennas for TV or radio, which may be present in cheap copies.


Samsung uses in-house AMOLED displays in most smartphone models. The exception is cheap tubes (which no one counterfeits), where an LCD screen can be installed. AMOLED matrices are characterized by a high level of brightness, close to the ideal black color, which TFT screens cannot show. If, when opening a black image, the device shows a picture with pronounced blue, gray or brown tones, this is not AMOLED. If in the description of the original it is the organic LED matrix that is declared, this is not it, in front of you is a fake.

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For the most meticulous users, we recommend using a magnifying glass. The fact is that Samsung AMOLED displays have a PenTile effect. It lies in the fact that the sizes of the subpixels of the matrix are different. Blues and reds are larger but smaller, while greens are less intense but more common. If all the pixel points (red, green, and blue) under the magnifying glass appear to be identical, this is not an original AMOLED, but a cheaper TFT. The feature is not 100% a sign of a fake, but if AMOLED is declared on the official website, the PenTile effect must be present in the original.

How to check a Samsung Galaxy phone for originality

Today we will answer a very important question: how to find out if the original Samsung Galaxy? Many consumers want to save money by buying devices on various ad platforms, where it is quite deceiving to the unknowing person. If you buy from official retailers, then this problem should not worry you, as they sell 100% original gadgets.

Due to the current economic situation in Russia and neighboring countries, people are forced to look for better deals. Unaware that you can be deceived, you buy a smartphone 2 or even 3 times cheaper than the average retail price and only after a while you realize that you bought a fake.

So how can you tell an original Samsung Galaxy from a fake? There are several ways that you will now learn about. Choose the most convenient for you and use when buying a smartphone or tablet from the Samsung brand.

Checking with the service code

This is the easiest and fastest way to test any Galaxy smartphone for originality. Each device of the company has a proprietary menu, which is launched by a secret code.

  • Open the dialer app
  • Enter code #
  • Such a menu should appear on the screen, where there are various options for testing the components of the phone.
  • If you have it, then the device is original.
  • IMEI check

    Checking the IMEI number is not a very reliable way to determine if the device is original, but in many cases it really helps. The determination procedure is also not very complicated, it consists of only two steps:

    First you need to find out the IMEI number of the phone. To do this, enter the service code # in the dialer and in a moment you will see it on the screen. It also has on the box from the device and we recommend checking them at the same time (the numbers must match).

    Now go to the Samsung website and enter the IMEI. It’s worth noting that you won’t check the device here if it’s older than the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, I entered the number of my Galaxy Note 4 and the system reported an error. In this case, use the services of another service. Enter the same number and press the “Check” button to check. You should see the device information if it is original.

    Keep in mind that highly sophisticated scammers can steal the real IMEI from a genuine Samsung gadget and replace it with a Chinese copy. However, this happens very rarely and the third method will help you make sure whether the Galaxy is a fake or an original device.

    Explore the characteristics of your desired smartphone or tablet

    If you study the technical characteristics of the desired smartphone or tablet in advance, this will help distinguish the original from a fake. The fact is that copies have significantly better specifications, so it won’t be difficult to see the difference.

    Ask the seller to test the device in popular benchmarks such as Antutu, Geekbench, and GFXBench, and then send you screenshots. Most likely, he will refuse to do this, which is a good confirmation that the device is not original. We also recommend installing the AIDA64 program on the phone, which displays a complete list of characteristics on the screen.

    Copies, for example, use other screens, processors, memory, flash drives, and cameras.

    Identify by touch

    The next time you get a copy of it, you will immediately notice the difference. Due to the poor quality of the materials used and the less capacious battery in the Chinese fake, you will feel the difference in weight. The original will probably be heavier and better assembled.

    Now you know all the popular ways to check a Samsung smartphone for originality. If you still have any questions. feel free to write them below.