How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone 7 from the original

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What are refurbished iPhones

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Refurbished phones can be of two types:

  • Manufacturer refurbishing. devices officially refurbished by the manufacturer. These are phones returned under warranty. They put on a new case, the display is changing, all ports and connectors, speakers, cables, microphone. Devices pass quality control, are packaged in a new box and sold as new but at a lower price.
  • Seller refurbishing are hand-assembled phones. Roughly speaking. fake.

It is clear that the acquisition of a fake does not bode well. So before you go shopping for an iPhone, it is better to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to distinguish a fake from the original.

Refurbished iPhone. how to distinguish from the original?

What is a refurbished iPhone, how can you tell such a product from an original one? Refurbished iPhone is called a ref iPhone (Refurbished iPhone).

This is a pre-owned phone with factory reset and new housing.

How to distinguish an original device from a refurbished one

  • The first thing that can be appreciated is the packaging. The original packaging is dense, smooth, paint-resistant and cannot be erased even with a wet cloth. Fakes can have dents, scratches, paint can pick up on your hands.
  • The phone is clean, odor-free, packed in a control film, which can be opened only once.
  • The speaker grid is also clean.
  • The documents are clean, not wrinkled, brand new.
  • The bolts have no traces of loosening, their caps fit snugly to the body.
  • The charger and headphones are working properly. When buying them you need to check.
  • The quality of color reproduction, display illumination, image clarity at high magnification. this is something that cannot be faked. In addition, the original screen has a special coating that repels fats and oils. If you run a marker over it, then the paint begins to melt.
  • The square on the large round button is white, not gray (for black iPhones).
  • Flawless, fingerprint-free metal edging.

As for officially refurbished phones, Apple does not hide that these are refurbished devices and their serial number starts with 5K.

So if the budget is limited, then you can buy such a device. it’s not so bad. It is subject to the usual terms of the guarantee, and it can please the owner for a long time with impeccable work.

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new one by IMEI?

In order not to purchase a refurbished iPhone 7 for the price of a new gadget, you need to learn how to spot the differences. One of the best ways to find out if a gadget has been recovered is to check the device by IMEI.

A similar check can be performed using services such as:


Both resources are in English. It doesn’t matter which method you decide to use, as the result is important. It should be noted that it is impossible to download 100% that the phone was restored, but based on the data obtained, conclusions can be drawn.

What does a refurbished iPhone 7 mean??

Many users believe that a refurbished phone is a device that has been repaired. In fact, this is not the case. Some devices and iPhones, including, have a factory defect. Once deficiencies are identified, Apple employees fix them and then put them up for sale again.

On the websites you can find the mark “Refurbished” opposite the selected phone. Yabloko employees understand that the phone has been slightly altered, which means that a discount must be made on it. Unfortunately, resellers do not want to lose profits, so they often pass off “almost new” devices as new iPhone 7.

Service “”

After loading the web page, a form will appear in which you need to specify the IMEI iPhone, and then click on the arrow.

It takes 10-15 seconds to find information about the iPhone 7 or other gadget model. Once the search is complete, a table with details will appear.

To understand whether the device is new or almost new, it is necessary to analyze points such as:

  • The color of the iPhone 7, which is written in the header. If it differs from what the seller demonstrates to you, then the gadget has been replaced with a case, that is, it is not new;
  • If the field “iCloud / Find My iPhone” is set to “off”, then everything is in order with the device. When the phone is attempted to be restored, the status of this line will change to “on”;
  • If there is an Expired value next to any of the fields, then the gadget has been used before. We can talk about technical support or warranty service. In this case, it is clear that the gadget is not new.

According to these criteria, it can be understood that the iPhone is not new and the seller can be caught in deception.

Refurbished iPhone 7: how not to fall for the seller’s cheating?

It should be noted that the cost of such devices practically does not differ from the gadgets that have just gone on sale. Before purchasing a refurbished iPhone 7, you need to understand what it is.

Service “”

When the main page of the resource is loaded, in the “IMEI No e.g.” you need to enter the IMEI code of your device. This code can be viewed:

  • On the package.
  • Via iTunes.
  • In the settings of the iPhone 7.

After entering the code, you need to check the box next to the “I’m not a robot” field, and then click on the “Check” button.

After 3 seconds, information about the smartphone will appear. According to the information provided, it is difficult to understand whether the gadget was being restored.

For more information, click on the “Free Check Now” link. After that, additional information will be displayed. Thanks to the service, you can find out if a smartphone was stolen or lost. To compile a complete picture, it is recommended to use additional services.

  • turn on the program on the PC and connect a smartphone to it via a USB cable, wait until the software detects it;
  • then go to the “File”. “Devices” menu, select the one you need and view all the available information on the page that appears.

If at least some of the data presented does not match the information on the box and / or in the smartphone, then the seller is trying to deceive the buyer.

Why restore the iPhone

Apple specialists completely change all non-working parts and modules (we are not talking about repairs, this is only one hundred percent replacement). Then the case, the screen is completely updated, the iPhone software is reinstalled. The device gets a new serial number, it is packed in a new box, with new headphones and a charger. It is now an original “Certified Pre-Owned” refurbished smartphone, backed by a 1 year warranty.

The easiest way to tell a refurbished iPhone from a new one is to look at the box. On the packaging of the new iPhone there will be a picture (a picture of the phone). The box from a refurbished (“like new”) iPhone will be just white, with no photos. At the bottom of the box it says Apple Certified Pre-Owned.

Everything about the smartphone will be told by the information on the label. Refurbished iPhone model numbers start with F. New phones start with M or P if exclusive. Before the name of the smartphone, RFB is written. this is an abbreviation for the word refurbished. If the label is pasted crookedly, if it is crumpled or it is clear that they tried to tear it off. all this is a reason to think.

Take a look at the phone settings: the model number is also written in the “General. About device” section. It must match the number on the package. Connect the device to iTunes, the program will display the original number, which will definitely not be able to change. You can see the number in the “Information” section when connecting to iTunes.

Apple website

You can check the coincidence of all the mentioned data through the official website of the company by requesting this information from the support service. To confirm ownership of the iPhone, you will need to log in with your Apple ID on any of the company’s services, which will give the specialist information about linking the profile to the device.

Sign 1: box

The box in which a refurbished device arrives is always labeled as refurbished or pre-owned. If the purchase is made through a private person, it is possible to prove that this particular box belongs to the smartphone only by checking for the coincidence of the data indicated on it and in the iPhone settings. All information must match.

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Symptom 2: device model

Model, serial number, IMEI and any other information must match:

  • box;
  • internal settings of the iPhone;
  • iTunes;
  • Apple website.

The model that has been restored always includes the letter F or RFB in its name.

IMEI check

On models 6s, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, IMEI indicates:

  • in the smartphone settings (“Settings”. “General”. “About device”);

The code must match everywhere. If this does not happen, the device is not refurbished, and in some cases it cannot be considered original Apple products at all.

Main features of a refurbished iPhone

It should be noted that the iPhone refurbished by the manufacturer is original for several reasons:

  • the company replaces worn out or damaged components, functional elements that can no longer be considered “new” due to the used operation (for example, a battery);
  • the device restored by the manufacturer is completely and completely serviceable, meets all the quality and functionality standards declared by the developer;
  • The iPhone sold with the “refurbished” mark on the box (ie, “refurbished”) is not a copy of the original Apple, all components are original, the operating system is not jailbroken, the smartphone does not receive new features or capabilities that are not available on conventional devices with standard iOS.

That is, if a user purchases such an iPhone on the company’s official website, he gets a completely ordinary device that is no different from new smartphones. The only difference is the price. Often, buying a refurbished iPhone of any model, you can save from 80 to 200. Buying such a phone from Apple, the user receives the same guarantees as when buying a regular phone that has not been repackaged.

Similar Apple smartphones have the same manufacturer’s warranty, are officially registered with the company by IMEI and undergo full testing before being returned for resale.

Unboxing a refurbished iPhone 7. Is it like new?

  • information on the box;
  • model;
  • IMEI check via iTunes and company website.

If the purchase is made through an individual who owns an iPhone, or any service center that resells previously faulty smartphones, no one gives any guarantees. Any non-Apple third party restoring iOS or Mac devices is illegal, even if original parts were used in the repair or replacement.


  • SIM card slot for one SIM card, nano size, on the right.
  • The back cover is not removable.

The Chinese have spent a great deal of energy creating a case for fake phones. This item is difficult to verify without holding the original in your hands. Yes, and experienced sellers said that in appearance it is now difficult to determine what is in the hands. a fake or an original.


  • On the back of the box there is a sticker with IMEI, serial number, model, and built-in memory.
  • The box is made of coated cardboard (smooth, matte surface) without irregularities and flaws. Printing on coated cardboard of excellent quality, the shape of the box does not change over the years.
  • IPhone 5s lettering and phone embossed on the front.

How to distinguish an original iPhone 5s from a fake

The Chinese have learned how to make fake iPhones at the highest level, and what was previously determined visually (the presence of antennas, dual SIM cards, a plastic case, the operating system. Android) can no longer be determined without certain knowledge. In addition, many people buy used phones. And here the primary signs (packaging, completeness, the first inclusion of the iPhone) will no longer help in determining originality. In our article, we looked at 100 percent ways to identify a fake. Whether you’re buying a new, used, or refurbished iPhone 5s, follow our improved guide to identifying your original phone.

Software. what does the software shell look like, where to look at the serial number, AppStore

  • Check the availability and functionality of Siri (Siri). voice assistant. We turn on the Siri application, say a question with a voice. In the original phone, Siri will answer from the speaker.
  • In the settings, we are looking for the required items. the serial number and phone model. On the screen we find an icon with the inscription. “Settings”, click then click. “General”. “About this device”. Model and serial number not found. 100% fake.


  • Data cable. a fake cable is made of several parts and it is striking, the original seems to be a more solid device. The original cable must be labeled. Designed in California, Made in China. The font is crisp, printed in light gray, slightly visible.

For full articles on the differences between fake iPhone accessories, follow the links:

Serial number, service where to check the serial number

Earlier we learned how to look for the serial number in the menu and compare it with the number on the box, now we will check it on the official Apple website. This will give us full information about the device: new, refurbished, warranty period. Go to the official website of the iPhone manufacturer, find the item. “Support”. “Check the eligibility for service for your product” and enter the number in the check box or use the link.

Click continue and there are only two options. get information about an official Apple product. you have an original iPhone.

Or an error. meaning that it is a fake:

A couple of YouTube videos that visually compare the original with the fake. See with your own eyes what the Chinese are “good fellows”, how externally and partially programmatically learned to counterfeit Apple phones. Remember all the little nuances.

Although the Chinese counterfeits have acquired the main design features of the original iPhone phones, all that functionality, reliability, and software component cannot be found in a fake. Choose the official iPhone wisely and with our instructions.

7 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

“Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

The instruction was written at the request of one of the readers, who just saw an advertisement on Avito about the sale of a supposedly new iPhone with such a box. Although in fact the smartphone is refurbished.

On Avito, 9 out of 10 new iPhones on sale are Chinese trash in the right boxes, unfortunately.

A reader wrote to our editorial office. He asked if it was a new iPhone or a refurbished one and showed a photo from Avito. We looked on the Internet. many have questions about the difference between the packaging of new iPhones and refurbished ones (as new), in connection with which the instruction was made.

And in it we specially marked twice (!) That in any case you need to check by the model number in this way. /.

At the very beginning of the manual it says “There is a proven and most reliable way to distinguish a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this manual. ”

This instruction also deals with how to distinguish new from remanufactured (Like new) by packaging.

“Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

How to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by the box?

There is a proven and most reliable way to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this instruction. However, few people know that you can calculate the new iPhone directly from its packaging.

In order to identify a refurbished iPhone, just look at the packaging of the smartphone. Refurbished iPhones, regardless of model, do not have a smartphone on the box. The package only says the name of the smartphone model.

The packaging of the new iPhones depicts a smartphone inside, or, as in the case of the iPhone 6/6 Plus, an image of a smartphone is engraved on the front surface of the box.

How to Check if iPhone is REFURBISHED (2020)

Here is a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone from your hands. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account.

It is also important to emphasize that it is highly recommended to check the iPhone for “novelty” directly when purchasing using this method. So you can be sure of purchasing a new iPhone.

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How to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one

The issue of distinguishing features of a refurbished original Apple iPhone from a new one, as well as a fake restoration has become widespread.

First, let’s figure out what a refurbished iPhone is. Officially refurbished iPhones are original smartphones that were handed over to certified service centers, as well as purchased by Apple through the Trade-in program. The refurbished device was already in use. The company sends products to factories where smartphones are subject to checks, elimination of system damage, replacement of parts with new ones, reinstallation of programs, replenishment of the kit with new accessories in the form of headphones, a charger and a USB cable. All parts are original. After a complete manufacturer refurbished. “restoration”, “update” from the manufacturer, the devices enter the market with the mark on the packaging “RFB”. The cost of such a phone is correspondingly cheaper.

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There is also the concept of seller refurbished. restoration by a reseller company. A reseller is a wholesale reseller between a distributor and an end customer. In most cases, unofficial product recovery is done by China.

Our task with you is to determine the main differences between a new smartphone and a refurbished one. And also identify the differences between a fake and an original refurbished smartphone

How to tell the difference between a new iPhone and an original refurbished iPhone

There are several details to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new one. It:

  • packaging;
  • model and serial number;
  • IMEI;
  • guarantee.
  • Packaging

Please note. in the original “refurbished” Apple smartphones, the box is pure white. The package contains no photos of the phone itself, no bright elements. Only the name of the presented model of the mobile phone and the branded “apple” are indicated. If there is a photo on the box of the refurbished smartphone. the product is not from an official manufacturer.

The film on the packaging is neatly sealed on both original manufacturer refurbished and new products of the company. No protruding seams, bubbles or creases. Welded seams go along the entire perimeter of the box, thin, without damage. Transverse short thin stripes are located along the edges of the longitudinal seams. However, there is a photo of the presented product on the box of the new smartphone. How, for example, to distinguish the packaging of the original new iPhone 7 from the iPhone7 refurbished by the manufacturer:

The reverse side of the packaging of the reconstructed original contains the phone model itself, serial number, IMEI. Indicated in clear legible type, no illegible inscriptions. According to the company’s standard, all the labels on the back of the package are printed on stickers. Serial number and model sticker indicates RFB refurbishment. The model numbers recovered by the official representative on the label have the original letter F. New devices. the letter M. Take the iPhone 6 as an example.

Picture “Label of the officially refurbished iPhone 6” Picture “Label of the new iPhone 6”

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone in the settings menu

Check the purchased device by model, serial number and IMEI in the settings and on the body of the smartphone itself. The numbers on the packaging, case and in the settings menu must match.

Go to Settings. General. About this device. Serial number, Model, IMEI.

The complete coincidence of the numbers and the first letter M in the designation of the device model means that the iPhone is new. Finding the letter F. officially rehabilitated and original. Sometimes the letter N is found. it means the previous user carried out repairs under warranty at a service center. P is a personalized device. All other symbols indicate the recovery of other unofficial companies.

  • Guarantee
    • New Apple smartphones have a 1-year warranty.
    • Original refurbished iPhones also come with a 1 year warranty.
    • Non-original smartphones that have been updated have no warranty.

    What to look for?

    • Box decoration.
    • Sticker.
    • Equipment.
    • Type of gadget.
    • BY.

    According to the famous saying. “the devil is in the little things.” In the case of iPhones, this saying is true, it is the details, the little things that will help to recognize the imitation.

    Where is the iPhone made?

    Apple equipment sold in Russia was created at factories located in the PRC and in other Asian countries.

    Accordingly, the question of how to distinguish a Chinese iPhone from the original is not entirely correct. It is rather about how to distinguish a gadget made in a factory owned by Apple and which is real, from a phone created “clandestine” in an enterprise that produces imitations.

    The cost

    For example, in network markets a lineup of Apple iPhone 6s smartphones will cost 20-30 thousand rubles. And the 6s is the most unpopular model, criticized by Apple device users since its release. Plus it is outdated.

    How much will the current models cost? The Apple iPhone 11 smartphone costs 60-70 thousand rubles. The 8s lineup has been steadily holding the position of 45-50 thousand rubles for more than one year. It is impossible to buy a new iPhone and pay less than 20,000 rubles, neither at sales, nor at promotions held in shopping centers.

    Box decoration

    Apple, like other large companies that produce expensive things, cares not only about product quality, but also about packaging. Accordingly, the difference between real and fake packaging is no less noticeable than between fake and original phones.

    Special features of the original box:

    • Heavy-duty non-recyclable coated laminated board.
    • Clear printing that is flawless even when viewed through a magnifying glass.
    • Embossed logo.

    The corners and edges of the box are even. If you press on them with your fingers, nothing happens. It will take considerable effort to deform the box.


    • USB adapter;
    • cable;
    • headphones.

    The real phone in the box lies on a thick paper envelope, which contains:

    • stickers;
    • clips for removing and installing the SIM card;
    • Supporting documentation.

    The quality of the components must be checked before purchasing the phone. Do not be shy about the seller, you need to open the envelope and study the documentation, open the packages and check the cable, adapter, headphones.

    Sellers offering original Apple items have no fear of people leaving the room without buying a phone. On the contrary, sellers themselves strive to open the packaging and demonstrate to buyers both the phone itself and its components.

    What to do if you sold a fake?

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    Definition by software

    Using Serial Number

    Let’s take the desired smartphone in hand, go to the menu, select “Settings”. “Basic”. “About this device”. “Serial number”. From your smartphone, go to the manufacturer’s official website in the check section ( Enter the number of the iPhone you are checking. If it is not fake, then you can see its model, production date, technical support by phone and other information. If the tested apple device is not original, you will see the message “Unfortunately, this serial number is not correct. Check the available data and try again”.

    External features

    Take your iPhone 7 in hand. on the front side, you should definitely see the factory film with a tab for peeling it off at the bottom. Cardboard packaging with bright colors and a pleasant surface inside. instructions with the Apple logo. Also in the box there are headphones, a cable, a charger, and all this is only in white. Pay attention to the wires. they should be soft, unlike Chinese ones. hard or even plastic. There are no sharp corners, sagging or burrs on the parts of the headphones. The back cover of the device is not removable. In the original gadget, the cover is removed only if you unscrew the screws. Slot for one SIM card only, no external storage is inserted. The main “bloopers” of not real gadgets:

    • Errors in the spelling of the brand, model, as well as name errors in the operating system.
    • The back cover must be labeled “iPhone”, model number and certification marks.
    • Lack of antenna.

    Learn to distinguish the original iPhone 7 from a fake gadget

    With the growing popularity of the Apple brand, there are more and more fakes that are distributed around the world and sold as an original. Only recently has it been possible to identify a fake only by its appearance. for example, the antenna in the iPhone or the shape of the case does not correspond to the real one, now fakes can be very similar to the real ones in appearance, and therefore you have to determine the authenticity using software methods.

    How to distinguish an original iPhone 7 from a fake? In this article, we will look at the main signs by which you can understand this.

    How to distinguish an original iPhone 7 from a fake using the operating system

    The original gadget has only one operating system and no other. iOS. If you are a user of Apple technology, you should know how it looks (icons, button style, font, etc.). If not. ask friends or acquaintances to help you recognize iOS from other operating systems.

    Go to the standard AppStore application. if the gadget is a replica, then you will be redirected to the Google Play Android application. If you are an Android smartphone user, you will surely recognize this application.

    You can also try connecting the tested phone to a laptop or PC with iTunes installed. When a smartphone is connected, it detects it and makes an attempt to synchronize. If the program does not show any information, then it failed to install the device, i.e. this smartphone is not original.

    Contents of delivery

    In this indicator, the officially refurbished iPhone is no different from the new models. The box contains a standard set:

    • Headphones.
    • Charger.
    • Corresponding USB cable.
    • Documentation.
    • SIM card clip.

    The device warranty is renewed and an additional year is added.

    How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from the original?

    This question is relevant when buying a hand-held phone. The main indicator that you should pay attention to is its number. In the version of the refurbished iPhone, the serial number of the device starts with the letters FG and ends with RFB. You should also check the correspondence of the numbers on the box and the model itself.

    What is “Refurbished iPhone” and how to tell it apart from the original

    The mobile phone industry has taken over the market tightly. Leading companies dictate their terms, which are sometimes not clear to the user and do not suit his One of these leaders is Apple, famous for its iPhone line, and more and more often users come across, for many, an incomprehensible expression “refurbished iPhone”.

    What does “Refurbished iPhone” mean??

    The term “refurbished iPhone” came about primarily because of the cost of the new model. Not every potential buyer is willing to shell out 1,000 or more for a new product. Therefore, some companies have introduced a trade-in function, which motivates users to hand over old devices that have been in use back to the showrooms.

    Of course, the cost of a refurbished iPhone is significantly lower than a pristine one. However, in terms of the quality of components or software support, they are no different. Representatives of the company carefully check all models so that the user who has bought cannot feel the difference between them.

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    How to distinguish from a fake?

    The quality and quantity of counterfeits on the market is growing exponentially every day. Modern scammers have learned to make quality models by copying the original versions down to the quality of the paper from which the box is made. Therefore, before buying, first of all, you should compare the serial numbers on the packaging box and in the phone itself. In the iPhone settings, the item “General”, inside it “About the device”. Model where serial numbers do not match. fake.

    Recovery process

    It’s no secret that most modern technology is produced in different parts of the world, but assembly is carried out mainly in China. Despite this factor, Apple has a “go home” policy. All phones under the trade-in program are returned to the USA, where the company’s factories have all the original components. Relevant specialists with extensive experience and knowledge base are working on this. This is open information so that the potential buyer does not worry about the build quality.

    The recovery algorithm itself is as follows:

    • Diagnostics. Determination of the place and cause of failure.
    • Replacement of damaged components.
    • Replacing the power supply if it is out of standard.
    • Screen control and replacement.
    • Test run of the restored phone.
    • Changing the case.
    • Full launch and test of the phone for compliance with indicators.

    When the restoration is complete, the iPhone is given a new serial number. Old data and phone bindings are deleted, it takes on a new life. The model is then placed in a new box with the standard equipment.

    Why are they being restored??

    The restoration is carried out directly by Apple, as part of its own program for the reconstruction and withdrawal from the market of models of incorrect quality. The official name of the program is Apple Recycling Program.

    By doing this, Apple calls on users from all regions of the world to be alert to the problem of recycling and disposal of waste in the world. The main task is to instill in users the habit of taking good care of the environment.

    IPhone Serial Numbers

    The next step is to turn on the iPhone and check the serial numbers of the device.

    After booting the phone, you need to make sure that it is not linked to someone else’s Apple ID. Otherwise, it will be impossible to go through the activation procedure and use this device in the future. So, if everything is in order with this, you need to enter the phone settings. After that, go to the “Basic” section, and then select “About this device”.

    Now you should find the model, serial number and IMEI of the device. It is also recommended that you check the storage capacity. It can be 16, 32, 64 or 128 Gb. After that, the information found must be compared with the data on the package. They must be identical. By the way, already at this stage of verification, you can get information about the country for which a specific copy of the iPhone was released.

    How to tell a new original iPhone from a refurbished or Chinese copy?

    In order not to get into an unpleasant situation when a used or refurbished iPhone is sold to a consumer under the guise of a new phone, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of key details.

    First, it is important to evaluate the package contents of the device. By far the most important part of the kit is the phone itself. But some conclusions can be drawn from the accessories in the box. The best option is to purchase the phone in a new package, fully loaded and with the required documents.

    Also, it is necessary to visually assess the appearance of the headphones and the plastic box. The gaps between the elements should be perfect, and the Apple logo. apple will be embossed on the top of the branded case. On the contrary, counterfeits are often made inaccurately and without an apple. In addition, you should pay attention to the charger. If the iPhone comes from the United States or Great Britain, and is equipped with a charger for European-type sockets, then the iPhone is not original.

    The same is true for the box. It is almost impossible to visually distinguish the original packaging from the counterfeit. But, phones from Britain come in packaging that is slightly larger than others. This is due precisely to the use of a plug with three contacts in the kit. Accordingly, the linings will differ depending on the type of charger. In addition, non-original chargers for Europe are often made identical in shape to American devices, although they should be significantly different. You should also pay attention to the brightness of the letters. In fakes, they are much brighter than the original packaging.

    Refurbished iPhones: what they are?

    At the moment, there are two types of refurbished iPhones on the market. The first is a device reanimated at an official Apple factory. These are devices that, in the process of preparing for sale or in the first year of operation, had discovered defects and these devices were exchanged for new ones under warranty. These phones are shipped to Apple’s factories, where they are repaired and reintroduced to the mobile device market under the unusual ‘Apple Certified’ label. Such devices are not sold at a regular price, but with a significant discount.

    At the same time, such iPhones are completed in the same way as new original copies and are visually indistinguishable from the latter, except for the packaging. The box of the refurbished phone is white and there are no images on it. The front of the package has the iPhone model name.

    How to Check if iPhone is Refurbished or New?

    Another type of refurbished phones are devices that have been repaired by unofficial firms and factories. In addition to a large number of iPhones exchanged under a guarantee, which go straight to the official Apple production, a significant part of similar non-working devices are bought for a penny by Chinese companies. These firms specialize in iPhone refurbishment. Such companies also successfully reanimate non-working copies of phones and release them on the market marked “Refurbished”.

    When purchasing just such devices, you need to be as careful as possible. Not every Chinese company is capable of performing high-quality iPhone 6S repairs. By purchasing such a phone, the consumer cannot be absolutely sure that in a month another, after operation, it will not turn into a brick that is not subject to further use. After the repair of such a phone, as a rule, only the motherboard and the processor remain from the original device. Authentic touch ID can also be used. Everything else in such a device is changed to non-original components.

    Often, such phones change the screen, body and battery. In addition, all accompanying devices will not be original either. For example, a USB cable, charger, headphones, and a SIM eject tool. The phone box will not be authentic either.

    Among the trusted Chinese manufacturers of refurbished iPhones, we recommend Comwingo Electronics. This is a large company that is distinguished by the constant presence of iPhones in the range of models, which are guaranteed to function with domestic LTE 4G networks. It’s no secret that often the main problem of phones supplied from Europe or the United States is that they do not work with Russian mobile operators.

    IMEI check

    At the next stage, you should use one of the services on the Internet and check the iPhone by IMEI. As such sites, one can offer and a foreign resource The first one is very simple and easy to use. You just need to insert the desired IMEI into the search form. After that, the service will display information about the phone. First, the color and capacity of the device will be indicated. They need to be compared with the actual characteristics of the iPhone that is in the hands of the user. If the phone was being repaired, then on the site, for example, it may appear in one color, but in reality it may be different. This means that the iPhone case has been replaced.

    The serial number must be identical to the one on the package, in the phone settings and on the body of the device.

    The Last SIM Activated parameter will indicate the services of which cellular operator were used on this device. Telephone Technical Support, Repairs Service Coverage. Technical support and warranty status. If the IMEI check service indicates that they have expired, and the seller claims that the phone is new, then, in fact, an attempt is made to cheat. In addition, the system will show the country of destination or, in English, Country purchased. This data must be compared with the model number, in which the country for which the device was made is encrypted. For example ME308LL / A. Here, two letters before the slash mean that the phone was manufactured for the USA. The state Unlocked should be opposite the SIM Lock parameter. This means the iPhone can function with any SIM card.

    All similar information can be found on the second specified network resource. In addition, it provides an opportunity to perform one check without registration for the presence of the device in the black list of mobile operators. This Free check Blacklist features the main operators of Western states.

    Of course, after checking the phone using all of the above methods, it is advisable to study its performance in the end. It is necessary to evaluate the functionality of the buttons, microphone and speaker. In addition, you can check the operation of Wi-Fi, GPS, tilt sensor and even a compass. it will be appropriate to recall the letter codes of the states of sale of new iPhones.