How to display the image to the TV with iPhone

How to convey video and photo from iPhone on TV

One of the possible actions that can be done with the iPhone is the transfer of video (as well as photos and music) from the phone to TV. Over, this does not require the Apple TV prefix or something similar. All you need is a modern TV-Fi support-Samsung, Sony Bravia, LG, Philips and any other.

In this material-ways to convey videos (films, including online, as well as your own video shot on camera), photos and music from your iPhone on TV-Fi.

How to display an image from iPhone to a computer with windows

Windows does not have built-in means to obtain a broadcast from the iPhone using AirPlay by Wi-Fi, but this can be implemented using conditionally free programs, which we will talk about. For their use, both devices must be connected to one wireless network. If there are problems when connecting, try turning off the firewall on your computer.


5kplayer is a completely free program that allows you to broadcast from iPhone to a computer, as well as record video from the screen (and at the same time work as a media player).

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  • Download 5kplayer from the official website https: // www.5kplayer.COM/5KPlayer-Download-Windows.HTM and install the program on a computer.
  • When a request to access nets from Windows firewall, give such a resolution.
  • During the first launch, the program will ask you to register: it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to refuse registration once (the lower button in the window).
  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the control point (swipe from the lower edge of the screen) and select the “Repeat of the screen”.
  • In the list, select 5kplayer.

After the connection is executed, the screen of your iOS device will affect the computer screen. You can use it, and if necessary, write a video with sound.


Letsview is a completely free program that allows you to easily display the iPhone screen on AirPlay to a computer or laptop with both Windows and Mac OS. There is the possibility of simple video recording from the screen and other additional functions.


Apowermirror also allows you to use your functions for free (but there is a paid version with advanced functionality). After loading, installing the program and registering a free account, just select the iOS tab in it, and you will see everything you need to do: open the iPhone control point and display the image to the computer.

Everything works properly and quickly, and if desired, you can record a phone screen or create screenshots immediately on a computer. Apowermirror download is available on the official website https: // www.Apowersoft.COM/Phone-Mirror

Lonelyscreen Airplay Receiver

Lonelyscreen Airplay Receiver is a very simple program that properly performs its function: Imaging IPhone and iPad for AirPlay (built.In broadcasting technology in iOS).

  • Install Lonelyscreen from the official website https: // www.Lonelyscreen.COM/Download.HTML and run the program.
  • At the control point on the iPhone (opens with a gesture up from the lower edge of the screen), click on the “Repeat of the screen” item.
  • In the list of available devices for transmission you will see Lonelyscreen, click on it.
  • After connecting, the iPhone screen will affect the computer in the program window.

Some additional actions are not required, except that it is worth paying attention to the fact that the program contains the function of the iPhone screen (for this, click on the arrow in the lower right corner).

Until recently, the program has been free, now, unfortunately, asks to purchase a license, but it works for some time without it. Interestingly, the free version of Lonelyscreen is still installed on my computer (has not been updated since installation) and works properly.


Mirroring360-a paid program for obtaining broadcasts both by AirPlay from iOS devices and from other PC or smartphones. You can use the 7-day free version to try its capabilities.

  • Download Mirroring360 from the official website https: // www.Mirroring360.Com/
  • After installing the program, click REQUEST FREE TRIAL, enter your e-mail and desired password, and then press Activate.
  • You don’t need to do anything in a neglected program: it’s enough to start a broadcast by turning on the “Repeat of the screen” on your iPhone (select a device with the name of your computer in the list), as in previous such utilities.

Of the interesting functions of the program. The broadcast of the image from your computer to the Internet: after pressing the Start Sharing button in the main Mirroring360 window, you will receive a link, coming by which other users will be able to see your screen.

How to choose the best connection method?

Taking into account the listed methods, almost any TV can be connected to the iPhone 10 and below, as well as to the phones working on Android. You can display a signal to a large screen in different ways, in any case, this will use a wide list of the capabilities of a modern smartphone for synchronized work with the TV. The most stable and reliable connection option is the use of a special Apple TV prefix, but it is suitable for those who are not scared of additional costs It can be used to modernize the outdated TV model and open access to new opportunities. The choice of connection option depends on the TV model and its capabilities.

The following parameters must be taken into account:

  • The presence of a router in the Wi-Fi House or the ability to connect to the Internet through a modern Wi-Fi Direct protocol. Such a network combines all the next.Side gadgets nearby without using a router, which opens the ability to connect devices without cables.
  • Availability on USB ports. Although the possibilities of such a compound are limited, it will allow the use of a smartphone as a storage drive for storing information.
  • HDMI port on TV. This is the easiest connection option without using the Internet network. It makes it possible to connect the iPhone even to old models that do not have a Wi-Fi module.

Wireless connection allows the use of iPhone as a remote control panel to switch video files and use other capabilities. There is no need to buy an expensive Smart TV, if you can use the existing smartphone to expand the capabilities of a television receiver. Its screen will become a display for displaying browser pages or playing any video files.

How to connect iPhone via AirPlay

An excellent analogue of Miracast is AirPlay’s technology or a “screen of the screen” developed by Apple. Using this option, you can easily and quickly display any photos and video files on the TV screen, or duplicate the phone display in real time.

Iphone Screen Mirroring. The Complete (UPDATED!) Guide

One of the conditions of such a connection is the presence of an built.In support of AirPlay. Samsung has been producing such models since 2018; TV series from the 4th and above, as well as ultramodern qled samsung.

Organizing the iPhone wireless connection to TV samsung will also help Apple TV prefix.

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It connects to the TV display using an HDMI / is a certain intermediary between TV and a phone when transferring media content. The connection itself is also carried out through the “repeat of the screen”.

In order to activate it, you need to open the hidden iPhone panel, and activate Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. With the correct Bluetooth connection on the screens of both devices, a request for connection will appear.

Open the bottom panel of the phone with a long swipe, and click on the corresponding “AirPlay” icon. From the proposed list, select the Apple TV prefix. Then activate the AirPlay Mirroring switch. With proper connection in a few seconds, the iPhone image will be displayed on the Samsung TV-disposal.

Note! When using Apple TV, it is important to monitor iOS updates on both devices. This will maintain high image quality.

Iphone connection using Apple TV TV settings

Apple TV is a prefix for TVs that allows you to watch TV shows, videos, films and listen to music, and with recent updates also play games.

Also, this prefix will help you transfer the image or media files using Apple AirPlay data transmission protocol, which is available only for Apple equipment.

Airplay 2

It is also worth remembering that only iPhones older than the fourth generation support this method of connection.

  • Turn on the console and connect the HDMI cable to it.
  • Connect the second end of the HDMI cable to the TV.
  • After the prefix has turned on and you already see the image on the screen, go through the initial Apple TV settings. If the prefix has already been used earlier or was configured, you can miss this step.
  • Take the iPhone and run the broadcast via AirPlay by pressing a circle with an arrow or on a rectangle with an arrow.

Using this connection method, you can transfer absolutely any content to the TV without loading it to the TV itself, since this method of data transmission is a broadcast. Over, there is an opportunity to launch a screen show on your TV.

There are also analogues of Apple AirPlay for Android smartphones. You can read about them on the site of the manufacturer of a particular smartphone dedicated to this technology.

How to connect the iPhone to a TV without Apple TV and installation of special applications:

How to display photos and videos from iPhone on TV to watch movies?

What to do if your TV or prefix does not have built.In support AirPlay? We will work through DLNK. To connect the iPhone to the Samsung, Sony or LG TV TV, you need to install a separate application. You can find many of them in the AppStore, but I personally use TV Assist.

Then this video will begin to play on your TV directly with your iPhone.

In the same way, you can post photos or music that is on your iPhone.

Wireless connection via DLNA

Image and video from the iPhone, YouTube videos, reproduced music, can be transmitted to the TV by means of Wi-Fi wireless network. Through the newfather device on a large television screen, you can even play games. The process is controlled from the phone, and all actions are duplicated on the TV.

Of course, this method of transmitting multimedia content is considered one of the simplest, since the whole process is to press several buttons on the gadget display. But in addition to a mobile device, the TV must also correspond to certain characteristics. In the absence of the possibility of connecting a telepress to a wireless network, it will be necessary to resort to additional equipment or special adapters.

How To Mirror Your iPhone to a LG TV

To create a home network using DLNA technology, it is necessary to implement 2 conditions.

  • The main thing is that the TV on which the video is planned to be equipped with support for working with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • In addition, the phone and television equipment must have a connection to one router.

If the above conditions are met, you can start installing additional applications for work. They can be downloaded for free in the App Store. Software for working with a wireless network will help transmit data from phone to TV. You can choose from several popular utilities: TV Assist. Imediashare, Flipps, Imediashare, Belkin MediaPlay. Of course, using free versions, the user will have to observe a constantly flickering advertisement that will have to close. However, in comparison with all the advantages, this is an insignificant minus.

Depending on how often it is planned to use the data transfer from the iPhone to your TV, it is worth considering a number of paid programs that exclude such inconvenience. Applications for working with a wireless network are quite in demand today, and in the App Store there are a large selection of them. Consistent user reviews will always help to choose the right option in accordance with the version of the mobile device and the TV model.

After installing additional software, it is necessary to carry out a simple setting. Having launched the application, select a tab with devices connected to the network in the corresponding point and mark your TV. As a rule, a TV brand is always highlighted, or the name of the model.

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Many similar iPhone programs involve the support of various YouTube, Vimeo services. Foxnews, built-in Internet browser. Therefore, the video can be broadcast not only from the memory of the phone or cloud, but also directly from the Internet.

For synchronization of devices, it is necessary to allow access from a mobile gadget through the TV integer. Now you can turn on the video on the iPhone and broadcast it on the big screen.

Similar applications have additional opportunities. For example, they turn the gadget into the PDU (this will help if your television remote control does not work). In TV Assist, lovers can experiment with the “Paint” tab. Drawing on the phone, the image also appears on the screen of TV.

Additional broadcast opportunities

In addition to the methods described above, you can:

  • Use the Lightning adapter. HDMI to transmit the image using HDMI.
  • Connect the iPhone on the USB to the TV (and allow access to the media on the phone) to watch photos and videos from the phone on TV.
  • Use iPhone applications such as TV Assist (available in the App Store) to transmit media (video, photo, auido) from phone to DLNA TV (and this standard supports almost all Smart TV TVs, enough that the phone and TV are connected To one Wi-Fi network).