How To Disconnect Earphones On Huawei

Microsoft’s new operating system is good. Compared to previous versions, Windows 10 is faster and more stable. You quickly get used to the good, so users react painfully to new problems with this OS. One of these troubles is the lack of sound in the headphones after installing or updating the operating system. Usually the reason lies in the damage or incompatibility of the drivers, so it’s not worth it to sin on the developers of the new OS. Let’s look at how to set up headphones on a computer with Windows 10 and return music to the headset speakers.

Checking physical connection settings

Sometimes, special actions are not taken to eliminate the problem. It is worth checking the primary causes of the problem. perhaps the solution lies on the surface.

  1. Check the headset. It happens that there is no sound due to a broken headphone wire. Connect the audio device to your phone or tablet and check if music is playing. If the headset is working, move on.
  2. Check the connection of the inputs / outputs of the sound card: the contact may have gone away.
  3. Try connecting the audio jack to the front and back of the system unit. If there is no sound at the front, but there is at the back, check the connection type of the audio jack: Windows 10 does not support the AC’97 connection standard. Need to use HD Audio.
  4. Think, did you unpack the drivers for the motherboard? If not, be sure to install.
How to Disconnect Earphones On Huawei

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So, these are the main actions and recommendations for the initial diagnosis. If all else fails, move on to the next step.

Headphone setup methods

There are two methods for setting up the headphones.

Driver update

This is the main way. 90% of all problems with sound reproducibility are related to the problematic driver package.

  1. Click WinR and enter the devmgmt.msc command in the appropriate field. Confirm the action with the Enter key.
  2. In the “Task Manager” we find the sound card, click on it with the PCM and click on “Update Driver”.

Realtek Manager Configuration

If driver updates did not help, go to the second method.

  1. Open the Control Panel and select Realtek HD Dispatcher (may be Dolby Digital or Sound Booster).
  2. In the window that appears, click “Advanced device settings.”
  3. Select “Split all output jacks as independent input devices.” Confirm with OK.
  4. Disable front panel slot detection.

After performing all of the above recommendations, the sound may not appear for two reasons:

  1. Lack of codecs for playing high quality music files. You can download them here.
  2. Physical damage to the connectors or sound card. In this case, you must contact the service center.
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That’s all. Now you know how to set up your headphones in Windows 10 and diagnose the causes of the problem.