How to disassemble the remote control from the LG Smart TV

How to disassemble a remote control from LG TV

There are many cases as an example, due to which the television control panel will have to be repaired, but one factor unites them, first you will have to disassemble the device, and it is not so simple to do it. Many remote control models are generally collected without the use of bolts, so the largest problem in the disassembly process can be considered the search for connecting elements.

We’ll figure out how to open a remote control from the LG TV so as not to damage its case and most importantly the microcircuit, because in this case it will completely refuse to function and you will have to buy a new.

Repair (autopsy, disassembly) of the LG Magic Remote AN-MR3005 remote control

There is LG TV with 2 remote controls. One ordinary, the other t.N. Magic Remote on Blumup.There he is:

Very convenient. The functionality of the usual mouse remote control from the computer. Well, the TV telly is already 4, and the entot remote control began to junk. Namely: the central button-wheel button began to harden every other time. In short, it is necessary to open.This is the most difficult thing to open such a thing without damaging or violating the appearance, since it is not on the screws, but on the inner latches.He started with buttons that are easily removed with a regular discount card:

Under them, access to the latches of the front half of the remote control opens:

Slowly, extremely neatly opened around the perimeter:

I bought a replacement on a radio market (for 20):

Preparation for transplantation (the wheel is easily removed):

I put a new one on a drop of superglue so that it was more convenient to solder:

Here is such a soldering iron (old Soviet) with wound copper wire:

Before assembly, all the cracks wiped with alcohol while available.A few more photos of the insides:

disassemble, remote, control, smart

I ask you to leave my negative and strongest experts with my negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев, since I do not deal with technology professionally, and indeed, I did it for myself

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 19

I, too, on the magic remote control, the button on the wheel began to work poorly. Literally after time it was necessary to press it not right from above, but at an angle. I tried everything: I cleaned the wheel, and glued the upper elastic of the wheel to the plastic base, and even looked at the replacement of the remote control on Aliexpress. But when the button stopped even pressing it, I decided on radical measures. He opened the remote control, removed the wheel, then opened the button itself, bent the antennae of the upper plate (this must be done carefully so as not to break the antennae). Inside is a plastic button and a thin microscopic curved metal plate, which closes the contacts when pressing, and when the button is released again, the contact opens and opens the contact. It turned out that a dozen (black dot) appeared in the contact zone). The carpet with a curved plate removed the sting of a small screwdriver, also cleaned the contacts at the bottom of the button and collected the whole thing in the reverse order. Again, accuracy is necessary, since all the details are very small. As a result, the button works without any questions. No soldering was needed, only a small screwdriver. Unfortunately, did not take pictures.

These buttons are almost all arranged the same. And they have the same problem. Oxide is formed in the place of contact. You decided to disassemble and clean it, it’s much easier for me to plow. I used to be diverted by these microscopic details. The result is a working remote control there and there.

I have a problem with such a remote control is as follows: recently, the cursor falls down the screen, with manipulation reacts and immediately falls again. Has the gyroscope fall off? Who has what thoughts? Help with advice.

On such a remote control did not work on the wheel, t.E. Not “clicked”, Snowling worked. I did everything like the author, having broken a couple of latches, not at all upset Only instead of a soldering iron he used 1/10 drops of machine oil for sewing machines. Dripped into the gap between the button and the button holder. (10 years ago I repaired the joystick at K750i) I’ll go again yes, well done)) the remote control began to work, as if I had only waited for me to do it)) thanks!

Cleaning elements

This is the most important moment of independent repair, besides this, no other actions are possible. After the device is disassembled, the microcircuit is removed, there comes the moment of cleaning these parts using a cotton pad and alcohol. During an external examination, it will become clear what the cause of the malfunction is, if you can see that the microcircuit is damaged, further actions should be aimed at replacing the remote control. If not, then it is enough to clean everything with a cotton pad and place it in the same place. It is important to know how to clean the remote control from the TV.

Simple instructions for opening almost any modern remote control:

  • Inspect the remote control for the placement of fasteners. Some manufacturers clean part of the screws in the compartment with batteries. Remove batteries;
  • Take a screwdriver of a suitable size and remove all the mounts;

There may be a difficulty in the question. How to disassemble the remote control from the LG TV, on which there are no screws? Pay attention to the joints on the side sides of the device. It is necessary to create gaps in the joints, then expand the cracks and put it to remove the plastic shell. The instruction is step by step, with a description of the nuances:

  • Check the joints on the case. If they are connected for reliability with glue, use a knife or flat screwdriver.Put up the edge of the case with their help until the edges are dispersed;
  • To disassemble the remote control from the Sony Bravia TV, like many other devices of this type, you need to push the latches located inside the hull with a knife. Do not pull the halves of the case at once in different directions, go through the blade around the edges and feel for hidden mounts. Gently squeeze them;
  • Pass the plastic card at the joints between the cases to finally unclench the plastic and open the remote control;
  • Take out the keyboard;
  • Remove the microcircuit carefully without removing the sensor from it;
  • Carry out the necessary manipulations for cleaning or repairing the product.

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How to open a remote control if plastic sits on fasteners, and there is no cross screw nearby nearby? Fasteners can be turned with the tip of the knife. It will be convenient to take for this purpose a knife with a blade curved at the end.

The Philips remote is easily clicks with even simple tweezers. In Philips, the fastening of the upper cover can be slightly drowned in the plastic of the rear surface. How to correctly disassemble the remote control in this case? Gently push the lid at the junctions, and it is preferably not a blade. The knife can scratch the lid and ruin its appearance.

Model RMCTPJ1AP2. Original Samsung TV remote control.

The analysis process does not fundamentally differ from the already described scheme. If you still can’t open the remote control from the TV. Try to put pressure from narrow edges to make plastic slip out of the grooves.

How and what at home to clean the remote control from the TV

Remote control is one of the most popular household items. Devices of this type are constantly in contact with various environments, which leads to pollution and oxidation of internal boards. This eventually becomes the cause of the breakdown. The solution to the issue of how to clean the remote control from the TV itself depends in many ways on the type of pollution.

disassemble, remote, control, smart

Fast cleaning from the outside at home

The hull of remote controls from the TV is leap. This means that with regular contact, particles of dust and dirt penetrate inside, which is why the buttons stop working. However, not only such problems are led by a lack of cleaning. Due to contact with the hands, fat penetrates into the remote control, which, accumulating on the surface of the board, causes oxidation of the last. As a result, this causes a breakdown of the device.

In order to avoid such consequences, it is recommended to clean the remote control with a certain frequency, using:

Before the procedure, it is recommended to disconnect the TV from the power supply network. To clean the device, it is enough to wipe the plastic surface with a cotton pad with a cleaning product, and then with microfiber cloths. Toothpicks need to process hard.To.Reach places.

Any alcohol.Containing foods

To clean the outer part of the device, use:

Alcohol.Containing liquids are considered the optimal tool used to clean the remote control devices. To avoid breakdowns, it is recommended that during the procedure, do not press hard on cotton wool.

Soap solution

Soap solution is not recommended to use television remote controls. This is explained by the fact that water, in contact with microcircuits, causes the process of oxidation. Therefore, this composition can be used if there are no alcohol.Containing liquids at hand. To make a soap solution, you need to grate a little soap and mix with water.

Wet wipes

For cleaning, napkins for office equipment are also used, saturated with a special composition that corrodes fat and other pollution.

How to disassemble remote control?

For thorough cleaning, you need to disassemble the device. The algorithm for this procedure depends on the brand of the TV manufacturer.

With bolts

A number of manufacturers (LG, Samsung and others) produce remote control devices with bolts. Therefore, in order to disassemble the remote control, you first need to unscrew the fasteners located in the compartment with batteries and remove the panels.

With latches

Unlike Samsung, cheaper televisions are often supplemented by devices of the DU, the panels of which are fixed using latches. In order to release the latter, it is necessary to pull both parts of the remote control in different directions with a slight effort, having picked up the last. Having disconnected the panels, you need to remove the rubberized panel with buttons and electric payment.

How and how to wash inside

The general procedure for cleaning the electric payment is as follows:

  • A cleaning agent is sprayed or applied with a cotton swab with a cotton swab.
  • After 5-10 seconds, the board is wiped with a cotton swab. At this moment, it is extremely recommended to press hard.
  • At the end, the fee is cleaned from the remains of cotton wool.

Similarly, it should be received in relation to contacts located in the compartment with batteries. After the procedure, you do not need to wipe the fee with a clean cloth: cleaning products after a few minutes evaporate on their own.

To remove pollution inside the remote control, it is forbidden to use soap solution or other compounds containing water.


Ethyl alcohol is the most common product that is used to remove pollution from the board. This liquid can be cleaned the inside of the remote control device with traces of any type of pollution.

Parity set

The Parity brand kit contains a cleaning product produced in the form of a spray, and a microfiber napkin. This set is used mainly to remove contaminants from the keyboard or monitors, but is also suitable for processing remote control devices. The spray contains substances that can quickly corrode fat and other spots.

Ремонт пульта LG Magic, если сломался Скролл. Repair of the LG Magic remote if the Scroll is broken.

Deluxe Digital Set Clean

This cleaning set in composition does not differ from the previous. The difference between Deluxe Digital and Parity is only in the manufacturer brand.

WD-40 Specialist

WD-40 is considered a more effective cleaning tool, since:

WD-40 is available in convenient packaging that allows you to apply a spray, including inaccessible places. After processing, the product quickly evaporates, leaving no traces and without affecting the performance of the electric payment.

Cleaning buttons

The buttons are polluted faster than the rest of the remote control panel. Therefore, this element is recommended to clean more often. To remove pollution, both soap solution and alcohol or vinegar compounds are used. After cleaning the button, you need to dry.

Soap solution

To prepare this solution, it is enough to grate a small amount of soap and mix with water in a separate container. Then, in the resulting composition, it is necessary to place the button taken out of the remote control and withstand for 20 minutes. During this time, soap is corroded dirt and traces of fat. If necessary, the buttons after the procedure can be wiped with a damp cloth. This will help to remove the strokes of the mud.

What you need to execute

In the process of analysis, you need to have several simple tools at hand:

The device case can be fixed using glue. Subsequently, the glue will be needed again to conduct the assembly after the successful end of cleaning or repairing the remote control.

IMPORTANT! Do not use a bank card to conduct this operation. Take, for example, a card of discounts for some store.

Why disassembled?

So, as you can see, you can disassemble the remote control from the LG TV even without the help of tools. And why is this procedure in general and how much it is in demand at home? We will analyze a couple of reasons why the remote control from the LG TV in everyday life is versed:

  • During repair. To get to the internal parts of the remote control, a neatly disvaded disassembly is required, which should not cause the product failure.
  • The fact is that over time, pollution (dirt, fat) from constant contact with the hands, which must be removed, are formed on the surface of the board, contacts due to the environmental exposure, which is recommended for the remote control and maintenance of the remote control every 3-4 months.

How to fix the TV LG remote control

Those owners of LG TVs, which use the Magic Remote remote control, have the opportunity to cope with various settings and options much faster and more convenient than in the case of standard devices. But when he breaks, not everyone knows how to cope with this problem on their own. First you should understand how to disassemble this remote control from the LG TV.

In addition, a person must understand technology and be able to identify malfunctions. If you do not have professional skills, the control panel is not at all inappropriate. Buying a new one will also not be at all profitable, since the breakdown can be insignificant and it will be able to cope with it on its own.

LG Magic Remote Wheel Broken, This Is What I do!

How to choose a remote control for Elji TV

Before selecting PDD for the LG TV remote control, you must carefully study the instructions and read the description of the model.

In most cases, the front of the device always indicates its full name with the number and series. Studying information about the TV itself, you can find compatibility data.

As for the remote control, Magik Remout, it is considered universal and should approach almost all TVs.

The remote control must be bought to a specific model

To buy it, just find one of the specialized stores. Here you can get detailed information about the compatibility of the devices and why they may not work with each other.

If you need to purchase the same PU that failed, but at the same time its model was erased over time, and the person forgot it, these data can be obtained in the TV manual.

Note! If the instruction was lost over time, you can ask the PDU from one of your friends and check for compatibility. It often happens that different brands of devices are collected from the same microcircuits and a set of options. Thus, you can choose the right options if you can’t find what you need.

Using the remote control of another model, do not forget about checking each of the functions, especially if it is used often. To get started, it is recommended to check the channel switching, the button for turning on and adjusting brightness and colors. If it happened that not a single remote control is suitable, you have to repair your own or buy a universal.


Setting the universal remote control LG Smart TV can be automatic or manual. Each TV model or any other technique has its own key encryption code.

To enable synchronization, it is enough for a person to introduce a certain sequence of numbers.

If you can turn on the automatic code search, the universal remote control will be able to independently choose the encoding for the equipment.

If the owner of the LG TV detects any effect, for example, turning on or off the TV, he should at the same time press the corresponding key that will turn off the automatic code selection mode. Thus, suitable settings will remain, and the PDU will be ready for full use.

Universal remote

The universal LG Smart remote control is quite simple, so even an inexperienced user can cope with this.

It is possible to activate all the functions the first time and assign commands for each button will not work, but you should not be upset, since this procedure can be started again.

If the device has already been tested for compatibility and there are no problems, the setting will include several ways:

  • The first option is to press and hold the button on the SET TV remote until the moment the LED lights up. After that, you need to press the Power key once. Next, you need to enter the TV code, after which the light should go out. If this does not happen, you need to press the Mult key, but only after the code is entered.
  • The second option is a set of the required number and simultaneously holding the SET TV and Power button.
  • Another option involves holding the SET TV button until the light is light up. After that, you need to click once on the Power button and send the PU to the on the switch. If it turns off, you need to click the button with the Mult.

In the first two cases, you can tie the LG remote control to the TV only when knowing its specific model. This information can be obtained in the instructions. But sometimes it happens that for one model several rooms are assigned at once. In such a situation, each of them will have to try. If there is no reaction to keystrokes, it is recommended to use the third method for configuration.

There are special remote controls and universal


Beeline remote can be configured at once for several devices, including TV. To do this, it is enough to bring it to a certain frequency in order to bind.

Currently, LG TV owners are using two main setting methods. This is an automatic search or code introduction.

Experts recommend using the last option, since it is about 95 percent successful. To do this, follow the following instructions:

  • Setting up television channels on the LG TV begins with its inclusion. After that, you need to direct to the device of the PDU.
  • Now you should press the TB key and, without releasing its “OK” button. Both of them must be clamped for 1-2 seconds.
  • After that, indicators of all keys blink twice. At the next stage of setting up the Beeline universal remote control, you can enter the code “992”. After that, the indicator of the selected key blows twice.
  • Now you should send a universal PU to the TV, and press the Play key.
  • After selecting the code, the TV will turn off. If this happens, you need to click on the Enter button to confirm. Next, it is necessary to give the remote control for about 2 minutes so that it finishes the binding.
  • If there is no turn off until this moment, you have to use manual search. To do this, you need to repeat the first settings listed above and then additionally press the FF and Power button. Pressing these buttons should be repeated until the TV is turned off. When this happens, you need to not forget to click on the “Enter” button.

How to disassemble a remote control from Rostelecom

The remote control is kept exclusively on latches. The main castle is located on the bottom of the device. For this, to remove the top cover, you need to put or put the upper cover to the buttons to the very side. You can also try to slightly put in this place with a knife or screwdriver. But be careful, since the plastic is quite fragile.

To exclude banal malfunctions. Clean it from dust and wipe it with a dry rag. If some button does not work, then try to clean the contact on the main board-use a washing gum for this. You can also slightly swing in contact with something with a metal and sharp, for example, with a needle or pin, but be careful. At the very end, collect the remote control back and check.