How To Disassemble Samsung A 50

We will figure out the reasons why the screen stopped turning on in the Samsung phone or it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter which model, as modern smartphones have the same logic and the difference is already in computing power, as well as additional modules for more expensive models.

Immediately a small clarification: most of the causes of breakdowns will require repair or replacement of parts of the smartphone (including replacing the screen). Such work is best done at a service center, as special equipment is needed to diagnose and disassemble the phone, as well as experience.

Reasons why Samsung doesn’t display

The reasons are divided into software and hardware. Let’s take them in order with explanations.

But, first of all, are you sure that the smartphone is charged? Maybe your charger is damaged and charging just does not go?

Program reasons

This, first of all, should include errors in the firmware. This happens after the next update. However, you may not even know that the firmware has been updated, because in most cases, users are set to automatically update without confirmation.

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Because Your phone’s display doesn’t work right now and you can’t see when the last update was, find your model on the page (on the left there is a drop-down menu with a list of models) and see when it was updated.

If the problem is really in the firmware. will have to reflash manually. Someone does it on their own. But, if you do not have experience, it is better to entrust the work to a specialist, as with incorrect firmware, the phone may turn into “brick”.

How to Disassemble Samsung A 50

The following software reason why the screen in your Samsung phone stopped turning on can be attributed to a lack of RAM for processing a request by pressing the unlock button (Power, Home) or during a call. Perhaps you noticed that the smartphone began to work more slowly shortly before the breakdown?

If this is the case and the phone works, but the screen does not turn on, then you need to restart it. You can wait until the battery is completely discharged, or remove the battery yourself for a few seconds.

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At the time of switching on, pay attention to the initial screen: is there a Samsung and / or Android logo.

Hardware reasons

At the beginning of the article they said to check the charger. This is one side of the problem. The second one. the USB charging port itself in your phone. It is likely that it is he who is damaged. Perhaps burned out, dirty? The contact group under the case could burn out and no damage was visible. This can happen as a result of a power surge during charging from the outlet.

To end the conversation about the lack of charging, which is the reason why the screen of your Samung phone does not work, you must also mention the battery itself. See if he is swollen or there is no raid on the contact group. If there. replace with a new one.

Of course, the most popular reason for a phone’s screen not working is physical damage: it hit a hard surface, or the phone itself was hit with something heavy. Even if there is no visible damage, the internal components may fail due to microcracks on the board or loops.

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We will also include the ingress of moisture under the smartphone case, or the influence of the temperature factor: too cold or overheating in the sun.

If your Samsung works, but the screen does not want to turn on / off during a call. the problem is the proximity sensor, which is triggered when your cheek / ear approaches the screen and extinguishes it so that you do not accidentally press a button during a call. The same sensor turns on the screen when you remove the screen from your ear. He himself could have failed, or his cable, which connects to the main board. You will need to disassemble the smartphone.

The remaining causes are quite rare and diagnosis is required to identify them. Therefore, contact a service center to determine the cause and eliminate it.