How to Disassemble Meizu M5s To View Battery

How to Disassemble Meizu M5s To View Battery

Self repair Meizu about 6 is considered impossible. Manufacturers said that modern thin smartphones with an all-metal cover from Meizu are non-separable. Therefore, in case of serious damage to the device, they recommend contacting service centers. But if a complicated repair is not required, if only it is necessary to replace the battery or a broken screen, or maybe just wipe the dust so that the button does not stick? In such cases, many users are accustomed to cope on their own. In this article, we will figure out how to repair Maze with our own hands.

What is most often to be replaced in the device

From user requests, we can conclude that most often it fails in Meizu phones about 6:

  • Smartphone battery.
  • The screen crashed if the device was dropped from its own height.
  • The Home button sticks if it was pressed with wet or dirty fingers, or if it just got dusty while using the gadget.
  • Other manufacturing defects.

We will not consider cases in which there is a manufacturing defect, since these problems are detected in the first months of using the smartphone. And, while it is under warranty, it is more advisable to contact a service center for repair.

Also, we will not consider the option of replacing the phone cover, as manufacturers installed an all-metal scratch-resistant case in this device.

Do-it-yourself gadget repair

Before proceeding with the repair of the device, it must be disassembled. This will require some effort, since the device is well fitted, and without special preparation it will be difficult to do.

How to disassemble Meise about 6 scheme number 1

In order to open the phone, you need to prepare a special set of tools:

  • suction cup with a ring;
  • a plastic pick, a plastic card is also suitable;
  • hexagon screwdriver sprocket 0.8 H 25 mm;
  • a set of tweezers;
  • plastic spatula or knife.

First, turn off the device. To do this, press the button to turn off the smartphone and on the touch panel, click on the red button that appears to turn off the phone. After the device is completely turned off, you can proceed to disassemble it.

In the second step, pull out the combined tray with the SIM card and memory card. Do it carefully, as this fragile object usually breaks when you take it out of the device a second time. To remove the tray, use the included paper clip, and then pull it.

In the third step, arm yourself with an asterisk screwdriver and unscrew the two screws that are located at the bottom end of the smartphone on both sides of the microUSB connector.

Attach a suction cup to the screen. It will be more convenient if you place it closer to the Home button. The rest of the opening of the device will be more convenient to carry out, holding the suction ring with your left hand.

Hold the device with your left hand by the ring, and take a knife or shoulder blade in your right. Starting at the bottom of the phone, separate the screen glass from the device. It is convenient to make the Meizu pro 6 phone a thin object, since there is practically no gap between this glass and the all-metal cover. The screen is attached to it using latches, which are required to find and disconnect. When you groped and opened them, it is better to postpone the knife so as not to damage the internal device. Having picked up the pick, pass them along the perimeter of the phone, finally separating it.

Pull the suction ring and raise the screen. You do not need to pull sharply, as the display will still be connected to the case with two cables. To disconnect them, you will need a screwdriver, since both cables are covered with protection. a metal plate on the screws.

Replacing the battery in pro 6

Disassemble the phone according to the scheme number 1.

In the case of the device under the protective film is a battery that needs to be replaced. Lift the film and unscrew the two bolts that hold the battery mount. They are located in the upper end of the battery, closer to the device’s camera.

After that, carefully disconnect the battery cable; this can be done with tweezers. The battery is glued to the phone cover, so it’s better to pry it with a spatula from the bottom, which is located closer to the Home button.

Now, in the reverse order, attach the new battery to the phone: glue it to the case, attach the cable, fasten with bolts and close it with a shield.

After that, connect two display cables to the device case and check the battery operation by turning on the phone. If the smartphone sees the battery, then reassemble it completely, fixing the cable with a protective plate and snapping the cover of the device. Remember to tighten the end bolts. That’s all. you replaced the battery!

Meizu pro 6 screen replacement

On the Meizu pro 6 phone, the replacement of the old display with a new one will first take place according to scheme No. 1, which is described above.

Next, we will disassemble the display. If you change the broken screen to a new one, you will need to disconnect the old glass from the frame. The parts are glued together.

To disconnect them, warm the device with a hairdryer. Unscrew the fingerprint protection and remove the device. Arm yourself with a spatula and go around the perimeter of the display, carefully separating the frame and glass.

Attention! The frame is very fragile, be careful not to damage it.

After successful separation, clean the frame of any glue residue. Do not forget to transfer the speaker grid from broken glass to a new one. Then apply a fresh, thin layer of glue to the frame and glue a new glass on it. This will require accuracy: you need to connect the parts together evenly without smearing the glue.

Then, in the reverse order, attach the touchscreen to the body of the device: attach the fingerprint scanner, fix its protection with screws; connect the two cables of the screen with the cover and fasten the protective plate to the cables.

Before you finally assemble the smartphone, turn it on to test the display. If everything works well, tighten the device parts and fasten them to the end bolts.

That’s all. you replaced the screen!

How to replace a fingerprint scanner

You should start with the analysis of the device according to scheme No. 1.

Having disconnected the display from the case, put the device’s lid back — we don’t need it — and proceed to remove the fingerprint button. It is located at the bottom of the screen. First, unscrew the protection of the Home button. a metal plate that rests on two screws. Then we release the Home button loop from protection, it is held by a smaller plate on one screw. After that, carefully remove the loop with a spatula. Now the fingerprint button is easy to replace or clean if necessary.

We assemble the device in the reverse order: we attach the loop of the Home button, twist its protection, we fasten the display to the phone cover first on the loops. We connect the smartphone and try the operation of the fingerprint button. If it works, collect the gadget. Now you can change the Home button yourself!

How much does the price of repairing a particular breakdown cost

If we consider the repair of a particular part in the official Meizu service center and with private masters, it turns out that the difference is small. In this center you can test the phone plus cheaply replace the broken part.

How to prevent common smartphone breakdowns

The most common breakdowns are very commonplace:

  • Wet finger touched the Home button or wet the device.
  • They dropped the gadget, and as a result, the screen cracked.
  • The battery has run out after the smartphone got wet.
  • The case was scratched, since the device was worn without a case along with the keys.
  • The phone has stopped charging because you have bent the wire and the contact has gone.

It is already evident from the nature of the breakdowns that the gadget must be handled carefully: do not drop or wet. In particular, you should not immerse the device in water, even if, according to the manufacturer, it has waterproof properties. To make the device less vulnerable, buy a closed case for it and glue the protective glass on the screen. Do not allow dirt, small particles of dust to accumulate on the screen and in crevices. Do not connect the smartphone to “someone else’s” charging, even if it looks like a native one: the parameters of the charger may not coincide with the parameters of the phone itself, which will subsequently lead to a short circuit. Do not insert SD cards of dubious quality, as a faulty memory card can cause serious interruptions in the device.

In the below you can see one of the most difficult jobs. replacing the display. It also shows in detail how to open the device and replace the fingerprint button.

Brief conclusion

The above shows how difficult it is even to open the Meizu pro 6, not to mention the separation of the screen and its frame. The parts are so thin and fragile that breaking them is easy. If you are confident in yourself, then you can take the risk and make minor repairs of the smartphone yourself. And if you suspect that in the process of replacing one part along the way you break a few more, then you should not risk it, but it is better to contact a service center right away.