How To Disassemble iPad Air 2

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Repairing the iPad Air 2 at home, as, in principle, and any unprofessional interference in the device of Apple technology, will not lead to anything good. Do-it-yourself repair of your iPhone, iPad or MacBook is a sure way to get into an expensive device recovery or even lose your pet. But many would like to find out what is located inside the high-tech device, so we present to everyone who wants to completely disassemble the iPad Air 2 from the famous iFixit “scrapers”. In no case do not repeat what you see in this review, unless of course you want to go for a new tablet, and put yours under the leg of the sofa in the country.

The main problem when opening new ultra-thin tablets from Apple is the assembly with glue. Familiar screw connections were sacrificed to the ultra-thin body and it became even more difficult to open the iPad Air 2. But for an inquiring mind there are no barriers and several guitar picks and a household hair dryer solve this problem. To soften the glue connecting the two halves of the case, you need to carefully heat the top of the tablet (which is with the screen) and gradually pry off the front panel with mediators. This must be done with extreme caution, as the iPad matrix is ​​very sensitive to both high temperature and mechanical stress.

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How To Disassemble iPad Air 2

In some service centers, they manage to carry out this jewelry procedure even with the help of a building hair dryer, but in such a case, “you go slower, you will continue”, therefore we will leave the professional repair guru technique.

After the tablet is opened, you can make sure that now Apple has all the cables related to the display matrix, are now arranged in an organized way on the side in the lower corner.

The picture shows that the sensor itself and its connection to the cable in the iPad Air 2 is very similar to how it is implemented in new generations of the iPhone.

It’s time to remove the miniature speakers of the tablet. Unfortunately, their dismantling did not open the veil of secrecy and did not give out either the manufacturer or the exact characteristics. The speakers simply do not have any markings.

Carefully remove the FaceTime HD camera and 8MP camera with microphone.

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In a tablet with a Wi-Fi module, the antenna can be easily found at the top of the device.

We take out the light sensor, one of the main microphones and the Power button.

To fix the motherboard, the manufacturer again used glue, which, by the way, does not make iPad repair more difficult. The problem is solved very simply: to separate the board from the device, you again need to arm yourself with a hairdryer and patience. As in the case of the matrix, one must also be extremely careful.

In iPad Air 2, as in previous models, the Lightning connector is simply soldered to the board without any tricks.

Now you can consider all the chips that are used in the tablet and read their markings.

A battery that is no longer glued to the device logic board can be easily removed from the device.

That’s all. On the table there is only a “peel” from the tablet, on which a magnet is clearly visible, designed to work with special Smart Cover cases.

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In general, due to the presence of glued parts, the iPad Air 2 tablet does not create the impression of a device that can be repaired well. Perhaps that is why iFixit specialists assigned him only a 2 out of 10 rating for maintainability. The situation is completely different with the new iPhone. Ifixit wizards showed what iPhone 6 is made of, and at the same time appreciated it in terms of repair.