How to Disassemble a Power Bank Takeit

How to Disassemble a Power Bank Takeit

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The Fortnite Neo Versa package includes:

I think it’s no secret to anyone that today the best-selling console in the world is the Sony Playstation 4 and its various modifications. With each new device from the company, it always comes to the conclusion that working on errors is always always appropriate. The new generation of the gamepad, although it has undergone very few changes relative to the previous one, begs the opinion that it is no longer possible to add or improve DUALSHOCK 4. Thanks to the experience and titanic work of the team of professionals of the famous brand, I think no one will want to look for a gamepad from a third-party manufacturer for a more comfortable game on Sony Playstation 4.

The real revelation for many users was the ergonomics and functionality of the device. The gamepad even slightly reduced its dimensions relative to the last generation, and its functionality has grown significantly. On the front of the gamepad, it was decided to build a speaker that allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay. You will be able to hear explosions, and shots directly from your hands. It is especially vividly felt when during the gameplay in shooters, you receive a message on the walkie-talkie, and instead of the speakers of your stereo system, you hear it directly from your hands.

The second ergonomic profitable solution was to equip the manipulator with a headphone jack, which is located at the bottom of the device. You can connect a headset that is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack directly, without resorting to additional settings, buying various adapters, or even a headset with a non-standard connector. This decision made it possible to get maximum versatility from improvised peripherals. Also important was the fact that the headset does not pump into the stationary connector of the console, but directly into a dynamic point. You can freely move around the room or your equipped game space, without worrying about the fact that you can damage your headphones, or remain without sound. An important fact is that the pinout allows you to connect both stereo headphones and stereo headsets, which means that you can not only receive sound to yourself, but also transmit your voice to your allies.

Share your gameplay with friends. This is made possible by the introduction of the Share button. It is located directly on the gamepad and allows you to record individual game moments and share them with friends or even conduct live broadcasts. You can record and parse individual sections of a race track to analyze and improve quality. Or see how your team assault went, then to discuss joint game strategies. All this has become possible with the new controller.
Also, the latest-generation manipulator is equipped with a touch panel, which allows you to use the console with great comfort and diversify the gameplay. There is also a light bar, which is located on the back of the device, and allows you to take the gameplay beyond the TV.

Sony has equipped the gamepad with an excellent battery, which allows you not to worry about purchasing spare batteries. Just connect your device via USB and after 2 hours, your device is fully ready for new gaming feats.