How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion Dv6 Laptop Video Tutorial

The hp pavilion dv6 laptop has 2 types of case:

How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion Dv6 Laptop Video Tutorial

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Video: How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion Dv6 Laptop Video Tutorial

The steps described below require experience in such work, as There is a high risk of damage to expensive laptop components. If you have any difficulties. contact

Before disassembling:

Disassembling and cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust starts with disconnecting the battery in order to shut off the laptop. We move the lock to the open position and remove the battery, then unscrew the screws from the panels.

Having removed the socket, we unscrew the remaining screws, we hook up the dvd drive. During disassembly, screws of different lengths will come across, so it is important to fold them separately and sign where they came from.

We take out the contact near the RAM, pulling up and disconnect the wi-fi wires.

Disconnect the contact of the hard drive and turn the keyboard over, because under the keyboard there is also a connecting loop, without disconnecting, which the keyboard cannot be removed.

Cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust will require further disassembly, then disconnect the keyboard cable by turning the mount, as shown in the image, and remove 2 more contacts in the same way.

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It is advisable to disassemble the hp pavilion dv6 case with a flat plastic object so as not to scratch it, the SIM card from the phone is also suitable.

Now you need to disconnect the 4 contacts, the monitor connector (top left) just pull up (towards yourself), it is convenient to remove the contact from the speakers from the bottom left using 2 flat screwdrivers (shown in the figure).

To clean the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust, you need to disconnect the monitor, for this we remove the wi fi wires from the gutter and remove the plastic cover in the upper left corner by unscrewing the screw.

We unscrew 3 screws and you can remove the monitor.

We snap off 2 fasteners and take out the board with the usb connector and unscrew the screw shown below.

We remove the specified piece of iron and then the power wire.

Now everything is ready for the final step of disassembling and cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust, we proceed to disconnect the motherboard, which is desirable to put on a soft surface, such as a towel, in order to avoid possible damage.

How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion Dv6 Laptop Video Tutorial

Disconnect the cooler contact and unscrew the screws of the cooling system.

It is recommended to unscrew the screws in an upright position, i.e. opposite the screw, hold on the back side, as the board may bend, which may result in damage. When disconnecting the cooling system, a small amount of force may be required. thermal paste sticks together 2 surfaces.

To disassemble the cooler hp pavilion dv6, unscrew the indicated screws.

The image clearly shows how dust felt formed and clogged the cooling system. The hp pavilion dv6 laptop grill is cleaned from dust with a sharp object, and leftovers can be purged or vacuumed. The cooler is cleaned with cotton swabs moistened with vodka, it is not recommended to use water.

We remove the old thermal paste layer with the same cotton swabs moistened with vodka.

It should turn out a fat-free, smooth and even surface.

Dismantling, cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust requires experience in such work, otherwise, even if you follow the detailed instructions, there is a risk of damage to expensive components. If there are difficulties. contact our services specialists.

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