How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion Dm1 Laptop

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How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion Dm1 Laptop

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We put the device flat, with the lid down, and unscrew the asterisk with three screwdrivers. Turn over and open the laptop. We remove the keyboard and gently pull out the cable by pulling the latch up. We unscrew the two screws and remove the housing cover. Having unscrewed three screws, we take out the hard drive. Pulling the latch beyond the edges, turn off the touchpad cable. We disconnect all the connectors, remove the scarf on the left, which is fastened with one screw. On the left we pull out the metal bar by unscrewing the three screws. Remove the metal bar in the upper right. Now you can safely pull out the motherboard.

The purpose of removing the motherboard is to diagnose and repair. Therefore, to start the removed motherboard, you need to remove the circuit breaker board from the housing cover and connect it to the system board.

HP mini does not turn on

I disassembled the laptop for diagnostics as soon as the motherboard was removed and power, a power switch, and an external monitor were connected to it. She continued to show no signs of life. He began to measure the power circuit with a multimeter. As it turned out, the unipolar key SI4835P was broken.

After replacing the key with a similar one, the blue LED began to light up briefly and the key was very hot. And after a while it burned down again. One thing is clear, somewhere “shorts”, the VIA CN896 north bridge with integrated was suspected, the largest chip on the motherboard. To test, I bypass the power switch with a low-resistance resistor. The LEDs light up and the cooling fan starts. The north bridge is very hot, there is no signal.

In general, the north bridge CN896 from VIA must be changed, and there is nothing to do with the motherboard and is waiting for a similar one with another malfunction.