How to disable wireless headphones on iPhone. How to turn off the headphones on the iPhone…

How to turn off the headphones on the iPhone: What to do

Without a headset and headphones for a smartphone, it is impossible to fully use the iPhone: listen to music, use applications and handsfree.

Headphone mode is included in the standard functionality. When connecting the appropriate headset, it is automatically activated by turning off the speakers and redirecting the sound to the headphones

The problem of how to turn off the headphones on the iPhone, depending on the type of headphones, is carried out in different ways.

How to turn off the headphones on the iPhone: Standard headset

The standard headset is connected through a 3.5 mm nest or Lightning connector. Therefore, disconnect is made by simple separation of two devices. Here is the procedure:

If the headphone icon continues to be displayed on the information panel, this is a software glitch

You can remove the icon by simply rebooting the iPhone.

IPhone 5 Disable A2DP On Any Bluetooth Headset

Airpods headphones themselves connect to the phone at the moment when they are already connected to another device, how to fix it?

Not everyone will like it if their Airpods suddenly start switching from one device to another. In such a situation, the function is better off completely disconnected.

Connect the AirPods headset to iPhone.

Open the standard “Settings” application and go to the Bluetooth section. In the list of devices, find connected Airpods and, opposite them, click on a circle with the letter “i”.

In the window of the headset properties, go to the “Procl. To this iPhone “.

Activate the parameter “At the next connection to this iPhone”.

After that, AirPods will no longer try to automatically switch to your neighboring device. This option is suitable for those who use several gadgets at once, but do not want to bring their sound to the headphones. Often a similar situation arises in the family when devices are common to several people. Parents can work for Mac, and children can play iPad or watch a movie on Apple TV. Constant switching from the device to the device can literally drive AirPods user crazy.

How to activate AirPods automatic connection between your devices

If the function of automatic switching the reproduction source may be needed, then it can be activated as follows:

Now go to “Settings” and open the Bluetooth section. In the list of devices, find connected Airpods and, opposite them, click on a circle with the letter “i”.

In the window of the headset properties, scroll down and go to the “Procl. To this iPhone “.

Select the “automatically” parameter, which will make an active automatic switch function.

When the next time a certain event takes place that drives the switching algorithm, a system message will appear on the screen of the originally associated with Airpods device. It will notify you that the headset switched to another device and now broadcasts sound from it. Synchronization with another device is carried out very quickly, but this action can be done and canceled, simply by clicking in a notification to the blue button with an arrow in a circle. In this case, AirPods will remain connected to their native device, and switching will not happen.

Please note that on Mac this function will only work with MacOS Big Sur.

The reasons for the forced inclusion of the “Headphones” regime (even when they are not) in the iPhone

The “call” mode does not turn on after taking out the headphone stoker or disconnect the wireless headset most often due to clogging of the phone connector. If you are pressing the volume swings and the transition to other audio winners “without sound”, “call” does not give a result, reboot the smartphone.

Checking and reconnecting

Disconnect the accessory, and then turn it on with connected headphones and without them. The second is relevant if, when listening to music, a battery of an accessory or smartphone sat down.

Apple’s support service advises switching a headset ten times until the phone goes to the “call” mode.

Music connection connection

The Council of Experts will help to cope with the problem when the iPhone is “stuck” in headphones:

Polluted connector

The garbage caught in the connector can close contacts, and garbage is defined as connected headphones. Neatly with a toothpick or dry cotton wool, remove the garbage from there. After blow the nest from a spray can with compressed air or compressor and reboot. Insert the plug into the connector and check, the problem should disappear. Read more in the video.

A regular vacuum cleaner will also help to remove moisture.


Forcibly rebooting the smartphone (step by step for different models) will help get rid of the consequences of a software failure.

  • iPhone 8: Click the volume button, then. reducing, click and hold the Power until the corporation logo appears on the screen;
  • iPhone 7: Click and hold the swing of the volume and Power until the device is turned off with the subsequent launch;
  • iPhone 6: Click and hold the Home Power until the appearance of the Apple icon await.

Voice input

If nothing helps, use the function of voice input (an icon with a microphone to the left of the gap). She will immediately bring the smartphone to the “Call” mode.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

Control using an alarm clock

The alarm clock is a highly priority application, it works when the device is turned off, and the headset does not exist for it. Run it, slip on the plus icon on the right and choose the near future-after 1-2 minutes.

Disconnect the signal after it is triggered and check in what mode the smartphone is located.

The Wi-Fi wireless module, turning on and deactivation of flight mode, call with connected headset, restore standard settings, also helps to turn off the wireless module.

Radio engineer (for the first higher education). From early childhood I listen to a variety of music. Always interested in sound.reproducing equipment, which was updated many times. I am a passionate lover and music in life always with me. I have been fond of Hi-Fi for more than 20 years.

What to do if the “headphones” mode in the iPhone does not turn on

Initially, you need to check several parameters that can become source of failure:

  • check the version of iTunes. If necessary, update it from the official page to the latest version;
  • backup. All necessary information is transferred to a personal computer. This approach helps to maintain all the information when resetting the device settings to factory parameters.

How on iPhone you can turn off the headphones in the settings? If the gadget is controlled by the operating system from the 6th and above the version, then you need to go to the main menu and find the ICLOD label in it. The program has a translation of the functionality “Find a smartphone” in an inactive position.

Removing dirt from an audit

Famous Rules: the more pollution and extraneous particles have accumulated in the headphone nest, the higher the probability of a failure of the accessory. The device thinks that they are connected, and refuses to reproduce the signal through the speakers.

To verify suspicions, the following manipulations must be carried out:

  • To inspect the inside of the connector, you can use the flashlight. Additional lighting will give a good overview of the insides of the iPhone nest version 5, 6 S, SE or 7 Plus, will allow to evaluate the degree of its pollution.
  • Everything that looks inappropriate (extraneous pile, roluchery of dirt, etc.), you need to remove it without fail. Metal parts and smooth plastic are visible in a clean nest.
  • Safe manual methods of cleaning accumulated garbage include the use of compressed air. The product is sold in bottles and exhibited in most technology stores. When applying, you need to bring the straw to the connector and press the button several times.
  • The action will lead to the penetration of compressed air and the release of accumulated and stuck sorins.

Important! Do not use thin metal objects to clean the nest. Paper paper clip, instead of removing the species, can cause serious damage to the connector, damage the contacts of the mechanism. As a result, instead of improving the state of the smartphone, the owner will receive a broken device that needs a urgent repair from the service center experts.

Personing wireless headphones in Bluetooth to iPhone

Settlement of settings is used less often. It does not affect the set parameters and helps to solve the current problem. When performing an action, the removal is subject to changes made by the user in the settings: turning off the screen after a certain period of time, adjusting the automatic adjustment of brightness, the “Night mode” option, etc.

To carry out manipulation, the user must enter the main menu and move to the “Basic” subsection. From it go to the “reset of settings” and confirm the action in response to the request of the system. The second option is through “forget this device” and a new retrover.

How to turn off the headphones in the iPhone and turn on the sound

To carry out manipulation, it is necessary to check the functionality of the output audio signal. The latest versions of the iOS operating system allow you to control the devices responsible for the reproduction of the signal: speakers, headphones, etc. There is a chance that the problem is associated with these parameters.

Important! In some cases, the source of problems is a breakdown of additional accessories or smartphone details. Determining the causes and subsequent repairs should be carried out in the service center.

The following actions are carried out to check the problems:

  • Open the “control center” by shifting the screen from the upper part to the lower. In the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR, the functionality is located in the upper right corner, the movement begins from the specified point.
  • Further actions depend on the type of operating system used. On 10 versions, you need to lead from the right side to the left. The method helps to open the elements that control music. At 11 OS or more modern, they are localized in the upper part of the display, on the right side. When using 10 OS, the parameters of the audio are located below, at 11 you need to touch the “AirPlay” label, which looks like a triangle with three rings.
  • The system will display several types of connection on the display. Choose the one that will translate the signal from headphones to external speakers.

Important! If all the methods were useless, it will be better to seek professional help to the service center. Specialists will quickly diagnose and identify the source of failures.

Debugging of the “Headphones” regime helps to get rid of malfunctions in their work, makes the smartphone switch to external speakers in a timely manner. Cleaning and periodic reboot will reduce the frequency of sound system failures.

How to turn off the headphones on the iPhone: why does the iPhone think they are connected

Both the iPhone and in the iPad have two different volume modes called “headphones” and “call”. These modes work separately from each other, allowing the smartphone to automatically change the volume level when the user disconnects or connects headphones.

The volume level set in the “headphones” mode will turn on every time when this gadget is connected, while it will not affect the volume level in the call mode, allowing you to not change the sound level each time. When connecting to the iPhone headphones, the current mode is displayed on the screen in the form of a pop.up banner with the image of headphones.

In some cases, when you disconnect the headphones, the mode may not change automatically and the smartphone will remain in the “headphones” mode instead of going to the “call” mode. In this case, the device ceases to play the sound.

How to disable the “headphones” mode to iPhone?

In this situation, it is necessary to connect the headphones to the iPhone and listen to any sound in them, for example, the sound of the lock screen or clicks of the screen keyboard. The sound should be played only in headphones, but not from the speaker, otherwise the device is malfunctioning. After that, you need to disconnect the headphones and check the sound on the dynamics of the device using side buttons. The volume indicator in this case should be in the “call” mode.

If the IPhone still displays the “headphones” mode, do not rush to give the device to specialists from the service center-there are several ways to fix this problem yourself at home. Before trying the recommendations described below, you need to remove the cover and analyze the latest manipulations with the device.

How to disable headphones mode on the iPhone 6, 7, 8, X and iPad?

Your device is stuck in the “headphone mode” and reproduces it only after connecting the headphone? In this article, we have collected all ways to turn off the headphones mode on the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, SE, these methods are also suitable for iPad and iPod.

First, go to “Settings”, “Sounds”, and then “Rington”. Try to turn on different melodies of the call and see if your speakers work.

Make sure your battery is charged by more than 30%. Perhaps the problem is associated with insufficient power level.

Finally, close all your open applications, pressing the “home” twice and expand them to close each separately. Then restart the iPhone.

Try connecting a Bluetooth nasher

Try to connect the device to the dynamics via Bluetooth or to Bluetooth headphones, and then turn it off. See if the IPhone headphone mode will turn off when you turn off the headphones!

When connecting the iPhone to the Bluetooth device, you can get out of the “Nageliary mode” mode. To do this, first turn on the Bluetooth (“control center” or using settings).

After connecting to the Bluetooth dynamics, play the song. During playing the song, turn off the Bluetooth setting on the phone. This will fix the device error.

Check some settings

A parameter called “Call Audio Routing” determines where the sound is heard during telephone and audio calls Facetime.

So let’s check the settings. Go to the “Settings” “Basic” “accessibility” and scroll down the page to the section “Interaction”. Continue to scroll until you find a call. It should be on “automatically”. If not so, tap it and select “automatically” from the list.

If the “automatically” mode is already selected, try installing it on Speaker. Now test it by making a call or audio call on Facetime. If the speaker works, then return to the same setting and change it to “automatically”.

Switching this settings mode can help disconnect the headphones mode to iPhone and iPad.

Try to turn on the flight mode

Switch to “flight mode”. Go to the “settings” “flight mode” and turn it on. Wait for 15 minutes or more, and then turn it off and check if your speakers work.

Disconnect the headphones

If the iPhone in headphones without connected headphones, then there may be garbage in the port of the headset, dirt. To remove them, turn off, and then re-connect the headphones several times (at least 7-8 times). After that, reload your iPhone (by pressing and holding the “Home” and “Nutrition” buttons.) On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, x you can restart as follows.

Some users reported that they corrected this problem using a hairdryer. You can also use a toothpick or Q-TIP and clean the port to remove the remaining dirt. To use Q-Tip, make sure that you remove most of the cotton so that it tightly adjacent to the port, but does not get stuck in it. Using Q-TIP inside the nest, perform several revolutions to clean the port.

If you decide to use a hairdryer, make sure that it is in the “cold blowing” mode or at a minimum temperature.

Be sure to turn off the phone before taking any steps listed above.

Highlight the headphone jack

Before blowing air into the iPhone headphones, take a flashlight and see if there is anything inside. If you notice something, pull it out. Now gently and carefully blow the air directly into the headphone nest. This should remove any small particles.

Try the sprayer. It is usually used to clean computer keyboards and other electronics. Fortunately, a small plastic straw mount is ideal for headphone nest.

Check if your sound returned to work mode.

Several of our readers even used a small vacuum cleaner to clean the headphone jack (and it worked). Just be very careful.

Use dry wipes for cleaning

As already mentioned, this problem with the iPhone usually occurs when the headphone jack or a large cluster of garbage is damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly clean the headphone nest. Take cotton fabric and clean the hole several times. Make sure when cleaning the connector you will not apply water on it.

Some users believe that the toothbrush helps to clean the nest of headphones from dirt and dust. It is necessary to clean with a slight touch, you can add a little alcohol (you can’t add water and vodka). Make sure your phone is turned off before inserting any tool into a headphone nest.

Another way is to make your own brush for cleaning using a clip and a transparent tape. Bend the paper clip straight and wrap its tip with the sticky side of the tape out. Gently insert the sticky tip into the headphone nest, slightly pressing it on the side to choose dust and dirt. Do not forget to turn off the phone before starting to do it.

You can also turn a small piece of the tape inside out the sticky part outward. Gently insert the tape into the port of the headphone connector and squeeze it on the side. Leave long ends to make them easy to remove.

In addition, on the inside of the connector there is a small hole in which dirt and dust often stuck. Try to clean it with a pin with a small amount of alcohol. This should help remove the headphone mode on the iPhone and iPad.

User advice who have encountered a problem

The user reports that the problem is when the iPhone is stuck in headphones missing. After he finished backing icloud, and he found that the problem of stuck in the headphones on the iPhone and iPad disappeared. If you create a backup through iTunes, this can also work for this reserve copying method.

  • Call someone with the headphones on and click the speaker. As soon as you hang the phone, turn on the iPhone on Silent, then turn off.
  • For the iPhone 7 and other models without headphone connectors, try connecting the charger back to your iPhone, and then turn it off. Repeat if necessary.
  • Use air by spraying it into a headphone nest or a port, at the same time pressing both volume controls.
  • Simple solution. enable the sound shutdown button and press the volume control buttons. Do not forget to turn off the Sound shutdown button.
  • Open the Apple Voice Memos application and write down a new voice. It can also solve the problem.
  • Try Facetime call. Be patient, because you will not hear the sound for 10-30 seconds, but stay on the call. The speaker will then turn on, and the phone will come out of the “Naist’s Mode”.
  • The only thing that worked for me is to accept a call with connected headphones, and then disconnect and connect the headphones several times, and then hang the phone.

Visit the nearest service

If you still have this problem, it’s time to contact those. service. Perhaps you will need to replace the headphone connector.

You can try to repair the smartphone yourself. It all depends on the phone model.

Write a comment what method helped you turn off the headphone mode on the iPhone!

Airpods headphones are not connected to iPhone, iPad or Mac

You can advise you to take a few simple steps that will help your AirPods work correctly most of the time.

  • Make sure your Airpods are charged. To do this, place the headphones in the cover and connect it to the power source via USB for 1-2 hours.
  • On the iPhone or iPad, which you need to connect, check whether Bluetooth is turned on. To do this, open the “control point”, running a finger down from the right upper corner of the screen or from the bottom up on the old iPhone. There is a Bluetooth icon, which should be blue in case of activity. This can also be checked using the Bluetooth menu of the “Settings” application to which you are trying to connect. Most often, the problems like this are solved by rebooting the device.

If none of the above tips helped, try to reset AirPods settings and re.connect them to your iPhone or iPad.

Disconnect Airpods from iPhone or iPad. To do this, start the Settings application on your mobile device and select Bluetooth section. To the right of the AirPods line click the “I” button, and then. “Forget this device”.

Place AirPods in the cover, close the lid and wait at least half a minute. Now the lid can be opened.

Press and hold the settings on the back of the case until the status indicator blinks several times with yellow color, and then constantly starts to burn with white.

Connect your AirPods re.using a standard procedure for their wireless connection to various devices.

What is the “headphones” mode in the iPhone and why it is needed

The “headphones” mode is one of the volume modes for iPhone and iPad. The second mode. “call”. works separately from the first, which retains different volume when talking on the phone and while listening to music.

That is, the “headphones” mode prevents situations when the user listens to the music at full volume and, taking the call, experiences discomfort due to the need to regulate it.

Why iphone may think that the headphones are connected

The volume system recognition system has disadvantages. OP is not perfect, so users are faced with the problem of automatic shift. This is manifested as follows:

  • The user turns off the headphones from the smartphone.
  • The device does not go into the “call” mode and remains in the previous.
  • Due to the lack of headphones there is no sound on the phone.

This phenomenon is due to external factors: the ingress of particles of dust, pieces of dirt or drops of water into the connectors, excessive humidity. The main factor is mechanical damage.

In this situation, the user has a need to switch the regime on your own.

What to do if the iPhone is “stuck” in headphones mode

After the recent use of the headset, the smartphone stopped playing the sound through the speaker. At the same time, disconnected headphones are still displayed at the control point. What to do?

When using a wired or wireless headset with an iPhone, the so.called filing of a smartphone in headphones mode sometimes occurs. So, after disconnecting the headphones, the gadget does not turn on the main speaker and does not reproduce sounds, and the connected headset continues to be displayed in the status line or parameters of Bluetooth.

What to do if the iPhone does not turn off the headset mode

Reload the iPhone. Sometimes a similar problem is solved by turning off and repeated turning on the smartphone. Here are the instructions for the reboot of all models of Apple smartphones.

Connect and turn off the wired headset. If the problem arises when using wired lIGHTNINGARTIONS or headphones via Lightning-adapter, try to re-turn on and disable such an accessory.

Perhaps the matter of closed contacts and the reconnecting will help solve the problem.

Turn on the air mode for 15 seconds. This will help disconnect from all wireless headphones and restore the work of the smartphone in normal mode.

Disconnect Bluetooth in iOS settings. The switch at the control point does not turn off the wireless module completely, and the airflame settings can leave Bluetooth on. Try to completely turn off the module in the smartphone settings for 15 seconds.

Check the working capacity of the conversational dynamics. Make a call of any subscriber by phone or Facetime and forcibly turn on the spoken speaker. This can help the smartphone get out of the headset mode.

Reset the network settings. Together with the network parameters, Bluetooth settings will be reset, which could cause the problem.

For reset, go to the settings. the main. transfer or discharge of the iPhone. reset and select the item reset the network settings.

Restore the firmware on the smartphone. The last way to solve the problem independently is to reset and restore the firmware.

If none of the above helped you, you will have to contact the authorized service center.