How to Disable Wifi on Android

How to Disable Wifi on Android

You can connect WiFi to Android very quickly and this article will describe the whole process step by step with illustrations. The setting is the same regardless of the type of device. smartphone or tablet. However, depending on the version of Android, the screenshots may differ slightly from those shown in this article. Nevertheless, the general principle remains.

WiFi setup on your Android tablet or smartphone

It all starts with the opening of the Android settings window. Depending on the version of Android, this can be done in different ways. through the tray (near the clock), through a special quick launch panel on the desktop, or through a list of all installed programs.

In the settings window, you need to find the section “Wireless networks”. It is in this section that all the necessary settings are collected.

If you use two types of Internet connection on your tablet (or smartphone). both over the cellular network and over WiFi. then, before connecting to WiFi, you need to disconnect the connection via the cellular network. This is the settings section:

Note. You can skip this step, but it’s better to complete it.

After that, you can turn on WiFi:

In the list of access points you need to select the one to which you want to connect. A window will open in which you need to enter a password for this access point and then click “To plug”:

Note. If you put a bird on the options “Show password”then you can see the password text.

After a while, your device will connect to the access point:

If you touch this connection, information about it will be displayed:

As you can see, connecting Android to WiFi is very simple.

WiFi Security

Since when using WiFi all information is transmitted over the radio wave, this makes WiFi networks much more vulnerable than wired networks. The fact is that the radio signals sent by the access point (WiFi router) and devices that are connected to the access point are available for interception by any similar device that is in radius “audibility” from the access point or from the client of this access point. That is, the interception of network traffic becomes very simple, affordable and invisible. And intercepting network traffic allows you to collect the information necessary to attack a WiFi network. As more WiFi access points become more and more “to hack” WiFi network.

The most common motivation for hacking WiFi access points is connecting to the Internet via WiFi for free. A fairly common picture today. You have a WiFi router installed in your apartment and not only your devices are connected to it, but also the computer of one of your neighbors. You pay for the Internet, and your technically competent neighbor gets the Internet for free.

But “theft” The Internet is not the only reason why “hack” WiFi networks. The fact is that if an attacker gains access to your access point, he can gain access to all devices that are connected to your WiFi router through it. And this gives him the opportunity to steal your personal data. For example passwords to mail, to Internet banks, your documents. in a word to everything that you own.

Therefore, use WiFi with caution. Here are a few rules to follow.

Do not connect to open public WiFi networks through a laptop on which you store valuable information. And if you need access to the Internet through open WiFi networks, then use a firewall and antivirus on your laptop. Even better if you install two operating systems on a laptop. One main, in which all your valuable information will be stored. And the other is empty, just to access the Internet through open WiFi networks.

If you use a WiFi router at home or in the office, you need to correctly configure the WiFi router:

  • Use WPA2 security type.
  • Password for protection should be long. better if more than 8 characters, and should consist of an arbitrary set of characters. Password ira121183 very bad. it will be hacked in a few minutes. Password [SDFmKsue @ laidy good. it’s almost impossible to crack it.
  • If your WiFi router has a WPS function, you need to disable it.
  • If your WiFi router supports the administration function via the web interface, you need to disable access to this interface via WiFi. The web interface of the WiFi router should be accessible only through a network cable.
  • Turn off your WiFi router while you’re not using the Internet. at night or when leaving home or office. If the access point works around the clock this makes it easier for the cracker. he has a lot of time to carry out attacks on your access point.