How to disable WhatsApp autonave on iPhone. Manually

What to do when WhatsApp in the iPhone takes more places than necessary

Not to mention the fact that only photos and pictures from WhatsApp instantly turn into a real nightmare, you just have to get into the IPhone photo film (and from there-by chance, to the eyes of someone from their relatives or acquaintances who are not supposed to see them at all ).

One way or another, but WhatsApp is arranged so that all the pictures and videos contained in incoming messages are downloaded by automatic. And then they remain in the iPhone memory, rapidly turning into gigabytes of unnecessary trash, if they ignore them for a long time.

And in this regard, we will tell you briefly about how to prevent this problem, and what to do when whatsApp in the iPhone places are clearly more than necessary.

#1. clean all WhatsApp in iPhone!

Yes, we start with a total cleaning of all unnecessary. After all, even one more or less active and prolonged chate necessarily contains a lot of everything that no one needs for a long time, but still carefully stored in your iPhone.

That is why the WhatsApp itself provides (and constantly finalized) special functions for monitoring data in memory. True, any such cleaning requires time and attention, but, unfortunately, without it in no way.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings” (3 points. on top of the top);
  • On the settings screen, we slip “data and storage” and then “storage management”;
  • Carefully monitor the list of chats and especially the dials indicating how much space everyone takes up;
  • To see all messages, pictures, gifs, videos, audio files, documents and other data for each addressee or group, we simply slip through the corresponding nickname (name) or name (group);
  • Now click “Free the place” and delete those files (they are grouped by categories), which are definitely superfluous.

The way, as we see, is very simple and extremely effective. But it is suitable only for those cases when you can delete/you need to remove all the garbage in bulk from the correspondence.

But if something still needs to be left from the entire pile of files (some pictures, for example, or a document), then we download the latest version of WhatsApp. With the November update in the application, an advanced storage management function has appeared.

Now WhatsApp itself selects pictures and videos that were received more than once, as well as the most voluminous files (“weighing” more than 5 MB) in the storage. All of them can be opened with a separate list and then removed with a skip (highlighted alternately and then remove or select everything at once and thrown into the basket).

Media auto.loading in WhatsApp. what does it mean?

Greetings friends!

Media Automation in WhatsApp. The option allows you to activate automatic preservation in the memory of the phone sent by the interlocutor of media files (audio, photo, video, documents).

Official description of the function from the company:

In simple words: your interlocutor in WhatsApp can send photos, videos, audio. When you want to see this data. first you will need to load on your phone. This can take time and depends on the speed of your Internet. However, with an active option, the media auto.loading in WhatsApp. media data will be loaded automatically after the message is received. This is convenient provided that you have unlimited or cheap Internet.

In addition to dialogs, this applies to groups. for example, all the pictures from there will be automatically loaded into the gallery. If groups. a lot can take a decent a lot of space.

Media Automation in WhatsApp. disconnect

Consider the method as this option disconnect.

Open the WhatsApp messenger, click on the button of three points in the upper right corner of the screen:

Now you will see the Section Automobile Media Automobile, which set up the option with different Internet connections:

  • Mobile network. that is, just mobile Internet, often it is an expensive pleasure.
  • Wi-Fi is a wireless network, for example, in a cafe or office, often it is free and unlimited.
  • In roaming. when the Internet is abroad, and this is often a very expensive pleasure.

Accordingly, if you do not want all the media data that the interlocutor sends you-immediately loaded to the phone, then we remove the checkmarks in each type of Internet connection. For example, they removed the jackdaws in the connection of a mobile network:

Turn on or not. decide. See for yourself, just remember that multimedia. this takes place, and also spends the Internet (traffic). Having analyzed these two moments. you can correctly configure. Also, if you want the media data still downloaded, but so that they are not displayed into the Gallery program. Okay, you need to open chats in the settings:

Stop auto download of images in whatsapp messages

I hope this information was useful. Good luck and good, until new meetings are friends!

How to configure automatic media loading: Wi-Fi or Mobile Communications

Open WhatsApp.

Go to the “Settings” section.

Expand the “Data and Storage” menu.

Pay attention to the section of the menu “Automobile Media”.

Setting up the use of mobile networks and Wi-Fi in this case also differs depending on which operating system is your mobile device: iOS or Android. In the first case, you need to select the type of content and set permits. In the second. determine the network and note the type of content that can be loaded through it.

How to manually clean the WhatsApp cache

Open WhatsApp.

Go to the “Settings” section.

Expand the “Data and Storage” menu.

Pay attention to the point “Storage Management”.

Modern messengers are almost the main source of uselessly busy memory in the repository of each mobile device. Using the above menu of the WhatsApp application, you can evaluate the “scale of the tragedy” and conduct the necessary cleaning.

⚠️ If the instruction has stopped working or you have problems at some step-please inform about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will definitely study the problem and update the article.

How to make WhatsApp automatically does not upload photos and videos

In fact, everything is quite simple and completely “losing” files you will not have to. But now only you will decide what kind of content you should load on your device, and which is not. To get started, run WhatsApp and click on the icon made in the form of three points. It is located in the upper right corner. These are the main settings of the application. Then choose “settings”. “use of data and storage”.

In the “Automatic loading multimedia” section, you should see three options for loading content: when using data of a cellular network, when connecting via Wi-Fi and when you are roaming. Remove the flag from each of these points (or leave the ones you need) and then click OK.

Now in order to load any element, you will need to click on it in the dialogue itself. Otherwise, he will not take an extra place on your gadget. But that’s not all. We “weaned” WhatsApp automatically save messages. But before that, he had already probably managed to score our memory with a mass of not the most useful information. However, personally to remember what and where did you load and clean the smartphone manually will not have to. By the way, if you know any life hacks that facilitate the use of WhatsApp and not only, then feel free to share them with other users in our chat in telegram.

Deleting unnecessary data is easy

How to delete data loaded via WhatsApp

Managing a repository in a popular messenger is also quite simple. Enter the common settings already familiar to us, clicking on three points in the corner of the screen. Next, choose “settings”. “use of data and storage”. “use of a storage”. There will be a list of contacts with which you correspond to you. Click on each of them to see how much memory your chat with this person or group of persons occupies, as well as dividing into categories of data. video, photos, documents, and so on.

To quickly clean the smartphone of garbage, press the “control” item at the bottom of the screen and before each category you will see a checkmark. If you want to delete all files and messages at once, leave all the checkmarks in your place. If suddenly it is important for you to save something from this, for example, you want to delete only photos and videos by leaving correspondence, just highlight the appropriate points. Now click “Clean” and enjoy the work of a smartphone, which has much more free useful space.

How to hide a photo from WhatsApp

If you want to hide all the photos received from WhatsApp, but do not want to delete them, there is one cunning way for you:

You can hide all the saved photos from WhatsApp

The technique of hiding files is suitable in case you do not want to delete them, but you need to go off from a person who also has access to the contents of your smartphone. It can be children, parents or your spouses, who, for all reasons, should not see what you and your interlocutors in WhatsApp have seen.

After you need to view all the copies from WhatsApp yourself that you have hidden, you will need to return to the file manager, follow the same path, and then delete the file.nomedia. In this case, all the photos and videos that were hidden will begin to display again and you can watch them.

Smartphones have become very expensive, including Android devices, which are expensive every year, and are sold for nothing. All the more offensive to lose the smartphone along with all data, not only without the possibility of recovery, but also without ways to block a smartphone. Fortunately, manufacturers of software make programs that allow you to find a lost phone and erase the data. Often they require a Root access to the system so that they are not removed when detected, but such utilities do not require Samsung: the company’s smartphones have Find My Mobile. We tell you how to find a phone using this application.

Modern smartphones store a huge amount of confidential information about the owner, and therefore manufacturers of mobile equipment offer several ways to block the screen so that none of the outsiders can access your data. Among the protection methods, the print scanner is most popular. It is considered as convenient and safe as possible, as it allows the owner to unlock the smartphone, simply putting his finger to a special sensor. However, the technology of the scanner of the fingerprint has a number of disadvantages that make it perhaps the worst option to protect the smartphone.

On new smartphones, a large number of applications often come across that you obviously do not expect to see there: social networks, browsers, applications from the manufacturer and many other things. These applications are already loaded. Ideally, you have to log in and start using them. But in fact, it happens that 70-80% of the programs are removed from the smartphone! But, by the way, for all these pre.installed applications, the developers paid a lot of money to manufacturers with a smartphone. We tell you why they are needed, in which phones they are installed and why there are more and more applications.

Why photos from Watsap are not stored in the gallery of a smartphone automatically

The main reason due to which the media from WhatsApp is not preserved on your device is changes in the application settings. The latter could be introduced by accident or due to a malfunction in the work of a messenger, which can happen for no apparent reason.

The function of the media content from WhatsApp to the smartphone gallery is provided by default. However, there are frequent situations when, due to some circumstances, it is deactivated

Meanwhile, in the WhatsApp settings, you can put the cancellation of downloading not only videos, images and files, but also configure it exclusively when connecting Wi-Fi. In addition, the application has several options on how to save the image in the gallery: manually and automatically.

How to set up auto.saving media from a messenger in memory of the phone after updating

For users of Android and iOS systems there are some differences for connecting this possibility. However, all WhatsApp users can choose a separate dialogue from which they want to download media and even the necessary group of files (documents, video, audio).

Instructions for Samsung and other Android devices

Usually, when connecting to Watsap from a mobile phone running Android OS, auto conservation of media files is carried out by default. However, there are exceptions.

And in this case, in order to turn on the automatic download of files, you need:

How to Stop Saving WhatsApp Media to iPhone

If after these manipulations it is not possible to get the desired result, then check if the visibility of the media in the dialogue is included.

If not, then you need to go into the settings again and in the “Chats” section activate this element.

Those who receive a lot of files are better to turn off automatic download, since the memory is quickly filled out and in the end you will have to delete this media content manually.

Recommendations for iPhone

As for the iPhone, the photo of “apple” devices with WhatsApp also enters the gallery of the on.load settings included. These functions can be adjusted independently.

  • Go to the application and click on the threefold from above.
  • In the “Chats” subsection, open the “photophone” and turn on “Save”.
  • After that, it will be possible to download all the media files into the device memory.

In order to download photos from a particular chat, you need to open it, press and hold the nickname of the user and go to the category of “data”, where in the “Photolicater” section you will need to choose the default option.

How to disable the automatic download of WhatsApp photos, videos, audio recordings and documents on iPhone

Update WhatsApp on your iPhone.

openly WhatsApp → click on settings → Click on the use of data and storage.

Under Media Auto, there are four options: photos, audio, video and documents.

Click on each option one by one and choose never or wi-fi.

Disconnect the auto.loading in WhatsApp

If you turn it off, you will need to click on the download icon for all images, video and audio messages. With Wi-Fi If this option is selected, multimedia will only be loaded if your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network. The last option (Wi-Fi and cellular communication) mainly includes automatic loading for all media.

It’s good that whatsApp does not provide a single parameter that applies to all. I believe that basically I need to prevent automatic download of video and audio (because this is precisely what is used in most cases).

Note however, these voice messages are loaded automatically by default, and you cannot stop them (if you do not prohibit the loading manually while it occurs).

Feel free to share your views in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. You can contact us on as well as Instagram, in addition, make sure that you download our application on your iPhone and iPad.

Where the photos from Vatsap are preserved by default

When the user is sent for the first time, the folder is automatically created in the gallery. Media can also be found by introducing in the file manager to the active line link/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images.

Most of these images do not need the user, so it is more advisable to turn off this function, preserving what you need, manually. You can also create your own folder with the corresponding name in the gallery and copy the necessary photos there, deleting everything else together with the folder automatically created by the automatically created.

disable, whatsapp, iphone, manually

If most of the coming media files are needed, but the phone is not enough on the phone, you can disable auto-safety and connect the backup of data to the Google cloud storage. Thanks to this, at any time you can restore remote photos in WhatsApp.

Media files can be stored in the cloud service of Google.

  • go to the settings;
  • Choose first section “Chat settings”, and then “Reserve Copy of Chats”;
  • determine the frequency of the creation of backup copies;
  • select the Google account for which data will be saved;
  • Select the item “Use” and wait for the conservation on the disk.

Disconnect auto.saving photos in WhatsApp

This process is so simple that anyone who has mastered the basics of using the WhatsApp program will deal with it. You can turn off the option both in the application itself and using an additional utility. file.nomedia.

Consider both options for solving the problem in more detail.

Through the functionality of the program

The easiest way to turn off the function is through the application settings.

  • open “WhatsApp“;
  • go to the “settings”;
  • select the “Data” section and then “Mobile Network”;
  • remove the checkmarks, thereby forbidding the application to download the media files on a mobile network;
  • Press the arrow “Back”, and then choose Wi-Fi;
  • repeat the manipulations, this time forbidden the messenger copy data on a high.speed network;
  • Confirm the changes made by the OK button.

If it is an iPhone on the iOS operating system, the first actions will be the same, only in the settings you need to shift the “Save Including Files” runners so that it is in an inactive position.

Using the NomeDia file

This option takes more time, since the user will need to install another application. You will need a file system called ES a conductor that can be downloaded in Play Market. It can already be installed automatically, so in the market you will only need to click “open”.

To create a ban on saving a photo, you need to create a new empty file and name it.nomedia.

Then the following actions should be performed:

  • Find and select the WhatsApp folder;
  • First go to Media, and then in WhatsApp Images;
  • On the application panel at the top, press the functional button at the top, select the “Create” item, and then the “file”;
  • Name the file.nomedia and confirm the action to complete the operation by the OK button.

How to temporarily disable WhatsApp

Disconnect the Internet

You can turn off the WhatsApp for a while by simply turning off the transmission of the Internet to the application. Without it, WhatsApp will not start. To do this on the iPhone, you need:

disable, whatsapp, iphone, manually
  • Go to the settings.
  • Open the section “Database”.
  • Select “Network Connections”.
  • Prohibit the transmission of information through Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

In addition, a complete shutdown of information transmission through Wi-Fi and cellular networks is possible using a special “in aircraft” mode, provided for in modern devices. The transfer of the phone into this mode will completely block all the notifications.

Exit from the account

After downloading and installing the program, you need to go through the activation procedure. In this case, a profile is created, which is tied to the mobile gadget number. WhatsApp has the possibility of getting out of it. This can be done as follows:

Disable notifications and the status of “online”

Often acquaintances in WhatsApp, seeing that a person appears in the program, begin to write to him right away. To stop this flow of messages, you can change the status to “offline”. In this case, the participants of the chats will decide that there is no person on the network, and they will not send him messages or naming him. Instructions for iOS and Android in this case are the same:

You can also go into a quiet mode by holding the volume button, or translate the phone into the vibration ground mode through the menu.

Turning off on the computer

You can turn off the warning from WhatsApp Web for all web browsers forever or for some period of time:

  • In order to turn off the notifications forever, run the VOTSAP web version, go to the “Settings” section, click on “Notifications”, turn off “Sounds and warnings on the desktop”.
  • To turn off the notifications for the time, go to the “Notifications” item, click “Disable warnings and sounds”. After that, select the deadline for which all the notifications must be blocked.

Disconnecting notifications from WhatsApp on a computer.

When you need to resume notifications, you need to click on the icon with the image of a crossed bell, which is located to the left of the New Chat quadrangle.

disable, whatsapp, iphone, manually

Turn off the application

The possibilities of modern gadgets based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone allow you to stop the work of any programs on the phone without the need to completely remove them. To do this, go to the parameters of the apparatus, find the section “Applications”. Next, select WhatsApp in the list of installed software and click the “Stop” button.

Through applications

There is an opportunity to turn off VotSAP using applications. For the Android operating system, the Hide Status utility is suitable. With its help, it is easy to change the status of an account in “Votsap” to “offline”. It will remain like this, even if the gadget is connected to the Internet.

Removing the program if nothing helped

This option implies a complete removal of the application. Program deallation. extreme method. If you want to continue to use the application, this is not worth doing. You can reinstall “WhatsApp” later, but the 100%guarantees that messages and other information will not be lost, no.

  • Keep the whole history of chats. In the settings, select “Chat Settings”, go to “backup chat backup”, click the “Make Copy” button.
  • Go to the main screen of the phone.
  • Press and hold the “home” button.
  • Wait until the icon does not appear on the icons.
  • Click on a cross near “Vottsap”.
  • Confirm deletion.

Removing the application on Android is done as follows:

  • Copy chats (done in the same way as on iOS).
  • In the settings of the gadget, click on the “Appendix” item, find the messenger.
  • Press and hold the icon with the program until the context menu appears.
  • Select the icon with the basket in the menu or drag the application of the application to the upper part of the screen to the inscription “Deleting”.
  • Confirm deletion.

The saved settings will be needed later, if you decide to install the application again.