How To Disable Volte On Samsung

How to turn off mobile Internet on Samsung

Question: How to turn off the Internet on a Samsung Galaxy phone so that money is not withdrawn when I do not use the Internet.

Answer: If you have not connected unlimited Internet on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then a lot of money can be withdrawn from your account, since different programs on Android smartphones can go to the Internet without demand, or the installed applications on your phone can independently update without your knowledge. If you do not use the Internet on your smartphone, then it is better to turn off the Internet, otherwise all these actions can easily completely reset your account in a couple of hours and, even worse, make a debt on your account. To turn off the Internet on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you need to open Settings further Wireless networks next Mobile networks and opposite the Packet data item, simply uncheck the box. Now your Samsung Galaxy will no longer go online and waste money from your account. If you want to reconnect the Internet on your phone, put the check mark back. I do not recommend using the Internet on Android smartphones if the unlimited Internet service is not connected, since Android applications use a huge amount of Internet traffic and can finish the money on your account in a couple of minutes.

Quickly turn off unnecessary notifications on the Galaxy S3 and other Samsung smartphones: detailed step-by-step photo instructions will help you figure out the issue

Samsung phone users often need to edit their contact lists so that they only receive messages and calls from specific people. Excessive notifications should not interfere with the work process and personal time. Let’s figure out the whitelisting system so that certain contacts can call you, even when the phone is in quiet mode.

1. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other smartphone from Samsung.

For Android users

Improving the quality of communication worries many people for this, cellular operators are actively supporting technology that allows you to increase the capacity of networks. To start using the function, do the following:

  • Click on the settings icon;
  • Go to the Connections block;
  • Click on Mobile networks;
  • Move the icon with the option name to the Enabled position (will light up blue).

Consider how to disable VoLTE on Xiaomi and other smartphones based on this operating system:

  • Click on the Settings icon;
  • Select the Connections section;
  • Click on Mobile networks;
  • Set the VoLTE icon on the screen of Huawei or other smartphone to Off.

Let’s talk about what to do if the VoLTE icon appears, how to turn it off on apple technology.

Volte how to disable on Samsung

In this review, we will talk about VoLTE technology and how to disable this option on different mobile phones. Consider the common Android and iPhone operating systems and provide step-by-step instructions for users to help stop using the function.

For iPhone owners

Iphone smartphone users can also use the technology (with iOS 10.3 or higher). Let’s figure out what it means to enable VoLTE on such smartphones:

  • Open the settings section;
  • Select the Cellular block;
  • Click on the line Data options;
  • Select Enable LTE;
  • Click on the Voice Data icon.

If you are tired of the option and you do not need to improve communication, here’s how to remove the VoLTE function:

  • Open Settings;
  • Select the menu item Cellular;
  • Click on the Data Parameters line;
  • Click on Enable LTE;
  • Select Data or Off

Done! Now you know how to disable VoLTE on an iPhone phone.

We’ve covered everything you need to know about how to enable VoLTE and stop using the option if necessary. Explore our review and adjust the communication settings yourself.

Volte or Voice over LTE is a voice technology that enables the provision of voice services and delivery as a data stream over LTE. At the same time VoLTE has three times more voice and data capacity than 3G UMTS networks. Many cellular operators support this technology, so when using an LTE-enabled smartphone, you can see the corresponding icon in the status bar.

An example of such an icon based on a Samsung smartphone:

For some reason, some users do not want to use this technology. Why a mystery, but they want to turn it off. Well, let’s show you how to do it. We will use the same Samsung as a smartphone, although this instruction is also suitable for smartphones from other companies, including Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

Go to settings.

Next section Connections.

Tap on the line Mobile networks.

Volte Calls switch is on.

Turn it off.

Look at the status bar, the VoLTE icon is gone.

Notice the VoLTE badge on your smartphone? Congratulations, the Voice over LTE technology has been launched, which allows you to transfer voice calls over LTE. One of the advantages of this technology is almost instant communication with the device of the desired subscriber. However, some users wish to disable VoLTE. How can I do that?

Select Mobile Network.

Move the VoLTE Calls switch to Off.

And now we look at the top of the screen there was a VoLTE icon.

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This indicates that you have successfully disabled the feature.

Volte advantages

  • First and foremost, now there is no need to waste time to make a call. Didn’t understand anything? Let’s explain: before, in order to make a call, the system automatically switched the device from 4G mode to 3G mode, which could take about 2 seconds. Now you do not need to switch anything, the device makes a call immediately.
  • The second advantage, and no less important, the quality of the transmitted sound has improved, in some cases at times.
  • Third: when making a call, you can transfer data in the 4G network. Previously, this was impossible, because, as mentioned above, the device switched to 3G mode.
  • The fourth advantage will not be noticed by the majority of users: the number of subscribers that can maintain simultaneous communication with one base station increases.

Disadvantages of VoLTE

  • There may be such a problem: when leaving the city where there are no LTE towers, the connection may be lost. You need to switch to 3G mode yourself.
  • The second is a higher load on the device itself, that is, it can discharge faster. True, the load is small, so there is no need to worry about the fact that the smartphone suddenly starts to discharge quickly.

Volte: what is it in a phone or smartphone?

In May 2014, Singapore-based SingTel introduced the world’s first commercial VoLTE service operating in Singapore. Interestingly, initially it worked with only one Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In the future, the technology was developed and in other countries Russia was no exception.

Users often ask the question what is this very VoLTE? The term VoLTE itself was formed from several words: Voice over LTE, which can be translated as voice over LTE. Yes, it is indeed a voice transmission technology, which in turn is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technology.

What does VoLTE give? This technology allows you to provide voice services and deliver them as a data stream over LTE, has several times greater data capacity and voice capacity than 3G networks, and even more so 2G. Volte also frees up bandwidth.

But all this is lyrics. It is much more important for the user to know what the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. We will tell about them.


On smartphones, VoLTE is turned on by default, while a corresponding icon appears in the status bar, which may have the name VoLTE or, for example, HD, as in our example:

You can disable this function at any time, or, conversely, enable it. We do not see the point of disconnecting, but if you want to do this, then here’s a simple instruction for you.

Open the Settings app from the desktop icon.

Click on the button.

Select Mobile Network.

If you have a different layout of subsections in the Settings section, it does not matter, use the search by phrases mobile network or mobile networks (without quotes).

Find the line VoLTE calls and enable or disable the specified functionality.

It’s not that hard, is it?

How to disable volte or lte on a samsung phone

Before turning off volte on samsung j7, s8, j5, a5, a3 or Ite on a50, a51, you should understand that this is a new technology and much better than the old.

True, there are nuances, it may not be supported in your region, then so that the icon does not take up space in the notification bar, you can disable Vo LTE.

It’s just a fancy way to use a portion of the LTE data spectrum for voice calls, which should result in a more consistent signal and clearer calls.

Typically, most modern phones have this option enabled by default, although there may be reasons why the OEM or carrier did not enable it from the start (due to internal phone or telecommunications network functionality).

The good news is that volte is easy to turn off / on, and you can enjoy clearer calls and better signals afterwards.

How to disable VoLTE on your Samsung Galaxy phone

To do this, open the Settings app from the home screen or in the app drawer, or slide down the top of the screen.

There, at the very top, you will see the Connections section. We are interested in the item Mobile networks. Click on it. Now just move the slider opposite this parameter to the left.

From now on, your phone calls will stop being processed through LTE data.

If, where you are, this technology is supported, then you should not disable it. So it is supported by a megaphone and mts.

How to disable LTE on Samsung

LTE is a purely purely internet technology, in another way 4g. To turn it off, click in the same section where volte is turned off, click on Network Mode and select 3G / 2G (auto).

If you have the latest Samsung Galaxy phone (anything from the past five-plus years), chances are that at least the hardware will support VoLTE calling.

This includes A series models starting with A3, J series starting at J1 and J Max, S series starting at S4, and Note series starting at Note 3.

Of course, just because your phone’s hardware will support this feature doesn’t mean that your carrier supports it, or that they’ll let you manually change settings.

Volte support varies by carrier and location, and the specific parameters required to enable it may vary slightly from carrier to carrier.

Some operators may not even give you the option to go to settings. For example, my Galaxy A51 icon did not appear and there is not even an option to select VoLTE, while other phones did it without problems.

If you have any questions about VoLTE compatibility with your Samsung Galaxy phone, please contact your carrier for more information. Success.

How to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV

Today we will talk about how to turn off the voice guidance on your Samsung TV. Electronics manufacturers are trying to make home appliances convenient and enjoyable to use. But sometimes it turns out exactly the opposite. Some built-in functions are not only obstructive, unnecessary, but also annoying.

  1. Way to Turn off Parameter Reading Voice on Samsung TV
  2. Disabling voice guidance through settings on Samsung
  3. What to do if there is no sound on your Samsung TV
  4. Is it possible to reset the settings to factory settings on Samsung TV
  5. Contacting Samsung Technical Support
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Way to Turn off Parameter Reading Voice on Samsung TV

Those who have purchased a plasma panel from Samsung often ask on the forums how to turn off the monotonous voice of a woman. She constantly comments on all our actions: switching the channel, increasing the volume, turning on the timer and so on. This voice gets boring very quickly.

over, there is no need for scoring. There are two ways to remove the voice acting on your TV.

Let’s consider a quick way:

  1. Take the Samsung remote control in hand;
  2. Press and hold the volume button;

Press the volume control button and hold it Select the Voice instructions item in the menu;

Voice guidance on Samsung TV

  • Deactivate this option.

After that click on the Close button. If the checkbox is on the other items Description, Uncheck them as well. The remote control buttons and their function may vary depending on Samsung TV models. For example, when you hold down the volume button for a long time, nothing happens. In this case, consider the instruction to turn off voice guidance through the settings.

Is it possible to reset the settings to factory settings on Samsung TV

On many TV models, factory reset is performed in the same way as turning off voice prompts. For this you need a remote control.

We take it in hand and carry out the following recommendations:

  1. Press in turn the buttons: INFO, MENU, MUTE, POWER. Last power on / off button;
  2. A small menu will appear on the screen on the left where you need to select the Option item;
  3. In the next window on Samsung, select Factory Reset

Press several buttons on the remote in sequence

The TV turns off for a while. Then it will turn on again. Now you need to check if the sound has appeared. And also log into your Samsung account. A factory reset will erase all of your previously made settings and presets in the device. If you have downloaded applications to TV, they will also be removed. If these actions did not lead to the expected result, as well as deactivation of voice prompts, you should contact support. And ask for help.

Disabling voice guidance through settings on Samsung

Settings can be opened using the remote control and buttons on the TV case.

If you cannot turn off the prompts on the TV through the volume button on the remote:

  1. Press the menu button on the remote control;
  2. Then find and select General;

Select General Next select Accessibility;

TV special features

  • Click on Voice Settings;
  • Uncheck the box next to Voice guidance

In this window there are also settings for voice tone on Samsung and playback speed.

What to do if there is no sound on your Samsung TV

Users who have just started to get acquainted with Samsung TV may face various problems. If you’ve connected a device but there is no sound on it, try turning it off completely. Wait 5-10 minutes and then turn it back on. Often times, doing this will fix some TV sound problems and more.

If they started after you turned off the voice guidance on the TV, try performing a sound test:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote control on the TV panel;
  2. Select the Support button on the left;
How To Disable Volte On Samsung

Select the Support item Next select the Self-diagnosis item;

Select the Self-test item And click the Run test button

Click Run Test

A small sign will appear where there will be a request: Change loudspeaker. TV You need to confirm it and press Yes. Next, another window will appear, where the current volume level will be displayed. You need to make sure the volume matches the indicator level on Samsung.

Samsung TV Sound Test

If there is no sound, check again if you have connected the wires correctly. Users confuse the connectors (RCA), which we also often call bells or tulips. If everything is connected correctly, but there is no sound, contact Samsung support service. Or try a factory reset yourself.

Contacting Samsung Technical Support

The official Samsung product support page is here Here you can get advice or advice on how to use this or that device. Contact a consultant directly and ask a question that worries you.

Choose any method suitable for this:

Way of handling: Explanation:
Write to the VKontakte group.
Open online chat. Available on the support page on the website.
Write to email address. On this page.
Call toll-free in Russia. 8-800-555-55-55

Page with the types of communication with the technical support operator

Or open the support page and find the points of service centers on the online map in your city. On the site you can get an answer to any questions. Including, in what ways you can turn off annoying voice guidance on your Samsung TV for your model.


The newest devices from the Korean corporation automatically go into normal mode after reboot. Actually, you don’t even need to reboot the device, but just turn it off, and, after 10-15 seconds, turn it back on. If after rebooting the security mode remains, read on.

What is security mode and how to disable it on Samsung devices

The security mode exactly matches its counterpart on computers: with Safe Mode activated, only system applications and components are loaded. This option is designed to remove conflicting applications that interfere with the normal operation of the system. Actually, this mode is turned off like this.

Battery and SIM card disconnection

Sometimes, due to software problems, Safe Mode cannot be disabled by standard means. Experienced users have found a way to return the devices to full functionality, but it will only work on devices with a removable battery.

  1. Turn off your smartphone (tablet).
  2. Remove the cover and take out the battery and sim card. Leave the gadget alone for 2-5 minutes to drain the residual charge from the device components.
  3. Insert the SIM card and battery back, then turn on your device. Safe Mode should turn off.
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If the safe mod remains activated now, proceed further.

Did this article help you? Safe Mode manual shutdown

Some specific variants of Samsung phones and tablets need to manually disable Safe Mode. This is done like this.

  1. Turn off your gadget.
  2. Turn it on after a few seconds, and when Samsung appears, hold down the Volume Up button and hold it until the device turns on completely.
  • The phone (tablet) will boot as usual.

In the vast majority of cases, such manipulations are sufficient. If you still see Safe Mode, read on.

Disable security mode on Samsung

Disabling the Internet on push-button phones

Some people still have a clamshell phone that everyone has forgotten. To disable the network, open the Wireless networks option. In this column, you can delete all profiles, accounts and other data. Sequential switching on of the device occurs through the new settings. The mobile operator sends an SMS message. This process is carried out automatically. Therefore, if you need to permanently remove the Internet on the device, you will need to configure your phone.

Features of disconnecting mobile Internet on a Samsung phone

The shutdown process is carried out with a reboot of the smartphone. First, the owner of a Samsung phone must deactivate the data service. To solve the problem, the user must first disable all options. This process is done through settings.

First, access to the network is blocked. To do this, perform the following actions: open the menu column Protection, then redirect to the Access Blocking item. In the process of performing the actions, you can follow the instructions provided. After entering the password, access to the network is blocked.

If this is not possible, then you need to try to set the wrong connection settings. Where the parameters of access to the network are indicated, enter the wrong value for the access point. To do this, the user must select the Personal configuration option. In this column you will have to specify a new username and password.

Note! There is an easy way to disable Wi-Fi adapter on Android smartphones. Initially, the user must remove the automatic connection to any open access point. Since attackers can easily gain access to any mobile phone.

Disabling the Internet on Samsung phones: push-button and old models

Many are often interested in the question of how to turn off the Internet on Samsung. New cell phones released by Samsung offer interesting applications to users. However, programs can consume Internet traffic, as a result of which money will gradually disappear from the user’s account.

As a rule, this concerns background updates, as well as when exchanging information with the server. Another equally urgent problem is roaming. All resources connected to a cell phone are associated with high financial costs. Therefore, it is important to know how to turn off the Internet on your Samsung Duos phone in order to maintain normal traffic, as well as money.

Galaxy series

As usual, you can delete the Internet on your Samsung phone as follows. On devices with Android OS (for example, Samsung Galaxy), you should find in the Settings menu Wireless networks, there Mobile networks and then you will have to uncheck the box.

How to disable mobile Internet

To disable the Internet on Apple devices, open the Settings option. The Basic column will appear in front of the user, then you will have to select Network. After completing the steps, the system will ask you to open the following options: Enable 3G and Cellular data. Correctly fulfilling the above requirements, the iPhone will not get access to GPRS and 3G.

Note! On Android devices, the path may change, it all depends on the manufacturer.

It will roughly look like this: The section Configuring wireless networks, Mobile networks or Mobile Internet will allow you to configure access to the network via GPRS. First you have to uncheck the Include batch data option.

Why disable mobile internet

All mobile apps have internet access. Thanks to this feature, connecting to a wireless network is an expensive pleasure for every user. This applies to subscribers who do not use an unlimited Internet tariff.

If the mobile phone does not need to be used to connect to different network resources, then the function should be turned off as soon as possible. The best option for solving the problem is communication with a specialist of the mobile operator. By asking for help, you can instantly turn off the data transfer service so as not to lose your funds.

Important! In order to remove the function of access to the Internet, the owner of a Samsung cellular phone should contact the nearest branch and write a statement. Applying is a simple process that doesn’t take too long.

If unlimited Internet was not connected on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then the funds will still be withdrawn from the account. Some applications installed on all Android smartphones can access the Internet without demand. As a result, an update occurs. A certain amount of money is charged for this process.

In order to find out how to disable Samsung Internet on your phone, you need to go to the Settings section. A new column opens, in which the Wireless networks option is presented. Next, click on Mobile networks, where the Packet data option will appear. After the check mark is removed, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone will no longer spend money.

Sometimes internet is required again. Therefore, the user must go to the settings section, perform all the above actions. At the end, you need to point to the checkmark icon. If you have any questions, you can contact the support service of the mobile company.

Note! It is not recommended to use the Internet on Android smartphones, without connecting an unlimited Internet. Installed programs that are not needed can waste money without the user’s knowledge. Therefore, in order to stop the process of debiting money from the account, you need to purchase an unlimited package.