How to Disable Voice Input on Android

How to disable Google voice search on android is a question that arises for users of devices running on this OS. The option of finding the right information through the pronunciation of words is becoming popular. This saves time. No need to type text manually. Despite the many benefits provided, some users want to get rid of this feature. The article provides information on how to deactivate the option, what methods exist and what can be obtained as a result.

How to disable Google voice search on Android?

The option to perform this operation for almost all devices of this OS is considered similar. You will have to act through the standard settings. The presence of built-in functions and a special assistant is not considered mandatory.

To disconnect, the user will need to perform these simple actions:

  1. On the screen with applications, you need to click on the search engine shortcut.
  2. Through the main menu, in the lower part you need to find the line and go to Settings.
  3. The Voice Input button is pressed.
  4. The next page deactivates Okay Google.
  5. Simultaneously with pressing this function, it is required to clear the previously set settings.

How to Disable Voice Input on Android

After performing such manipulations, the user will not be faced with the need to deliberately disable voice input, but use the keyboard.

How to remove voice dialing?

It’s easy to carry out the “google google” operation on Android smartphones. On tablets and phones of this OS, the Google application is installed by default. It is required to open it further to solve the question of how to remove google voice input on android, follow the instructions:

  • You need to touch the icon with three lines that are in the upper corner of the left of the screen;
  • The button with the control settings is activated. If Assistant is installed on the device, you can access the parameters through it;
  • The Voice Recognition command is selected. Usually he comes second in the list;
  • It is required to press the switch that is next to the inscription, making it deactivated.

After the next update, this function may become active again. It cannot be turned off completely. This is a decision of developers who did not think up such an opportunity or purposefully resume its activity after updating the device’s OS.

There is no need to despair about this, the implementation of the above information will already drastically reduce the number of false positives. There are many reasons for disabling the application, but regardless of the reason, the user will be able to solve the problem in a few clicks in the settings.

To summarize

Android and OK Google applications are important for the user, as they allow you to implement all the built-in platform features. If you do not want to use the proposed options, they can be disabled without problems. This directly applies to voice dialing through an assistant on the phone. The main thing is to follow the instructions and recommendations presented in the article to help solve the problem.

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Set up voice typing on Android

Voice input of text on Android is convenient even with the usual typing of SMS, and if you need to type large amounts of text per day or solve business issues in parallel with other work responsibilities, this function will become simply irreplaceable.

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Turn on voice dialing in the settings

Android OS has a standard voice dictation function, which you can enable in the settings without downloading additional applications. The system will automatically add the microphone icon to the electronic keyboard, and you can use it when you need it.

How to enable voice dialing on Android:

  1. Through the main menu, go to “Settings”. There, select “Language and keyboard” (in some models, “Language and input”), and then “Android keyboard” (or “Keyboard and input methods”).
  2. In this submenu, find and press “Voice input”.
  3. The system will prompt you to choose where you would like to see the microphone key, which is responsible for speech recognition. You can place it on the main keyboard or in the character menu.

If you no longer need the included input, and you want to disable it, select the “Disable” button in the same menu or uncheck the corresponding item.

How to use voice input

How to enable this function, we have already figured out, now we need to understand how to use it. It will be available in almost all menus and applications in which you can use the electronic keyboard.

  1. To start dictating text, click on the text screen or on the part of the text that has already been entered. The standard electronic keyboard is displayed.
  2. Click on the microphone icon on the main screen, or go to the character layout if you transferred the microphone key there during setup.
  3. The screen will display a menu for recording your voice and the inscription: “Speak.” Dictate the desired text into the microphone of the smartphone, and it automatically converts the voice to text.

Punctuation must be pronounced with the words: “Question mark”, “Comma”, “Point”. Try to speak more clearly, otherwise the program may misunderstand your words, respectively, convert them to similar in sound.

What settings are available for voice recognition by Android

You can configure the work of standard voice input on Android in the “Language and Input” menu, which can be accessed through “Settings”, or by clicking on the “gear” of settings directly in the menu that appears after you click the microphone (usually the settings button is located to the left of the word “Speak”).

Speech recognition setup. Here you can do the following:

  • Choose a language. Recognition is available in offline mode, but by default you will only have Russian (or Russian English) installed. For other languages, the function will work either only when connected to the Internet, or when you download the necessary languages. You can download the necessary language packs in the language and input settings menu by clicking on “Speech recognition offline.”
  • Configure “Ok Google” recognition. After setting this item, you can use the search engine manager with the Google system open, only saying: “Ok Google.” And then you need to say what you need to find in the search engine.
  • Enable voice control from a wired headset or Bluetooth device.
  • Set up the recognition of obscene words. The program automatically includes the item “Hide recognized obscene words.”
  • Turn on or off the scoring of results in standard mode or in the mode of a connected headset.
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Properly configured voice dialing will do more good and delight you with its functionality.

Other ways to connect voice dialing on Android

In addition to the “native” way of converting voice to text, you can use other methods. For example, install special programs for speech recognition from the Market. Examples of such programs are VoiceButton, Cyberon Voice Comander. If you want to convert text to speech, you must either configure “Speech Synthesis” in the “Language and Input” menu, or download programs with such a function, for example, SWOX Classic TTS or Voxdox.

How to disable Google voice search on android?

How to disable Google voice search on android?

If you want to turn off Google voice search on your android phone, then you need to go to the settings and in the language and input department, find voice input there and turn it off there. On different versions it may be in different places.

If voice search is turned on only when the headphones are connected, then it’s all about the headphones. Unless of course you disabled various program updates and removed all applications related to Google from your smartphone. You need to find the headphone settings on the smartphone and see if this is a tuning problem or such a mechanical defect. If the defect is mechanical, then you just need to give it up for repair.

Not everyone needs to constantly listen to voice messages, and therefore you need to do such actions (source):

After these manipulations, you must definitely restart the phone.

Some users say that voice search is gone after changing headphones, but this is unlikely.

Play market my applications Google remove updates

And the sun will work fine.

If you want to disable Google voice search on android, you will need to do these things:

That’s actually sun. But just do not forget that you need to reboot your mobile device.

To turn off voice search quot; OK, Googlequot; when connecting the headphones to a mobile device, check the settings of the media player. Perhaps the system begins to look for updates on the Internet when you connect a headset. Headphones have incorrect power settings. When they are connected, the system assumes that a long tap on the button occurs and the search starts.

Go into Google, then the settings, there will turn off / turn on the voice search Ok, Google, turn it off. You can generally delete the Google application if you don’t use it, for example, I deleted it, I use quot; hromquot ;, try disabling application updates, well, after restarting the phone., It should help.

The voice search function on Android smartphones can be both very useful and quite disturbing. Sometimes situations arise in which it is preferable to disable it. Here is the shutdown instruction (not a very high-quality translation, but the general meaning is clear):

To turn off voice search, you need to go to the Google Chrome settings, then in the voice search, uncheck the box that says enable voice search by the command Ok Google.

You can read more about this feature in this source.

You just need to remove the Google Start application from Google services and switch to another launcher. Then, in Google now disable the settings responsible for the voice search. If possible, you can also log out of your account.

I also had a similar problem on the new smartphone, so the problem was in the text input settings.

Therefore, when the on-screen keyboard was turned off, only voice input worked, then I deleted the standard keyboard, I use a different one, and quot; voicequot; just turned off in the quot; Language and typing section ;, after that it no longer bothers me.

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It only works when I click the microphone icon on the keyboard, and even then not from Google, but its standard voice input.

Voice input on a Lenovo smartphone

The voice input feature on Lenovo smartphones allows you to enter commands, open applications, and search for information on the Internet without using the on-screen keyboard. In other words, all the commands to your smartphone you just speak out loud.

Since voice input is turned on by default in Lenovo smartphones, it’s enough to change only some settings for its normal operation.

In principle, both of these modes are practically no different. In both cases, you will be able to give commands using the voice, not the keyboard. The settings menu in them is also the same.

How to disable Okay Google on Android

How to disable Okay Google on Android. The voice command OK Google (Ok Google) allows you to control the Android operating system and other applications using voice. With it, you can launch applications, create reminders, send text messages, search for information on the network, use GPS navigation and much more.

In a previous article, we talked about how to enable and configure the Google OK voice command. The same article will discuss the opposite. Here you will learn how to disable Okay Google if this function turned out to be uninteresting to you.

In order to disable the OK Google feature, you first need to open the Google Now app. On different Android devices, Google Now opens in different ways. For example, on devices with clean Android latest versions, to open Google Now you need to swipe your finger from left to right on the first desktop. On older versions of Android, the Google Now application is launched by moving your finger up from the home button. Smartphones with custom shells may use some other way to open Google Now.

In general, launching Google Now may have some difficulties. If you can’t start this application using the methods described above, then you can simply open the list of all applications and find this application there. It should be noted that this application may be called “Google Now” or simply “Google”.

After starting Google Now, you need to open the left side menu. To do this, drag your finger from the left edge of the screen or click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen.

After that, go to the “Settings” section (not to be confused with the “Configure” section).

In the Google Now settings, go to the “Voice Search. Recognize Google Okay” path.

After that, you will see a window in which you can turn off the voice command OK Google. Two options are available here:

  • From the Google app;
  • Of all the applications.

The first option enables and disables the recognition of the OK Google command in the Google Now app. And the second option disables the recognition of the OK Google command in other applications and on the desktop.

If you want to completely disable OK Google, then turn both of these options to the “Off” position. If you want to leave Google OK in the Google Now application, but disable it in other applications, then turn off only the second option.