How To Disable Voice Guidance On Samsung TV

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How to enable the voice control function?

The launch is performed by pressing the “VOICE” button. A microphone icon should appear on the screen, which indicates that it is ready to work. The voice commands should be pronounced at a distance of no more than 15 centimeters from the remote control, slowly and clearly. This will allow the device to accurately recognize your order and carry it out. Many Samsung TVs include voice recognition training. To start it, you need to find the appropriate subsection in the menu, which is located in the “Support” section.

How To Disable Voice Guidance On Samsung TV

A quicker way is to press the VOICE button and speak into the microphone the word “Training”. Moving focus with the help of a voice is carried out with the pronunciation of the phrases: “Focus direction”. Options are available: up, down, left, right. To confirm, you must say the command “Select”. In order to quickly find a TV program, a search function is provided. To do this, you must say: “Find the name of a TV show or channel.” Volume control is carried out by the commands: “Increase the volume by.” and “Decrease the volume by.”. A detailed list of commands available on the TV can be viewed by saying the command “Help”.

The following commands are available:

  • Switching the device on and off by timer;
  • Recommendations;
  • Weather forecast;
  • Recording a TV show;
  • TV announcer.

How Samsung TV Voice Control Works: Connectivity and Troubleshooting

Every year TV manufacturers improve their products and add new useful functions. Modern models have access to the Internet, and with it access to millions of sites and entertainment resources.

Entering information using the remote control is time consuming and not very convenient. Therefore, TV manufacturers are actively developing the voice control function in their line of models. Samsung, the largest electronics developer, has made great strides in this. Samsung TV voice control is a convenient and fast way to interact with technology.

It allows you to execute a variety of commands and does not take much time to set up. How to use this function.


This problem is specific to TVs with Smart TVs. If the user has not turned off automatic updates, the TV settings may be accidentally changed during the installation of the latest software version. The second possible reason is that an application was installed on the TV that independently chooses the time to turn on and off the device.

To fix the error, you need to check the settings of the TV receiver, as well as carefully study all the downloaded software and remove questionable programs.

If the TV starts up by itself at night and immediately goes out, it means that it is trying to perform an automatic update. To do this, the device starts up, connects to the network, checks for new software versions and, without detecting them, exits. To prevent this from happening, you need to disable auto-update of the device.

What to do

If the TV randomly stops working after starting, to determine the type of breakdown, you must:

  • Check the operation of the remote control;
  • Make sure that the power cable and plug are intact, have no signs of damage, and the plug itself is firmly inserted into the outlet;
  • Go to the settings and make sure that the sleep timer is disabled;
  • Disable automatic updating of the TV receiver and remove all applications that can independently start devices;
  • Disassemble the TV and diagnose the power supply.

Having found a malfunction during the check of the television panel, the user needs to fix it on his own, if possible, or seek help from specialists.

What to do if the TV turns off immediately after turning it on Link to main post

How to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV

Power Supply

Failure of the power supply is also a possible reason that the TV turns off immediately after starting.

This is indicated by the following signs:

  • The TV set does not respond to switching on, but the power indicator flashes continuously;
  • The device turns off immediately after starting or after some time;
  • Power lamp is off.

To check this part, you need to measure the voltage on the TV chips with an ammeter. If power is not supplied, this confirms that the fault is correctly identified.

Fuses are the most common cause of power supply problems. The broken part can be identified visually. It looks swollen, has traces of burning, which appeared in the event that the part smokes due to a voltage drop, and it may also have no contacts.

For replacement, you can purchase the necessary spare part and solder it yourself, or contact a specialist for repair.

What to do if the TV turns off immediately after turning on

One of the popular questions asked by the owners of TV sets is why the TV turns on and off immediately. This behavior of the device is qualified in different ways, starting from external factors and ending with a breakdown of the device itself.

Remote control

This device is a lot like a sony TV’s voice control. In addition to using the device by pressing keys, many models of remotes are equipped with a microphone, a touch touchpad, and also perform certain actions on the screen depending on the person’s gestures.

Gesture recognition is carried out by a built-in camera. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly flip through the pages of sites.


The next common reason the television receiver turns off immediately after turning it on is if the plug is not firmly inserted into an electrical outlet. In this case, the plug overheats and this leads to a short circuit, as a result, the user notices that immediately after switching on the LG or Samsung TV turned off.

A broken power cable may be causing the TV panel to behave strangely. Because of this, insufficient voltage is supplied to the device, after switching on the protection is triggered and the TV immediately shuts down.

Inspect the cable for breaks, kinks, or impacts. In the event that it was not possible to visually detect them, it is better to replace the cord, because the damage can be inside and it is very difficult to identify them.

Disconnection Procedure

The range of equipment for watching television content is updated every year. The voice assistant is present on every Samsung TV. And if the activation of the voice mirroring function in all models is equally activated when you first turn it on, then the aLGorithm for disabling it in different TV models is performed by a different set of commands. There is no one-size-fits-all guide to turn off the voice assist function for every Samsung TV.

How to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV?

Samsung TVs have been in production for several decades. Devices for viewing programs, released under a world famous brand, have good technical characteristics and are in demand among buyers in many countries.

New models

In order to understand which instruction to use to disconnect, it is necessary to determine the series to which this or that TV belongs. The serial number of the product can be found in the instructions for use or on the back of the TV. The series to which the unit belongs is indicated by a capital Latin letter.

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All the names of modern Samsung TV models begin with the designation UE. Then comes the designation of the size of the diagonal, it is indicated by two numbers. And the next sign just indicates the series of the device.

New models released after 2016 are marked with letters: M, Q, LS. The voice guidance of these models can be turned off as follows:

  • On the control panel, press the Menu key or press the “Settings” button directly on the screen itself;
  • Go to the “Sound” section;
  • Select the “Additional settings” button;
  • Then go to the “Sound signals” tab;
  • Press the “Disable” button;
  • Save changes to settings.

Old series

TV models released before 2015 are designated by the letters G, H, F, E. The aLGorithm for disabling voice duplication in such models includes the following set of commands:

  • Press the Menu key located on the remote control or touch screen;
  • Select the sub-item “System”;
  • Go to the “General” section;
  • Select the “Sound signals” button;
  • Press the Ok button;
  • Put the switch on the “Off” mark;
  • Save your changes.

On TVs released in 2016 and related to the K-series, you can remove the voice response in this way:

  • Press the “Menu” button;
  • Select the “System” tab;
  • Go to the “Accessibility” tab;
  • Press the “Soundtrack” button;
  • Reduce the accompaniment sound to a minimum;
  • Save settings;
  • Click Ok.

What is a voice assistant?

Initially, the voice assistant was designed for users with vision problems. The bottom line is that when you turn on the function, after pressing any of the keys located on the remote control or TV panel, voice duplication of the performed action follows.

For people with disabilities, this function will be irreplaceable. But if the user has no vision problems, then repetition with each key press in most cases leads to a negative reaction to the built-in assistant. And the user tends to disable the annoying feature.


You can check the disconnection of the unnecessary voice guidance function by pressing any of the remote control keys after saving the changes in the settings. If no sound is heard after pressing the key, it means that all the settings are correct, and the function is disabled.

In the event that the voice assistant could not be turned off the first time, you must:

  • Once again perform the necessary combinations to disable the function, clearly following the proposed instructions;
  • Make sure that after each key press, its response follows;
  • If there is no response, check or replace the batteries of the remote control.

If the batteries are in good working order, and when you try to turn off voice duplication again, the result is not achieved, then there may be a problem with the TV control system.

In the event of a malfunction, please contact a Samsung service center. The center’s specialist can easily identify the problem that has arisen and quickly fix it.

Setting up voice control on Samsung TV is presented below.

Can you factory reset your Samsung TV

On many TV models, factory reset is performed in the same way as turning off voice prompts. For this you need a remote control.

We take it in hand and carry out the following recommendations:

  • Press in turn the buttons: INFO. MENU. MUTE. POWER. The last button is power on / off;
  • A small menu will appear on the screen on the left, where you need to select the “Option” item;
  • In the next window on Samsung, select “Factory Reset”.

Press several buttons on the remote in sequence

The TV turns off for a while. Then it will turn on again. Now you need to check if the sound has appeared. And also log into your Samsung account. A factory reset will erase all of your previously made settings and presets in the device. If you downloaded applications to TV, they will also be removed. If these actions did not lead to the expected result, as well as deactivation of voice prompts, you should contact support. And ask for help.

What to do if there is no sound on your Samsung TV

Users who have just started to get acquainted with Samsung TV may face various problems. If you’ve connected a device but there is no sound on it, try turning it off completely. Wait 5-10 minutes and then turn it back on. Often times, doing this will fix some TV sound problems and more.

If they started after you turned off the voice guidance on TV, try performing a sound test:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control on the TV panel;
  • Select the “Support” button on the left;

Select “Support”
Then select the item “Self-diagnosis”;

Select “Self-diagnosis”
And click on the “Run Test” button.

Click “Run Test”

A small sign will appear, where there will be a request: “Change loudspeaker. TV “. You must confirm it and click “Yes”. Next, another window will appear, where the current volume level will be displayed. You need to make sure the volume matches the indicator level on Samsung.

Samsung TV Sound Test

If there is no sound, check again if you have connected the wires correctly. Users confuse the connectors (RCA), which we also often call “bells” or “tulips”. If everything is connected correctly, but there is no sound, contact Samsung support. Or try a factory reset yourself.

Way to Turn off Parameter Reading Voice on Samsung TV

Those who have purchased a plasma panel from Samsung often ask on the forums how to turn off the monotonous voice of a woman. She constantly comments on all our actions: switching the channel, increasing the volume, turning on the timer and so on. This voice gets boring very quickly.

Over, there is no need for scoring. There are two ways to remove the voice acting on your TV.

Let’s consider a quick way:

  • Take your Samsung remote control in hand;
  • Press and hold the volume button;

Press and hold the volume button
Select “Voice instructions” from the menu;

Voice guidance on Samsung TV

  • Deactivate this option.
  • After that click on the “Close” button. If the checkbox is on other items “Video description”, “Subtitles”. Remove them as well. The remote control buttons and their function may vary depending on Samsung TV models. For example, when you hold down the volume button for a long time, nothing happens. In this case, consider the instruction to turn off voice guidance through the settings.

    Disable voice guidance via settings on Samsung

    Settings can be opened using the remote control and buttons on the TV case.

    If you cannot turn off the prompts on the TV through the volume button on the remote:

    • Press the menu button on the remote control;
    • Then find and select “General”;

    Select “General”
    Then select “Accessibility”;

    TV special features

  • Click on “Voice settings.”;
  • Uncheck the box next to “Voice guidance”.
  • In this window there are also settings for voice tone on Samsung and playback speed.

    How to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV

    Today we are going to talk about how to disable voice guidance on your Samsung TV. Electronics manufacturers are trying to make home appliances convenient and enjoyable to use. But sometimes it turns out exactly the opposite. Some built-in functions are not only obstructive, unnecessary, but also annoying.

    • Way to Turn off Parameter Reading Voice on Samsung TV
    • Disable voice guidance via settings on Samsung
    • What to do if there is no sound on your Samsung TV
    • Can you factory reset your Samsung TV
    • Contacting Samsung Technical Support

    Contacting Samsung Technical Support

    The official Samsung product support page is here Here you can get advice or advice on how to use this or that device. Contact a consultant directly and ask a question that worries you.

    Choose any method suitable for this:

    Method of handling: Explanation:
    Write to the group.
    Open online chat. Available on the support page on the website.
    Write to email address. On this page.
    Call toll-free in Russia. 8-800-555-55-55

    Page with the types of communication with the technical support operator

    Or open the support page and find the points of service centers on the online map in your city. On the site you can get an answer to any questions. Including how you can turn off annoying voice guidance on your Samsung TV for your model.

    How to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV

    Modern technologies used by equipment manufacturers greatly SIMplify the operation of devices. On TVs, voice guidance has been added for quick search and practicality. But sometimes this option gets in the way, annoying. We’ll take a look at how to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV.

    Samsung technical support

    To report your problem, just go to the official Samsung website. Each user can get free consultation and advice regarding the operation of this or that device. There are several ways to contact a consultant:

    • Communication through social networks, namely the VK group;
    • Online chat;
    • Email;
    • Free phone call to the specified number.
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    You can also open the support page, where the points of service workshops are indicated on the online map. You just need to select your city and see the nearest service center. The range of communication methods allows you to choose the most convenient method for each user.

    Deactivation via TV settings

    • Open the TV menu via the remote control.
    • Choosing general settings.

    Click on “General”

    • Among the list you need to find the item “Special features”.

    Accessibility on a TV device

    • Click on the item “Voice settings”, where you need to uncheck the box opposite the voice instructions.

    What to do when the TV goes missing sound?

    It happens that on the first use, Samsung owners may encounter such a problem. If the TV was turned on, but without sound, then you need to first turn it off completely. Then, after 10 minutes, turn on the device again.

    It happens that the sound disappeared after you deactivated the voice guidance. Then you need to act according to the following aLGorithm:

    • Using the remote control, open the settings.
    • Click on support.

    TV menu and select “Support”

    • In the open list, you need to find self-diagnosis.

    Self-diagnosis in Samsung menu

    • Click on start sound test.

    A sign should open on the TV screen, in which the action “Change loudspeaker” will be set. Then the window will open again showing the current volume level. The volume should match the level of the indicator on the TV-device.

    When there is no sound, you must additionally check if you have connected the wires correctly. Perhaps the connector is confused, which is very common. If everything is correct, then it is recommended to immediately contact the service center of the company. But, before that, you can reset the settings to the factory settings yourself.

    Option to deactivate the voice reading parameters in the TV device

    The voice automatically comments on all user actions from switching channels to decreasing the volume. Over time, the voice just gets bored. There are several ways to deactivate this option. Easiest option:

    • Take the doo.
    • Click and hold the volume button for a couple of seconds.

    Press the volume on the remote

    • Select voice instructions from the open list.

    Voice guidance on Samsung

    Now you just need to close the menu. When the checkbox is present on other items, such as video description or subtitles, then uncheck it as well. Please note that the buttons and functions on the remote differ depending on the TV model. If there is no action when holding the button, then you need to familiarize yourself with the second method of deactivating the voice.

    Factory reset

    • You will need to press the buttons on the remote control in a certain sequence: INFO, MENU, MUTE, POWER.
    • After this combination, a menu will open on the TV screen, where you need to click on “Option”.
    • Then in the window click on “Factory Reset”.

    Please note that the TV device will turn off for a couple of minutes, then turn on automatically. Check if the sound has appeared. Log into the account on the TV, since such a reset will erase all previously set settings and installed parameters, and applications will also be deleted. If none of the actions helped, then we recommend contacting technical support.

    Now you know how to turn off voice guidance on your Samsung TV. We have considered different methods, if none of the described methods solved your problem, write or call technical support. Service center representatives will describe in detail the aLGorithm of actions to solve the problem.

    On new models

    Have letter marking: M, Q, LS.

    • Press “Menu” on the remote control or enter “Settings” on the home screen;
    • Go to the “Device” section and find accessibility features there;
    • Find “Voice instructions”, move the slider to the “OFF” position;
    • Save selection.

    The instructions for deactivating special features are also suitable for TVs that have adjacent markings to the indicated ones, expressed in additional digital values. For example: М453, LS4311 and others.

    What is voice guidance on TV?

    Tolkback is a special function added by the manufacturer to help people with low vision or other problems. Such health problems can make it difficult to operate TV. The essence of the function is that each press of a button on the remote control or TV is accompanied by the voice of the speaker, which duplicates all the manipulations of the manager: changing the volume, selecting channels, signal source, etc.

    How to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung Smart TV?

    The sequence of manipulations will depend on the Samsung Smart Unit model. The way to find out the model of the vehicle:

    • Find a sticker or data plate on the back of the TV;
    • Through the technology menu by selecting “Support”. “Contact Samsung”. A text will open with the necessary information.

    The first symbols of the marking contain information about the manufacturer and the size of the diagonal, the first number is followed by an indication of the series of equipment. It is on this indicator that the aLGorithm for disabling voice guidance on a Samsung TV will depend.

    How to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV

    Modern smart TVs have not only wide functionality, but also a number of special chips. These include TalkBack, which provides audio guidance for the person who is controlling the device. This function is not always convenient, then the question arises. How to turn off the voice guidance on a Samsung Smart TV? Especially relevant for accidental self-activation or after children have played with the remote control.

    Old models

    The shutdown aLGorithm on old Samsung depends on the year of manufacture.

    They are characterized by a dark menu with a minimal set of icons and features.

    To deactivate TalkBack on Samsung (K) you need:

    • Open the TV menu and go to the “System” tab;
    • Find “Accessibility” and click on the dubbing line;
    • At this point, you can both completely turn off sound dubbing, and reduce its volume;
    • Save selection.

    Dubbing can be removed by turning off all system sounds in the “Advanced settings”. It should be noted that in this case the signals of the remote control buttons and others will be unavailable. Often the TV contains additional chips in the form of an alarm clock and other applications that signal with a certain melody. They will be locked or reduced to the minimum volume.

    Until 2015 (J, H, F, E series)

    • Enter the “Menu” TV using the remote control or buttons on the side panel of the technical device;
    • Click on the “System” sign, made in the form of gears, go to “General”. “Sound signals”;
    • Disable dubbing of actions or set the optimal volume level;
    • Confirm selection.

    It’s worth noting that there is no clear deactivation instruction for Samsung’s premium “S” line. The user should refer to technical support, printed instructions or the website of the South Korean manufacturer.

    It is not difficult to disable TalkBack in Samsung, the user’s action aLGorithm will depend on the Samsung TV series, the technology menu differs depending on its model. Such data is always present both on the unit itself, in documents for it, and system messages. If problems arise or information on deactivation is not found, the manufacturer has posted on the website detailed up-to-date instructions for all series of equipment. Users always have the opportunity to contact by free phone or write to technical support.

    N, M, Q, LS, R, T series (newest)

    • Display the settings menu by pressing the button on the remote control (Settings) or through the item “Settings” (after clicking on Home), which is in the lower left corner of the TV screen.
  • Sequentially go to the sections “General”. “Special. Capabilities”.
  • Go inside the item “Voice settings. Instructions “. Disable the function or adjust the volume. The latter can be done if the accompaniment needs to be left, but it is now too loud and distracting.
  • There is a magnifying glass icon in the panel next to the Settings section. You can click on the magnifying glass and enter the name of the function you want to disable.

    Series K (2016)

    The interface is dark without intrusion. If the menu is on a black background, then the Samsung TV is exactly “K” series.

    To disable tracking, you need to step by step along the path after opening the menu on the remote control:

    • Section “System”;
    • Item “Special. Capabilities”;
    • “Vote. Accompaniment “.

    Then do the voice prompter setup or disable completely.

    How to disable Voice Assistant on Samsung TVs

    On Samsung TVs, the voice assistant function can be activated immediately after leaving the factory. It is a duplication by a female voice of all actions that are performed on the TV. Comments that help visually impaired people with prompts to easily navigate the TV menu. Voice dictation allows you to verify the correctness of actions if it is difficult to see. The feature is called TalkBack.

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    A sighted person does not need accompaniment. Duplicating information with a voice is only annoying, as it is performed loudly and can confuse when switching menu items. On Smart TV models, when the assistant is turned on, the cursor function does not automatically work, it is very inconvenient to use the browser.

    Disconnection instructions

    The aLGorithm differs depending on the TV series. Each series has a different menu, set of settings and their location in the interface. The essence of the method is the same. To find the necessary item and remove voice prompts.

    To pinpoint the correct instruction, you need to know the TV series. Look at the appliance box or the back of the TV. Find the place where the model is written. The name includes designations for a number of parameters. Region, diagonal, series. The screen type comes first, then the diagonal in inches, then the series is written with a letter designation.

    You can find out the series through the internal interface of the TV in the menu “Support”. “Contact Samsung” (or “About this TV”). You need to look at the line “Model Code”. In our case, the code is “UE43TU7100UXUA”. The TV belongs to the T series, which means that the first instruction below is relevant.

    Shutdown via remote control

    The easiest way is to try it right away. On the remote control, hold down the volume button until the settings window opens.

    Inside there should be an option “Voice instructions” right away. Deactivate the option successfully.

    Close the window with the “Back” or “Home” buttons on the remote control.

    If you didn’t manage to turn off the voice guidance on the Samsung TV, then you will have to use the method in which you yourself need to get to the corresponding settings item.

    J, H, F, E series (until 2015)

    • Display the menu. Press the button on the remote control. The name of the button will differ depending on the year of the TV. May be called “Menu”, “KeyPad”, “”. After clicking, if an additional menu pops up, find the gear icon. When you click on it, the settings interface will be displayed.
    • Open the “System” tab in the settings.
    • Select the sub-item “General”.
    • At the item “Sound signals” stop your choice, confirm your choice on the screen.
    • Adjust the assistant settings or disable permanently.

    New TV models will be released all the time. The set of settings, the version of the operating system, the interface will change. This means that the location and name of the settings can also be different. Therefore, you will have to look for the required functions yourself. Or refer to the instruction manual, it is attached to the technique. Additionally, you can contact the official Samsung representative in your country through the website or call the number and find out about disabling the voice assistant.

    Voice control on the TV does not work, what to do?

    If voice control does not work on the TV, check the settings. The voice recognition function may have been disabled. To check it follows:

    • Go to the TV settings menu;
    • Find and open Smart Features;
    • Open the item “Voice recognition function”;
    • Convert the value to the “On” parameter.

    It is also worth checking the possibility of voice control from the remote control. To do this, you need to press the button with the microphone and clearly pronounce the command. If none of the methods worked, then you should take the TV in for repair or write to Support.

    M, Q, LS series (latest models)

    You can turn off the voice acting in the TV menu. To access the device parameters, you need to click on “Menu” on the touchscreen remote control or select “Settings” in the lower left corner of the home screen.

    • Go to the “Sound” section, then. To “Additional settings”.
    • Open the “Sound signals” tab and manually set the required volume level.
    • Save new parameters and exit the menu.

    If the owner of the model cannot find the desired section on his own, you can use the search function by system parameters, which is launched by clicking on the “Magnifier” icon located to the right of the “Settings” entry.

    You can turn off TalkBack in another way:

    • Enter the “Menu” of the TV. Using the corresponding key on the remote control or the icon on the “Home” screen.
    • Open the Accessibility tab in the Device section.
    • Go to “Voice instructions” and deactivate the option by setting the parameter “Disable”.
    • Save the created settings.

    After the user executes any of the presented aLGorithms, the voice guidance will be disabled. It should be noted that this manual is relevant only for models of the M, Q, LS families, as well as devices of related series.

    Algorithm for disabling voice guidance

    The order of actions required to disable TalkBack depends on the series of the TV-set, which can be found using the code name of the Samsung electronics.

    Most of the names of modern TV models from the South Korean manufacturer begin with the symbols “UE” and the diagonal of the device, followed by the letter designation of the series: for example, the TV UE49MU6100U belongs to the “M” series.

    You will need to use one of the following instructions to set or turn off sounds.


    We are all passengers of one ship named Earth

    How to turn off voice control on Samsung TV step by step?

    To disable voice recognition (or voice control) on Samsung TVs, you need to:

    • Open the TV settings menu;
    • Select the item “Smart-functions”;
    • Find the parameter “Voice recognition function”;
    • Disable this feature.

    Now the TV will not turn on after the passphrase, but after turning on it will still be able to give voice commands by holding down the button with the microphone on the remote control.

    How to turn off voice on Samsung

    Audio guidance, also known as TalkBack, is intended for people with visual impairments. Finding out how to turn off voice guidance on a Samsung TV will be useful if the user does not need the help of a virtual assistant, but accidentally activated this option.

    J, H, F, E series (models produced before 2015)

    To disable voice acting for custom actions on Samsung TVs released before 2015, you must:

    • Open the “Menu”. Depending on the year of manufacture of the device, press the “Menu”, “KeyPad” or “” button on the remote control or a SIMilar key on the side touch panel.
    • Go to “System” (gear icon).
    • Select the “General” section.
    • In the list that appears, find “Sound signals” and click on the confirmation key.
    • Set the optimal volume of voice prompts or set the parameter “OFF”.
    • Save settings.

    It should be said that there is no universal instruction for disabling TalkBack on TVs of the premium “S” line. The owner of a device of that year of release will have to look for a solution to the problem on his own or contact Samsung technical support for help.

    You can also find additional information on how to turn off voice guidance in the official instructions in Russian, which is attached to each Samsung TV.

    In case of any difficulties, it is recommended to call the customer support center at the toll-free number 8 (800) 555-55-55.

    How to remove the voice assistant?

    The voice assistant on Samsung TVs is needed for people with visual impairments. He repeats with a voice the actions performed with the TV. However, other users are amused by such tips only at the very beginning, after which they become source of unnecessary irritation. Therefore, many try to disable this function on the TV. To get rid of the voice assistant, you must:

    • Open the menu of the device (TV);
    • Go to the “System” section;
    • Open the “Accessibility” subsection;
    • Find and turn off Voice Guidance.

    After that, the on-screen commentator will stop repeating all actions performed on the TV.

    K-series (2016)

    K-series TVs have a dark, minimalistic menu interface, so this family of devices cannot be confused with another.

    To deactivate the soundtrack or change its settings on the 2016 models, you will need:

    • Open the “Menu” item on the TV screen.
    • Go to the “System” tab (the icon shows crossed working tools).
    • Select “Accessibility” and open the section “Voice guidance”.
    • Set the required volume of voice prompts using the proposed equalizer or completely disable voice acting.
    • Save selected options and exit “Settings”.

    An alternative solution to the problem is to disable all system sounds from the “Advanced settings” section, which is indicated by the speaker icon, or reset the audio parameters.