How To Disable Voice Assistant On Android Huawei

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How to disable Google Assistant

If you do not use voice commands, then to disable the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone, follow these steps:

Open the “Settings” menu.

Scroll down the page to the “Device” section and select “Applications”.

A list of applications installed on the device will open. Click on the gear icon.

A menu with additional settings will open. Here find and select “Assistant and voice input”.

Click on the “Assistant” item at the very top of the list.

A window will appear where you will be asked to select an assistant application for controlling your smartphone. Click No to completely disable Google Assistant.

Please note that after this you will not be able to use other assistant-related functions and features. This means that by turning off the assistant, you turn off voice commands and activation by the word “Ok, Google”.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Google Assistant (Google Assistant) is a personal assistant developed by Google LLC and available on all modern Android smartphones.

The assistant is suitable for voice control, can respond to SIMple commands, search the Internet, interact with applications installed on the smartphone. If you do not like the functionality of Google Assistant or the utility SIMply interferes with using the device, you can disable it. Therefore, below we will tell you how to do it.

How to remove Google Assistant

If this is not enough and you want to completely get rid of the Google voice assistant so that it does not take up free space on your phone, then follow these steps:

Go to the “Settings” menu again.

Scroll down the page and select “Applications”.

A list of applications installed on the device will open. Find and select “Assistant” or “Google Assistant” in the list.

Click “Uninstall” to uninstall the application from your phone or tablet.

Click “Ok” to confirm the action and completely remove Google Assistant from the android.

After that, the assistant will not work. Now you know how to disable Google Assistant on Android or uninstall the app from your phone. If in the future you need the assistant’s functionality, you can activate it in the settings at any time or download it again from the Play Store.

How to remove Google Assistant from Honor and Huawei screen

Removing a program from the display is as easy as any other picture.

  • Click on the shortcut, hold until the cart image appears.
  • Don’t lift your finger and immediately drag the widget onto it.

After that, you can place other widgets in the free space. But keep in mind that in this way you SIMply free up space in the menu, but the program remains in the system.

How to Disable Voice Assistant on Huawei and Honor Phone

Google Assistant is a gadget owner’s assistant developed by Google LLC and available on Android smartphones. It helps to set up voice control, answers basic tasks, searches for the necessary information on the network and works with the programs that are installed on the gadget. That is, to conduct a dialogue with the user. But the program has significant drawbacks: it does not always recognize speech correctly, launches unnecessary programs, calls those people with whom the owner of the gadget did not plan to communicate. Usually the option is liked by those who prefer voice guidance instead of the standard input of words into the search.

If you are not satisfied with the benefits of this feature, below are detailed ways to disable Google Assistant on Huawei and Honor. But keep in mind that SIMply deleting it will not work, since the system option is.

Via Google Account Settings

The second method also does not take much time and does not require much effort.

  • 1. Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • In the displayed list, click on “Assistant” / “Google Assistant”.
  • Click “Remove” to remove the program from the phone.
  • Click “OK” to confirm the actions performed on the device operating on Android.

After the actions taken, the assistant will stop functioning.

Via Phone Settings

If you don’t need voice commands, then to disable, follow the aLGorithm:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Click “Device” / “Applications”.
  • Click on the gear that is at the top of the screen;
  • After opening the additional menu, click on “Assistant and voice input”;
  • Select “Assistant” which is at the top;
  • A window will appear where you can select the application you need to uninstall;
  • Click on “No”.

Please note that Google Assistant features and functionality will become inactive as usual afterwards. A recovery process will need to be carried out.

Removing the call gesture

The instructions for removing a gesture are as follows:

  • Open “Advanced settings”;
  • Click on “Buttons and gestures”;
  • Scroll through the displayed information, click “No”.

Previously configured special gestures to speed up the launch can be easily deactivated using the above method.

How to disable Google Assistant on Huawei and Honor phones

“How to disable Google Assistant on Honor and Huawei?” Is an important question for Android users. But if you don’t want to use it, then you can either change the settings or turn off the function completely. The program is considered standard, but some users noted that sometimes it interferes with the user experience of the smartphone. How to do it in this article.

How to remove Google Assistant from your phone

Before proceeding with the removal of the option, you need to understand where the Google Assistant is located. It has several components. The first one is for a widget on the desktop, which is also responsible for searching. For users who do not use the function of displaying this picture, it is a waste of free space. Users know this widget as an annoying message that appears when the Home button is pressed for a long time.

To eliminate it, you need to request objects on the screen in the displayed window.

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If the button could not be found, then you can activate the option manually by clicking “Objects on the screen”. The program will analyze the context, display a list and suggest further options for action.

Please note that completely uninstalling the application will not work without root rights.

  • Go to “Applications” / “Additional menu”;
  • Select the section “Assistant and voice input”, click on “No”.

It is noteworthy that the standard option accepts different languages: English, Arabic, Vietnamese and others. The developers report that they only plan to expand this list. Some users, by changing the settings, practice pronunciation while learning a foreign language.

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If you like the main application, but the functionality is in doubt, you can not immediately delete the application, but try to update it. To do this, open the Play Store, enter the name of the program in the search bar. Then click on “Update”. If “Installed” is displayed, it means that the gadget already has the latest version of the option. If this inscription is not there, start the update. Test the function again, decide on the final solution.

How to turn off the voice assistant?

The voice function on the smartphone is intended for users who have vision problems or those who are busy and do not have time to deal with entering queries manually. Before dealing with the shutdown methods, it is worth examining the main purpose of the option. Among the main functions are:

  • Voice acting on the contact;
  • Gesture control;
  • Turning voice into text;
  • Volume control;
  • Reading text from the screen with a standard shake of the gadget.
How To Disable Voice Assistant On Android Huawei

There are users who appreciate the presented functions and use them. There are people who get in the way of additional functions, so they try to get rid of them.

How to Disable Android Voice Assistant: All Ways

How to turn off the voice assistant is a question that users of gadgets equipped with this useful function are interested in. The need to disable and deactivate arises for various reasons. The article lists and describes methods for disabling the option.


The voice assistant is also present on xiaomi devices. The user of such gadgets can also disable the program. To perform a SIMilar operation, you should carry out the following actions:

  • Application starts.
  • An icon that looks like a compass is clicked here.
  • The button is pressed in the form of three dots.
  • The menu selects Settings.
  • Touch the device on which the shutdown is planned.

At the end of these actions, it remains just to move the slider to the inactive state.

On Android

How to deactivate, what kind of security to use depends on what kind of smartphone a person has. In the case of Android, you need to do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • Applications are selected.
  • Built-in operation is disabled.

The operation is easy and does not require the user to waste time. If you want to activate again, you will need to press the same button twice.


If the owner of a huawei smartphone does not need to use the voice option, if there is a need to save the built-in battery, you need to disconnect the assistant using the following scheme:

  • The application opens;
  • The icon of three stripes is pressed, which is located at the top of the display;
  • The section Settings is selected;
  • In the list provided, you need to find the Voice Assistant;
  • Next to the function name, you need to set the inactive mode.

After this operation, the option stops working in the background.

How to disable on the phone?

Removing is easy on a mobile device. Not all situations require manual action; you need to use uninstaller applications. Here are the most important ones:

If you have any questions. Let us know Ask a question

  • Ccleaner;
  • Super Cleaner;
  • Norton Clean, Junk Removal;
  • Power Clean;
  • Avast Cleanup;
  • Cleaning Master;
  • Clean master.

This is an opportunity, after uninstalling the program, to remove residual files from the mobile phone in the standard way. This option is considered the best, it frees the owner from unnecessary time costs.


If there is a need to disable the android voice assistant, which is known as Alice, you will have to follow the following clear instructions:

  • A section with Settings opens;
  • The Applications tab is selected;
  • In the top menu, select All;
  • After that, a list opens where you need to find the desired option;
  • The application page opens. Here you can examine the data, stop and uninstall the option;
  • Clear cache is pressed;
  • Activated Delete.

On Android OS devices, the deactivation operation can be performed by moving the shortcut to the trash. It is recommended to delete the shortcut, and then run a special utility that cleans the device’s memory.


If you have a Samsung device at your disposal, it will be enough to remove the assistant using the usual Home button. This action stops the user from bothering with constant recommendations. If you need to completely remove the shortcut, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to application.
  • The tab of the default application is selected.
  • The option name is pressed.

The main advantage of this option is the permission to use the program at any time. However, it is not necessary to reactivate it.


The Google Assistant is a common voice command assistant. In such a situation, you need to carry out the following manipulations:

  • Application opens.
  • The menu is pressed in the form of three bars.
  • Go to settings.
  • In the section called Assistant, you need to click on Settings or Phone.

The process of disabling the assistant will be carried out by moving the slider.

How to disable Google Assistant on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone.

Voice Assistant Google Assistant, being one of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) elements of the Android operating system, is designed to facilitate the control of your smartphone. He is ready to fulfill any of your verbal requests, such as: to connect you by phone, send a message, remind you of an event, find information on the Internet and much, much more useful. Even in his. He, like a faithful dog, listens to your voice and is ready to rush to carry out any of your orders.

Of course, it’s nice to have such a caring helper. (You can get acquainted with the capabilities of Google Assistant here).

But for some reason, many people feel uncomfortable from such over-attentive care. It is very unpleasant to realize that they are eavesdropping on you all the time.

And how to remove Google Voice Assistant from your phone?

It is impossible to remove this “faithful dog” Google from your Android smartphone developed by the same Google company. This application is a system one and it is also an integral part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that controls your smartphone. Therefore, even if you search for this application through the Phone Settings in the Applications section, you will not find it there.

And how to turn off the Google Assistant voice assistant on Huawei and Honor smartphones?

Many smartphone owners are not satisfied with the Assistant’s excessive desire to “poke his nose” into your affairs, when he completely unexpectedly turns on for you and at the same time requires attention. And there are quite a few reasons for spontaneous activation of our Assistant. This usually happens due to the accidental pressing of the Home button, which is also responsible for launching the smart assistant. Or when the Google Assistant is activated by your voice, when you are just talking to a person, and the Assistant “thought” that you spoke to him and “answered you”.

There are several ways to disable Google Assistant. The easiest one is to make a change in the “Default Applications” section of the Phone Settings.

In the second case, when you disable Google Assistant in your Google Account Settings. But after that, every time you press the Home button for a long time, you will have to come across an insistent request to connect this annoying assistant: “Google Assistant is ready to help you. INCLUDE! “.

Smartphone screen. Screen view after a long press on the “Home” button.

To turn off the Google Assistant voice assistant
via Phone Settings.

Launch Phone Settings from the Smartphone Home Screen.

Smartphone screen. Click on the Phone Settings icon.

In the Phone Settings, select the Applications section.

Smartphone screen. Select the Applications section.

In the Applications section, select the Default Applications subsection.

Smartphone screen. Select the default Applications subsection.

In the Applications subsection, by default, select the Help and voice input item.

Smartphone screen. Select Help and voice input.

Next, click on the line Google Assistant.

Smartphone screen. You need to click on the line Google Assistant.

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In the window that opens, select the position No.

Smartphone screen. Select position No.

Everything. Google Assistant is now disabled.

To turn off the Google Assistant voice assistant
via Google Account Settings.

Open the Google folder on the Home screen of the phone.

Smartphone screen. Open the Google folder on the Home screen.

In the Google folder, click on the Google application icon.

Smartphone screen 0. Click on the Google application icon.

On the main page of the Google application, click on the “” icon in the form of three dots at the bottom of the screen on the right.

Smartphone screen 1. Click on the “” icon in the form of three dots.

Next, select the item Settings.

Smartphone screen 2. Select Settings.

In the Settings section, select the Google Assistant item.

Smartphone screen 3. Select Google Assistant.

After that, in the Google Account Settings, you need to select the Assistant section.

Smartphone screen 4. Select the Assistant section.

In the Assistant section in Google Account Settings, go down to the bottom of the page and select the Phone item.

Screen 5 of the smartphone. In the Assistant section, select the Phone item.

On the next page, turn off the Google Assistant switch.

Smartphone screen 6. Turn off the Google Assistant switch.

The Google Assistant Voice Service is now turned off.

Smartphone Screen 7. A View of the Assistant Settings Screen with Google Assistant Disabled.

Turning on the voice assistant Google Assistant must be done in the reverse order, depending on the way in which the voice assistant was turned off.

How to Disable Voice Assistant on Honor and Huawei Phone

Google Voice Search is a versatile technology that enables the use of a smartphone in the voice command mode. For example, it is possible to ask what the weather is in a certain city, what exchange rate, or determine which song is playing. This interface asks all the same questions as in the search engine. The client receives responses as a message from Android.

An example of an auditory query is “Ok Google, what’s playing?” Then the sensor will begin to determine what music is playing, and, like the well-known Shazam application, will display the name of the track in the background.

This function is indispensable in case of a breakdown or glitches of the screen, when the sensor stops responding. Then it is possible to dial a number by voice, make a call, set an alarm.

The speech assistant tool opens by long pressing the Home button. Then a weak vibration response is felt, and the window in which the request is made flies out. This hinders many, and there is a need to turn it off. There are several options through which the assistant can be removed:

  • General smartphone settings;
  • Google account.

Both options are free and take a few seconds.

Via Google Account Settings

This can be done through your Google account. This requires an internet connection via an access point or mobile network:

  • Open an account;
  • Find the settings section;
  • There we go to the inscription “Phone”;
  • Opposite the “Google Assistant” item, move the slider so as to activate it.

How to Disable Google Assistant Voice Assistant on Honor and Huawei

How to disable Google Assistant on Honor and Huawei? All Android smartphones after 4.4 have a built-in voice assistant. It helps you quickly find the options you want and activate them with one phrase. The function is modern and in demand, but it did not suit everyone. Therefore, there was a demand for how to deactivate it. In the article, we will look at various ways to deactivate the voice assistant on phones and tablets of a couple of well-known brands.

Removing the call gesture

In the settings for using the device, there is a section responsible for gesture commands. It is located in the general settings of your phone or tablet. The required item “Buttons and gestures” is called.

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There are several variations of what can be done with a wave of the hand, and what parameters will be called by this command. One option is to invoke the Google Assistant dialog box. If you want to disable this task, go down to the end of the list and select “No”.

How to remove Google Assistant from Huawei and Honor screen

Via Phone Settings

This is the easiest way. No internet connection is required to implement it. Next, let’s look at how to turn off the Google Assistant voice assistant on Huawei and Honor step by step:

  • Go to general phone settings;
  • Find the section “Applications and Alerts”;
  • In the manager we find the item that is responsible for the default programs, click on it;
  • Select the line “Voice input”;
  • The first line says “Assistant”, open this task and select “No”.

After that, we exit the system partition and reboot the phone.

How to remove Google Assistant from your phone

Only a client with ROOT rights manages the complete removal of Google Assistant from the device. Normal user rights do not allow to do this, since Google is a pre-installed system software.

Through Google account settings

Second way explaining how to disable Google Assistant voice assistant on Huawei and Honor:

  • Open the Google app on the main display.
  • Go to the additional menu by clicking on the three dots that are located in the lower right part.
  • Go to settings.
  • Choose a voice assistant.
  • On the next page, go to the “Assistant” tab.
  • At the very bottom, click on “Phone”.
  • Drag the slider to the Off position.

How to Disable Voice Assistant on Huawei and Honor Phone

Google Assistant is a smart assistant built on artificial intelligence. The service is an improved version of the old Google Now, the difference is that the assistant can conduct a dialogue with the user.

Thanks to the assistant, you can use a voice command to send a call, write a message, check the weather, find the information you need on the Internet or open a specific application. Thus, the service greatly SIMplifies the use of a smartphone.

The main drawback, which was noted by most, is that the program does not always recognize speech correctly, which is why it can show an error or execute other commands. For example, launch an unnecessary application, although the user planned to send an outgoing call. This is the main reason for which the question arises. How to completely disable or delete the service.

You cannot SIMply erase the program from your phone, it is a Google system service. But, you can turn it off in the smartphone settings. Below we will analyze the main ways with which you can turn off voice guidance.

Through phone settings

The instructions are SIMple and suitable for all Android devices:

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the “Applications” tab.
  • Next, go to the “Default Applications” section.
  • Then go to “Help and voice input”.
  • Go to “Assistant”.
  • Set the item “No”.

How to Disable Google Assistant Voice Assistant on Huawei and Honor

Sometimes users are wondering how to disable Google Assistant on Honor and Huawei. The presented service is standard in all phones on the Android operating system. Despite the wide functionality of the voice assistant, sometimes it becomes necessary to disable it. Why? Some users noted that sometimes the system program interferes with using the capabilities of the smartphone. Let’s consider how to remove voice control.

Removing the call gesture

The described option above will only allow you to remove the application from the screen. But, if gestures and commands for quick launch are configured, then the program can be activated again. Let’s see how to remove gestures:

  • Go to advanced settings.
  • Select “Buttons and gestures”.
  • Select “No” from the list.

How to remove Google Assistant from Honor and Huawei screen

You can remove the service application from the main screen by SIMply uninstalling it. Just pinch your finger on Google and drag it to the trash can icon that appears at the top of the display. Please note that this method does not completely uninstall the application. You SIMply remove the widget from the main screen.

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How to remove Google Assistant from your phone

You cannot completely erase a system application without ROOT rights. But, you can just turn off the service. Go to options in the “Applications” tab. Then you need to go to the additional menu by clicking on the gear image, as indicated in the screenshot.

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Yandex Alice

Another well-known voice assistant Alice was created in Yandex and today is integrated into the latest versions of the proprietary browser by default. The option is initially in a disabled state and therefore in most cases no additional actions are required. In this case, enabling, as well as disabling, can be done through the internal settings of the browser.

  • Open Yandex Browser, swipe down to go to the live tiles screen and expand the menu in the lower right corner of the page. Here you need to touch the line “Settings”.

At the next stage, find the “Search” block and in the “Voice capabilities” subsection tap “Voice assistant Alice”. This will open a page with the main parameters of the assistant.

To deactivate, select the “Do not use voice” item in the main unit and additionally slide the “Voice activation” slider to the left. After that, “Settings” can be closed, since Alice will be disabled.

The disconnection process, as you can see, does not differ much from the opposite task and is unlikely to raise any questions. In addition, you can not only completely deactivate Alice, but also leave some functions by selecting “Voice search”.

How to turn off the Google Assistant voice assistant

Google Assistant is a really handy assistant that’s powered by artificial intelligence. The program acts as an improved version of the old Google Now, the main difference is that the assistant conducts a dialogue with the user.

Using such an assistant, you can give voice commands to send a call, write an SMS, get information about the weather, find the desired request on the network, etc. This is very convenient, especially if you do not have the ability to type text with your hands.

The key disadvantage or flaw of the assistant is that the program does not always recognize speech correctly, so it can execute another command or show an error. Therefore, many immediately try to disable this function. It will not work to remove the assistant from your device. It is a google system service. In this case, it is really possible to deactivate the option through the phone settings. Next, we will consider the existing options for disabling the voice assistant.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana, a voice assistant originally introduced by Microsoft specifically for Windows 10, is currently available on several other platforms, including Android. Like any other SIMilar software, this application can be partially used by disabling unnecessary functions through internal settings.

  • Expand the application and open the main menu in the upper right corner of the home page. From the presented list, select the item “Settings”.

When the page with settings appears, tap on the “Phone Settings” block and after the transition, find the “Entry point” block. Here, first you need to expand the subsection “Cortana on home screen”.

On the “Cortana on home screen”, you need to move the slider with the same name to the left to deactivate the function. Other items will be disabled automatically.

Return to the page with the main parameters “Settings” and in the same block select the section “Hey Cortana”. To turn it off, slide the “From the Cortana app” slider to the left and you’re done.

When you return to the main page with application settings, both options discussed should be in the “Off” state. Please note, as in the case of Marusya, you can completely disable Cortana by logging out of your Microsoft account.

Unfortunately, the Android application does not support the Russian language, even in the text version, however, most of the settings are intuitive. As a last resort, you can always resort to the removal mentioned below.

Maroussia from

Of all the voice assistants presented in this article, Marusya from the company is the newest and therefore less popular application. Here, as in other analogs, there are settings for controlling functions, through which you can also deactivate.

  • Open Marusya through the application menu and tap on the “Settings” icon in the lower left corner. After that, you need to find the “Basic” block and change the status of the “Voice Activation” function.

As a result, the assistant will stop responding to the keyword and will be available only within the corresponding application. If you are not satisfied with this solution, you can additionally disable linked accounts using the “Sign out of account” button, which will automatically restrict the use of the software.

Despite the short period from the date of release, already at the end of 2019, Marusya provides an impressive number of tools. Try combining different settings to get only the features you want.

Talking Mode Control Instruction

  • Move from one object to another. Swipe the screen to the right or left.
  • To activate an object. Double tap on it
  • Scroll the screen up or down with two fingers.

This information is also shown before turning on the voice guidance.

After you have mastered the control of the device with the activated voice assistant, try to deactivate the function.

Turn off Talkback

The first step is to get into the main “Settings” Android. Use the above screen administration instruction.

Next, scroll with two fingers across the screen to the “Accessibility” section.

Clicking on a section will highlight it in a green square. The smartphone will voice prompts that you need to double-click to go.

After the transition, scroll with two fingers to the desired subsection.

Double click and made the transition to turning on and off the speaking mode.

Click on a radio button to select it with a square.

Two tapas on the square will open a dialog box in which you need to click “OK”.

Repeat the selection with the square and double-click to confirm the shutdown.

Talkback assistant is disabled and you are in normal device control mode.

Disabling the accessibility service on all smartphone models is approximately the same (Samsung, Honor, Huawei, and others). Differences can only be in the names of the functions themselves. For instance. For Samsung phones, the voice assistant described above is located under the name “Voice Assistant” in the subsection “Vision”.

Disabling the voice assistant

Today, a huge number of voice assistants are available for use on Android, each of which has its own settings and deactivation methods. We will pay attention only to some of the options from the most famous developers, while most of the other analogues are unlikely to cause difficulties.

Disable via smartphone settings

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Opening settings on Honor.
  • Find the “Applications” tab.
  • Go to the section “Default Applications”.

Click on “Default Applications”

  • Click on “Help and voice input”.

We find in the settings the section “Help and voice input”

  • We click in this menu on “Assistant”.
  • You will have several options for action, in our case you need to click on “no” to deactivate the option.

Disabling Talkback Mode

Our task is not to study them, but to disable them.

Let’s take this function as an example, since its active mode confuses every smartphone user.

After activating the speaking assistant, the user completely loses control over the device.

The reason is that when he launched the voice assistant, he did not read the instructions for interacting with the screen in this mode. The usual actions, swiping and clicking on the screen before activation, do not work. It’s getting quite difficult to go back to the settings to disable the talkback assistant.