How to Disable Vibration Response On Samsung Galaxy

The vibration response on the Samsung a50 is not quite as many would like. So the screen does not respond to touch with vibration, only sounds can be turned on.

Even the native keys on the native keyboard do not have a vibration response, but not all is lost; some solutions are.

An even stranger thing is there is no tactile feedback for OS actions. Not even a long press.

They say that the vibration is turned off due to the rattling of the camera, the camera rattles slightly when the phone vibrates, but what does the keyboard key have to do with it?

It is very strange that the phone has a vibrator, but it seems that it cannot go beyond notifications and calls with the built-in tools.

Let’s see how we can adjust the vibration response to the Samsung a50 and a30 or a40, it seems the situation is similar.

How to enable vibration feedback of the keys on the samsung a50 keyboard

Since you do not have the option to enable vibration feedback on the built-in keyboard, I will show you how to make it.

You just need to replace it with a Swift or Google keyboard and establish tactile feedback.

Then the vibration response will work, but it does not work with the Samsung keyboard. it is enabled by default.

If required, then use Google Keyboard and, although it doesn’t solve everything, you can enable vibration feedback and set the length, see the picture.

How to Disable Vibration Response On Samsung Galaxy

Just before that, turn on the vibration on the phone itself. From the main screen, swipe up from the center of the display to launch the application screen. These instructions apply only to standard mode and the default home screen layout.

Go to: “Settings” “Sounds and vibration”. Click Sound Mode. Click Vibrate. Selected when a blue dot is present. Click “Intensity. e.”

How to disable vibration on the Samsung a50

Open the “Settings” on your Samsung A50. Then click Sound / Vibration.

Then you can choose one of several options, such as vibration intensity, enable or disable vibration for incoming notifications, or when answering to disable, set to “0”.

If you want to disconnect in SMS, then open messages, “Three points”, “Notifications”, Simka (first or second).

The keyboard options on your a50 Samsung do not include vibration feedback, but your phone allows you to set different vibrating pleasant tones.

The vibrating element is integrated as a drive element in the devices for providing shock sensations.

For deaf and hard of hearing people, this type of mobile equipment is a good solution, because they can “sense” signals and increase their communication capabilities. Successes.