How to disable the voice assistant on Android

How to turn off Google Assistant on your Android phone

The Google Voice Assistant is installed by default on phones running the Android operating system. The virtual assistant is designed to make using your phone more comfortable and convenient. For example, it can tell you the exact time or answer your question. To start the assistant, usually the “Home” button is used, but on some smartphones another element is responsible for this. Some users find Google Assistant annoying, and want to get rid of it. Let’s take a detailed look at how to disable Google Assistant on your Android phone.

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The voice assistant is a very good addition, as it saves a lot of time. To clarify any information now you do not need to open the browser and enter the request manually. It is enough to launch the virtual assistant and say the question of interest. Within seconds, the system will provide a detailed answer, sometimes in both text and voice format.

Despite all the convenience, a huge part of people really want to disable the hated assistant. Each person makes this decision independently, based on the need for the function and the characteristics of the device. It may be necessary to remove the voice assistant in the case when it causes the slowness and slow performance of the smartphone.

However, one of the most common reasons people decide to get rid of the virtual assistant is to keep it running unnecessarily. That is, a person accidentally presses a hotkey or a button, after which a window with the suggestion to say a command is launched. Over time, it becomes annoying, especially if you never use the virtual assistant.

In addition, removing Google Assistant will free up a fairly visible amount of free memory occupied up to that point unnecessarily. In general, it is not necessary to completely remove the voice assistant from your phone. The developers have provided an opportunity to partially disable it, which will suit many users.

How to turn off voice assistant?

Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, our recommendations will help you turn off the voice assistant on your phone and tablet if you don’t need it or it’s inconvenient to use your gadget.

How to turn off Google Voice Assistant

If you are ready to completely abandon the voice assistant and all the auxiliary functions of the “Okay, Google”, then follow these steps:

  • Open the Google app menu and click on the three “” dots.
  • Find and open “Settings”.
  • Select Google Assistant.
  • Go to “Assistant,” scroll down and tap on “Phone.
  • Toggle the slider to deactivate “OK, Google”.

How to turn off the Siri voice assistant

Not all iPhone and iPad owners are used to using the voice assistant. If you’re one of them, you can easily disable Siri:

  • Open “Settings” in the menu.
  • Find “Basic” and select Siri.
  • Deactivate the voice assistant using the toggle (Important! to deactivate all Siri features, disable all active toggles in this section)

How to turn off the voice assistant Alice

If you’re bored with Alice or have other reasons why you need to turn it off, follow the instructions:

  • Open the application “Yandex” and select the menu icon (click on the three horizontal bars).
  • Tap “Settings”.
  • Find “Voice Assistant” and tap on the “Voice Activation” switch.

How to deactivate TalkBack without setting?

How to turn TalkBack off using a volume key shortcut

  • Find the volume keys on your device.
  • Press and hold down the two volume keys for 3 seconds.
  • You will hear TalkBackvoice say “TalkBack OFF”. This means you’ve turned off universal access on your device.

How to uninstall Google Assistant on Android

On some Android phones the Google Assistant voice assistant is installed as a separate application. In this case, you can remove it from your system, just like you do with the other apps. Unfortunately, this option is not always available. often than not, Google Assistant is part of the Android operating system and you can’t uninstall it.

To uninstall Google Assistant open the Android settings and go to the “Applications” section.

After that, look through the list of installed apps and find the app called “Assistant” or “Google Assistant” there.

Next, open the page of this application and click on the “Remove” button.

After uninstalling Google Assistant voice assistant should disappear from your phone.

How to turn off the voice assistant on your Android smartphone

Currently there is a huge number of gadgets running on the Android OS. The development of technical means does not stand still, and the manufacturers of technical devices have provided various chips. voice assistant, ready to answer user questions or facilitate management. Often this feature remains unused or frankly interferes, so the question arises how to turn off the voice assistant on Android?

disable, voice, assistant, android

What is voice assistant and where does it come from??

Such a function on your cell phone or tablet is designed to make your life easier:

  • users with vision problems. Help is to duplicate the actions of the smartphone owner;
  • Gadget owners who do not have time or opportunity to type manually, read it.

There is a category of users who are happy to use such opportunities every day, and there are those for whom such help is only a burden, takes space in memory, and can also be activated accidentally.

How to deactivate the voice assistant?

Deactivation will depend on the OS, the manufacturer of the gadget and the type of service product. The process of disconnection can be done manually by the user in the system settings of the unit or with the help of special programs: third-party or built-in.

On Android

  • sequentially go to “Settings”. “Applications”;
  • Select the TalkBack service you plan to deactivate and move the slider to the “OFF” position (it will become grayed out).

Note that the creators of popular browsers have created their own branded service, which can be installed on the Android OS.


Google Assistant is able to receive and process voice commands, answer questions. In order that it does not interfere with the use of the phone, you can disable it by following the steps:

  • open the Google application, find the menu in the top corner, made in the form of three parallel bars;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Assistant”. “Phone”;
  • move the slider to the “OFF” position and save the changes.


  • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Select all”;
  • In the list that opens, tap the one that you plan to deactivate;
  • in the application window that appears, tap on the action: deactivate, clear cache, etc.

In addition, you can disable Alice by simply deleting the shortcut to the trash, and then run the program that will clear the memory.


On Samsung phones, the service is removed by simply pressing the “Home” button. If you need to completely remove the shortcut and clear the memory, the algorithm is as follows:


Disabling the service will save space in memory, battery power.

  • sequentially go to “Menu”. “Applications”. “Assistant Menu”;
  • Select “Settings” in the desired one;
  • In the list that appears, tap “Voice assistant”;
  • Using the adjacent slider switch the application to inactive mode (a gray bar).

After these manipulations, the function will be unavailable in the background mode.


For users of Xiaomi smartphones the procedure for disabling the sound is as follows:

  • start the application that you plan to put in the inactive mode;
  • tap the compass icon;
  • tap “three dots” icon;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • Tap on the device, on which the assistant is deactivated;
  • Save the changes you have made.

On the iPhone

A voice that accompanies every user action or asks constant questions can annoy iPhone smartphone and tablet owners. While Voice Over is active, the control changes. double tapping is required to confirm the action to prevent accidental sending of the command.

For iOS 7 and 8, deactivation is only possible by setting a preference for Siri. If you make it the default priority, it will not allow another assistant to continue.

If the Android smartphone is set to active Assistant mode, it will respond to almost all user actions. You can disable the voice assistant on your Android smartphone in different ways: put it in inactive mode, delete the program, select another assistant by default. For iPhone owners, the best way is to set the default priority for the company Siri, which will independently disable other similar services.

How to replace Google Assistant

In case if the standard voice assistant from Google is boring, the owner of a mobile device can replace it with another popular assistant.


The main feature of the presented voice assistant is that the assistant is able to learn from the user’s commands in order to personalize its own work. The owner of the device can both enter questions and commands, as well as talk to the voice assistant by saying the command “Hey, Cortana!”.

Amazon Alexa

This is another assistant that the user can control by voice. Alexa is able to organize and simplify the life of the owner of a mobile device. There are directives available in the app for a huge number of smart home functions, including lamps, switches, televisions, and so on. In addition, with the presented assistant you can find out the weather, news, turn on music by voice command.

Apple introduced this voice-activated assistant back in 2011. Since then the functionality of Siri has only expanded. Today Siri is able to answer the user’s questions, show news, remind about important events, set alarms, call loved ones and much more.

Important! It is worth noting that this voice assistant is automatically installed in all devices on the Apple operating system.

How to disable the voice assistant on Xiaomi smartphone

Google Assistant is a pre-installed program that facilitates interaction with the smartphone: voice assistant, quick search and the like. Some users have a situation when it is necessary to disable it. Currently, there are several effective ways to disable the voice assistant. Consider them.

The first way. disabling ALL functions of Google Assistant.

First of all, run the pre-installed “Google” application. At the right bottom of the screen press “” and go to “Settings”. Next, tap “Google Assistant”. Scroll down to the “General Settings” subsection. Deactivate the switch in the “Google Assistant” line.

The second way is to disable “Google Assistant” gestures.

To disable this feature, we need to go to “Settings”. “Advanced Settings” or “Advanced”. Find the Button and Gesture Functions subsection. “Launch Google Assistant”. Deactivate it.

The third way to disable voice search.

Have you noticed that when we just say “Okay, Google”, the voice assistant is activated on our smartphone? In order to disable it we need to go to “Settings”. “Advanced Settings. Find the “Language and input” section. In this section we find the line “Keyboard Management”. Find and disable “Google Voice Input”.

How to disable voice assistant on Samsung?

How to disable the voice assistant on the phone Samsung

  • Swipe up on the main screen to open the application bar
  • Find “Settings” and double tap
  • Press “Accessibility” twice
  • Press “Vision” twice
  • Double press “voice assistant”
  • Set the slider to “OFF
  • Go back to the home screen.

How to disable talkback with a key combination

This method is the easiest. This is also referred to as the fast mode. Use keys on the device. To deactivate the mode, just perform a simple action.

  • Unlock the device.
  • Simultaneously press the volume up and volume down keys on the body until you hear a distinctive vibration. You should see the home screen at this time.
  • For those who have a phone with Android version 4 on board, you need to do the same thing with the power key of the device.
  • The voice assistant will tell you that the function is deactivated. The message will also appear on the display.

This will work if the default button activation is not reconfigured. To check how the keyboard activates the special feature, you can do the following:

  • Go to “special features”, go to “screen reading” mode.
  • Tap the “Settings” key.
  • Select the action option you need to activate the function. In this case, all you need to do is touch the screen.

All these actions will help only in one case: the owner of honor or any other smartphone wants to use the function in the future. It is unlikely to be useful in other cases. Fortunately, the phone has the ability to remove it completely. This will be discussed in more detail below.

How to remove voice input on Android

Voice control is a modern and new feature that the developers have implemented to improve the user’s life. However, this is not always necessary for the user.

Advanced technology helps you control your smartphone without having to do anything at all. All that is needed is the user’s voice itself. The feature appeared in 2019. However, even with the huge range of possibilities, many owners do not use it because they do not see the need for this function or they simply do not need it. They don’t understand how to disable the feature, how to manage it on the Android operating version. Everything can be deactivated, and it is very easy and simple to do.