How to disable the talkback feature on honor

What is it for?

In fact, Talkback is a standalone application that comes with Android by default. You can activate it on almost any smartphone or tablet. This function is regularly used by people with vision problems. The program reads them all the menu items and other interface elements, as a result of which you can use the device without looking at its screen.

Ordinary people, of course, do not need this function at all. An ordinary user will read all menu lines or icon captions faster than a robotic voice can. Fortunately, Talkback is disabled by default. But it can be activated accidentally when you get acquainted with the “Settings” section. It can also be turned on if you buy a smartphone from your hands. after all, it is possible that its previous owner does not see well.

Disable Talkback

Nowadays, many tablets and smartphones have their own proprietary shell. However, in terms of settings, they are all about the same. In this regard, Talkback on Android of any version and with any interface is deactivated in the same way, with very rare exceptions. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

Go to the “Settings”.

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Go to the subsection “Accessibility”. On some smartphones, it can be hidden in the “Advanced settings” menu.

On some shells, you will then need to go to the subsection “Vision”.

Go to the Talkback section. On Samsung smartphones and tablets, it may be called Voice Assistant.

How to Disable / Turn OFF TalkBack on a Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Deactivate the checkbox next to the function name.

Most likely, further confirmation of your actions will be required. To do this, click on the “Yes”.

Do not forget that the first click on the element will not mean anything. it will only make the robot read out the corresponding text. Therefore, the clicks must be double. in the manner of a double-click with the left mouse button when controlling the Windows operating system.

How to disable Talkback on Android?

If you suddenly have the Talkback function activated (voice guidance), then be sure to read our article. it talks about the method of turning it off.

The Android operating system has many functions, some of which ordinary users are not even aware of. One of these “chips” of the mobile operating system is Talkback. It is intended for visually impaired people. when it is turned on, the text on the screen is voiced by a robot. However, some people activate this feature by accident. Then they don’t understand how to disable Talkback. What actions need to be taken for this. today’s article will tell you.

Removing Talkback

If you cannot turn off Talkback, then simply delete this service from your smartphone. The easiest way to do this is through the Play Store. depending on the device model, this package may have a different name.

To do this, start the Play Store and type “Talkback” in the search bar. A list of available applications will appear. Select the one that has Google LLC as the developer. In our case, this is the Android Accessibility package. Here click on the “Delete” button.

After that Talkback will not bother you. If you need to turn it on again, you can install this application through the Play Store.

How to enable the mode

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to activate the option discussed above. To enable TalkBack on Honor, use the same options above:

  • Press the volume up / down buttons at the same time. On first use, the system will ask if you want to set up quick activation using these buttons. If confirmed, select the Enable option and press the two buttons again for a few seconds. The same method is used to disable the function for the blind on Honor.
  • Go to Settings and then twice to Accessibility. There, find the option you want and move the toggle switch to the left side. In this case, the option must be activated. If the question is how to get out of TalkBack mode on Honor, the toggle switch must, on the contrary, be deactivated.

The inclusion principles for devices with older versions of Android are slightly different. So, on Android 4.0, select the TalkBack option on Honor, move the switch to the On position, and then return to the previous screen and activate the Explore by touch option. For versions of Android 3.2 and below, check the box in the Accessibility section, and after TalkBack.

How to turn off talkback on Honor and not be distracted by sound

How do I turn off TalkBack on Honor? Press and hold the volume (volume up and volume down) buttons at the same time, then make sure to turn off the option. The second option is to go to the Settings section, then twice to Accessibility, and there find and deactivate the function. Below we will consider what this mode is, what it is for, how to enable and disable it, if necessary.

What TalkBack is and what it is for

TalkBack on Honor 8a, 10 Lite, 20 and other models is a voice assistant for verbalizing user actions on Android. For example, when you shake the device, the system speaks out the information that is happening on the screen, and when you hold your finger on one letter, the program first pronounces it, and then the whole word. If you turn off TalkBack on Honor with Android, these options become unavailable.

The voice assistant is a development of Google, which constantly improves the product and makes updates to it. As a result, the app is constantly learning and gaining additional functionality. And soon it will be possible to permanently disable Alice and use Google’s experience.

Before turning off Honor’s TalkBack mode on Android, make sure the available options are useless. The main ones include:

  • Sound buttons when pressing and typing.
  • Incoming call alert. Especially convenient if you can’t see who is calling.
  • Converting speech to text information.
  • Scoring of activated and deactivated programs.
  • Providing information about the calling user.
  • Choosing the right combination of buttons to perform an action.
  • Read existing text in a web explorer or document.
  • Volume and tone control, etc.

If you disable Talkback on Honor, the above and other features stop working. At the same time, the Honor smartphone goes into standard control mode without the participation of the voice assistant. Note that the functionality of the application is constantly expanding. Let’s highlight the main points:

  • Swipe down on the screen and then right to open the general menu. After that enter a search term and select one of the proposed options.
  • While reading, touch the screen to stop the process.
  • To get information about the name of the picture, double-click on it.
  • Move around the keyboard screen until you hear the letter you want. After that, stop at the desired letter, and it will appear in a special field.
  • Move left or right to move to another item.
  • Swipe your fingers across the screen to scroll through an item.
  • Double click on an object to activate it.

These are just a few of the features that can be turned on and off with one swipe. detailed information on the option can be found at

How to disable

There are situations when the voiced option is not necessary. The question arises. how to disable the TalkBack feature on Honor. Today, there are three options for solving this problem. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • Press both volume buttons.
  • Keep them pressed for a while.

If successful, you should be able to remove the TalkBack mode on the Honor phone, and the device itself should return to normal operation.

  • Go to Settings and find Manage.
  • Go to Accessibility, and then enter this item again.
  • Turn off the function by moving the toggle switch to the left.

Above are the main ways to turn off TalkBack on Honor 10 and other models.

Who needs TalkBack

Many users are annoyed by the additional functions and sound of everything that happens on the screen. In this case, they try to turn off the mode for the blind on Honor. It’s another matter if a person really sees badly. In this case, TalkBack on Honor helps you understand the capabilities of the smartphone and use its functionality. make calls, read information on the screen and even write SMS. It is for the blind and visually impaired people that the option is provided. It is easy to turn it on / off with the volume joystick, which makes it more convenient to use. A person with poor eyesight can easily control the regime.

Now you know what TalkBack is, how to disable it on Honor, what functions and tasks are assigned to the program. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, unsubscribe if you use this option in your smartphone, in what way you prefer to turn it on and off if necessary.

How to Disable Talkback on Huawei and Honor. 3 Ways

How to disable Talkback on Huawei and Honor? If you asked yourself this question, then you definitely need this article. Usually, such a tool is used by people with low vision, since it actually sounds the actions on the device. But there are circumstances when this tool needs to be turned off. We have compiled step-by-step instructions for users.

We remove through the settings

The second option to remove Talk Back is to draw on the classic smartphone settings. There you need to go to the “Accessibility” column, select the item with the name of the tool, drag the slider to an inactive position.

How to disable Talkback feature on Honor and Huawei

Despite the practicality and usefulness of voice acting, not all Android owners need it. Therefore, the question arises how to disable Talkback on Android Honor and Huawei. There are three ways by which it is possible to deactivate simply and quickly.

Quick shutdown

A quick shutdown effectively pauses the tool. To do this, you need to hold down both volume keys and hold until a vibration response appears. Then let go. This option is suitable for owners of Android 5 and higher. If you have a four, hold down the power button instead of the sound key. Also hold until vibration occurs. After vibration, double-click anywhere on the display. Hold your fingers on the screen a second time as shown in the picture below.

In a few seconds, the voice assistant for the visually impaired will contact you. Then follow the algorithm:

  • open the settings of your Huawei or Honor phone;
  • go to the hotkey adjustment item;
  • select a sound;
  • turn on the adjustment by dragging the slider to the active position;
  • give permission to use on the locked screen (by dragging the slider opposite the line in the same section);
  • go to the quick activation column;
  • in front of the Talkback item, uncheck the box that confirms the disconnection;
  • click “OK”.

Regardless of which phone you have, the algorithm is roughly suitable for other models. For example, Meizu or Samsung. The only thing that may differ is the name of the items.

What is Talkback and what is it for?

First, let’s understand the terminology. Talkback is a special utility developed on the Google platform that voices everything that a smartphone does. It is used by people with weak or poor eyesight, and it is also suitable for the completely blind. In order not to limit these users in communication and calls, the system voice voices each press and options.

In simple words, it is a voice assistant. According to the statistics provided by Huawei in 2021, the voice-over tool is very popular. And this is obvious, because thousands of phone owners have been able to communicate even though they have eye problems. In the phone settings, the tool is located in the “Accessibility” section. It does not take up a lot of RAM and storage space, as it is a built-in element of the system.

Complete removal (root)

But to facilitate the procedure, we present a step-by-step algorithm:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Next, go to “All Applications”, and remove the unnecessary voice assistant. We advise you not to use this method, as it will be difficult to restore it later. If you don’t need this tool, it’s better to just turn it off.

How to turn Talkback back on

If Tolk Back needs to be activated, then the accessibility section will help. It’s in the main settings. There you need to put a mark “ON” in front of the name of the utility.

How to disable Talkback on Android?

The Talkback feature, which is primarily used by people with visual impairments, is unlikely to be turned on accidentally. No, because for this you need to go into the settings and delve into the jungle of the menu. However, it is not uncommon for users to talk about enabling this feature. most likely for fun. Much more interesting is another thing. how to turn off Talkback, because it’s not so easy to do it? The thing is that when using this function, each action must also be confirmed, that is, if you clicked the button, then click on it one more time, and this is inconvenient. How to be?

First, you need to disable Talkback temporarily. this functionality is provided by modern versions of Android. But let’s first show you a screenshot when Talkback is running:

The button that we clicked is highlighted in green. and it was not we who selected it in the editor, it was the system that did it. Pressing it again will open the Phone application. Pressing the buttons again makes it inconvenient to get to the Talkback settings, so we’ll go the other way.

Press the volume up and down keys at the same time.

If at the same time on the screen you see a scale for adjusting the sound, press again until you see such an image with the inscription “Pause Talkback?”. Highlight OK and press again to confirm.

The function has been temporarily suspended. Great, that’s what we need.

Now we tap on the item “Special features”.

Here, as you might guess, you must select the line Talkback.

Confirm disabling Talkback by clicking on the OK button.

Now the function is completely disabled.

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Special abilities

Accessibility makes it easier to use your phone for visual impairments.

Enable / Disable Accessibility

Tap to enable / disable accessibility features such as:

how to turn off TalkBack in honor mobiles. trick to off. by mnr tech

  • Zoom gestures: triple-tap the screen to zoom in / out. Swipe the zoomed image with two fingers to get a better view. Spread your fingers together or apart to adjust the zoom level.
  • Large Text: Displays large text in all applications.
  • TalkBack: Voice guidance for everything you touch.

Configuring TalkBack Settings

Tap Settings and configure the options you want:

  • Loudness of speech. to decrease the volume of TalkBack voice prompts.
  • Voice caller ID. to find out who is calling.
  • Beep and Vibration feedback. to get a more detailed touch response.
  • , to learn about using gestures to navigate your phone. In addition, you can customize these features by assigning the actions or buttons you want to specific gestures.
  • Explore by touch to listen to data before using elements.

Learn more about TalkBack and Explore by touch

TalkBack describes all the items you touch, select, or activate. You can tweak the settings to adjust the volume of TalkBack voice prompts or enable feedback (audible or vibration) for all touches.

You can also use TalkBack with Explore by touch. This changes the way your phone responds to touch, so you need to learn new ways to navigate your phone. When you touch an app or icon, you hear the name of that item. Then you can decide whether to use it or not.

Turn off Explore by touch

  • Use double-touch touch systems to navigate to Settings.
  • Open TalkBack Accessibility Settings and uncheck Explore by touch.