How to Disable Saving Traffic On Phone

Sometimes it becomes necessary to enable special modes in web browsers, as well as on mobile devices. This mode is especially useful in regions where the network is almost inaccessible. Or if you are abroad on a business trip. In this article, you can read about how to enable or disable the saving of traffic on Samsung smartphones.

How to turn off traffic savings for Samsung

When we return home or find sources of unlimited traffic to access the Internet without taking into account data, you can turn off traffic savings. In Samsung models, this is done as easily as in any other Android smartphones.

    Go to your phone’s settings. To do this, select the gear icon on the main screen;

No further settings are required. All your save settings will be canceled.

Samsung Internet Download Control Function

If you are far from home and do not have access to unlimited Internet, you need to save traffic, and not turn off traffic savings. Most often we are talking about the mobile Internet, which today is in almost every tariff for mobile services. Samsung smartphones have a built-in feature that helps control the download.

How to Disable Saving Traffic On Phone

In many smartphone models from a popular brand, you can enable it as follows:

  1. Open the settings of your mobile phone. Gear icon (settings) can be found on the main screen or in the shortcut menu;
  2. We find the section “Traffic” or “Traffic control” and select it;

Now it is possible to adjust the volume of downloads. Thus, if under the terms of your mobile tariff for the month 3 gigabytes are allotted, then using the side controls set this interval. The first regulator, which is below, is a warning message from the system. You will receive it as soon as the amount of spent traffic on Samsung reaches this mark. The second regulator indicates the number of downloads, upon reaching which the Internet will turn off.

Press the phone’s “Menu” button to display a context menu where you can select a limit for background processes. And also limit the various auto-sync applications and their other features to save money.

What is background data in traffic settings?

When setting the limit of Internet traffic and turning off traffic savings, we come across a concept such as background data. Some users may not know what it is. Almost every mobile application can update over the network when connected to the Internet. This process is sometimes considered background if you activate the automatic update setting in the application settings. Thus, with the release of new updates, the application asks the server for this data to download. Then installs them in the Samsung device.

We do not control the downloaded data. And often we don’t even know the amount of data that will be downloaded by the application. This process is background, as it is able to work in parallel with other running applications. The update process can be started at any time: when we play mobile games, watch Youtube or talk on the phone. The main condition for its work is the connection to the global network.

If you care about saving every megabyte of mobile Internet, be sure to limit your background data.

You can do this in the menu that we already opened in the previous chapter:

  1. Go to the settings, as we did when we turned off saving your traffic on Samsung;
  2. We include the function “Set Limit”;