How to disable safe mode on your Lenovo phone

What is safe mode in Android and what is it for

Your new Android smartphone or tablet always runs smoothly and glitch-free. But what to do if in the future use the device suddenly “lags”, its speed slows down, applications do not work correctly, unstably reacts to the sensor? Such problems can be solved by turning on the safe mode. In Android devices, Safe Mode gives you a chance to find out what is causing the problem.

If the phone works normally in a safe mode, then the “glitches” with it are due to an application.


For the beginning let’s describe the basic methods of how to get your phone out of this mode.

A simple reset helps in 65% of all cases of this malfunction to the service center.

Usually Safe mode is activated by accidental button presses due to user inattention, in a. Bag and other situations, so “seven troubles. One Reset”. This proverb in the IT world is also true for Android operating systems. Rebooting is done in the usual way. With the help of the power key of the device, through the menu: “turn off”, “reboot”, “in flight” and “silent”. It works in 85% of cases, because the safe mode is enabled by the user forcibly, during the start of the software.

Using the volume buttons while booting

In rare cases, the system hangs in safe mode and does not want to enter the normal state by normal means. Then a forced Hard Reset boot will be required:

  • Turn off the gadget completely, then start it up again.
  • At the start/loading logo press and hold volume up (or volume down on some models) until system starts.

If done correctly, Android will start up in its normal state.

How to enable?

Here’s where you can go at great length to look at activation methods for each brand, certain versions of Android. I found more than a dozen variations on the internet, most of which are obtained by experience.

  • Hold down the button to turn off the device until the screen displays a list of actions. It may look differently (it depends on the version of “Android”, modifications of the graphical shell. MIUI, Flyme, etc.).Д.). Now hold your finger on the item responsible for turning off the power until you are prompted to go into safe mode. A reboot will follow and after a couple of minutes you will see a refreshed desktop with the characteristic notification in the corner:
  • The second method (relevant to older devices): the gadget is pre-disconnected. Press the “Power” and when the logo appears (Mi, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus), it is worth to press the touch menu button. It is usually located on the left, but sometimes on the right. Do not let go until the phone is fully loaded:

There is a modification of the method. Instead of the menu key, the “Volume” button is pressed.”, although this combination may in some devices lead to start Fastboot. Or you should hold both “” and “-” at the same time when activating power.

If you have Xiaomi, it is not so simple. I tried it on my Redmi Note 4. The above options did not work. Looking for a solution on the forum. Https://c.Mi.Com/thread-1559399-1-0.Html

How to Enable Safe Mode on LENOVO Tab 4. Exit Safe Mode |HardReset.Info

General characteristic of the procedure

Switching to the device’s default mode becomes a difficult task, at first glance. After the manipulation not every phone is restored to its typical position.

Features of the state

Experienced computer system users know the existence of safe mode in Windows. However, the mobile device is also subjected to different states and goes to the same mode on Android.

Safe mode is a part of the Android system, which helps in case of overload. Initially, the reason for the system boot changeover is determined. It happens due to a failure or a serious application error. The user faces the challenge of how to get out of safe mode on Android and restore the phone, saving all the settings and information.

In some versions of the operating system a notification is sent to the user when switching to a different state. Applications that malfunction are a common cause of your device going into safe mode. To remove it, you need to uninstall recently downloaded applications.

How to turn safe mode on & off in lenovo android phone

There are several ways to disable safe mode on Android. This means that if you follow the instructions and perform basic actions, there will be no problems with loss of information and files. In the settings of the gadget opens the list of programs and in the tab downloaded removes unnecessary applications. It is recommended to deactivate all installed programs. Then the device is rebooted. Otherwise, other options are used.

Ways to recover the system

Make sure that the smartphone or tablet is in safe mode by looking at the screen. There appears the inscription about the protective mode. If there is no such notification in the corner of the desktop, the mode is disabled. In case of failure, you need to reboot the device.

In order to remove the security mode, you need to turn off your phone or tablet and remove the battery for at least half a minute.

Then reinsert the battery and turn the device back on. After this operation the Android system and the phone operate as usual and all applications, contacts and other information are preserved.

The negative feature is the problematic removal of the battery, so this option is not suitable for all devices. There are many other ways to exit the safe mode. The “Home” button (power on and off) is clamped in the process of rebooting the phone or tablet. But for some reason not all devices support this reset function.

You can turn off safe mode on your phone by pressing the volume up or volume down button. This option resets to default settings, so all saved information will be lost. All the applications can be returned after manipulation.

Procedure for specific models

On Lenovo (Lenovo) you can disable safe mode in several ways. For example, to remove the battery for a few minutes and reinsert it. The device must be rebooted and at this time press the “Home” key and hold it until it boots fully. After turning on the smartphone, press the volume down key. It is important to hold your fingers in this position until the device fully boots. Reboot Lenovo again and at power on press the sound boost button and hold until fully activated.

To turn off a safe mode on phone ZTE, Fly (Fly), Dexp and other models possible in several ways. When an unknown program interferes with the normal operation of the device, you should not immediately give the phone to the service center, if you can try to restore the work yourself.

disable, safe, mode, your, lenovo

It is necessary to go to the settings, select the application manager and the specific object to delete. Your phone restarts in a normal mode after removal. If despite all attempts to use various methods, the security mode appears again, then it is better to start over and reset. Before returning the device to its pristine appearance, a backup copy of the data is created. User goes to settings, selects backup and reset. After rebooting, the standard mode is restored.

The Hard Reset method is similar to a factory reset, but it is done by the developer’s method. A hardware reset deletes everything from the smartphone, including the cache and memory, which are not deleted by a factory reset.

Hard Reset cleans the phone starting from scratch. Safety mode moves the smartphone or tablet to a safe zone, and this feature is used by developers and programmers to debug the application.

Try to remove the battery

This method can not be called reliable, because removing the battery while the phone is running leads to undesirable consequences. However, when all of the above options don’t work, you need to take the following steps:

  • Open the back cover of the phone and remove the battery.
  • Hold the device off for a few seconds or better for minutes.
  • Insert the power supply into the smartphone.
  • Wait again for a while.
  • Restart the system with the power button.

How to turn it on

Before understanding how to turn off this platform, let’s understand the issue of its activation, as it is directly related to the shutdown. Regardless of whether you use the phone “Lenovo”, “Nokia” or “Samsung”, the transition to the Safe mode will be performed as follows:

  • Press the power button until it pops up.
  • Hold your finger on the virtual “Restart” button for a few seconds.
  • Confirm the transition to safe mode through the prompt that pops up after holding the button for a long time.

Sometimes to put the device into Safe Mode, you need to hold down the “Shutdown” button instead of “Restart”. Therefore it makes sense to try both options. Note that on “ZTE” smartphones it is possible to start the safe platform in a different way:

disable, safe, mode, your, lenovo
  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • Hold the power key until you hear a vibration.
  • As soon as ZTE starts to vibrate, press both volume knobs to enter Safe Mode.

If everything is done correctly, and you managed to enter the safe shell, then the corresponding notification will appear on the desktop. Usually it is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, but depending on the specific model it may be located in another place.

How to activate Lenovo Safe Mode on Windows

When you turn on Windows 7 or XP, you need to click on the F8 button, after which a special menu will be displayed. The user will only need to select one of the modes, and then run the boot.

With Windows 8 this mode is activated in a similar way. Just click on F8 at startup. Instead of it, you can use the Shift F8 key combination. As a result, a menu will appear on the screen, where you will have to select the boot mode. This option should be applied when there are problems with the device, due to which you can not access the desktop.

However, there is another option, which is suitable for Windows 10 is to use the program msconfig. It is required to specify “Boot” in its main menu, then. “Safe Boot” (located in the “Boot Options”). You should also not forget to specify “Minimum”. After rebooting, the system will always start booting in Safe Mode.

Ways to disable the safe mode on Android

How to disable safe mode on Android? Not every user can cope with such a task. To date, there are several ways to disable safe mode.

  • The first method is considered the easiest, because you only need to remove the battery for half a minute, then return it to the phone and try to turn it on.
  • The second option also does not require much effort. Reboot the phone and at the same time start holding the “Home” button. It is necessary to hold the button until there will be a full reboot.
  • There are also a few more ways to remove safe mode on Android. If the previous options didn’t work, then restart the phone again and simultaneously hold down the volume down button. Keep holding until a full reboot.
  • The following variation works on the same principle. Reboot the phone and simultaneously hold down the button, but this time. For increasing volume. Hold down until a full reboot occurs.

Perhaps these are the main ways that can answer the most popular query on the Internet, which sounds like this: “safe mode on Android how to disable“.

It is worth noting that in most cases, the most basic people who use the phone for trivial purposes may need help. So this information will help them to save their own money and not to apply for paid help to the services or individuals who repair phones.

How to remove the safe mode on Android, can answer every IT programmer, or a person working in the technical field. But still, until all the available ways are tried, it is worth postponing the visit. Surprisingly, but according to statistics, the services of such specialists are quite expensive. For example, most companies impose diagnosis, which will cost everyone at least 500. Additional services are paid for separately.

In addition, in addition, it is recommended from time to time to look at the main screen, as in some phones there are automatically messages suggesting to remove the safe mode. Safe mode does not allow you to use those applications that have been installed with free or paid third-party content, so it is not even worth wasting your own time to try to run them. In addition, it is worth noting that depending on the Android program version, the order of disabling the safe mode may vary, so this aspect should also be paid attention to.