How to disable Safe Mode on Honor 7a

What is Safe Mode on Android?

Android Safe Mode is a system operation mode in which only the system applications that came with the device at the time of purchase work.

What is it for? The fact is that if your smartphone or tablet begins to work slowly, quickly discharged, or even constantly reboots, you can find out if third-party programs are to blame for these problems. If problems with the device disappear in safe mode, then you need to look for the source of the problem by removing (disabling) individual applications.

How else can you turn off Safe Mode?

Surely all experienced users working on the “Windows” operating system know that a safe operating mode is provided for troubleshooting and solving any problems. But not everyone is aware that mobile gadgets can also be loaded in a similar design shell.

Let’s try to figure out how to turn on your phone in Safe Mode (“Android”), and what steps you need to follow for this. We will consider ordinary devices. tablets and smartphones running on the official (stock) firmware. If you have upgraded the gadget with an amateur (custom) firmware, then the actions described below may respond incorrectly, or not work at all.

How to enable safe mode on Android. detailed instructions, option one

This guide is valid for most smartphones and tablets. If you own a Nexus smartphone or tablet, or put your device into Safe Mode, use the following method:

  • Press and hold the “Turn off” button on the screen.
  • Confirm the request to put the device into safe mode.

The first way

You need to press and hold the power button of the gadget until the reboot pop-up menu appears. Then you need to press and hold your finger on the item “Disconnect the device”. After 5-10 seconds, a dialog box should be displayed, which will warn you about the transition to the safe mode of operation after clicking on the “OK” button. Some versions of “Android” (usually tablets and phablets) can reboot immediately without any additional windows. Please keep this in mind before enabling Safe Mode on your Android tablet.

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After clicking on the “OK” button, your gadget should restart and start only on the basic system services. over, the process may take some time, a little more than with a normal download.

How to enable safe mode in huawei honor. How do I enable Safe Mode on Android? detailed instructions

Having problems in the operation of your communication device due to downloading some applications, or your Android started to “glitch” for no apparent reason? We recommend that you put Android into Safe Mode. In addition to the modes and. in devices based on Android, Google has laid down another mode. safe.

When you turn on safe mode on Android, the operating system of the device automatically disables all installed applications, so you get the opportunity to make sure that it is the applications that slow down the smartphone, or that frequent reboots and freezes occur due to the manufacturer’s fault. In the second case, the service center will help you solve the problem.

How to enter Safe Mode on Android?

First, let’s show an example on stock Android (version 4.4).

Press the on / off button of the device until a menu appears on the screen, as shown in the screenshot.

We tap on “Turn off the power” (or “Turn off”) and hold your finger in this position for about one second, after which a sign will appear on the screen, symbolizing the transition to safe mode. In our case, there is no sign, a message appears immediately stating that the device will be rebooted. Click OK.

The device will reboot and boot it already in safe mode, as indicated by the corresponding inscription at the bottom of the screen. By the way, you may notice how much faster your device has become.

As for devices with other launchers, the process of enabling Safe Mode may be slightly different in them, but this is rare. The following example is based on Samsung Galaxy.

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Turn off the device in the standard way. We launch it and as soon as the Samsung icon appears on the screen, press the volume down button (down) and hold it until the desktop loads.

As in the first case, in the lower left corner you will see the inscription “Safe Mode”.

Why do you need this mode?

Before enabling safe mode on “Android” let’s decide why it might be needed at all on this platform. As you know, the operating system “Android” is distinguished by its, so to speak, democratic character, while other shells try to secure their “inner world” as much as possible from possible mistakes of a novice operator. That is, the user has access to almost all software corners of the gadget. With the help of third-party software, you can easily change not only the appearance of the operating system, but also its behavior, and beyond recognition. And as often happens, such beauty comes at a price.

If, after all your interventions, the platform began to slow down, freeze, and generally ceased to function normally, then you begin to wonder: “How to enable safe mode on Android to eliminate these lags?”

The fact is that this mode can be called “clean”, that is, when it starts, only the main system services are connected, where you can trace the history of installed applications and make some corrections, and then reboot into a normal working state.

So how do you enable Safe Mode on Android? In total, you can count two main ways that will allow you to enter a “clean” system.

How to disable Safe mode?

As a rule, this mode turns off after restarting the gadget, and there is no need to perform any additional steps. If the phone continues to start in safe mode, then the platform does not want to work correctly with installed third-party applications or the system is completely damaged.

The only way out in this case. this is a reset of all settings to factory defaults (“Settings”. “System reset”). Separately, it should be noted that all information will be deleted in this case, so worry about transferring the phone book and other important data in advance.

Although Android is a fairly stable and secure operating system, it is still not immune to various crashes and the impact of third-party software. But there is a great function for diagnosing problems related to programs on your device.

How to disable Safe Mode on Honor or Huawei?

You can accidentally turn on safe mode on your smartphone, although you will have to try hard for this. you need to accidentally press a certain key combination, and more than once. Nevertheless, some users manage to do this. And the question arises. how to remove safe mode? And the chest opens simply.

First, take a look at what the desktop looks like when Safe Mode is enabled:

This is not only the inscription, but also the disabling of third-party applications. only the built-in ones remain working. The next screen is the usual mode of operation.

To disable safe mode on a smartphone, press the shutdown button and hold it for about one second.

When the menu appears on the screen, simply select “Restart”.

Huawei SAFE MODE | Tips and Tricks

Wait for the device to load and And that’s it! The smartphone will boot normally. Yes, you’re not wrong. all you had to do was restart your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can select the “Shutdown” item, and then manually turn on the smartphone.

If the device just turned off, turn it on in the most usual way.

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How to remove safe mode

A common question on the Web is how to disable Safe Mode on Honor. As a rule, it occurs after the completion of diagnostics or when the option is accidentally enabled. To remove Safe Mode on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Press the Power button from the end of the mobile device.
  • Wait for the menu to appear.
  • Select Reboot.
  • Wait for the mobile device to restart.

This is the easiest method to turn off Safe Mode on your Honor Android phone. If the considered option for some reason did not work, you can use other ways. One solution is to get and install the battery in the phone. This method is only suitable for older models that have this option.

If this method does not work either, try removing safe mode on Honor 7a or another device by resetting to factory settings. This is a last resort and is appropriate in a situation where other options do not work.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to the System and Updates section.
  • Click on the Reset button.
  • Choose to reset all settings or restore to factory defaults.
  • Follow the instructions.
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If it doesn’t work through the menu, you can disable Safe Mode on Honor 7a via Recovery. To do this, turn off the phone, and then press the power and volume up. When the boot starts, release the power key and keep holding the volume. Select wipe data / factory reset from the menu and confirm the action. After that, select the option to restart the smartphone.

How to remove and disable Safe Mode on Honor phone in a couple of clicks

How to disable Safe Mode on Honor phone? Press the shutdown button and hold it until the menu appears. In it, select the reboot item and wait for the process to complete. Don’t do anything else. The phone restarts and returns to normal operation. If this does not work, you may need to remove the battery (if possible) or a full reset.

What is Safe Mode and what is it for

Before you turn off Safe Mode on your Honor with Android, make sure you no longer need it. To do this, you need to know what Safe Mode is for and how it is used. In simple words, this is a built-in option designed to analyze the state of the smartphone and correct errors that have occurred. The latter can appear after installing applications, cloning them or surfing the Internet. After testing is complete, you can disable Safe Mode on Honor 7a and other models at any time.

If, after switching to Safe Mode, the smartphone began to work faster, then the problems are caused by some program. To restore the performance of the Honor phone, the “extra” software must be removed or reinstalled. Most often, problems arise from software that is launched at boot time. If you recently installed the program, after which you have problems with your smartphone, you need to remove it, even if you have to uninstall Google Chrome to do this.

It is also advisable to remove unnecessary software from startup. The mobile device may not have enough RAM to function properly. Alternatively, you can remove one application, and then uninstall unnecessary programs one by one. In this way, it is possible to find out which software caused the malfunction. Please note, however, that applications are limited in safe mode. But on the other hand, they are easy to remove and thereby clean the device. After completing the work, it remains to turn off safe mode on Honor 7a or another model in use.

In general, there are several reasons for using Safe Mode. With its help you can:

  • Remove viruses and applications that are not removed normally.
  • Run only factory applications to see the device’s performance without unnecessary software.
  • Check the correctness of the Honor phone, for example, video, slow motion, photos and other options.

Safe Mode helps to remove problems that cannot be resolved after downloading applications. The support service often recommends using this option if there is a suspicion of a failure of a function.

How to enable safe mode

When it becomes necessary to test an Honor phone, another question arises. how to enable safe mode on Honor 7, 10, 20 or other models. There are two methods available here.

  • Disconnect your mobile device.
  • Press the power button until a window appears with items to select.
  • Select Disconnect and hold your finger on it for a few seconds.
  • When prompted to enable Safe Mode, confirm this step.
  • Agree to reboot and wait for the process to complete.

After completing the above steps, the device will restart, and the Safe Mode message will appear on the screen. This indicates the correctness of the work performed. After completing the check, this option must be removed. How to properly turn off safe mode on Honor 7a and other devices, we discussed above.

If the first method did not work, use the second enable option:

How to of safe mode in honour 7s

  • Turn on your phone.
  • Immediately after starting, press and fix the volume down button.
  • Hold it until the Honor phone boots.

As in the previous case, the mobile device is loaded into Safe Mode: third-party applications do not start, but it is easy to enter the main programs (for example, Google Chrome or Google Maps). You can also see how the functions of a mobile phone work.

Now you know how to remove Safe Mode on Honor from Android and how to enable this option. With its help, you can easily test your phone and find any errors. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience of how you use Safe Mode, and how you activate it.

What you can do while your phone is in Safe Mode

If you put your smartphone in this mode, tried to launch stock applications and noticed that the device began to work faster, then the problem with slowdowns, freezes and crashes is caused by some third-party program. Now you need to identify this program and remove (or reinstall) it.

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Which third-party application might be the culprit? First of all, we advise you to pay attention to those that automatically start when the device boots. These can be widgets. Or, if you recently installed or updated an application, and after that the phone began to “slow down” and reboot, then, most likely, you will have to uninstall the same application.

We also advise you to remove unnecessary applications from startup. When too many programs are running in the background, the phone runs out of resources (RAM, for example) to function properly. You can remove applications from startup one by one, and thus find out which one was causing the problem. In general, it is better to regularly clear the cache on Honor and free up space from unnecessary applications and files.

Note: You may not be able to run applications in Safe Mode, but you can uninstall them. Always uninstall apps in Safe Mode and then reboot to test your device.

What is Safe Mode on Honor, how to turn it off and on

Safe mode on an Android smartphone is a way to turn on the device without launching any third-party applications, which usually start immediately after the operating system has finished loading. For example, the clock or calendar widgets are automatically loaded on the home screen of the phone.

Honor only runs stock Android in safe mode, so this option is a great tool for identifying (not fixing!) Problems related to incorrect operation of applications installed by the user. It is important to know that when you start the smartphone in “safe mode”, such applications cannot work at all. even after the device is booted.

What does reboot in safe mode give??

First of all, it allows you to narrow down the range of problems causing the phone to malfunction or malfunction. If the smartphone works normally in safe mode, the problem is not in the hardware, and repair or replacement is not required. The user will only have to find out which of the applications is the cause of the crashes.

Note. The instructions given below are suitable for any model of Honor phones. 10, 7a, 7, 8, 9 Lite and so on.

How to enable Safe Mode on Honor

Before putting your device into Safe Mode, you need to properly reboot your Honor. This simple procedure can solve most problems, but it must be done correctly. When you press the power button, the phone only goes into “suspend mode“, not actually shutdown. In order to turn off the device, we do this:

  • Press and hold the power button until a menu appears on the screen with a set of functions to turn off the phone.
  • The menu may contain the option “Restart”. If so, press this button to turn the phone off and on by itself.
  • If the menu does not have the option “Restart”, select “Turn off”.

It may take a few seconds for Honor to turn off. When the screen is completely off, press and hold the power button until the brand logo appears and you feel a slight vibration. At this moment, you must press and do not release the volume down key for a few seconds.

It is not always possible to catch the moment when the vibration is felt, then the volume down key can be pressed immediately after pressing the power button. If you do not release it for a few seconds, the phone will boot into safe mode.

An alternative way to switch to safe mode:

  • Press the power button as we did above.
  • Instead of pressing the “Shutdown” or “Restart” button, hold your finger on the “Shutdown” option. After a few seconds, the system will offer to reboot into safe mode.
  • Click “OK” to continue the process.

After the reboot is complete, the screen will display “Safe Mode”. This is a confirmation that the smartphone has successfully switched to safe mode.

Note: Third party apps will not run in Safe Mode, including any widgets that were installed by the user. But, for example, you can launch Google Chrome or Google Maps in order to see if Honor is working normally.

How to disable safe mode

Exiting Safe Mode is easy. To do this, you just need to restart your phone. After that, by default, Android always boots normally.

If you reboot but are still in safe mode, it means that Android has encountered a problem with an app that automatically starts at boot or one of the operating system files. First try uninstalling apps that automatically come with android (user created home screens and widgets). After uninstalling these apps, try restarting your phone again.