How to Disable Ringtone On Phone

How to Disable Ringtone On Phone

Almost all mobile operators offer an option that allows callers, during a call, to listen to tunes instead of beeps. At MTS, this service is called GOOD’OK. This function is in great demand, as it gives a touch of personality and helps to spend time waiting for an answer, listening to pleasant music.

Panel for selecting and setting the melody

You can choose from a large number of tunes, in various styles and directions, from classical to heavy metal. You can also remove the beeps and put a funny joke or “joke” to cheer up the callers.

Many MTS tariff plans allow you to disable the usual phone beep for incoming calls and replace them with music. And when switching to some tariffs, the service of connecting melodies instead of beeps is automatically turned on. At such tariffs, the initial payment for the tariff plan includes a gift melody. After the set time, the service is extended and the subscriber has the right to refuse it manually.

Usually, when you connect the service, an SMS alert comes. Many simply do not notice it or do not understand its meaning, and then they are surprised at the high cost of communication. No need to scold the mobile operator. It may not be to blame for anything. Just use the communication services more carefully, periodically check which services are connected to your account and disconnect unnecessary ones.

Ways to delete a ringtone from a beep

  • You can disable the “Beep” service through your personal account on the site goodok.Mts.Ru
  • To disable this service, you can use the MTS-Service mobile application. Launch it and put the slider corresponding to the service to the “Disabled” state.
  • You can also turn off the melody instead of the beep by typing the combination 11129 # on the mobile phone’s keyboard and pressing the call button.
  • You can cancel the service in your account on the MTS website or by calling the 0890 customer support contact short number.

The connection and disconnection of the service itself is free, but its use costs from 50 to 120 rubles per month, depending on the category of the melody. Not every subscriber is willing to pay money for something that he himself does not even hear.

If you still want people calling you to hear not dull long beeps, but pleasant music or a funny joke, activate the “Beep” service. It is very easy to do. There are several convenient options:

  • Through a personal Internet account or the MTS-Service mobile application;
  • Calling the special number 0550 and choosing the option you need in the voice menu;
  • By dialing a combination of numbers on the telephone 111221 # press a call, then selecting your favorite music or joke.

This option is available for all operators and is popular with some subscribers. But sometimes there is a need to turn it off. The reasons may be different. For example, reluctance to spend a fixed amount daily. Or just tired. It is not difficult to remove the music function and return the standard sounds.

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Command. How to disable a paid melody instead of a beep on Tele2

There are two options for how to remove music from a beep on a Tele2 call from a mobile phone for free:

  • USSD command 1309 # call button. After sending it, you will receive a request to confirm the disconnection.
  • USSD command 130 # call button. A window with a menu will appear on the screen, where you select the necessary items.
  • USSD command 130,000 # to deactivate the extended service option.

If you want to know again how to put music instead of a beep, read the information here. After that, the song will be turned off instead of the beep for an outgoing call on Tele2, the monthly deductions will stop. At the same time, the saved songs and settings will not be deleted for another month, so that you can use them as before if you decide to activate the service again. Also read how to disable all unnecessary subscriptions from the Tele2 operator.

About service

This is a paid option, connected at the request of the subscriber to any tariff. Its purpose is to replace the usual sound when dialing a number to a melody.

The service is connected in three ways:

  • In the appropriate section on the site.
  • By calling 0550, about which there is an article on our website.
  • Sending USSD Command 1151 #
  • USSD Command 130777 # for Hooter

How to disable the beep on Tele2: 24 comments

We connected the melody to the CORPORATE number. I don’t have access to my personal account. My wife said that I’m playing Glucose, which makes me incredibly happy. This is arrogance of the highest level, and for this you can safely break your fingers!

Today, December 22, 2019, I’m sitting at a computer, a short instant messenger from TELE2 arrives, you have a beep service with music activated, such and such, but the fact of the matter is that in my personal account I completely disabled this service. At the same time, when they really need instant messaging tools, they come from third-party organizations for days and months!

How to disable the beep and how to disable unsubscribe

How to disconnect one melody from the list of melodies in the archive

The service “Beep” as a period for women, returns once a month, eats up the remaining balances on the account. It is treated by removing the Tele2 card and changing the operator.

Alexei, as I agree with you.

I called the operator, clarifying that I did not connect music to the beeps. They told me that the company does not do this and does not impose services, they say I connected everything myself. Nonsense.

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You need to dial 1309 # CALL and disconnect. I managed.

Many thanks! Also happened according to your advice

Fuh thank you so much.

Call 604, listen to the menu, then dial 0 and turn it off, but at the same time go to your personal account every day. What else to do then? Terrible deal with the consumer

I got Tele2 already with this service, which is connected without my consent! I’ll have to change the operator, although before that everything was fine with me. Terribly enrages.

The Buzzer service through the office is not disabled. I did not allow connection. As soon as I disconnected the “Beep”. The “Who called” service was activated right away in my office. For 0.6 rubles per day !! Disconnected. Now she is in inactive services for 0.5 rubles per day. Are you fucked up there? Or does Tele-2 need to study its advertising? To anyone who has faced the same attempt to steal your money, I strongly recommend that you often go to your personal office. Tele-2 will wait

How to connect a melody, so you don’t need a bunch of ways, or the consent of subscribers, But how to turn off this service, you still need to look for a way, and even run through the salons of Tele2.
What is this? Why they connect me something that I didn’t give consent to, and even write off money. I don’t need your creaky tunes !! I am satisfied with the usual beeps.

When. Rudeness will end with the connection of the paid HUDOK service without my consent. And now Х А М С Т В О О went even further, they blocked the disconnection of the service in the personal account.

How to remove the beep service on the phone. Through the personal account does not work.

Connected “beep” and “own beep”. Is it possible to turn off the “beep” while leaving “my beep”?

Yes, these are different services.

How to disable the service “your horn”

5 times sent does not turn off. What the hell?

Perhaps, the majority of modern subscribers of any of the mobile operators, probably knows what kind of service “Beep” is and what it was created for. This proposal allows you to install any other audio files instead of the usual beeps that we hear when dialing to the subscriber. The megaphone, in turn, provides the ability to set the following sounds:

  • Musical composition;
  • Congratulations on any holiday;
  • Date reminder;
  • Joke;
  • Audio joke.

The option is in great demand among subscribers, and therefore today we want to talk about how to activate and deactivate the service “Replace the Horn” on the Megaphone.

Activation of the “Beep” service

Activation of this option can be done at once in several different ways. This is about:

  • Connecting via the voice menu, which can be reached by number 0770;
  • Activate the option by entering the appropriate USSD format code on your smartphone. The code is as follows: 77011 #;
  • Sending to activate an empty text message to number 0770;
  • Connecting through the official web portal of the service, located at zg.Megafon.Ru. On it you need to register and select the desired version of the dial tone for activation.
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The cost of using the “Beep” service from MegaFon

The option, of course, is not provided to subscribers for free, and has certain financial conditions, according to which it can be used. They look as follows:

  • Activation of the option is free;
  • Subscription fee. 2 rubles in a daily format;
  • Connecting a melody. 30-90 rubles in a one-time / monthly format (depending on the type of selected melody);
  • Ordering tunes on a daily billing basis. From 1 to 5 rubles;
  • Activation of the service “Music box”. From 30 to 120 rubles;
  • Making calls and sending text messages to the service number 0770 is free of charge.

Perhaps, precisely because of the availability of financial conditions that many subscribers may not like, they are thinking about how to turn off the melody instead of the beep on MegaFon. And now we will consider this information.

The command to disable “Replace the beep” from MegaFon

To deactivate the action of an option, the subscriber needs to dial the USSD-code in the format 77012 # from the phone on which it is in the activated state. The option will turn off almost immediately.

Note that if the option is deactivated on the subscriber’s phone number, advertising information about the provision of the beep service can be used instead of a beep.

How to disable the beep on MegaFon via SMS

The operator did not rule out the possibility of deactivating the option through sending text messages. To deactivate the service, you just need to send an SMS message to number 0770, in the body of which the number 1 will be indicated. The option will also be disabled as soon as possible.

Deactivating the “Beep” service in the voice menu

You probably noticed that when connecting the option, we also had access to the method, which consisted of making a call to the voice menu number. Of course, deactivation of the option can also be performed through this service. You can do it this way:

  1. Call the number 0770.
  2. Listen to the information offered to you.
  3. Press the number 4 to go to the next menu.
  4. Press 1 to disable the option.
  5. Confirm the action.

Similar to previous options, the service will be disconnected in the near future.

How to disconnect a personal beep from MegaFon

As part of the proposal from the operator, there is also an option to connect a melody that will play for a particular subscriber in case of outgoing calls in any direction. You can deactivate this option directly through the service portal, the address of which we have already noted above. All this is done in a personal account on the site in seconds.