How to Disable Permanent Advertising on the Phone

Advertising, of course, is needed. She tells us information that can be very useful. But its obsession at times is very annoying, especially when the advertisement itself appears on the phone. If a user of a mobile device accidentally or unknowingly opened another free application and received constantly pop-up windows with unnecessary offers as a reward for curiosity, then it’s time to look for a solution to the problem of how to remove ads from the phone.

How to Disable Permanent Advertising on the Phone

The users of computers, laptops and various tablets were taken care of properly. here you have antiviruses for every taste and color, and protection from spyware and trojans, and a lot of firewalls. What has been done to protect mobile devices? In terms of special programs. not enough.

But it’s not worth it to look sad when you see on the screen of your favorite gadget an annoying window with an annoying advertisement that you want to crumple and forcefully throw away, like a flyer in your mailbox. How to remove pop-up ads on the phone? There is a way, and not one! It is only a pity that there are also many reasons for its appearance.

Problem depth

Who wasn’t angry because the pop-up window obscured an exciting online game? You close the window, but suddenly it appears again and again, changing the subject from interesting to vulgar and indecent! But this is not enough. advertising harms not only nerves. Behind herself, she is able to drag a serious virus, which “will eat” phone inside.

Battery power is spent on every action of the phone. the more often you have to close unnecessary inserts, the faster the battery will drain. For that matter, it’s true: because of advertising, charging takes twice as fast, which can be a disaster on a long trip or for a long walk for example.

Now about the pressing. about Internet traffic. It is spent on useless and maybe dangerous advertising, that is, you pay out of pocket what you don’t need for nothing. And, by the way, very often the minimized window does not turn off, but goes into work processes. You do not see it while it scoops up the resources of your mobile device.

Asking the question: “An advertisement pops up on the phone, how to remove it?”, First you need to find out how it happened.

For Android gadget owners, this problem is not new. And this happens in one of these scenarios:

a) applications bring it, as a rule, free of charge;

b) viruses are caught in the network in the form of advertisements that look like applications;

c) viruses in the firmware itself.

What to do?

There is a more difficult solution, from the category of “do-it-yourself”. For those with modern technology at the “you”, this option disappears. Just because an unusual process can cause panic and many unnecessary, if not irreparable actions, although technically everything is simple.

You need to get hold of root-rights with the help of programs created specifically for this (in general, root-rights for advanced users open up almost limitless possibilities) and a file manager.

Then, using a computer, you need to download a file called hosts, transfer it to a USB flash drive, install the file manager directly into a folder in the gadget’s memory. / system / ets /. Just remember to copy the primary file, the one that hosts, just in case.

The downloaded file will itself begin to drive all this advertising evil. And no longer have to ask all friends and acquaintances: “Advertising on the phone screen, how to remove?” She just won’t appear anymore.

Of the most drastic measures when figuring out how to remove ads on an Android phone, do not connect to the Internet and Wi-Fi at all.

If these methods did not help?

But, alas, the above methods. for easy situations, when answering the question of how to remove ads from the phone, when it can be minimized so as not to interfere, until the next ascent.

It happens that the window that appears does not allow normal use of the phone and does not clean so easily. If this happens, then it’s time to get acquainted with safe mode. Everything is simple here: long press the power button until the smartphone prompts you to turn it off or restart; click on the option “off” and hold for ten seconds; The “smart” machine will understand everything and offer a window with the transition to safe mode. After switching on, a translucent inscription “Safe mode” should appear on the screen.

Now the ad will not pop up. But you should not relax. You need to find the item “Security” in the settings, and there. “Device Administrators”.

This is where all the programs with administrator rights will appear. And among them, like real spies, hateful trojans and applications lurked. Find them. and immediately deprive the administrator. But just in case, you should check with the basic filling of the gadget. not all suspicious names for you are needed.

After that, in the settings, find the line “Applications”, look for viruses among them and delete it without any pity. And rejoice in the effectiveness of the answer to the question of how to remove ads from the phone.


For complete confidence and reinsurance, you can completely reset all programs to the factory settings level. This is done in the settings, in the “Restore and reset” item. Next, go to “Reset Settings” and click on the “Reset Phone Settings” button.

There is another option to find a key on the side of the smartphone’s case to reset the settings, but you can find out the desired button (or combination) only in the device’s passport or on the network.

When the problem is deeper.

The most negative version, but, unfortunately, is taking place, because of which the user is tormented by the question of how to remove constant advertising on the phone, this is a virus installed by the manufacturer on the gadget system itself, and, most likely, intentionally. This happens when dealing with fakes of hardworking Chinese plagiarists. Here, the already familiar root rights and additional utilities like Titanium backup will rush to the rescue. This will help stop or erase malicious applications. But if they are important, they will have to be reinstalled, others are already, of course, “clean”.

There are a few “buts”: all the data, except the SIM card memory, will most likely fly away forever, the device will be as if it’s just bought, so do not forget to backup it sometimes. But flashing the system, taken from other sites, will deprive you of warranty service.

User vs. trojans

But cunning creators of viruses are not easy to get around. They pore in front of their computers to spoil the blood of the owners of the phones. And all these methods may, unfortunately, not work, and the problem will arise again. If there is no way to take your long-suffering device for repair, you will have to try yourself a little more.

As mentioned above, root privileges are best paired with the Lucky patcher app. With this application, your hands will be untied even more. It is able in almost any program to find an advertising worm and stall its work, that is, to freeze. If you run Lucky patcher, it will provide a list of programs that carry the embedded virus, and the program also has the function of removing ads.

Important subtleties

The root privileges mentioned several times are worth a few words. They will allow:

  • work with some applications that do not start without these rights.
  • Use the advanced features of an Android phone.
  • reflash device.
  • speed up the processor.
  • fix system files.

Useful thing. But updates from the manufacturer will no longer appear by themselves, but with root installed. Warranty service will also not be made. Although these rights can be removed. And most importantly. an enthusiastic user, having felt like a born programmer, can intervene in a program that he has not figured out and break an unfortunate phone so that it will not be resurrected.

So you should always remember: “treat” yourself, not having at least basic ideas about the system, your gadget should be extremely careful. Otherwise, a problem may be more serious than how to remove ads from the phone.

That’s it!

I would like to believe that questions about how to remove ads on an Android phone will remain outside our honestly purchased phones. But you can’t spread the straw everywhere, and this information will come in handy for such force majeure. Although for the sake of expanding the technical horizons and just in case, every owner of a smartphone based on “Android” must be aware of how to remove ads from the phone.