How to Disable Pedometer On Iphone Se

It is difficult to imagine a modern smartphone or tablet without connecting to the Internet. Read the news, find something you need in the search engine, download a useful application or an interesting game. all this requires Internet access. This instruction article will tell you how to access the Internet from your iPhone or iPad. and how to get out of it.

How to Disable Pedometer On Iphone Se

How to enable mobile (cellular) Internet on iPhone or iPad

You can access the Internet from your iPhone or iPad from any place where your mobile operator provides mobile access to the World Wide Web.

Go to “Settings“And select the”cellular“. Tap the slider to the right of “Cell data“- it will turn green, and the letter” E “or the word GPRS will appear to the right of the name of your operator. We just went online! True, so far. only at a low speed, through the second generation of 2G cellular networks. Their resource is enough for the simplest tasks. for example, updating mail or chatting on Skype. but absolutely not enough for web surfing, navigating maps and downloading applications.

Another very serious drawback. with 2G turned on, you can only do one thing: either make calls or surf the Internet. If you choose the second option, they will not be able to reach you! Therefore, it makes sense to activate the faster 3G or LTE mobile Internet (provided that in your region, of course, there is coverage of these networks).

You can enable 3G or LTE in the same section “cellular”Click on the item”Data options”, and then “Voice and data”

In addition, starting with iOS 11, a switch has also appeared in the Control Center that allows you to turn on / off the mobile Internet.

What to do if everything is turned on, but there’s still no Internet on your iPhone or iPad

If, after performing the above steps, communication with the World Wide Web through mobile (cellular) traffic did not appear, then for the Internet to work enter the correct settings (APN data, username and password) for your mobile operator.

APN data, username and password must be entered along the path: Settings → cellular → Data options → Cellular data network → section Cell data. For example, for the Belarusian MTS, the data is as follows:

APN: mts
Username: mts
Password: mts

Typically, this data is sent by the operator via SMS automatically. You can also find them by calling the service numbers or in the office of the company.

How to turn off the mobile (cellular) Internet on iPhone or iPad

Disabling mobile Internet on an iOS device is also very simple. just touch the slider opposite “Cell dataLocated in Settings. Inscription On change to Off, this means that the smartphone is no longer connected to the network. In the Control Center, the Cellular Data button will change color from green to transparent.

How to enable Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad

Internet access via a wireless Wi-Fi connection is the fastest and most comfortable way to be on the Web using your iPhone or iPad. Speeds are comparable to those you use on your computer. The Wi-Fi source can be a home modem, a careless neighbor, a public institution (for example, McDonalds). Starting with iOS 7, there are two ways to turn Wi-Fi on / off on iPhone or iPad:

  • Open Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the display on the screen). In the “curtain” that appears, simply touch the Wi-Fi icon. Enabled Wi-Fi. blue icon;

ATTENTION! With the release of iOS 11, Apple has changed the principle shutdowns Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules through the “Control Center”. The two buttons are no longer standard on / on switches. and disconnect the wireless connection only after a set period of time.

In more detail about the control of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the Control Center, we described in this material.

  • Go to “Settings”, Select“ Wi-Fi ”(the second one from the top), touch the only switch, select the necessary network and password for it. Green color. “on”, gray. “off”.

That’s all, now you are armed with the knowledge of how to turn the Internet on and off on your iPhone or iPad. Have a nice trip through the Internet!