How To Disable Hidden Number In Phone Settings

How to Disable Hidden Number in Phone Settings

What is the essence of the service?

As mentioned above, the option “Hidden number” on MTS works throughout the Russian Federation. Anonymous function is available in two formats: one-time and permanent.

When you activate the first type of option, the phone number will become “incognito” only once. There are two ways to enable a product:

  1. Drop the system request 111 84 # from the mobile;
  2. Enable the function in the LC through the “Services” tab.

In addition, the option can be activated when making a call. To do this, in front of the interlocutor’s mobile number, dial # 31 # and make a call. The cost of one hidden call is 2 rubles.

If the AntiAON function is needed on an ongoing basis, you can activate it as follows:

  1. Throw off the digital request 111 46 # from the mobile, and press the call button;
  2. Install the product through your account.

The subscription fee is 1.05 p. / Day. Connection is charged a one-time fee of 35 rubles.

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In order for a certain interlocutor to get an opportunity to see the number line of the caller, before making a dialer you need to dial the following combination: 31 # ХХХХХХХХХХХ #, where “X” is the telephone number of the called subscriber.

When will you need to disable the service?

Of course, the activated function has its advantages. However, there were some disadvantages here:

  1. The call will be classified only if the user calls the MTS phone. When communicating with subscribers of other cellular networks, the number series may be visible.
  2. The service is not free, and many subscribers remove the “Hidden Number” option from their phone in order to save money.
  3. It will be impossible to set up an incognito call if another client has the Super AntiAON option installed.

And now let’s find out about ways to turn off the anti-AON mobile product from MTS.

Ways to deactivate the Hidden Number service

There are several ways to disable the Hidden Number service on MTS:

  1. By sending a USSD command. To open your “unknown number”, dial 111 47 # on the mobile phone and press the “Call” button. After that, your telephone line will be declassified. If desired, the subscriber will be able to classify it back at any time.
  2. Through a call to tel. MTS technical support. To do this, call tel. 0890 or 8 (800) 333-08-90, and inform the operator about the purpose of your appeal. After verifying your identity, a company employee will assist in the deactivation of the product. Calls to service phones are free. If you are in roaming, call tel. 7 495 766 0166. For a connection with an operator outside the network, a fee may be charged from the account.
  3. At the office of the provider. You can disable the function in any office of a mobile operator. When contacting the telesystem department, the user’s hands should have an identity document and a mobile device.
  4. Through the LC or My MTS application. To deactivate the service, go to the “My Services” category, and next to the unnecessary product, click the “Disable” button.