How To Disable Call Forwarding On Huawei

How to enable a microphone on a Huawei and Honor phone? Such a question rarely bothers users, since all the sensors of the smartphone work by default and do not require additional inclusion or configuration. But sometimes a serious malfunction occurs in the device, requiring the intervention of the gadget owner. In such situations, 2 developments are possible:

  • phone cleaning and microphone tuning will help to cope with difficulties;
  • if these steps do not help to succeed, you will have to replace parts.
How to Disable Call Forwarding On Huawei

But before the repair, it is recommended to think about why the problem arose.

Where is the Honor and Huawei microphone?

Finding a microphone on Huawei devices is easy. To do this, just look at the phone case and find the characteristic elements. Usually, the necessary part is located below, so that the interlocutors hear the user during conversations and various applications and services are used without difficulty. But the exact location depends on the model of the smartphone, so before searching for the right sensor, it is recommended to study the instructions received when buying a phone. This approach will significantly speed up the search.

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How to turn on the microphone on Honor and Huawei?

The question of how to turn on the microphone on Honor and Huawei does not make sense, since it is turned on by default. But the user could:

  • disable it in the settings of various programs and applications;
  • drop your smartphone into the water;
  • Do not clean the device for a long time from dust and dirt;
  • Install update incorrectly.

Also, sometimes malfunctions or errors of developers who created a low-quality update lead to troubles, because of which some of the functions of the smartphone do not work. Other causes of malfunctions are extremely rare.


The only way to adjust the sound volume and microphone sensitivity is to use the engineering menu. To call it you have to:

  1. dial the special command ## 3646633 ## on the phone;
  2. press the call button;
  3. wait until the special settings menu appears and view the Android settings.

In the window that opens, you need to find the audio and mic tabs and change the operating parameters in them. Usually you need to specify value. 220, level. 6, but sometimes the optimal parameters turn out to be different, so it is likely that the gadget owner will have to experiment.

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Turn on the microphone on the tablet

The process of turning on the microphone on the tablet does not differ from that described. Users will have to open the engineering menu and adjust the volume and sound level settings there. It should be emphasized that the differences in the models of phones and tablets the appearance of the menu can vary. Also, in the latest versions of Android, developers have limited the functionality of the service, so not all people will be able to use it. In such cases, it is recommended to download special applications that help control microphones.


All of the above applies to shutdown. But it should be emphasized that the sensor cannot be completely turned off, it is only allowed to reduce its sensitivity to a minimum. As a result, it will be impossible to hear the speaker, and it is this effect that the user requires. In addition, when using a headset for calls, it is connected equipment that is automatically used.

How to clean the microphone on the Honor and Huawei phones?

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If the user is certain that dirt and dust affect the sound volume, they should clean the part from contamination. To do this, you need:

  • gently remove dirt from the outside of the microphone with a thin object;
  • disassemble the smartphone and remove the board with the necessary part;
  • clean it of dust and oxidation.
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It is important to emphasize that the owners of gadgets for warranties of the latter is not recommended. They should contact a service center. Otherwise, the warranty will become void.

How to unlock microphone access?

Sometimes it is not possible to increase the sound due to the fact that access to the microphone is blocked by a cover. The solution to this problem is obvious: the gadget owner must remove the cover, remove other objects that block access and completely unlock the microphone. If using equipment without a cover is inconvenient, you should choose the one that will not interfere with conversations.

What to do if the microphone does not work or only works on the speakerphone?

In situations where the microphone works exclusively on the speakerphone, and the recovery methods described above did not bring the desired result, it remains to contact Huawei support. To do this, just visit the official Russian-language website of the manufacturer and leave an appeal, describing in detail the current situation.