How to disable bixby on Samsung

How to disable Bixby on a Samsung smartphone

Ever since Samsung announced its Galaxy S8 with Bixby digital assistant, people have had questions about how to get rid of it. With the release of the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, the chorus of voices eager to remove Bixby has grown significantly. Nothing changed in early 2020 when the Galaxy S20 began selling. However, not only the owners of the Korean flagships are concerned about this problem. The forums often discuss the topic of how to uninstall Bixby, and those who chose the budget Galaxy A50 or A51. So what’s the deal?

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How to Remove Digital Assistant from Samsung Phone

Let’s talk about how to remove Bixby by legal means. On S8 / S8, S9 / S9, S10, Note 8/9, the task will not be easy, but possible. The instruction will be specific, since on these models the buttons are separated: one for power, the second for “Bixby”.

If you own a Galaxy S20, Note 10 and 10, removing the assistant on Samsung will require a different scenario. It’s not as sophisticated as the models listed above, because the one-button power on / off and Bixby mean you can get rid of the annoying assistant forever and completely. over, you don’t even need to log into your Samsung account to do this.!

Note: This assumes you have Android 9 Pie (One UI) or Android 10 (One UI 2) installed on your phone. The S20 range comes with the One UI 2 mobile environment. The steps to disable Bixby will be the same for both versions of the user interface.

Sign in to your Samsung account before changing settings

Samsung will not let you completely disable the annoying Bixby, but it will force you to sign in to your account. A reminder that you need this very account appears the moment you first start setting up your phone. As a rule, many users skip this step. But now that you are about to deactivate Bixby, you will certainly have to work a little and register an account:

How to disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S10

  • press the Bixby button or swipe right to open another home screen on your phone;
  • tap the “Next” button (arrow);
  • enter your Samsung account details or register an account. When creating a new account, you need to enter the required information, agree to the terms and conditions and complete the registration with confirmation in the letter that will come to your email;
  • if the message “Use biometrics” appears, click “Not now”;
  • tap “Next” (arrow);
  • read the points of the user agreement and tap “Next” (arrow button);
  • if you want, you can go through the procedure during which Bixby learns to recognize your voice, and tap the arrow button (“Next”);
  • and tap the arrow for the last time.

You are now signed in to your Samsung account and can proceed to deactivate Bixby!

The first step is to remove Bixby Home from your phone screen. See information above (“How to remove Bixby Home from the home screen”).

How to remove Bixby Home from the home screen

  • On the home screen, tap on any empty field and hold until a menu appears.
  • Swipe right to get to the far left of the screen where Bixby Widgets will be.
  • Deactivate Bixby Home for Note 10 or Samsung Daily for Galaxy S20.

What to do to disable the Bixby button

The S20 series devices, like the Note 10, have Bixby enabled at the factory. Just press the power button twice and the Bixby Home app will be activated. A long press activates the Bixby Voice service. Both can be removed like this:

  • swipe down to open the notification shade;
  • tap the power button icon to open the menu in the quick settings panel;
  • in this menu, tap the side key settings;
  • in the “Double click” settings, select “Quick launch camera” or “Open application”. If you choose “Open Application”, tap the gear icon next to it to select the application to open with a double tap;
  • in the next menu “Press and hold” mark the item “Shutdown menu”.

Now you will not be able to launch Bixby when you press and hold the power button. There is one last thing left: you need to send the Bixby Home widget to the “Trash” from the main screen.

Manual for Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 and Galaxy S20

Samsung probably suspects how much negative emotions the owners of previous models of smartphones are caused by the fact that Bixby cannot be completely removed. Although this may turn out to be a side effect of the fact that two options were hung on one button. Be that as it may, but it turned out that on the Note 10 and Galaxy S20 it is very easy to turn off the assistant. And when you turn off Bixby, you won’t have to deal with it anymore, even if you want to.

Manual for S8 / S9 / S10 / Note 8 / Note 9

All Samsung phones that have One UI run at least Android Pie. The Bixby version on these phones has been updated to 2.0. It introduces many new features. Most importantly, this version precludes the possibility of completely disabling Bixby. However, there are still some loopholes.

Instead of giving users a way to disable the Bixby button, in 2.0 the developers allowed a change in the way the function was activated. It means that the call of the assistant can now be reassigned to a double tap. Thus, Bixby will not turn on when, for example, you are about to press a button to turn down the volume.

Bixby Voice

Bixby Assistant consists of two parts: Bixby Home and Bixby Voice.

The Voice feature allows you to do something on Bixby by pressing and holding the Bixby button like a walkie-talkie. Since you need access to Home to turn off Voice, you must turn off Voice before you can turn off Bixby Home.

Press the Bixby button or swipe right on your phone’s home screen until Bixby opens.

From the top menu, tap the menu icon (three vertical dots).

Bixby Home on the home screen

Whenever you swipe to the far left of the home screen, the Bixby app opens. Removing this screen from your phone is pretty easy.

If you don’t want to destroy Bixby and just want to deactivate this button, skip this next step. If you leave this screen active, you can still access Bixby with your voice or swipe to the far left screen. However, if you want to completely disable the application, follow these instructions.

From the home screen, tap and hold an empty space. The displays are reduced in size and you can switch between them.

Swipe right to move the scroll all the way to the left.

Tap to turn off Bixby Home. The screen will no longer be displayed on your phone when you swipe.

How to Disable Bixby from Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you have a Samsung phone with Bixby preinstalled, you may have mixed feelings about this. Perhaps you like this assistant because of its powerful ability to change your phone’s settings and control your apps. However, you are annoyed at how easy it is to accidentally launch an application when you are trying to do something else. If your annoyance with unintentionally launching Bixby outweighs the benefits for you, read on to find out how to turn it off.

The Bixby button sits directly below the volume button, making it easy to press when trying to turn down the volume. This location is the main reason people want to turn off Bixby. Unfortunately, the physical button that controls Bixby isn’t going anywhere. (And you can’t use it for anything else, but you can disable the software and make the button useless.)

Samsung is trying to make Bixby the main app for Samsung users, so they don’t want to make it easy to disable it, but we have steps to get you going. There is no one size fits all solution for turning it off, and there are one or two hoops to jump. But even if you need to change some parameters in several places, these settings can be changed quickly and easily.

Sign in to your Samsung account

Here is one hoop. To turn off Bixby, you need to sign in to your Samsung account, if you didn’t do so when setting up your device. They want you to think twice about deleting it.

Press the Bixby button or swipe right across your phone’s home screen.

Select your Bixby Voice language and click Next.

Enter your Samsung account information or create an account if you don’t already have one.

Bixby Home Button

To eliminate the risk of opening an app when trying to turn down the volume on your phone, you now need to disable Bixby from launching when you press the button once.

Press the Bixby button on the side of your phone.

In the top menu, click the “Settings” button. It looks like a transfer.

Change Bixby Launch on Galaxy Note 9

Here’s another jump if you own a Galaxy Note 9. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t allow Galaxy Note 9 users to disable the Bixby button entirely, but they’ve created a way to avoid accidentally launching the program. You can change the trigger action to double-click the button instead of one click. Now if you press the button once it won’t open Bixby

You must have version or later to complete this fix.

On the top menu, click the menu icon (three dots stacked vertically).

Change the setting to double-tap the button to open Bixby.

There are other ways to avoid the Bixby app, including using apps designed to disable it, or choosing a different launcher app like Action Launcher or Nova Launcher.

If you decide you want to give Bixby a second chance, you can get it back in whole or in part by repeating the steps above and turning the switches back on.

Smarter driving

Bixby’s responsive voice commands also make it a great co-pilot on commuting and daily commuting, making it easy to access essential apps and features without being distracted from the road.

When you get behind the wheel and make a request, Bixby will ask you to unlock your phone using a dedicated voice password execute your command.

To set a unique voice password, simply search for the feature in Bixby settings and follow the onscreen instructions. After you choose a safe word or phrase, Bixby will ask you to read a few sample sentences to find out your own voice. After that, the next time you activate Bixby, you will be able to unlock the device using the selected word or phrase.

If you need a little help getting to your destination, ask Bixby for a destination in your favorite navigation app. Voice-activated interface and app integration make it easy to find the fastest route wherever you go.

Bixby allows drivers to tackle complex tasks hands-free and even lets you read and dictate texts using messaging apps.

These are just an example of some of the day to day tasks that Bixby has been designed to optimize. To learn more about how to use Bixby’s voice capabilities to make your daily life easier, check out Samsung’s comprehensive list of tips and tricks found in the Tutorials section of Bixby Home.

1 Language support is currently limited to Korean and American English, and the user’s device must support Bixby. Application and service compatibility may vary by region.

2 This special function must be activated before using.

How to disable Bixby widgets in Samsung

As we said, third-party software is not needed here. What do we have to do:

  • Bring up the display settings menu. To do this, place your finger on an empty space on any of the desktops and hold it until the system activates the setup mode.
  • In the desktop carousel, find the one titled “Bixby widgets”.
  • There will be a switch at the top of the window. turn it to the “Off” position (the slider should change color from green to gray).
  • Press the Home button to return to normal mode.

Now widgets will not appear automatically, but the service itself will be available by pressing a button.

Tip: this method can be combined with reassigning the button, since it does not imply that it is turned off. We wrote about the reassignment options above.

Simplify your Bixby communication with Quick Commands

There is no need to be formal or simplistic when speaking with Bixby. Natural language understanding of the interface allows you to talk on the phone like a friend.

Bixby makes the interface even easier to interact with by letting you replace long or complex queries with friendly keywords. For example, you can replace a regular command such as “Set the alarm at 6 AM” with a short and simple alternative such as “Set alarm”.

To add a quick command, go to the My Bixby menu on the Bixby home page.

How Samsung’s assistant is organized

To make it clearer what Samsung’s Bixby is, you need to clarify that this service consists of four components:

  • Bixby Home. A set of widgets for various programs that are launched within a given scenario. The device is displayed on the screen in the form of a vertically scrolling “carousel”.
  • Bixby Reminde. Customizable self-learning Smart notifications. You can set triggering both in time and in place (when you are in a certain location). The so-called. “Difficult” reminders (time location / exit from location).
  • Voice, what an application in Samsung Bigsby: it is voice activation and voice control of the entire service. Basic option found in all (popular) virtual assistants.

The Bixby camera can be expanded with add-on partner programs to expand its capabilities. With their help, you can add stickers and notes to photos, “glue” videos from photos, etc.

Manage apps and settings with ease

Bixby lets you control your phone and open apps hands-free without sacrificing access to settings or features. Instead of manually searching for a specific feature, you can use Bixby to bypass menus and instantly find the feature you want.

Voice assistance is especially useful when trying to access functions hidden behind multiple menu screens. For example, with voice assistance, if you needed to find a recipe on your phone, you could ask Bixby to “Set screen timeout to 10 minutes” so that you could roll up their sleeves and focus on cooking without having to constantly wake up their device.

Bixby is always there to help. Just saying the word will help you simplify your daily tasks, including everything from clearing notifications and changing your wallpaper or ringtone to activating frequently used features like Do Not Disturb mode.

Through a third party program

If you do not see the functionality you need in the settings, try to operate through a special application. For example, you can use BxActions Remap Button. it is available in the Play Store.

Making changes to how Bixby Samsung works with another app:

  • Open BxActions → Next → Done → “On” for “Detect Current Application” → Done.
  • Grant Permissions.> Ok.
  • The next window is BxActions → “On” for “Allow statistics collection” → “On” for “Receive requests from the button” → Ok → Ok → Done.
  • Scroll window up → BxActions. Bixby button → “Off” for “Off” → Ok.
  • “Bixby button” → Quick press → On → select the desired action (check the box).

How to get more done in a day with Bixby. Samsung Global Newsroom

Bixby. it is an intelligent interface that makes it easy to interact with your phone, as well as control its functions and favorite applications.

Bixby 1’s advanced voice capabilities make it easy to control your phone and connected life with simple, natural commands. Voice support is fully integrated into your phone’s built-in apps, settings, and an ever-growing list of third-party apps on your phone, keeping the most convenient and powerful features of your phone at your fingertips, whether you want to help take selfies, organize photos from your last vacation, track a specific setting or keep your friends up to date on social media, just tell Bixby what you need and he will work with you to get things done faster. and easier.

Here are just a few examples of how Bixby voice support can help you get more done in a day.

Disable Bixby on Samsung

If, for some reason, reassigning the button is impractical, Bixby can simply be disabled. We offer you two options for how to set up Bixby in Samsung:

  • Complete disabling of the service button. Used to prevent widgets from appearing on the screen due to accidental pressing, which must then be closed.
  • Disable widgets. In this case, the windows of the programs that the voice assistant launches according to their scripts will not pop up. However, if necessary, you can always call the service by pressing the button.

In the first case, we will use third-party software, and in the second, we will manage with the smartphone settings.

Samsung Bixby sucks. Here’s how to turn it off.

If you are using Android, you are probably using Google Assistant. If you’re a Galaxy user, you might be thwarted by Samsung’s own Bixby, especially with the Bixby button on the S8, S9, and Note 8. But there is good news: it’s easy to disable them.

So why is it bad?

The thing is, with Bixby, it’s not really terrible. it just isn’t necessary. Anything Bixby can do, the assistant can do better. Bixby Vision was arguably the most useful feature, but with the advent of Google Lens, even that feature is no longer useful. Sorry Samsung.

But redundancy isn’t the most annoying part of Bixby. It’s that wacky Bixby button that Samsung just had to press on the side of the S8, S9, and Note 8. It’s a constant sting in the sides of Galaxy users, mostly because it’s too easy for a volume rocker to go wrong.

Even if you are somehow addicted to Bixby (or at least want to give it a try before you decide to get rid of it entirely), you can continue to use it and just disable the button itself. So at least it is. We’ll cover all the details below.

How To Disable Bixby On Samsung Galaxy Devices (2021)

How to disable the Bixby button

To turn off the Bixby button completely, you need to press it at least once and then set up Bixby. Inconsistency to the endgame is here, but that’s the way it is.

If you plan on using Bixby, just without a button, it will take you a while to get Bixby set up correctly. If you don’t plan on using Bixby at all, you can simply browse the settings.

After you set up Bixby, it’s time to disable this button. See that little gear icon in the upper right corner? Click on this.

Samsung Galaxy S9 How to Disable Bixby! (Official- No Mods)

The Bixby Key quick menu will open. The menu literally only contains one radio button, so turn it off.

From now on, nothing will happen when you press the Bixby button. No more Bixby home for you! The cool thing is, if you’re still using Bixby’s voice for anything (anything), you can still long press the button to bring up the Voice.

And if you want, you can now better use this button by reassigning it with an app named bxActions. A good thing.

How to completely disable Bixby

If you’re all about living like Google Assistant and don’t want anything to do with Bixby at all, you’ll want to take it one step further and turn it off completely. Again, you’ll need to set up Bixby first to do this, so start the installation process if you haven’t already.

When Bixby is up and running, press this hardware button. If you’ve disabled the button and then removed, simply swipe to the leftmost home screen on the standard launcher. this will bring up Bixby Home.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and then select the “Settings” option.

Scroll down to the Voice section and turn off the Bixby Voice switch. Most of all the options below it are instantly grayed out, which means they are disabled. This is what you want.

And the last thing you need to do to get rid of all traces of Bixby: close Bixby Home.

To do this, go to the home screen and press and hold it. Swipe to the far left screen, which is the home screen of Bixby. At the top, turn off the Bixby Home switch and Bixby will disappear forever. Or at least until you turn it back on.

How to get Bixby back

If you’ve changed your mind and want to give Bixby another chance, you might be wondering how to get it back. You must start by re-enabling it in Bixby Home in the standard launcher by following the instructions in the previous section and re-enabling Bixby Home.

After that, you can turn Bixby Voice back on in the settings menu and the Bixby button. Very simple.

It’s worth noting that you can mix and match things with the Bixby feature if you don’t want to get rid of it entirely. For example, you can turn off the Bixby button, but leave Bixby Voice and Bixby Home on. Or get rid of the house and use the button. Or any other option you want.