How to disable backup on Android. Synchronization disconnect for applications

How to delete a backup of WhatsApp on Android

Backups in WhatsApp is undoubtedly a very convenient and useful function that avoids many problems. Thanks to her, you can not be afraid that certain messages will be lost irrevocably if the user accidentally removes them, and you can even completely restore correspondence for a certain period. But the memory of the device is by no means infinite, and cloud copy resources are not unlimited, so you should know how to remove WhatsApp backing on Android in order to clear the place for other files if necessary.

Thanks to backup copies, you can not worry about the safety of your correspondence. If any conversation was accidentally removed, it can be restored from backup. In the same way, you can transfer all available conversations to a new smartphone if you decide to change the device. And even if the phone is lost or hopelessly broken, the data can be transferred to a new one, by installing WhatsApp on it. of course, in the latter case, we are talking exclusively about those copies that are in the cloud storage, copies in the memory of the device under such circumstances are useless.

Where copies are stored

WhatsApp data backups are divided into local and cloud. The former are automatically stored in the phone’s memory every day, at two in the morning, you can manually save the backup at any time when the user wants it. You can get to them using any file manager in the following way:

It is here that all backup copies are located in recent days. It is impossible to view them, since they are preserved in an encrypted format.

Finding WhatsApp on Google disk is even easier. You need to enter the Google disc, open the menu and select in it a point called “backup copies”, it is here that this kind is located, also in an encrypted format.

How to quickly disable synchronization on Android is a simple instruction

Smartphone. a device that has various functions. At the moment, 70% of people from all over the planet use them. One of the important functions of a mobile phone includes synchronization. Everyone should know about what and how to disable synchronization on Android to simplify the process of using a smartphone, to optimize it as much as possible for themselves.

The Internet is filled with services that offer customers virtual boards to save files. Here you can store videos, photos, text documents, etc. D. In case of randomly deleting the file, a person will be able to restore it through this service without problems.

A similar function is present on Android gadgets. Often their owners use synchronization with a Google account. In case of loss of information, a person is authorized on this site and moves the data back to the device.

For example, if you do not want to lose contacts from the phone book, then you can turn on the backup. After that, the numbers will be transferred to a virtual disk, which only has access to its owner.So, synchronization or data reservation function is automatically saving files on a virtual storage of information.

Some problems and ways to solve them

Holders of Android Gadgets can use them and at the same time not know about the existence of a Google account. Similar situations happen to the older generation. Having bought a smartphone in a store, they order a service for creating an account. The only disadvantage of this situation is the lack of the ability to use a Google account on another device.

On some Android gadgets there are malfunctions. For example, after turning on, a smartphone or tablet requires filling out data to enter the Google Account. To eliminate this problem, the user must:

  • Create a new account and tie it to the device. Since it is impossible to enter the system from your smartphone, the creation will have to be engaged in a computer. Further, new data is entered in the system settings, and the old account is deleted.
  • Flashing. This method belongs to radical. Better to entrust it to professionals. There is a significant minus. after flashing, a guarantee is lost if it still works.
  • Service center appeal. The most reliable way. If a guarantee is still valid for the gadget, it will be repaired or replaced for free. If not, you need to pay for the service. But this is still the best option than to independently try to install a firmware from an unknown source.

Watch the video instructions on how to disable synchronization on Android:

How to disable google synchronization or only contacts on Android

Since now I will show the Samsung Galaxy A3 with Android 7 in front of me, more precisely the picture will be from it, and the procedures are not very different.

In the “Settings” menu. “Cloud and accounts”. “Accounts” and select “Google”.

Now disconnect all channels or selected, such as Google contacts, synchronization of Gmail, calendar, games, chrome browser.

From this moment, the phone will no longer be connected to the Internet. At the same time, some parameters will be active in the background, for example, weather applications.

You can also configure the test of new mail, for example, every hour. There are even options for a choice, every 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes.

After this simple operation, the mobile phone will work noticeably longer. Instead of charging your smartphone in the evening, for example, at 23 hours every day, you can extend this moment, for example, up to 7 hours the next day.

A more significant jump in the battery (30%) can be obtained after shutdown 3G. Also disconnect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and geodata-then you will even be surprised yourself.

Android is a system of unlimited possibilities, but when it comes to work, start going down the stairs to force the Robot to cooperate with you on your terms.

With one.way launch, there is always a leading and driven apparatus, and their roles cannot be changed. For example, Google smartphone and services. All changes occur in services, and on the smartphone only materials are copied. The smartphone is subordinate to the server. During bilateral exchange, the user himself chooses which device is the leading device and which is the driven, and the roles of the devices can change.

How to enable and configure synchronization on the phone

Open the smartphone settings and go to the account “Account”;

Choose a server for work. In androids, this is by default a Google account;

Mark in the settings points that need to be synchronized in the future;

Turning off iCloud Drive completely on Mac

Synchronization is completed, you can restore data on other devices.

You can configure automatic conservation. Then you do not have to do a manually copy every time.

It must be remembered that the Internet is needed for synchronization, without it, copying will not happen. No matter what connection will be-Wi-Fi or mobile network.

In time, the on.shut.on on the smartphone can save the nerves and time to the user. And if you change to change the phone, or you will have to use someone else’s gadget. you can easily restore all the data.

Fruits in the working modes on internal servers are practically excluded, so the reason should be sought in mobile. Causes. connection and crowded cache. Manipulations for rearranging the authorization service are held in the account management menu. Having called the context menu, the service is removed.

Solving some problems

Many owners of Android devices can use them, but at the same time do not know the data from the Google account, nor e-mail, no password. This is most characteristic of representatives of the older generation and inexperienced users who ordered service services and the first setting in the store where the device was purchased. The obvious drawback of this situation is the inability to use the same Google account on any other device. True, users who want to disable data synchronization are unlikely to be against this.

Due to the instability of the Android operating system, especially on the smartphones of the budget and mid.budget segments, the malfunctions in its work are sometimes fraught with a complete shutdown, or even the reset to the factory settings. Sometimes after turning on, such devices require entering the accounting data of a synchronized Google account, but for one of the reasons described above, neither the login nor password is unknown to the user. In this case, it is also required to turn off synchronization, however, at a deeper level. Briefly consider the possible solutions to this problem:

    Creation and binding of a new Google account. Since the smartphone is allowed to enter the system, you will have to create an account on a computer or any other regularly operating device.

After a new account is created, data from it (e.mail and password) will need to be entered at the first setting of the system. An old (synchronized) account can and should be removed in the settings of accounts.

Note: some manufacturers (for example, Sony, Lenovo) recommend waiting 72 hours before tie a new account to the smartphone. According to them, this is necessary so that the Google servers complete reset and delete information about the old account. The explanation is dubious, but the expectation itself sometimes really helps.

As you can understand from this article, there is nothing complicated in turning off synchronization on Andro

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To understand how to disable OneDrive, it is enough to use our material, where we consider not only methods of deactivation, but also the process of installing this application. Therefore, one should not waste time and immediately begin to study information, which will at least be useful.

How to disable backup in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android?

It’s time to talk about how to disable backup in WhatsApp. if you no longer want to make a backup, you need to study all the available options! We tell you what to do to users of android and owners of the iPhone, is it possible to stop posting photos or stop the creation of local copies.

Many are interested in how to remove backup in WhatsApp. the reasons can be different. Someone no longer wants to store data and longs to release a place. Others changed their minds to use the messenger, so they do not need backup.

Whatever the reason, we will just tell you how to cancel the backups of WhatsApp. you can do this in a few seconds.

On the iPhone, this is done as follows:

  • Open the messenger and click on the gear from the bottom right on the right;
  • Enter the “Chats” section and find the desired subsection;
  • Find the frequency of copying (you have the value of “daily”. “Weekly” or “monthly”);
  • Select the option “off”. The changes made will be saved automatically.

Here’s how to remove backup in WhatsApp on Android. completely basic, simple instructions:

Separately, let’s say a few words about whether it is possible to disable backup of Watsap on Android in a local format. Recall that every night (at exactly two hours) the system automatically makes a backup. this local copy is stored inside the smartphone memory.

Unfortunately, this option cannot be abandoned. but do not worry, the files have a low weight and do not take up much space inside the storage. You can find local data as follows:

  • Download any file manager;
  • Open it and find a folder with the name of the messenger;
  • Inside, look for a folder under the name Databases. there is information that interests you;
  • Open and see the data in the last week.

Let it not work to remove copying in WhatsApp at the local level, you can erase the data at the moment of time. Remember that every week the information is automatically updated. one document is erased, the following appears.

How to disable media conservation

In addition, let’s say a few words on how to disable copying in WhatsApp to the gallery. This option annoys many users. when any photo received is automatically in the gallery.

Great news. you can get rid of this function. If you use iPhone. Let’s do it:

This option allows you to get rid of automatic preservation of the received photos and videos.

Now a little about how to cancel in WhatsApp backing photos and videos on Android:

If you are not worried about your free space, but do not want to see the media in the gallery, you can use the option “Configure the visibility of the media” and turn off the display of the loaded data in the smartphone gallery. Everything is simple!

You learned everything about how to disable backup in WhatsApp. We remind the owners of the Android: the files transferred to the Google disk do not take place in the storage, so you may not worry about clutching space. In other cases, congratulations, you have mastered another possibility of a messenger!

How to disable automatic backup on Android

Media files and information from correspondence, which are stored in backups, are not protected by through encryption. Therefore, if you have to work with confidential information, it is advisable to disconnect automatic backup.

To cancel the backup in WhatsApp, you must go into the messenger settings (press three points in the upper right corner of the screen). Then go to the “Chats” section and select the line “Reserve copy of the chats”.

All the reserve chat copy settings are displayed here, including the time of the last copy of both locally and google disk. In this section, you can manually create a backup copy of correspondence, as well as disable automatic creation of copies. To do this, in the “Reserve Copy on Google Disk” section, select “Never”.

If in the future you will need to re.enable this function, you will need to perform the same actions and select the frequency of saving copies that will be convenient for you.

Where previously created copies are stored

Reserve copies of correspondence are stored in the following places:

By default on Android in WhatsApp as a cloud storage, Google Drive was set. Additional copying into the cloud is made in order to accurately be able to restore data from correspondence if necessary. Storage in the inner disk of the device will not allow this if the phone was lost. And you can enter the Google Drive account from another mobile device and without problems view all the saved data.

The backups that are stored on the SD card are in the/SDCARD/WhatsApp/Databases folder/.

The backups of WhatsApp, which have not been updated for more than a year, are automatically deleted with Google Drive. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically back up important data to avoid their loss.

Each time you create a backup copy of the messenger on the Google disk from the same account, it replaces the old copy. Previous versions are not subject to restoration.

Google Chrome Privacy settings how to turn off Sync

How to disable data backup

So that applications and system settings are not synchronized after reinstalling or restoring the device, you can disconnect the data on Android data reservation. Instructions:

Open the “Settings” and in the “System and device” section, select “Extended Settings”. Here find the item “Reservation and Reset”.

In the “System Reservation” section, slip on “auto.proof”. Here move the “Auto.Rubinal” slider to the “turned off” state. After that, the device will not create backups and synchronize data during system discharges and restoration.

If you want to limit the synchronization of specific applications or system settings, then click on the “Reservation Objects”.

Click on the line “System Settings” and in the page opened, remove the checkmarks from the parameters that you do not want to synchronize. Click OK to save changes.

Click on the “Application Selection” item and remove the checkmarks from the applications that you do not want to synchronize. After that, confirm the action using the OK button.

To turn off the reservation and synchronization of Google, return to the “Reservation and Reset” menu. Here, find the “Google Reservation” section and move the “Auto Roseting” slider to the “turned off” state.

To completely disable synchronization, select the “Data Reservation” item and move the slider to the “Turned off” state.

After you disconnect the creation of backups and synchronization, all applications will be stored on the local disk of the device. This means that you cannot access them from another PC or smartphone.

How to disable the creation of a backup copy in “WhatsApp

Using these steps, saving data on Google will stop. But if you want to start the process again, perform similar actions by choosing a period if desired, for example, every day or a week.

In the iPhone, copying is performed in iCloud, you can stop the synchronization process in 3 ways.

  • Launch the messenger and enter the “Settings” tab in the lower right corner.
  • Touch the point “Chats”.
  • Click on “automatic backup” and select “Off.””

Data from this moment will cease to be automatically transferred to the “cloud”. But you can resume synchronization at any time.

  • Open the “settings” and select your account at the top of the page.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Get down until you see WhatsApp. Switch it to the “Off.””
  • Open the application on your device and click on a three.line icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Select backups from various available options.
  • In the next step, press the icon with 3 points.
  • Select “Disable backup”.

How to delete a backup “WhatsApp

On “Android”

  • Run the file manager. In most phones, he is preinstalled by the manufacturer, but if there are no applications, you can download it from Google Play for free.
  • Open the internal memory or storage folder of the SD card. Find and touch the Watsap folder to see its contents.
  • Tape and hold the database folder.
  • Select the option “Delete”. Depending on the file manager’s application used, this parameter may look like a basket icon or a button with the inscription “Delete”. Confirm the chosen action.

On “iPhone”

  • Open the iPhone settings.
  • Find your Apple ID identifier and scroll down to the iCloud tab.
  • Click on the storage option for access to the section “Storage Management”.
  • Click WhatsApp.
  • Click “Change the link”. If it is not visible, just select the “Delete Data” link marked with red.
  • Select “Delete Data” to complete the operation.

From “Google disk”

  • Open Google disk.
  • Find the Vatsapa folder, which is available under the name “WhatsApp for backup X”, where the X is the phone number.
  • After double pressing, the options will be offered: “cancel the function” or “delete a copy”.
  • Select “Delete”.

Despite the fact that, thanks to synchronization with the “cloud”, you can restore dialogs remote from WhatsApp if necessary, it is sometimes useful to remove the function for security purposes.

Automatic preservation

To save yourself from the need to periodically save spare copies of correspondence, you can use the function of automatic creation of such duplicates. Consider how to do this on both mobile operating systems.


To establish automatic preservation of correspondence on Android, you need to perform 7 actions: 1. Open Viber.

Press the “backup” line.

Tap to the column “Create a backup“.

ATTENTION! In Viber on Android you can create duplicates of conversations with a frequency of a month, week and daily.

To turn off the auto.saving, you need to choose the option “OKL” in the seventh step of the above instructions.


To shift the obligation to create duplicates of chats on the “shoulders” of the messenger, you need to take 7 steps on the iPhone: 1. Launch the messenger.

INFORMATION! On the iPhone, the archives of conversations can be automatically preserved weekly or every month.

Disconnecting autosa is possible in the seventh step of the above instructions.

Copy restoration

In case of loss of a smartphone or when buying a new device, it is available to restore text messages saved earlier in the cloud storage. For this, it is important to comply with two conditions. First. the previous phone number should be used. The second. recovery can be carried out on the operating system that was used to create a duplicate chat. For example, if a copy was saved on the iPhone, then it will not work to resume it on Android.


When reconstructing early correspondence on a new device, first of all, you need to take care of connecting to the Google account account. Next, you can install Viber and start it. When activating the messenger, select the option “Restore from a backup copy”.

Another method is applicable when the application has already been launched. It consists of 7 actions: 1. Enter Viber.

Go to the column “backup”.

Now it remains to wait for the completion of the process.

REFERENCE! You can choose the option of recreating the archive when connecting to the Wi-Fi network.


To return the history of chats on the iPhone, you must first connect on the smartphone to the iCloud account. Then you should install Weiber and activate it. The messenger will offer to restore the archive of the preserved conversations, which must be agreed to. A little patience and all correspondence will be recreated.

THE MOST IMPORTANT! Communication using text messages in Viber can be protected from irrevocable loss. This will help the function of creating a backup copy of chats. You can use it both on Android and iPhone. It can be launched manually or automatically. If you need to revive correspondence, apply the tips of this article.