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How to disable all ads in MIUI on Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO

Xiaomi makes a profit from advertising, which is shown in various places of the MIUI branded shell on smartphones of the Mi line, its Redmi and POCO brands, which allows the company to set low for its products. For many users, advertisements cause some discomfort when using the phone. Fortunately, there are various ways to disable ads, all of which are official. You can install a special blocker, but the disadvantage of this method is that such programs use too many device resources. Therefore, it is more efficient to change some settings of the smartphone.

Mi browser

Most often, banner ads are found in the browser. To disable them, you must resort to the following manipulations:

  • Open “Mi Browser”.
  • Click on the “Profile” tab.
  • Find “Settings”.
  • Tap “Additional settings”.
  • Select “Page Settings”.
  • Disable the “Show ads” feature.


When this useful system utility is running, annoying windows pop up automatically.

  • Go to the “Security” application.
  • Call the context menu, in which click “Settings”.
  • Drag the slider beside Get Recommendations to Off.

Region change

Different countries have different requirements for the system parameters of a smartphone. For example, there is no volume limit in India. Therefore, by changing the region of residence, you can remove annoying ads.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Go to the “Region” tab.
  • Select “Great Britain” from the offered list.
  • Reboot your smartphone.

All advertisements cannot be removed in this way, but their number will be significantly reduced.

Recent Apps

Recommended system suggestions to improve performance are also considered advertising.

  • Go to “Desktop”.
  • Deactivate the “Show suggestions” option.

Disable data collection

MSA program analyzes user behavior and customizes contextual advertising.

  • In the “Settings” of the phone, open the “Passwords and Security” tab.
  • Click on “Access Personal Data”.
  • Revoke MSA authorization. If it was not possible to revoke the permission, repeat this step a few more times (usually it works from the second or third time).

Mi Video

In the proprietary MIUI shell version 12, this video player is installed by default. Disable personal recommendations in it every 90 days, as required by the features of this option.

  • Go to “Mi Video”.
  • Tap “Profile”.
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Disable Personal Recommendations.

We remove ads in “GetApps”

I understand that very few people use it, but if you turn it off, then completely.

Mi File Manager

Go to the file manager settings, click the “About” item and turn off the “recommendations” switch.

Disable personalized ads

The next step will not disable ads, but will stop the ads from being personalized. In other words, this action will prevent the system from tracking your behavior and based on it from showing you advertisements.

To turn off personalization, do the following

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Password and Security”
  • Go to “Privacy”
  • Find “Personalized Recommendations” there
  • Turn off the “Personalize ads” switch

Mi Security App

Open “Security”, click on the gear in the upper right corner, turn off the switch “receive recommendations”.

Also go to Cleanup and Game Booster, there you will find switches that should also be disabled.

How Disable Xiaomi Advertisements |in Sinhala

Mi Themes

Go to “Themes” Click on the profile icon in the lower right corner, select “Settings”, turn off “Recommendations”.

How to disable all ads in Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

In September 2019, Xiaomi presented MIUI 11, one of the notable features of the new firmware was the ability to disable all ads with the click of a button. In earlier versions of the firmware, this cannot be done, it has to be disabled separately for each firmware element.

Of course, this move was highly praised by users who are annoyed by intrusive system announcements in their Redmi and Mi smartphones. But not everything is so simple with this switch.

MIUI 12 Remove Ads: How to Get Rid of Spam on Redmi Note 9 Pro, Other Xiaomi Phones

If you simply do not have it or your smartphone has not been updated to the latest version of the operating system, I suggest you follow the next paragraphs of this article, they will help you turn off ads on your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone once and for all.

Mi Browser

Go to your browser settings Privacy & Security Disable the “personalized services” slider.

How to disable Google Apps MIUI 11?

How to disable pre-installed apps on Xiaomi

First of all, go to the settings, in the search bar write “Access to data” and open the proposed item: In the list of applications, select those that you do not need. Click “Disable” (optionally, stop, uninstall).

How to disable ads on Xiaomi Redmi 7a?

To disable ads, you need to open the “Security” application and click on the “gear” in the upper right corner. Then we scroll the list of settings to the very bottom and uncheck the box “Receive recommendations”.

How to get rid of ads on your phone?

  • In the phone settings, you need the item “Applications and notifications”.
  • Find the “Notifications” section.
  • Open the list of all applications installed on your smartphone, turn off notifications from those that annoyed you the most.

How to disable ads in VK music Android?

After the “VK-debugging” menu opens, you need to scroll to the very bottom and select the “Disable advertising” item. You can also enable stealth mode by checking the box next to the corresponding item.

How to disable ads on a Xiaomi smartphone?

Open your phone settings and go to Applications. All Applications. Next, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner, a menu will be displayed where you need to select “Settings”, and then turn off the “Receive recommendations” slider.

How to remove ads from Xiaomi?

  • Open the settings;
  • Go to Advanced Settings;
  • Go to the Privacy section;
  • Select the Advertising services item;
  • Disable Personal ID

How to disable Google ads on your phone?

How to enable or disable pop-ups

  • Open the Chrome app. on Android phone or tablet.
  • To the right of the address bar, click the three-dot icon Settings.
  • Select Site Settings Pop-ups & Redirects.
  • Set the switch to the desired position.

How to disable ads on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s?

How to disable advertising services in Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s?

  • In the first step, activate your Xiaomi smartphone and access the MIUI settings.
  • Second, select “Passwords & Security”.
  • It’s time to choose privacy.
  • Then click “Advertising Services”.
  • In the final section, turn off personalized ad recommendation using the toggle.
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Advertising and security

In the smartphone settings, open the Passwords and Security section. Here we need a subsection Privacy.

Scroll down the list to the Advertising services item. We go there and see a slider with personal ads. turn it off.

We go back to the security section and open the Access to personal data subsection. There will be a list of applications that are allowed to access user data.

Among them will be the MSA application. it is engaged in downloading from Xiaomi servers and inserting advertisements and banners into the programs built into MIUI. We revoke the permission to access the data and wave our paws to the Chinese.

The next step is to exit the device settings and find the “Security” application in the list of installed programs.

Here you need to click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and open the application settings. There will be an item Receive recommendations. disable it.

How to disable ads on Xiaomi and Redmi

Over the past month, I literally got sick of advertising on my Redmi Note 8. You put the application. get a banner, listen to music. catch an ad, surf the Internet. you have a bunch of left Pop-Up’s on you. Yes, you even put the application through Google Play and then there is advertising again! A-ah-ah-ah! Tired of it! I understand that the Xiaomi corporation wants to get even more money to pay its programmers, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me. In order to make working with the phone more comfortable, I advise you to remove ads on your Xiaomi or Redmi as much as possible (for those who do not know, this is the same manufacturer). It will not be possible to do this completely, but the result will be quite good.

Freeing up the desktop

Open the settings of your Xiaomi phone or open the “Desktop” section:

Scroll through the list of options to the very end. there should be a Show suggestions item. Move the slider to the Off position. Go ahead.

In the same place, in the settings, open the Themes section. A beautiful bright theme catalog window will open:

At the bottom, in the left corner, select the profile icon. Then, in the profile, you need to go to the settings. What do we see there? Item Receive recommendations. Go away dear Chinese with your suggestions. turn off!

We remove ads from the phone settings

The largest number of sliders-switches that allow you to remove ads in the MiUi shell are located in its settings. But, damn it, they are so scattered there that it just takes a lot of time to find them. To shorten your time, I will show everything that I could find. Go!

Cutting out ads from Xiaomi apps

Open the phone settings again, find there and select the Applications section.

There will be a subsection All applications. A window with a list of programs will open. In the upper right corner there is a button with three dots. click on it, see the menu and select the “Settings” item. The next window will contain only two parameters, one of which is, again, Receive recommendations. Disable the display of this ad on Redmi. let them watch it themselves!

Now we go to Google Play and install (or delete) some program. Here we need to get to the stage of checking the application.

At the moment when the application will be checked, you need to press the button in the form of a gear in the upper right corner to open the settings. Here we deactivate the Receive recommendations item, and at the same time I advise you to disable the application check from the Play Market. they are checked there by default.

Now let’s go over the main programs built into Xiaomi MIUI. Let’s start with the regular explorer:

We open the program, in the main menu we find the settings button and go to the Information subsection. What do we see there? That’s right. an offer to receive recommendations. Disable it!

The next in line will be the built-in browser. Personally, I use Google Chrome, but I know that half of Redmi and Xiaomi smartphone users use the built-in browser. So I think it’s useful.

Open the program menu, select the gear icon and open the “Additional settings” subsection. In the list of options, we find the item Show ads and disable it.

Well, as a finishing touch. Mi Music. This is a built-in player that users listen to music until they put something better.

Find advanced settings in the application settings, scroll through them to the Get recommendations item and disable it. Profit!

How to disable ads on Xiaomi smartphones?

The Xiaomi shell in smartphones is good for everyone, except for annoying ads. In this guide, we will analyze in detail the ways to disable ads on Xiaomi smartphones.

Why do Xiaomi smartphones have ads? The company has such a policy: it sells gadgets at the lowest price and practically does not make money on it, and gets profit from displaying ads. The shell of smartphones is replete with advertisements. Xiaomi allows displaying ads to system apps. But you can turn off ads in just a few steps, and use your smartphone for your own pleasure.

Disabling ads in standard Xiaomi applications.

How to Remove Those Annoying Ads on Your Xiaomi Phone: Disable MIUI Ads on Redmi Note 8, Others

Open your phone settings and go to “Applications”. “All applications”.

Next, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner, a menu will appear where you need to select “Settings”, and then turn off the “Receive recommendations” slider. After completing these steps, promotional materials will disappear from the standard Xiaomi apps.

Disable ads on the Xiaomi desktop.

Now let’s turn off the ads that appear on the desktop. To do this, open the phone settings again and go to the “Desktop” tab. At the very bottom of the menu there is an option “Show applications / show recommendations”. It is activated by default. Disable this feature. 3. Disabling advertising services.

Also, in the “Passwords and Security” section, you must go to the “Access to personal data” tab. This is where the MSA process resides. you need to disable it. It is the disabling of MSA access that will reduce Internet traffic and display ads on your smartphone. According to the unofficial version, MSA transmits to the company’s servers information about queries in search engines entered in the browser, and as a result, ads appear in system applications that coincide with the latest queries. On the latest models of smartphones it is preinstalled, and on older models it appears along with firmware updates.

Disable ads in the “Music” application. Launch the Music app on your smartphone. Click on the three parallel stripes icon in the upper left corner. In the menu that opens, go to the “Settings”. “Advanced settings” section. Find the option “Receive recommendations” in the list and disable this function.

Disabling ads in Explorer.

Open the file explorer and click on the three stripes icon in the upper left corner. Then go to the “Settings”. “Information” section. There is an option “Receive recommendations” here. disable it to get rid of annoying advertising offers.

Disabling advertising by changing the region.

There is another easy way to disable ads on Xiaomi phones. To do this, you need to set the region “UK” in the device parameters. After that, all ads embedded in MIUI will turn off on the smartphone. This is due to the internal politics of this country.

After using any of the above methods, it is recommended to reboot your smartphone.

Our simple guidelines helped you figure out how to disable ads on your Xiaomi smartphone. By performing all the actions in turn with each application or program, you can get rid of ads correctly and safely for your smartphone.

How to disable ads on Xiaomi Redmi phone

One of the main drawbacks of MIUI firmware is the presence of built-in ads. But if necessary, this problem can be easily eliminated. How to disable ads on Xiaomi Redmi phone,

Application “Security

To completely disable ads on Xiaomi, you must:

  • open standard settings;
  • go to the “Advanced settings” page;
  • find and click on the “Security” application;
  • clear the cache in it;
  • deactivate the checkboxes opposite the lines “Personal identifier”, “Quality Improvement Program”, “Send diagnostic data”;
  • deactivate the checkbox opposite the “Receive recommendations” column;
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After that, most of the advertising on the Xiaomi Redmi phone, but will remain in separate built-in applications.

Disable ads in apps

To block banner ads in preinstalled apps and games:

  • open the list of applications and games;
  • click on their name and move to inactive position the checkbox opposite the “Receive recommendations” column;
  • open “Explorer” and go to its settings;
  • click on the item “Information” and uncheck the box next to the column “Receive recommendations”;
  • go to the “Music” application and open its settings;
  • go to “Advanced settings” and deactivate the checkbox opposite the column “Receive recommendations”;
  • open the “Downloads” application and go to its settings;
  • deactivate the checkbox opposite the column “Receive recommendations”.

If the above steps are done without errors, advertising from the listed programs will disappear.

Advertising in settings

There are still some ads left when running the settings. To get rid of it:

  • run standard settings;
  • go to the “Advanced settings” or “” tab;
  • select the item “Access to personal data”;
  • move the checkmark to the inactive position opposite the “MSA” column and click “OK”;
  • return to your desktop and open the Security application;
  • select the “Traffic” option;
  • go to the “Traffic consumption” tab;
  • open “System Applications”;
  • find and run “MSA”;
  • deactivate the checkbox opposite the line “Background connection”.

Please note that after updating the firmware, these settings may return to their original state, and the advertisement will appear again. For a more effective solution to the problem, you can install a third-party application for blocking pop-up banners on your smartphone. Among programs with similar functions, Adblock Plus and AdClear have the highest ratings in the Play Store.

In “Security”

Launch the “Security” application. click on the “gear” and at the end, section “Recommendations”

Disable the “Receive recommendations” and “Download over Wi-FI” option

In the same place, in the settings, go to “Cleaning” and disable the “Receive recommendations” and “Download via Wi-FI”

In “Music”

Launch the “Music” application. open the side menu, select “settings”. “Advanced settings”

Scroll down the page and turn off the “Receive Recommendations” option

In MIUI System Preferences

Recently, Xiaomi has started showing ads in the phone settings, to disable it, do this:

Go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Confidentiality”. “Advertising services”

Disable the parameter “Personal identifier”

Return to the “Advanced settings” and go to the “Access to personal data”

Disable the “MSA” option and restart your Xiaomi phone

How to disable ads on Xiaomi phone

How to disable ads on a Xiaomi phone:

Tired of seeing ads in Security, Music, File Explorer and many other factory apps in MIUI firmware? Here’s what you need for this:

In “Explorer”

We launch the “Explorer” application. open the side menu, select “settings”. “information”

Disable the “Receive Recommendations” option

How to disable ads on Xiaomi phone

Surely many Xiaomi smartphone users know that many factory MIUI applications have built-in ads, which are very annoying. We tell you how to remove built-in ads in MIUI Xiaomi in a couple of clicks!

In “Downloads”

We launch the “Downloads” application. click three dots and then “Settings”

Disable the “Receive Recommendations” option

In “Folders” on the desktop

Open any folder on your desktop and click on the folder name

Disable the “Recommendations” parameter

How to disable ads on Xiaomi lock screen?

For some time now, you can even see ads from Xiaomi on the lock screen! over, each time the screen is unlocked, it changes (when connected to the Internet). But before, ads were shown, as a rule, in separate applications. Fortunately, you can disable it through the system settings.

What does the ad itself look like. for those who do not understand what is at stake? Something like this:

So what needs to be done? Go to “Settings”.

Disable it by clicking on the above switch. Function disabled.

Ads should now disappear from the lock screen. But! If this did not happen (the wallpaper change disappeared, but the advertisement remained in place), you just need to delete the Wallpaper Carousel application.

Find the Wallpaper Carousel app, open it.

Ads should disappear from the lock screen. However, after the next system update, the application may appear again.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the entry “How to disable ads on the Xiaomi lock screen?

I don’t have a Delete button on Redmi 8a. I turned off all permissions, rebooted, it seems that these inscriptions stopped appearing

Thanks a lot! Helped to disable the feature with this “awesome” news.

I tried everything. And now the keys to uninstall the wallpaper carousel application simply do not exist.

In Redmi Note 9, according to the instructions, there is no “Delete” button, but there is a separate “Delete” in the applications. there I found this Carousel and deleted it. Flight is normal.

1) Other permissions (in the screenshot at the very bottom at the level of the red arrow) 2) Deny access to the lock screen

3) Optional. prohibit everything from this application at all, including updates.

Cleaning application

To disable commercials, run the “Cleanup” program directly on the phone. In the upper right corner, find the icon with the image of a broom.

In the window “Global cleaning” you need to click on the image of the gear. Among the recommended settings, find the “Receive recommendations” line and deactivate the function.

Region change on Xiaomi smartphone

In the settings of modern devices, it is possible to change the region. Initially, the user installs it when you first turn it on, most often choosing the country where he lives. there is logic in this. But for Redmi Note 7 devices and other Xiaomi models, the meaning of this function is different. The choice of the region also depends on:

  • number of installed applications;
  • additional functionality;
  • presence of advertising.

For example, if you select India, the volume limiting will be disabled and additional customization options will appear.

To remove some of the ads from the MIUI shell in some system applications (“Security”, “Games”, “Music”), set the UK as the region.

To change the region, perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Go to “Advanced settings”.
  • Among the huge number of parameters choose “Region”.
  • A list of available options will appear before the user’s eyes. To select, you need to click on the name of a suitable country.

For the adjustments to take effect, the phone is restarted after the changes. You cannot remove all advertisements by changing the location, but reducing their number is quite.

Downloads program

Another system utility that contains ads, and it can also be disabled:

  • After opening, go to the system parameters by clicking on three points.
  • A window will appear where there is an option “Receive recommendations”.
  • The switch is made inactive.

After any changes to the settings, the device is recommended to restart.

Disabling ads in settings

It is possible to disable ads in MIUI through system settings. Go through the menu to “Settings”. “Advanced”. The MSA application is responsible for displaying banner ads and windows. It also needs to be disabled.

In the advanced settings, find the menu item “Access to personal data”. Scroll through the list of system applications. Opposite the name of the desired program, set the switch to the “off” position.

To remove advertisements in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and other smartphones of the company, the background activation of the MSA program is additionally disabled.

  • Open the “Security” application, find a line with the word “Traffic”.
  • Select the item “System Applications”. “MSA”.
  • At the bottom there is a background connection function, it is deactivated.

Such actions do not remove all advertisements from the company’s devices. Banners and videos may appear in other programs and system utilities. It is not always possible to disable ads completely.

Disable ads in apps

In addition to the MSA application in Xiaomi, which is responsible for the appearance of ads, there are a lot of system programs where similar content also appears. “Music”, “Download”, “Cleanup”, “Explorer”.

How to properly disable ads on Xiaomi

For users of mobile devices of the Chinese brand Xiaomi, the decision taken in September 2019 to place ads in the user interface came as an unpleasant surprise. Therefore, the question of how to disable ads on Xiaomi has become very relevant. Immediately after the appearance of banners and pop-ups, methods of getting rid of them began to appear. There are several options for getting rid of unwanted content for Xiaomi Mi.

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Explorer program

Another useful system utility that allows the system to remove ads. The principle of action is the same as in the previous versions.

First, the program itself is opened. In the main window go to the settings. Find the “Information” item and open it. Next, make the switch inactive opposite the line “Receive recommendations”.

Music program

To turn off commercials and ads in this system program, perform the following sequence of actions:

  • First, open the system application “Music”.
  • In the side menu, find the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the line “Advanced settings”.
  • At the bottom of the window is the “Receive recommendations” parameter. you need to set the switch to the “off” position.

After the performed actions, it will become much easier to work with the program, since there will be no commercials.

Removing ads from the Downloads program

Run the program, in the upper right corner, click on “Three dots”. Select Preferences from the pop-up menu. And, of course, we remove the “Receive recommendations” item. Back to content

How to remove ads on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Having bought a new smartphone Xiaomi (Redmi), an unprepared user is greatly surprised that he sees ads in some system applications, such as Explorer, Gallery or Music. And, indeed, this is strange, because you just paid the full price for the phone, for which you should see ads on the lock screen or in folders on the desktop.?

If earlier I wrote that due to the strategy of capturing the market in the company Xiaomi compensated for the minimum mark-up on flagship devices through advertising, now I cannot say this. And it would be okay for advertisements to appear in the budget line of Redmi, but it is also present on any Mi phones, even the best of the best, which cost almost as much as the competitors.

So why put up with ads and not remove them? That’s right, no need, especially since the developers have not blocked the ability to remove ads from all proprietary applications, as well as from the lock screen and from folders.

However, they did it secretly, without a description, they simply left the opportunity, and whoever finds a way to remove the advertisement is a fine fellow, and whoever did not guess, it means, will continue to watch it. Xiaomi must somehow earn money.

Below I will show how to disable ads on Xiaomi completely without the need to carry out complex manipulations or other actions that are inaccessible to an unprepared user.

Get rid of ads in the Music app

Everything is more or less standard here, start the program and in the upper left corner click on the icon resembling “Sandwich”. A panel will come out on the side, on which you should click “Settings”. Now select “Advanced Settings”. Scroll down the list and disable “Show ads”.

Disable Explorer Ads

Launch File Explorer. In the upper left corner, click on the “Sandwich” icon. Now select “Settings”. We are interested in the “Information” line. And here is the coveted “Get recommendations” setting. turn it off.

Removing ads from the lock screen on Xiaomi

An additional dubious innovation in MIUI 12 that all owners of Xiaomi smartphones have encountered is the fact that the Carousel app now displays text ads on the lock screen.

When I saw this for the first time, I was not a little surprised and even indignant, because it is one thing when a funny banner is placed in an application that I launch every few months, and another when an advertisement flashes before my eyes every day not a dozen times.

Fortunately, Carousel can be turned off and you will no longer see ads on the Xiaomi lock screen.

First of all, turn off the “Carousel”, for this in the settings of the smartphone, find the item “Active screen and lock”. Next, find the line “Wallpaper carousel”. And turn it off, so you turn off the rotation of random wallpapers on the lock screen and, in theory, remove ads from there, however, unfortunately, this is not enough. The restriction does not always work, and here a cardinal method comes to the rescue. the complete removal of the Carousel program. I hope you will not be upset with this, personally I do not use it and I do not see any sense in this. To delete in the phone settings, find the “About phone” item. Enter the “Storage” section. Now here’s a little trick, you need to click on the “Application Information” link. A list of installed programs will open, among which you need to find the “Wallpaper Carousel”. Enter it and click on the “Remove Application” button. Thus, you will permanently remove advertisements from the Xiaomi lock screen and start living in peace. Back to content

Removing the ability to download ads on a Xiaomi phone

Advertising is not taken out of thin air, in order for it to appear on the Xiaomi screen, it must be downloaded from the company’s servers. This is done using a special service service that constantly runs in the background and regularly downloads new ads for placement in Xiaomi apps.

Now we will make a trick. we will restrict the ability to connect to the Internet of this service, thereby preventing the download of new ads, which means that we will make it impossible to display.

This method is good in that it does not affect the performance of the phone, does not change the pattern of behavior of system functions in any way, thereby, your phone works as it should, without the slightest hint of glitches or other technical troubles.

To disable downloading ads on Xiaomi, launch the Security application. Now at the bottom of the screen, find the “Data Transfer” menu. Now click on “Network Connections”. We got into the menu of Internet access permissions for all installed applications. But do not rush to scroll through the list, first click on the “Three dots” icon in the upper right corner and select the “Background connections” command in the pop-up menu. And now in the list you need to find two programs: “MSA” and “Analytics”. The first is responsible for loading ads into the phone’s memory, and the second is responsible for statistics and analytics of user interaction with ads, i.e. we don’t need both of them. Uncheck them. Now neither one nor the other will be able to access the company’s server and commit their atrocities, but both of them will remain working in the background in sleep mode. Do not worry, they will absolutely not affect either the performance or the amount of RAM, because they will not be able to work, which means that they are not. Of course, by installing a special program on your computer, you can remove them irrevocably, but there is no point in this, and there is a risk of making a mistake and removing unnecessary things.

So, we figured out so that no advertisement appears on the smartphone again, however, this is not all. For a guarantee, I will show you where and how ads are disabled in system applications, maybe this will help you in the future.

Removing recommendations from the Gallery

But with the gallery, everything is not as smooth and simple as it seems, in its own settings you will not find anything about recommendations or advertising, however, as soon as you watch any video, at the end of its playback you will see hated advertisements at the bottom of the screen.

But do not despair, and it is possible to remove ads from the gallery, for this you need to launch the “Mi video” application. On the bottom control panel, find the item “Profile” and enter it. Now click on “Settings”. Find the line “Online Recommendations” and disable it. Also uncheck the Personal Recommendations checkbox. Also, don’t forget to turn off “Firework Recommendations”.

We remove ads in system applications on Xiaomi

Now I propose to go through the pre-installed applications with which we work every day and disable ads in them, fortunately, the Xiaomi developers have made special settings for this to disable recommendations.