How to dial an extension on iPhone

How to dial an extension on your cell phone. Details on how to dial an extension number from a cell phone

Many organizations use extensions, which are numerical identifiers, to contact different departments. However, a caller who needs to be connected to a certain employee sometimes has difficulties. Particularly often problems appear with those who call from a cell phone.

Before dialing a mobile extension you need to know if this is really the number you are looking for. In the contact information of many companies for departments with extension numbers are specified after the main number and are usually enclosed in brackets. Or they are preceded by the word “additional”. They are a code of an employee or department, which is determined by the serial number of the device connected to the PBX. That said, the PBX could be virtual and forward calls to Skype, mobile and regular located in different branches.

How to save phone numbers in your iPhone contacts

Open the contact, then press ” Change”.

Press the appropriate type of phone number to add or change it.

When you reach the point where you would normally expect to be invited to the phone tree, press the # button (located in the lower left corner of the screen).

A set of new options will appear on the screen. Place the cursor at the end of the phone number (without a space after the phone number), then press “Pause”. You will see a comma.

Continue the rest of the dialing sequence.

Press ” Done ” to save changes.

Phone systems treat the comma you added to the phone number as a pause. This means that your phone rings the main phone number, waits for a short time (the phone system will offer you options), and then automatically dials the extension.

Automatic entry of extension number from mobile

Modern mobile smartphones allow you to create a phone number that will set a pause, wait, then enter an extension, so that you don’t have to repeat this procedure every time in manual mode. For example, you often call a cell phone. You know that after you dial the main number, the answering machine will offer many extensions.

By the way, you can read an article about how to find out the balance, tariff and phone number, so you can then set contacts with the necessary extensions. In general, you need the phone to wait for the necessary pauses and then enter the correct digit, so let’s turn to the mobile device. Go into the dialing section:

Dial the desired number and turn to the triplet, as shown in the figure, by clicking on it (although it is more correct to say by making a single TAP, because the movements of the fingers on the touch screen are called TAP and double-TAP). By the way, if you often use your cell phone, you might be interested in How to take a screenshot on an Android smartphone

You will see a pop-up window in front of you with additional features for dialing:

Depending on what you need, tap “Add Pause” or “Add Waiting”.

A pause is indicated by a comma “,”

Waiting is indicated by a semicolon “;”

To create a contact with automatic dialing of an extension, you must call the desired phone in advance, understand how long it takes before you enter the extensions, to know whether you need to pause or wait. When you experimentally create a contact with an extension number, you can save it. Your mobile will now automatically dial the extension phone, even if it takes a few minutes. By the way, did you know that now you can change your mobile operator without changing your phone number, so you can always use a better rate plan? Read more about this HERE

And also do not forget to switch off on your phone unnecessary paid services that you may have connected without your knowledge. Read more about it HERE.

It often happens that you call a company and the answering machine asks you to dial the number. Don’t panic! Let’s just go over a quick and simple explanation of what it is and what to do about it.

How to dial an extension on your iPhone

In order to call an extension number on the iPhone, it is necessary to dial the main number, and then press the asterisk. Hold an asterisk until a comma appears in the dial string. After the comma, enter the extension number and press “Call”.

Note that you can put more than one comma in a number. Each comma will add a two-second pause when dialing. It allows to carry out a correct call in that case if there are some additional numbers.

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There are two ways to do it. The first way is to dial the main number and after the connection enter the extension on the virtual dial pad on your iPhone.

If you know the extension number, you can enter it directly when dialing the main number. Dial the number, press the asterisk icon and, without releasing your finger, wait for the asterisk to change to a comma and then enter the extension number or numbers in the same way, separating them with commas.

How to dial an extension on your iPhone

Sometimes when you call a business or organization, you need to dial an extension to reach the right party. On some systems, you will simply have to tap on the keypad on the screen and enter a series of numbers, which may be followed by a # (pound sign). However, if you do not want to wait for this prompt and prefer to automatically dial the extension, you can use the shortcut.

To enable an extension when dialing a number, you need to open the Phone app, select Keyboard, then enter the main number. Once the main number is added, press and hold the key. which will add a comma after the number. Then you can enter the extension number and press the green call button to dial the number and the extension directly.

You can also add an extension to the number in your contact list. To do this, you need to go to the contact and press the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you can click on the number and press the symbol button in the lower left corner of the dial pad, select Pause, then enter the extension. Remember to press the “Done” button in the upper right corner when you are finished. The next time you call this contact, he will also dial his extension number.

Where tone mode is used

The tone mode is mainly used for the interaction of telecommunications devices: setting up, maintaining and terminating a connection. And also the tones are used for manual input of commands in interactive systems, for example voice auto-answer. Such systems are used by cellular carriers and various companies, for navigation in the voice menu. Thanks to this the user has access to a variety of information, the ability to order or cancel certain services.

Most modern telecommunications equipment, including cell phones, smartphones and tablets, initially transmit in tone mode. So if the automatic system when calling recommends switching the phone set to tone mode, you do not need to do anything. It is necessary to press the button to display a clock face or keypad button to go to another menu or select a specific action.

If the phone supports both modes, you should press the button with the lattice symbol “#” to switch to the tone mode. In some models of fixed line phones there is a corresponding button for switching the device into the tone mode. This button is usually labeled “Tone”, “Tone” or “(T/I)”.

How to edit a contact on your iPhone, taking into account the “Standby” mode activation

If you have problems with automatic dialing of the extension number because of too short a pause, try the variant with the activation of the “Waiting” mode.

This key instructs the phone to wait for the user to perform an extra action, that is, to enter the extension number.

To set it up, follow the same steps as before, but select “Wait” instead of “Pause”.

You will see a semicolon instead of a comma. Add an additional number immediately after this semicolon without a space before it. Press “Done” when done.

What to do if this trick does not work?

Here is an example from life. It is necessary to get through to an MTS operator as quickly as possible without listening to the voice of an answering machine. We know that the telephone number of the support service is 0890, and the extension number to contact the operator directly is 0.

We use the trick described above, we enter 0890,0 at once and wait.

In this case, the call is made as follows. first the phone dials 0890 and after three seconds dials the extension 0 (this is indicated by an additional signal).

However, in some cases, such as in ours with MTS, this combination does not work. Why? Because those three seconds when entering the extension are not enough time to start working with extensions. In other words, our extension does not have time to be processed by the MTS answering machine system.

Fortunately, this problem is easily solved. Simply add another identical extension number (0 in our case) and you get, for example, 0890,0,0. With this combination of numbers, we had no problem getting through to a live operator (we tested with MTS-Belarus).