How to determine a real iPhone from fake. Video

How to distinguish the original iPhone from fake

The real iPhone is not only characterized by a stylish design and impeccable technical characteristics, but also by high cost. This makes Apple products extremely popular among buyers, as well as manufacturers of low.grade fakes.

Many copies of Chinese production are so similar to the original that it is extremely difficult for an ordinary buyer to distinguish. In order not to give an impressive amount of money for the Chinese replica you need to know how to distinguish the original iPhone from fake and what to pay special attention to when buying a smartphone.

Where they make iPhone

IPhone smartphones buyers should consider that it is impossible to find products released in the United States of America in stores. Several factories of the company are located in the PRC, so the inscription on the smartphone “Made in China” does not mean that it is non.original.

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Important! Respectively, both the original and a copy of the iPhone can be made in China. But in the first case, at Apple’s own factory, in the second. at underground enterprises engaged in the production of fakes.


Most fake iPhone even visually differ from the original. Some have a plastic case instead of a metal (or glass, if we are talking about the iPhone 8 and later models). Others have buttons of the wrong size or inscription in English with errors. The remnants of the glue at the junction of the screen and the case, another shade of the color of the slot for the SIM card or the dangling switch of the soundless mode should also alert you. Just like the USB-C or MicroUSB connector instead of Lightning.

Another clear sign of fake is a box of cheap cardboard with a minimum of identification marks. This iPhone has a packaging of expensive material, which indicates all the information about the device. over, the technical characteristics and serial number must coincide with the information in the settings of the gadget.

Conclusion: If you are trying to sell the iPhone in a box of dubious quality, and the device itself is assembled like. run away from such a seller. If the smartphone has passed visual examination, you can continue to check.

Operating system and settings

Fakes work on Android, iPhones. on iOS. You can find out the version of the firmware and at the same time monitor the data about the device from the box in the “Settings” menu. “Basic”. “On this device”. Pay attention to the fields “Version Po”, “Model name”, “Model number”, “Serial number” and IMEI (at the bottom of the page). Compare all this with the inscriptions on the packaging. For fakes one or more parameters will differ or completely absent. If at least somewhere they saw a suspicious inscription or hieroglyphs-such iPhone does not need to be bought.

It happens that Chinese craftsmen copy the data of real iPhone and add them to the replicas settings. In this case, you need to open the App Store application and make sure that it looks like in the image below.

For confidence, you can also enter your Apple ID account and try to download any Apple application from the store, for example, Garageband. If you do not see it in the issuance, you have a well.disguised smartphone on Android.

Conclusion: there is no iPhone on Android with the Google Play store instead of App Store. Look for a smartphone in another place. If this stage of the check has passed, proceed to advanced methods.

Open our eyes wider

No matter how high.quality the iPhone replica may be, the creators of clones cannot technically do everything like Apple. Therefore, even with a cursory look, without resorting to checking the serial number of the device, you can identify a fake. You need to pay attention to the following details:

  • No hieroglyphs, errors in writing words and other calligraphic errors in the system should not be.
  • On the back cover of the device should be the inscriptions: iPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China, model number, certification signs (as in the picture).
  • The iPhone cannot have antennas.
  • The iPhone also cannot have two SIMES, a built-in memory card and charging from USB and mini-USB.
  • The rear cover of the iPhone of any model is not removed until you unscrew the fixing screws.

Another quick way to determine the fake

A very simple and easy method. taking the iPhone in your hands, go to the standard App Store application. Any, even the coolest Chinese iPhone will be forced to throw you on Google Play, an application store for Android devices.

In addition, on Google Play you will not be able to find most of Apple branded applications. Try to find applications such as Keynote, Imovie, Pages, Numbers, Apple Store. if they don’t have them, then you have a fake, not the original iPhone.

Method 3. upload the application from the App Store

The Chinese have so well adapted to fake the appearance of iOS that in separate cops of the iPhone even the App Store application may look like the present (although in fact it is Google Play). However, you can check the device for originality and using the Apple application store.

Go to the App Store and find one of the applications that Google Play on the search. There are many such applications: IMOVIE, ITUNES U, Pages, Garageband, Keynote, Numbers and other specialized tools developed by Apple for their devices. The absence of these applications in the App Store will say that in front of you is an extremely disguised thing under the App Store version of Google Play.

A clear difference: specialized Apple applications cannot be installed on Chinese iPhone

Above, we described the methods that will help to recognize any, even the highest quality fake iPhone, however, cheap copies are presented in the largest quantity in the consumer market. Nevertheless, when buying an expensive smartphone from your hands, it is better to play it safe and make sure the authenticity of the iPhone is in full.

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Inspection of the case

Inspection of the smartphone itself must be given the most attention. iPhone. flagship having the corresponding appearance. He gives pleasant tactile sensations. All available inscriptions should be made even and easily readable font without errors.

Between the display and the case, the presence of gaps is unacceptable. The paint should not be washed or left traces on the hands. It is necessary to find out in advance what materials are made of an interest in the model. The most often aluminum and glass are used for the case. There are also models where surgical stainless steel or high.quality plastic is used.

The number of slots for SIM cards

Most iPhone models have a nest only under one physical SIM card. Therefore, checking the slot is an important way to distinguish the original iPhone. If the phone involves the use of two or more SIM cards, then this is a fierce replica.

Fake with two SIM cards

IPhone 11 smartphone inspection

When identifying a fake, it is necessary to examine the iPhone 11 smartphone itself. First of all, it is recommended to check the main camera. Its lens should be more than standard budget smartphones. In this case, it has a special protective layer. Therefore, the lens gives in blue.

Original iPhone 11 has no assembly defects. Therefore, the smartphone should be examined from all sides. The screen in proprietary products fit tightly to the body. Any gaps and gaps indicate that the smartphone in question is a fake origin.

In the off state, the original iPhone 11 has a deep black screen. If the display gives the shades of gray, then in front of the buyer is a fake.

Apple pays considerable attention to the quality of painting. Therefore, the case during a finger should not scratch or wash. An unpleasant odor can also issue a fake smartphone.

The iPhone 11 cover is removed only when the screws are unscrewed on the sides of the charging connector. Therefore, if their heads are scratched or damaged, then the gadget was unambiguously opened, and rather carelessly.

Opening iPhone 11

iPhone 11 should not have attributes characteristic of smartphones on Android. So the original phone has only one SIM card slot. The branded iPhone 11 does not have a tray for memory cards, a USB connector, antenna. Also, the budget replica give out a removable back cover and battery.

It is advisable to attach the buttons available to the phone. They should come in as silent as possible. The presence of backlash is unacceptable. The gaps should be minimal. Original iPhone 11 is made exclusively from solid materials.

Determining the originality of the iPhone 11 at the program level

The best replicas successfully imitate an integration, fonts and other Apple attributes. The icons are completely written off from the original. However, for example, when you press the App Store, the Google Play app store opens. That is why it is necessary to check originality not by the appearance of the icons, but by the functions that they launch.

Comparison App Store and Google Play

If you do not manage to determine which of the stores, then you should look for any Apple branded application, for example, Garageband or Keynote. It is impossible to find them in Google Play.

Another way to determine the originality of the iPhone 11 is the use of iTunes. A genuine gadget is easily synchronized. Fake will give an error.

Synchronization with iTunes

The most convincing way is to check the serial number on the official website. Falsifier will not pass verification. In the case of the original, you will be able to check its authenticity.

Serial number

How to distinguish the original iPhone from a Chinese fake

Currently, Chinese masters have reached incredible heights in the production of high.precision copies of Apple smartphones. We will not describe in detail the external distinguishing features between the original and the fake, There are very high.quality fakes, and let us dwell on the main test methods that should not be neglected in any case.

Often, a cheap replica can be determined “by eye”. it will be given a plastic case, a box of “toilet paper” instead of high.quality cardboard, which is used by Apple, Connector and, accordingly, the microUSB connector instead of Lightning, etc.D. In addition, some large manufactories avoid confrontation with apple confront lawyers and indicate the names with an error on their replicas (Lphone, iPhon, Spacve Gray, etc.D.) or draw an Apple logo with an apple bit by the wrong side.

But we repeat, the market is full of very high.quality fakes, seemingly very similar to the original iPhone. Here is an example of high-quality Android Copia iPhone 6.

Please note that externally (design, materials, buttons, graphic intense) The smartphone looks exactly like a product from Apple. Even the menu about this device in the settings looks like the present.

Even settings are faked

The Apple website has a special page on which you can enter the serial number and check the guarantee for the original iPhone, while the system, of course, will not accept crafts. However, you should be careful here. scammers can provide documents and a box from this iPhone with the right serial number. It can also be seen in the phone settings, but even there it can be faked.

The indicated serial number on the aforementioned fake refers to this iPhone 6. As you can see, the Asian craftsmen very competently use original Apple devices to create a fake.

However, on the above page with the settings, an experienced user would find a catch. Pay attention to the line capacity. 64 GB and available. 63.98 GB. The difference between these values ​​is only 20 MB, which is not possible to get in practice.

In other words, on this iPhone, the difference between the declared and actual volume of the drive indicated in the settings will always be significantly different. Why this happens, we told in detail in this article.

Actually, here we have approached the description of the necessary actions that need to be performed without fail.

The final table of differences

Despite all the attempts of fraudsters to give a smartphone on Android or iPhone 5s for the original SE, there are a number of criteria to expose falsifiers. The main differences of the corporate phone and its replicas are presented in the table below.

The criterion is the original fake
Package Made of high.quality cardboard Too soft and does not correspond to the size of the smartphone
Equipment Fully coincides with the list from accompanying documentation It may be incomplete
Software Corporate Apple Android
Performance Corresponds to the iPhone se Located at the level of the budget smartphone

Detailed video instruction

The Apple website contains the section “Verification of the right to maintain and support”, in which you can quickly and without much effort to check whether the iPhone was really used to be used before. All you need to know the user to work with the service is the serial number of the device. From activated gadgets, this number can be found in the “settings”, in the “Main” section, the menu item “On this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with the starting screen of the greeting, its serial code can be found by pressing the “I” button in the lower right corner.

In addition, the iPhone serial number is indicated on the label placed on the rear of the original box.

So, to check the iPhone, follow the following actions:

1. Перейдите в раздел «Проверка права на обслуживание и поддержку» на сайте Apple.

How to know if iPhone is original or not

2. Впишите в соответствующее поле серийный номер iPhone (как узнать серийный номер), введите код, указанный на картинке и нажмите Продолжить.

Серийный номер iPhone НИКОГДА не содержит букву «O» (используется цифра «0» (ноль).

3. Если при проверке якобы нового iPhone (или официально восстановленного (реф, refurbished) Apple) появится сообщение «Активируйте свое устройство», то это действительно подтверждает, что у смартфона не было истории и он действительно является новым.

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После активации, в сервисе «Право на обслуживание и поддержку» появится (возможно не сразу, а в течение суток) расчетная дата окончания Права на обслуживание и ремонт, которая определяется путем прибавления 365 дней ко дню активации. Другими словами, чтобы узнать дату первой активации, отнимите от расчетной даты ровно 1 год.

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: Данные на сервере Apple могут измениться не сразу, обычно это происходит в интервале от 1 минуты до 12 часов.

Как проверить, новый ли iPhone вы купили? Способ 2

Откройте приложение Настройки и перейдите по пути: Основные → Об этом устройстве.

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В появившемся окне откройте пункт «Ограниченная гарантия».

Здесь появится (возможно не сразу, а в течение суток) расчетная дата окончания Права на обслуживание и ремонт, которая определяется путем прибавления 365 дней ко дню активации. Другими словами, чтобы узнать дату первой активации, отнимите от расчетной даты ровно 1 год.

Если дата активации, которую проводили вы будет отличаться от указанной в сервисе «Проверка права на обслуживание и поддержку», то можете смело предъявлять претензии продавцу – смартфон был активирован ранее, т.е. к сожалению, Вы не первый владелец этого iPhone.

Приведем пример из жизни. На постсоветском пространстве часто используется продажа серых (ввезенных нелегально) активированных iPhone под видом новых. Как это происходит? Новые залоченные (привязанные к мобильному оператору) iPhone продаются, например, в США, по достаточно низкой цене. Их и покупают «бизнесмены» с целью последующей разлочки (отвязки от оператора) за отдельную плату.

Однако, зачастую чтобы разлочить такой iPhone, в большиинстве случаев его коробку необходимо распаковать, восстановить ПО и снова запаковать. По большому счету, это новый телефон (по факту им не пользовались), идентичный купленному у официального реселлера, однако дата его первой активации не будет соответствовать дате активации покупателем, так как она уже была произведена ранее. Естественно, срок действия обслуживания и поддержки у такого телефона будет меньше года.