How to Delete Phone Visits History

All pages that we view on the Internet are recorded in a special journal. And if someone sits at our computer, he can get in there. And this means that he will be able to see all the places where we went, and even read the correspondence.

Such a magazine is called History and, fortunately, entries from it can be deleted.

How to clear history on computer

Google Chrome To erase the browsing history in Chrome, you need to click on the button with three dots. It is located in the upper right corner, under the “Close” button (red cross).

Select the item “History” and again “History”.

How to Delete Phone Visits History

A list of recently visited web pages opens. You can delete individual addresses from it. To do this, click on the small button with an arrow next to the page name and select “Delete from History”.

And if you need to remove all pages in a while (for example, today), click on the clear button at the very top of the list.

A small window will appear. At the top, select the time period and mark with the birds what exactly needs to be removed.

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I recommend putting only three birds, as in the picture.

Yandex. To clear the visit log, click on the small button with horizontal lines in the upper right corner and open the History.

If you want to delete one page, move the cursor over it and click on the small arrow that appears. From the list, select “Delete from history.”

And if you want to erase more data from Yandex, click on “Clear History” on the right above the list of sites.

In the window that appears, select the time period and indicate what needs to be deleted.

I recommend putting only three checkmarks as in the picture.

Opera Menu (top left button). History

To delete a specific page in the list, hover over it and click on the cross on the right.

If you want to erase more entries, click on “Clear History.” in the upper right.

In the window, select the time period and data type. It is better to leave three birds, as in the picture below.

Mozilla Firefox. Magazine. Delete a story.

In the window, select the time and data that you want to erase. I recommend leaving only three birds, as in the picture:

To delete pages manually (when you need to erase only a couple of addresses) we go to the full version of the journal:. Journal. Show the entire journal. And there already we delete piece by piece through the right mouse button.

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Internet Explorer. Security. Delete browser history.

I recommend putting three birds: Temporary files of the Internet and websites, Journal, Download History.

To clean by day:. “Log” tab. Delete the necessary pages or days / weeks through the right mouse button.


Thus, we erase log entries, download information and clean the browser memory (pages, photos,s). But all the passwords and appearances that the program remembers remain in place.

This means that if, for example, you entered your mail or Odnoklassniki / Contact / Facebook without entering any logins and passwords, then everything will remain so. And anyone at this computer can do the same: type the address and open your page. That is, he will get full access. will be able to read the correspondence, delete something, add something.

To avoid this, you need to erase cookies (cookies) and passwords. And for global cleaning, there’s everything else. This is done by setting certain checkmarks in the delete box.

In the instructions, I recommended not to check these boxes.

And all because many users do not remember, and some do not even know their login passwords. And after such cleaning, they can’t access their pages and mail. And then they write to me: save-help, what should I do ?! But there is nothing to be done about it. before it was necessary to think and connect your mobile number to each page and mail.

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How to prevent sites from getting into history

Now every browser has a special private mode, the so-called Incognito. You can open your program for the Internet in this mode, and then nothing will be recorded. But everything will work as before: sites open, files are downloaded, bookmarks are added.

Immediately after exiting incognito mode, the browser will erase everything that happened there:

  • entered passwords
  • cookies
  • search queries
  • URLs of visited pages

Note: this will not protect you from viruses and will not make you invisible on social networks.

How to open anonymous mode

Google Chrome. New incognito window

Yandex. Additionally. New incognito window

Opera. Create a private window

Mozilla Firefox. Private window

Internet Explorer. Security. View InPrivate