How to Delete Mail from Phone

How to Delete Mail from Phone

Let’s figure out how to delete a Google account on Android or stop its synchronization with the device. You will find out if you can recover your account. All step-by-step instructions are supported by illustrations and detailed directions.

Linking a Google account to an Android device is the first action that a user performs after purchasing a device. Without an established account, you cannot start using the phone. Let’s consider in more detail how to delete a Google account from an Android phone and return deleted data back.

Why delete an account?

Account deactivation is necessary if you forgot the password for accessing the old profile, transferred your device to another person, or just want to create a completely new account for convenient use of YouTube and the social network Google.

Sometimes users may encounter situations when an account is hacked. In this case, the attacker can remotely read your credit card information, logins and passwords from various sites. The only solution to the problem is deleting the profile or decoupling it from the phone.

If you do not want to unlink the account from the operating system, but you need to stop sending data and synchronizing the account with the phone, you must temporarily disable the account in the phone settings. At any time, you can re-enable the account on your smartphone.

Note! After deleting the account, it not only disappears from your smartphone, but is permanently deleted from the Google server. This means that you can no longer access your subscriptions, emails and other important data from any device and browser. If the account needs to be deleted only on the phone, it is recommended to create a second account and bind it to the device, and temporarily disable the first profile. Thus, a disabled account will remain available for use on any other gadget.

Google account deletion. Step-by-step instructions for 4 ways

There are 4 main ways how to delete google account in OS Android. Each of the methods must be used depending on the installed version of the operating system and on the availability of superuser rights.

Method 1. Via Android Settings

This method of deleting an account is simple, fast and secure. Use it in such cases:

  1. You have a need to erase your profile in order to remove the errors of email, calendar, and Google services that appear along with it. After a temporary deletion, the user will be able to re-authorize and use this account;
  2. You give your smartphone or tablet to another person and do not want him to read your messages or have access to YouTube and your social networks;
  3. You want to log in with a new account and there is a need to use an existing account on a computer or another phone.
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As a result of this method, all settings, user data and programs in the mobile gadget will be saved. In fact, you do not delete the profile, but simply untie it from your smartphone.

Follow the instructions:

  • Open the main menu on your smartphone and go to the settings window;
  • Go to the “Personal” section;
  • Click on the “Accounts” section;
  • In the window that opens, data about the linked Google account that is synchronized with Android will appear. Click on the advanced settings button in the right corner;
  • In the list that appears, click on “Delete Entry”.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to permanently delete my mail to Mile.Ru. It will be erased with all letters and settings. Also, Cloud, My World and other services will close with it.

Mile Mail Removal Instructions

You can completely remove your mail on Mail from the Internet. To do this, delete the account on the site mail.Ru. Then the box will be blocked, and letters will cease to arrive on it. Also, all settings will be erased and all site services will be deleted: Cloud, My World and others.

Right now, I’ll show you how to delete mail from a computer. From the phone, this is done in about the same way, which I will talk about later.

Note: if you used this mail address to register on other sites (for example, on Skype), then there may be problems with access to them.

1. We go into the box, at the top click on the item “” and select “Help” from the list. Or in the lower left corner of the page, click on “Settings” and select “Help” from the list.

2. A new tab opens, where in the “Account” section (below), click on the “All Articles” item and select “Delete Account”. There will be a link to a special form. Click on it.

3. Another tab opens with a warning that everything else will be erased along with the mail. Click “Delete.”

4. Next, the site will ask you to indicate the reason why we destroy the email, as well as enter the password and verification code. We print all this and click “Delete”.

5. The box is locked and all contents are erased from it. Now you can close all the tabs and forget about this address.

If someone sends a letter to him, it will not be delivered and the sender will receive a notification about it.

How to erase a mailbox from a phone

1. In the browser of your smartphone (program for the Internet) go to the site mail.Ru.

2. Log in to your mailbox. To do this, click on the inscription “Mail”, type in the username / password and click “Enter”.

If the “Mail Application” window pops up, click “No, thanks.”

3. Follow the link and click on the “Delete” button.

4. Type any reason for the deletion, enter the password for the box, the code from the image and click “Delete”.

A message appears that the email is destroyed. That’s all! Now you can close the tab. Mail is already blocked.

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How to remove the application

Android: Settings. Applications (Programs). Mail.Ru Mail. Delete

IPhone: Click on the application icon and hold until a cross appears. Then click on the cross and select “Delete”.

How to delete mail if you forgot your password

It happens that you need to destroy a box from which you do not remember the login information. Login and password. In this case, you first need to try to regain access to the profile.

The first thing to know is the exact mail address. After all, the address can be either the ending @ mail.Ru, or with other endings: @ list.Ru, @ inbox.Ru or @ bk.Ru. And it will be different Mail boxes.

In addition, if in the name before the @ sign you confuse only one letter or number, this will also be a different box. Not yours.

Example Email Address

And the second thing you need to know is the exact password. It consists exclusively of English letters, numbers can be used. The size of the letters (large or small) also matters.

You can’t delete your page on Mile without a password, so you will need to restore it first. To do this, in the login window on the site, click “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

Read more about restoring access in the My Mail lesson.

And what if the box cannot be restored? Then you just have to wait: when the address has not been used for more than six months, the administration has the right to destroy it.

This is easy to verify: send an email to your old mail. If a notification of an undelivered message arrives, then the mailbox is closed. It simply does not exist in the system.

Or you can try registering this address. If this username is free, then the box has been automatically deleted.

Can I recover mail?

The box can only be returned within three months after it is closed. But everything that was in it will be irretrievably destroyed. You cannot recover deleted messages and files.

To restore deleted mail, you just need to open the site mail.Ru, and in the login window specify the correct address and password.

The box will open without any problems from the system (even confirmation is not needed), but it will be empty.

Alternative to remove

Removing mail is a very crucial step. After all, all letters and services are immediately erased with it. This does not always work, and now I’ll talk about more gentle ways to deal with my address.

Out of Box

It happens that a person just needs to close the box on a specific device. For example, you went to your personal mail on a work computer. And now every time you enter the mail.Ru website, the box opens automatically.

To prevent this from happening, you just need to log out of your account. Then the mail will remain in the system, but it will no longer automatically load on this computer.

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To exit your mail on your computer, open the mail.Ru website and in the login form click on the door icon.

Or click on the “exit” link in the upper right corner of the site.

Forwarding letters

It often happens that a person does not use mail on Mail for a long time: he has a different address on another site. But before, he left his old box to different people. And I don’t really want to delete it. Suddenly one of them will write.

Or it happens that you don’t want to delete mail on mail.Ru, because all the necessary services are attached to it. For example, registered Skype, a page on a social network or a profile on a dating site. And if you close the mailbox, you can lose access to these services.

In this case, instead of deleting, it is better to configure the forwarding of letters. Then, when a message arrives at the old address, it will be redirected to the new one. And it doesn’t matter on which site the new address is: on Yandex, Google ( or any other.

1. Go to the mail.Ru mailbox from which you want to redirect letters. We click on his address in the upper right corner. From the list, select “Mail Settings.”

2. Next, select “Filtering Rules.”

3. Click on the “Add Forwarding” button.

4. Specify the address to which you want to forward letters, and click “Save.”

5. Next, the system will ask you to specify the password for this mailbox on Mail. We print it and click “Continue.”

6. After that, the transfer is added, but in order for it to start working, it needs to be confirmed. To do this, click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

If everything is done correctly, the “Confirmed” mark will appear in the “Filtering Rules”. But besides this, you will also need to put the switch on “ON”. Just click on it.

That’s all! Now all letters will be automatically redirected to another address. If desired, this setting can be turned off at any time.

If the confirmation email doesn’t arrive at all, check the Spam folder. For example, I got it there.


If you decide to leave Mile due to the fact that you receive unwanted messages (spam) in the mail, then this can be solved through filtering. Just mark those messages that you would not like to receive, click on the “” button and select “Create Filter” from the list.

Next, filtering settings will open, where you can specify the folder where letters from these addresses will be automatically placed. For example, you can send them immediately to the “Recycle Bin”.

Or you can generally select the item “Delete forever”. The main thing is not to forget to save the settings and make sure that this filter is marked “ON”.